Chapter 3.4: Business and Pleasure

So, this chapter is a bit longer than usual because I realized I’ll need a lot of chapters for Soda Pop’s generation otherwise. And, I’ve played ahead two more chapters so… Also, there is a little NSFW in this chapter. Little being the main word. 😉


I stiffened by the sound of my father’s voice. There had just been a knock on the door and shortly after dad’s surprised voice formed the name of my mother. The betrayer. The liar. “Did he say…?” I wondered out loud.

It was actually aiming the question more to myself than to Plum who was sitting in the beanbag underneath my bed. However, she must have heard it too because she mumbled a barely audible “I think so” as a response.

Screenshot-1202It went completely silent in my room for a short moment (which was definitely not something common when I was with Plum) but we didn’t hear anything else from the livingroom. Either dad was now whispering or he had gone silent. Maybe his surprised outburst of mom’s name had been nothing but an illusion?

“You want me to go check?” The beanbag rustled beneath Plum as she stood up. I didn’t even need to answer, she knew me well enough to know that I did indeed want her to check.

Screenshot-1204She opened the door and peaked out. “There’s a woman” she said and turned her head against me quickly before looking out again. With a careful and serious voice she continued, “I’m quite sure that’s your mother out there.”

Screenshot-1206“Did you meet Tiber the other day?” Oceana asked and I could just imagine my father’s surprised look when she did. He had no idea that I had been at her house and told her. I hadn’t exactly planned for this to happen.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. Both me and Plum kept completely silent, not wanting to miss a word of their conversation. If our lives were usually free of action, this was the complete opposite. It scared me a bit.

Screenshot-1208“Did you get in to a fight with Tiber or not?” Oceana asked again. There was never an answer from my father but since Oceana cursed her brother and the failed sacrifice she had made, I suspect my father had nodded in silence.

“They should keep away from you. That was the plan. If I left you and pretended to not care they wouldn’t care to hurt you either!” Oceana was crying and I suddenly felt bad for eavesdropping. This was a private conversation they were having. Although, since I was involved, I kept listening.

“He’s a berryhole and you did the right thing” dad said. He probably tried to convince himself too. I kind of looked up to my father. He had been strong to raise us all by himself while his heart was shattered. He must have missed her so much.

Screenshot-1207“I never stopped loving you” Oceana said after a while.

Plum made a vomiting noise and slammed the door shut. I wondered if dad and Oceana had realized it was open before that. They probably didn’t know we had heard. “Disgusting!” Plum said and looked at me. I nodded in agreement. There was something gross about grownups showing affections.

Screenshot-1221Winter soon came to Fondant Fields, which meant a few days off school because of heavy snow. None of us really minded and we stayed at home in the garden making snow angels and having snowball fights instead of studying. Dad didn’t get time off work because of the snow though, and he kept patrolling the streets with proud steps.

I knew both he, his siblings and his parents had worked hard to get to the point where colorless berries could even walk the streets in safety, let alone in a police uniform. I was proud of them, but it was hard to imagine the situation had ever been as bad as dad told us. Not that I didn’t believe him, it just sounded quite surreal.

Screenshot-1209What was also surreal was to have my mother around the house. After making sure her sacrifice no longer worked it seemed it was no longer worth staying away from us. Or, from dad, at least.

I still didn’t trust her. And I didn’t like her. Nor did I need her in my life.

Screenshot-1212Blizzard kept out of the way by running mile after mile on grandma’s old treadmill. Like me, his biggest role-model and hero wasn’t Oceana, but the grandmother we had never met. It was quite amazing thinking we had a bit of hero running through our veins. Blizzard was determined, even more than me, to also become a respected berry with the surname Twist. He would make a good firefighter one day, I was sure.

Screenshot-1211Loquat, on the other hand, tried to get to know Oceana. It seemed stupid to me. We had been fine without a mother all of our lives and if she thought she could simply storm in to our lives now that it suited her, she was a fool. It wasn’t that easy. Dad and Loquat could buy it if they wanted to, but I wasn’t so easily fooled.

Screenshot-1228Unfortunately for me, dad did buy it. With his full heart, it seemed. I suppose I should have been happy for him, but I just couldn’t be. All these years, mom had abandoned us, betrayed us. It wasn’t something you could just forgive in a couple of weeks passing.

Not months either.

Or a year.

Screenshot-1213When my time in high school was coming to an end, I finally decided to ask Fandango to take me to prom. It was really a wonder no one else had done it yet, but I suspect everyone knew I would do it and therefore couldn’t be bothered. It would hurt them when he came back and turned them down.

He looked quite handsome i the pink suit and the fact that he had chosen to wear a tie about my hair color made me happy.

Screenshot-1214He treated dad with respect too when he came to pick me up, and promised to return me in one piece before the dark. He even kissed mom’s hand (which I found incredibly annoying since she didn’t really deserve such respect).

“And don’t you dare do anything inappropriate for your age” was dad’s last words before we took off. Fandango promised but I knew we would break that promise. High school prom was the perfect time to do that ultimate inappropriate thing for the first time. A cliché, but still perfect.

Fandango was nervous when we sneaked out in the bushes and he fumbled with both his and my pants before managing to get them off. It wasn’t particularly good, but at least it got done. I would have hated to enter adulthood with my virginity left.

Screenshot-1229A couple of weeks before our big birthday dad asked Oceana to marry him. She said yes and jumped at the spot. I heard her shrill voice through the door and it made me cringe. A couple of days later she moved in.

It had been a childhood dream living with both my mom and dad, but now that it was a reality I couldn’t wait to get out.

Screenshot-1225Graduation came as a relief. No more school. No more obligations. No more need to stay at home. I was voted “Most Popular” which wasn’t really a surprise but still welcomed.

Screenshot-1223Blizzard started his firefighter career practically as soon as we had come out through the school doors. That was no surprise either since he had talked about that ever since childhood. I was happy for him.

Screenshot-1232I myself bought a house of my own in the other end of town. As far away from my so-called mother as I possibly could. It hurt dad a bit I think, but in a way he had made that choice on his own and it made me feel a bit abandoned again. I loved him, but I just couldn’t be close to the mother who had once left us all. Besides, I wanted a much, much bigger house than the one I had been raised in and the one I bought had enough land to grow on. It was also a house more suited for my personality.

It felt as a home right as I stepped through the front doors. Sure, it would need some improvements here and where but all in all it was perfect. With some upgrades to the interior and the garden it would be my very own mini mansion. Exactly what I deserved.

I was proud of my home. It didn’t matter to me that the livingroom area and my bedroom were both very sparsely decorated. I had run out of money once I was done with the kitchen but I knew money would come eventually and then I would add more furniture to my home.

I had not known that kitchen appliances and furniture were so expensive and looking back I probably shouldn’t have gone for the luxury I did, but at least I had a good-looking kitchen, right?

Screenshot-11“It’s nice… But don’t you think you should have had more than two sofas in this room?” Blizzard teased. I stuck my tongue out.

“Do you even know how expensive furniture are, Mr. Live at home?”

He shrugged. “Sorry, it’s a nice home. But it would be nicer with some stuff in it. I mean, you have, what, three empty rooms?”

Screenshot-13“Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees” I sighed. I was happy with my home, I really was. But I wanted more, I wanted my home to blow my guests’ minds. Eventually, I told myself.

“Besides, I won’t be living at home much longer. I bought a house too” Blizzard smiled, showing up his perfectly aligned white teeth. It struck me that it was a wonder he had been single for so long. He was really handsome, I guess we had that in common.

“You did?”

Screenshot-14“Ya, it’s not as big as this… But it’s my own. Well, and Spray’s of course.”

Spray was apparently Blizz’s girlfriend, I didn’t know how I could have missed him finding the girl he believed was the one. She had been a regular guest at our house when we were teenagers but I had never known they looked at each other in that way. She wasn’t exactly the prettiest girl in town and my brother probably could have done a lot better. Oh well, his loss.

Blizz told me he hadn’t done very well either with the reignited love between dad and Oceana. He did take it better than me, but still had a hard time getting used to having her around. We had all been so spoiled with being on our own that even though we thought we missed her and wanted her there, we never really did. Loquat probably didn’t notice the change very much since he was still constantly obsessing over the chess table.

Screenshot-1242It was Blizzard who convinced me to enter the firefighter career. He had tried both the excitement arguments and the hero arguments but it wasn’t until he told me about the romantic benefits of the career that I was sold. Apparently (and why I hadn’t thought of it myself is a mystery!) it was sexy with firefighters and if you wanted to get something, all you had to do was play the card.

Screenshot-1243And I have to say it suited me quite well. Maybe it was true that there was actually a hero gene running in our family. Even dad had chosen a “hero path” by joining the police force. I actually enjoyed it and decided to be as good as I simply could at it.

Screenshot-1245Every fire I went to was as scary as my first one. The flames always looked so hungry and just the thought of how much they could destroy was overwhelming. I knew every job could possibly kill me and truth be told, that was one of the exciting things about this job.

I respected the flames. I was always careful. Seeing them fade because of my extinguisher was an amazing feeling. It was such a victory to see them turn in to ashes. I truly felt like a hero.

Screenshot-1235Screenshot-1236Plum and Canary came to visit me quite frequently. They were both still in school and I couldn’t wait until their birthdays. Neither could they. Plum would be aging up before Canary, who was still a year younger than us but we all promised such a little age difference wouldn’t end our friendship. We would always be best friends.

Plum and Canary longed for moving out of their parents’ houses too and usually envied the privacy I had in my home. I couldn’t disagree since moving out had been one of the best things in my life so far. Except getting to know them, of course.

Screenshot-1237“Why don’t we go for a party trip once you’ve both aged up?” I suggested one day and both Plum and Canary nodded eagerly. The truth was that for a party girl like me, Fondant Fields didn’t have much to offer. There was The Flyin’ Burrito and The Blank Slate and that was pretty much it. No real clubs and no place closing later than 1.

“Briocheport?” Canary suggested with a happy and excited smile on her face.

“I was actually thinking Starburst Shores. Sun and cocktails? Bikini’s while it’s still winter here?”

“Like sugar for my ears” Plum said dreamily and by that it was decided. We would be going to Starburst Shores once my friends had celebrated their birthdays.

Screenshot-1247Plum aged up before Canary and while we waited for her we hung out at The Blank Slate. It was usually really quiet there and the stories dad had told us about how bustling this place used to be seemed really far off. It seemed like the supporter pub had served its cause.

I couldn’t wait until we would go to Starburst Shores.

Screenshot-1250We had fun, it wasn’t that. It was just that I wanted to expand my sights. Broaden the choice of boys. See new things, kiss new boys. Dance on new dance floors.

Fondant Fields was getting small on me. Boring, even.

Screenshot-1227Until one day, when a new guy was at the bar. Usually it was uncle Quince or Mithos who manned the bar, but I had never seen the red man behind the counter before. It got me interested, and I just had to know who he was.

He looked rather good, too. And just above his right eyebrow he had a barely visible scar or birth mark, or something. I don’t know what it was, but that little detail made me even more curious to who he was.

Screenshot-1226“I haven’t seen you here before” I said as I sat down on the bar stool and leaned forward, towards him.

“New in town” he said with an adorable city accent while nodding my way. “Can I get you anything?”

“You could follow me outside” I suggested seductively which made him smile but he didn’t reply and kept looking at me as if he was waiting for my order. It had been a joke, but I wouldn’t have turned him down if he had agreed, I thought to myself. “Just make me something good” I said.

His name was Precious and I kept flirting with him the entire night even though he seemed only vaguely impressed. In the end, I decided to play the firefighter card which Blizzard had promised would work like a charm in every situation.

Screenshot-2Surprisingly, it did and Precious followed me home.

“You have a quite nice home” he said as we stepped through the front door and a proud smile grew on my face. This guy. Who was he? And why was I feeling so completely intoxicated about his mere presence?

“Thanks. And you, where do you live?” I wondered, taking one step at a time. I was going to get to know him from the inside and out before I was done with him. But for now, I would take it slow.

“Actually, in Briocheport” he said and shrugged. That would explain the city accent. “I’m here to check. My family might come here to expand business. If I decide it’s worth trying.”

Screenshot-7“And do you?” I took a small step forward and crinkled my eyebrows. I had practiced the seductive look I gave him several times, both in front of the mirror and on some of the guys in town. It always worked.

“Perhaps” he said and also took a small step forward. I could feel the warmth of hid breath in my face. I wanted him. Needed him.

Screenshot-4“I think I’ll wait a while to make up my mind” he said with a wink.

“Wait for what, Mr…. What’s your name anyway?”

“Pastry, Mr. Pastry.”

Pastry?! I knew very well who the Pastry’s were. They had built their name and fortune on such a simple thing as a bakery. A bakery! It was brilliant, really. A bakery in a berry sweet world. It was bound to be a success before it was even opened. If they moved here, if they opened a bakery in Fondant Fields they would probably knock the Sourz family off the throne as the richest family in town. That would be quite awesome.

Screenshot-5Not that I spent much time thinking about that now because Precious put his arms around my neck and kissed me.

I had kissed many guys, but I had never been so intoxicated. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted more. When his lips tried to part from mine I pulled him closer and closed the gap again.

“I was just going to suggest we take this to the shower” he whispered once he managed to break free. I was happy to agree.

Screenshot-9I watched Precious undress before me and when he pulled off his shirt he exposed one tattoo on the arm and a big one covering his back. He was nothing like the guys in Fondant Fields. My body vibrated with lust as more of his bare skin was uncovered.

When he stepped in to the shower and started to fiddle with the warmth of the water I practically tore my own clothes off and joined him. Oh the passion. He was a god.

Screenshot-16When I woke up the next morning I slowly turned around. “Another shower Mr. Pastry?” I whispered before opening my eyes. Only to see that there was no Mr. Pastry to be found. His side of the bed was perfectly made and there was no sign of him ever being here. That was not how it was supposed to be. It was a situation I was not used to. I was supposed to be him. He was supposed to be me. It made me feel incredibly dull.


Chapter 3.2: That would be your uncle

Screenshot-1082“Did you hear that dad’s going away on some sort of convention for patrolling cops?” Blizzard was literally jumping on the spot while telling me the news.

“You look like a girl when you do that” I said and nodded towards him. He snorted but stopped jumping.

“It’s great news!” He stated and I gave him a questioning look.

“How’s that?”

Screenshot-1083“We’re having a party!”

“We are?” I wanted to keep my mocking tone, because really – he looked incredibly silly when he was that excited, but once the idea settled in my head I was caught in the same excitement. A party without grownups around, that could only be fantastic!

Screenshot-1081Mithos and Cherry’s daughter Canary was my second best friend after Plum. She wasn’t as wild and crazy as Plum, but she was a sweet girl with a heart of gold. She was a reason for me to come with my father whenever he visited their family, which was a win-win situation since it both granted me goodwill and meant I could hang out with a friend.

Naturally, she thought it was an excellent idea to host a party in my father’s abscense and promised to not tell her parents. We were already making up plans for the night and we both knew it would be amazing.

Screenshot-1085On the night of the party Plum came over extra early to help us with the music and preparations. We helped each other getting even more excited for the party and once we were dressed and waited on our guests we just had to dance. Our bodies demanded it. It was impossible to be still.

Loquat kept coming in to the room to lower the music. It would be an understatement to say that he wasn’t as excited as me and Blizzard about this whole party idea and he worried that the neighbours would call the cops, or even worse: call dad.

He hid in his room when the guests first arrived but his best friend (I suppose girlfriend) Carrot Tops dragged him out of there, forcing him to join the fun. And it sure was fun!

Screenshot-1088“I can’t believe you invited Lychee” Plum said and almost folded herself double of laughter.

“He’s convenient” I defended myself. “I haven’t done any math homeworks in weeks, and neither have you!”

“But still, inviting him to a party?! I bet he’s never even been on a party before.”

“There’s a first for everything” I smiled. In a way I felt sorry for Lychee. How could he not see that I was just playing with him? Eventually I would toss him away like a used toy. Or maybe he knew, and just played along while it lasted. It did give him some status, I suppose. Even if it was nerd-status.

Screenshot-1094“What do I earn if I ask him to dance?” I dared and pointed to where he was standing all dull and lonely just watching as the party went on in front of him. He wasn’t actually taking part in the fun.

“Eeew!” Plum stuck her fingers in to her mouth and pretended to throw up on our kitchen floor. “You wanna get that close to him?”

“What do I get?”

She deliberated with herself for a moment and then said, “Well, if you dance with him, and kiss him… I’ll let you take Fandango to prom.”

Fandango was hot. Both I and Plum had been in love with him since we first saw him entering our simlish class. I couldn’t believe she would let me have him so easily, I had been prepared to argue bloody about that. Well well, her loss.

Screenshot-1092Dancing with Lychee wasn’t so bad. And I had kissed him before, even if Plum didn’t know about it. I don’t know why I hadn’t told her, it wasn’t like I was ashamed of it, but it just didn’t happen. It was the only secret I had.

“Nice party” Lychee said and smiled. He swung his hips from one side to the other, looking very silly as he did. He wasn’t exactly a dancer, I thought to myself.

Screenshot-1091Plum watched us from the other side of the room and she couldn’t even contain her amusement. And truth be told, it was quite ironic. I was so out of Lychee’s league, and yet here I was dancing with him. Surely pigs would start to fly soon as well.

Screenshot-1090We danced for two songs until we were interrupted by the sound of Lychee’s phone. Plum had been watching us the entire time, and to not lose the bet I leaned in to kiss Lychee before he took a few steps to the side to answer his phone. When he did, I emerged back to Plum and was greeted by a tight hug and her amused laughter.

“I can’t believe you did it!” She said and put her arm around my shoulder. Best friends forever, no doubt.

Screenshot-1097Lychee came back to his safe spot in the kitchen just minutes later and was instantly attacked by Spray, who apparantly had heard his phone call and were now far from pleased.

“You told your mom that Sundance is out of town?” she shouted. We all froze at the spot. Could he really have done that? Broken the one rule our secret party had? I realized exactly what would happen now: Lychee’s mom would call our dad and he would come rushing home and we would be in so much trouble.

Screenshot-1096Blizzard seemed to thinnk just like me because he started waving his hands above his head and shouted for everyone to hurry out of the house. We needed to clean the place up before dad came, it was the only chance we had to lower our punishments.

People started leaving the house in an instant and I stopped Lychee in the door on his way out. “That was the stupidest thing you could possibly do. I didn’t even think you could do such a thing. Whatever pathetic kind of relationship you thought we had is now over. OVER! Get out!”

He started to say something in protest but I shoved him out the door before he could say anything. It wasn’t even worth new earrings or getting the homework done if he acted like such a fool. I was done with him, he had played his part now.

When dad finally stepped through the door we had managed to clean the place up decently and were all tucked down in our beds, faking sleep. It seemed like dad bought it.

Screenshot-1103Luckily, dad never seemed to find out about our little party. If he had, he surely would have cancelled the park gathering he had planned himself. All of our family and friends were invited and everyone had been looking forward to it very much.

When the day of the party came, the weather was perfect. It was sunny, but not too warm. Pretty much everyone who was invited showed up, too. Plum had only met Cinnamon a few times before but they seemed to get along really well. I have to admit it made me a bit jealous seeing Plum whispering tasty gossip with someone else than me. She was my best friend, after all.

Screenshot-1104Dad brought a gnubb set and put it up in the middle of the park. It was an instant success and we played for hours. Don’t ask me why it was so funny to toss sticks across the grass trying to hit some wooden gnubbs, but it was. Sometimes, fun isn’t very logical.

Screenshot-1106I played in the same team as dad and Cinnamon, facing Cherry, Loquat and Plum. Our voices blended together, creating a sound mixed of cheers, laughs and joking insults. “You’ll have to keep your arm further away from your body unless you want to hit the baby!” Cinnamon shouted as Cherry prepared to throw her stick. She stuck her tongue out and threw the stick, which hit one of our gnubbs with a loud knock.

“And that’s how it done” Cherry smiled and placed a hand on her hip in a cocky pose.

Screenshot-1109Who would have guessed the pregnant woman would be such a natural gnubb player?

It wasn’t looking too bright for my team and as I picked the sticks up I realized we would have no shot at the victory unless we hit at least two gnubbs in this round. I focused hard before throwing my sticks and watched them land miles from the gnubbs I had aimed at. Bummer!

Screenshot-1107Another round passed and Cherry knocked a few more gnubbs down. They were definitely winning this game.

Plum was the one to knock the king down and after doing so she raised her arms in the air and let out a happy cry, which told everyone in the park that she had been in the winning team. “Fudging yes!” She screamed.

Screenshot-1108“Did you win honey?” Mithos stepped closer to Cherry and winked. It was a bit disgusting watching them two grownups flirting and acting like lovesick teenagers. They should have grown out of it, shouldn’t they?

“I sure did” Cherry answered with a big smile on her face.

“I knew you would” Mithos said and placed his arms around her neck, pulling her in for a gentle kiss.

Screenshot-1110Luckily, I was saved by the vibrations on my phone and I turned around to answer. ‘Lychee’ the screen read. I sighed but hit the green button, “Hey Lychee.”

“Hi gorgeous” he said in a voice that probably meant to sound sweet but which sounded incredibly dorky.

“‘What do you want?” I sighed, not even bothering to hide the irritation over his sudden interference in my life.

“I wondered if you wanted to go on a date with me? Tomorrow?”

“How many times do I have to tell you no?! I don’t want to date you Lychee. I don’t even like you. In fact, don’t even call me anymore. Okay?”

“But I thought…”

I didn’t care to listen to whatever it was he thought and hung up the phone before he could finish his sentence. The phone vibrated again before I even had time to put it away but I just clicked it, not wanting to talk to him at all.

Screenshot-1114I turned around with a loud sigh, remarkably annoyed over the fact that Lychee had dared taking my time on a weekend. Those thoughts soon left my mind though, as I saw my father sharing some very heated words with a berry just a short distance from my position. I had never seen my father argue with anyone before, and I had never seen the ‘bow he now argued wildly with before.

Screenshot-1111“I don’t want any trouble” the teal man said and raised his hands before him.

Dad was gritting his teeth and clenching his fists along the side of his body. “Then why are you here, Tiber?” He practically spat the name out and even from where I was standing I could sense the hatred that filled his every word.

“Im on permission, good behavior” Tiber said with a smile, still keeping his hands in front of him, as if trying to guard himself or at least calm my father down. It didn’t seem as he would calm down, though. A vein in his right temple pounded and his face was as red as Cherry’s hair. I had never, ever, seen my father look so angry.

Screenshot-1112Yet, he managed to surprise me another time. Without as much as a blink he took a leap and dove right on top of Tiber and they both fell to the ground in a loud thump. Dad was swearing as never before and Tiber seemed to do his best to stay out of the way of daddy’s waving fists.

” No wonder Oceana left you!” Tiber suddenly cried out, which seemed to surprise my father because his hands suddenly stopped in the middle of a motion. Tiber took the opportunity to land a few hits himself before dad snapped back to reality and continued to slam his fists against Tiber’s face and body.

Screenshot-1113“She left because of you!” Dad yelled with fury. “It’s your fault. YOU broke this family!”

I shifted my weight from the right foot to the left, not knowing whether I should try to stay out of the way or pull my father back. The whole situation made me uncomfortable. Nobody else seemed to notice that there was even a fight going on, they were still enjoying that gnubb set in the other end of the park.

Screenshot-1116“Because of me?” Tiber laughed between the moaning caused by my father’s fists. If it hadn’t been for the different colors of their clothes, it would have been impossible to make out which leg or fist belonged to which fighter. It was a cloud of white, yellow and teal mixed with dust, leaves and pebbles. It looked painful, more painful than any fight I had ever seen at school.

It looked as it was bloody serious and for a moment I wondered if one of them would end up dead. It certainly seemed as a possibility.

Screenshot-1117Just as I had decided I would interfere and try to pull dad out of the fight he stood up, brushed some dust of his pants and put his foot on top of Tiber’s chest. It was a sign of victory, more serious than Plum’s arms shooting through the air when she won a game of gnubb. This seemed to be the result of some grudge going way back.

Dad pressed his foot against Tiber’s chest with a little more pressure and snarled through gritted teeth, “If I ever see you close to my family again, I will kill you. And that’s a promise.”

Screenshot-1118As soon as he was released from dad’s boot, Tiber laboriously stood up and ran away. Dad chuckled by the sight of it. He didn’t seem hurt and I was surprised to realize he was quite the fighter. Who would have known?

Screenshot-1120“Dad, what was that?” I asked once dad had stopped laughing. He turned around startles, almost surprised to see me. I bet he didn’t know I had seen the fight.

“Uh…” Dad scratched his head, searching for the right words. “That would be your uncle.”

Chapter 2.13: Getting accustomed

Screenshot-933It wasn’t easy adjusting to not having Oceana around, and it certainly wasn’t easy adjusting to being a father of triplets. And for most of the time, I was also taking care of my old man, as he seemed to get older and more confused for each day that passed by.

I was usually completely drained once the kids were asleep and dad put to bed in the evenings and I would just curl up to a small, piteous ball on the couch. Was it really fair? Even when colorless sims had the same rights as any ‘bow, my life was a misery. Okay, exagerration, at least I had the kids. But still, I felt lonely and sorry for myself.

Screenshot-937There was lots to be done with three toddlers in the house. Constantly a mouth to fill or a diaper to change and I had not been completely ready for it. I wasn’t prepared for doing it all by myself. I did my best, but some days it seemed like the kids didn’t get as much attention or care as they deserved, despite my tries. It was a wonder mom and dad had managed raising me and my siblings in the district where the standards had been… low.

Screenshot-944 Screenshot-955My friends all came over occasionally to help me with the kids, which I was indescribably happy about as it gave me a chance to get some well-needed rest. They all had different opinions on Oceana leaving me. Some thought it had been for the better and some were furious with Oceana for letting me do all the hard work on my own. I myself didn’t really blame Oceana, I just missed her. She had been my first, and only, love. Maybe the feelings hadn’t been as mutual as I had thought, since she so easily could leave me.

Bluebell took Oceana’s side, as did my brother. They said that since they too were parents they could imagine what it would be like having to worry about your kids safety when there’s an easy fix. According to them they would do the same thing if they had to, and they seemed sure I would have to, if it had been the other way around. Maybe I would, but I would have considered my options because I didn’t like being without Oceana.

Screenshot-954Mithos was the one to come over most frequently, and also the one to help me the most with the kids. In fact, he came over pretty much just to spend time with them. I imagine it was sort of training for him, as he was also about to be a father any day. He was a really caring and supportive uncle to my triplets and I honestly don’t know if I would have managed without his help. To think that he still had time for these little things with me and my kids even with his role as the mayor of town was fantastic. It made me feel… important.

Screenshot-942 Screenshot-941He and Cherry hadn’t even been an official couple for a year when Cherry suddenly ended up pregnant. It was a big surprise to all of us, and maybe most of all for Cherry and Mithos themselves, but they took it for what it was and prepared themselves in the ways they could. I was happy for them, Cherry was a nice girl and someone who could deserve my dear hero friend. I was eager to meet their little one, but I hoped it would wait until my own kids were a bit older. It would simply be more convenient if some of the kids could take care of themselves while we fussed over a new little baby.

Screenshot-960Cherry did pop before the triplets birthday, but fortunately it was only a few days before so there wasn’t really that many days for me to get it to work with the kids all by myself. It was hectic, but I managed. I even managed to squeaze in a visit to the new parents and their lovely little Canary.

Screenshot-965For the triplets birthday I invited Cinnamon and Mithos and my siblings and their families over to celebrate. Quite a big party for a loner like me, but I needed their support now that Oceana had left me. I was scared for my kids growing up and for time passing, because I feared that with time I would forget about Oceana or at least get over her, and I didn’t want to. I suppose I was also scared that she would forget about me. Maybe even forget about her own opinions and go back to agreeing with her family. The simple thought of her feeling disgust of her own kids was enough to make me cry. Those babies were perfect, why couldn’t she see that?!

The triplets aged up beautifully. Perfectly, actually. They probably got that from their mother, the perfect part.

Screenshot-957 Screenshot-959Spindle was already a teenager and his best friend was aunt Sweet Corn. They laughed and teased each other to no end. It was clear that friendship wasn’t limited by any boundaries of age. “Do you have any girlfriend yet, Spindle?” Sweet Corn teased while they were stuffing themselves full with cake.

Spindle stuck his tongue out, “Naha, do you have any boyfriend yet?”

I knew it was a sore toe for Sweets, but she just couldn’t find the right one. Ironically, I had found the right one for me but she had left me. I suppose we were in similar positions. Maybe one day she would find someone, or would it be impossible now that she was used to loneliness? In a way it suited her and it did leave her with enough energy to be the perfect aunt and my kids would certainly need that. A grownup girl in their lives.

Screenshot-958Pixie had a hard time dealing with losing friend after friend. It was understandable, of course, and I really felt for her. At least she was still putting on a brave smile and tagged along whenever we had a gathering. She was as much family as any of the guests of this party. It was comforting being with her too, as she reminded me so much about my own mother. They had been the best of friends, closer than I had ever been to any of my own friends. It had to be about as tough losing such a close friend as it had been for me to lose my mother.

Screenshot-956Cinnamon was, to my great joy, also pregnant. Even if it would be quite a few years between our kids (and Mithos’ little girl) it was a joy to share parenting with close friends. I mean, it was only natural that my priorities had changed after the triplets came in to my life and having my two best friends doing the very same journey by my side was probably the best thing to it. I knew I would love their babies with every part of my heart that was left after loving my own family.

My friends had all brought some gifts for them and we all worked hard to stuff it in to the tiny rooms in our house. I realized I would probably have to re-build the nursery either to another bedroom or some kind of playroom. It wasn’t like we would need a nursery again, anyway.

There was just one problem about re-building and that was that now that mom’s retirement money had stopped coming we weren’t exactly swimming in cash. And for Berry’s sake, I had three kids to provide! I would have to get a job. And so the next problem occurred; What would I do for a living? I wasn’t exactly good at anything.

Screenshot-964“Easy” Sweets said when I asked her and I narrowed my eyebrows, trying to form them in to a question mark. “You’re joining the police force, of course! You’re the best investigator in town, after all.”

As surprising as it may sound, the police force seemed to agree. Or at least they offered me a job. I suspect the investigations regarding Affair’s murder played a part, but the bigger part was probably the fact that they needed to hire more colorless’, ‘for a diversity in staff’.

Screenshot-987When Blizzard, Loquat and Soda Pop went for their first day in school, I went for my first day to work. I’m not sure who was the most nervous, but it was most likely me. At least they had each other to rely on while I was all by myself.

With the kids being older, life got easier for me. It was a relief realizing they could mostly care for themselves as long as I provided the essential food and love. And homework guidance, of course. I even found myself with a bit of spare time, which I hadn’t had since before they were born. Since I could spend it with Oceana, I thought to myself.

Screenshot-970I went to her house a couple of times. I rung the bell and waited for someone to open the door. I just wanted to see her, hear her voice. Tell her that the kids were beautiful. But she did the same thing as she had done to my phonecalls ever since she walked out of my house – she ignored it. The door remained shut no matter how much I wished for it to swing open. She had made her choice, and I was clearly not a part of it.

Screenshot-972 Screenshot-973Only one single time as I went there the door opened but it wasn’t Oceana who stood in the doorway, it was some blue ‘bow who hissed at me, something about Oceana not wanting anything to do with me. When I refused to leave he gave me a lesson. It had been many years since that had last happened, but it seemed the loathe of colorless wouldn’t budge easily.

Screenshot-974Two days later I found a note in the mail, “Remember Sundance, survival is most important! X” It didn’t matter that it wasn’t signed, I knew it was from Oceana anyway and it was just another way for her to tell me to forget about her and move on with my life.

Dad kept getting worse and there was nothing I could do about it. I had known for a long time that he was having trouble getting things straight, but when he mixed Loquat and Blizzard up, I realized just how bad it was. It seemed like not even the kids could slow his ageing and fading down anymore. I needed to prepare myself for losing him. Not that I had the slightest idea about how to do such a thing. I didn’t want to be left alone with the triplets, I couldn’t do it.

Screenshot-953But dad did pass away. He did leave me alone with the triplets. I would never be able to forgive him.

Screenshot-951 Screenshot-950 Screenshot-949We were all devastated.

Screenshot-977“Are both your mom and dad dead now?” Soda Pop asked one day a couple of weeks later and tears welled up my eyes. It hurt to think about them being gone and no matter how much time that passed, I still missed them.

“Yes they are” I replied, trying to remain strong in front of my child.

“What happens when you die?”

“You go to the place you wish to go to” I replied, aware that it was an abstract explanation. Soda Pop seemed pleased, though, and she skipped off, interrupting her brothers in some game. They did leave her out of their games occasionally, saying whatever they were playing wasn’t for girls. That was one of the few times I interfered in their games because it was probably not easy for her to be the only girl. I could only imagine what it would be like once she needed a girl-talk. Who would help her with that? Sweets or Cinnamon, perhaps?

Screenshot-975“Dad?” Soda Pop was standing right before me again, her innocent eyes looking straight at me. “Don’t we have a mom?”

I had known the question would come eventually but it felt like it was too soon. Although, wasn’t every part of your kids progression too soon? I didn’t know what to answer, Oceana had never told me how she wanted the story to be. I took a deep breath to earn myself some time, hoping the right answer would suddenly just appeared. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Even after two deep breaths I didn’t know what I was supposed to tell her. She was starting to look impatient, obviously expecting an answer. I decided to just take the bull by the horns. “Boys! Come here. I need to talk to you all about something.”

Screenshot-979The boys complained over having to interrupt their current game, but came to our side. “Everyone has a mother” I started once they were all close and listening. “You have the best mother of them all. I wish you could meet her. She looks a bit like all of you. Blizzard, you have the same skin as her and Soda, you have the exact same hair color. Loquat, you look mostly like me, but you have so much of her personality. Her name is Oceana and she is very brave.” I took a pause to gather myself, the part of her abandoning them, us, was still tough to me. I wasn’t even sure if I had accepted it myself and now I would have to get my kids to believe in it.

Screenshot-978“Sometimes, when you really love someone, you will have to make tough choices just to protect those you love. Your mother did that. Because her parents and her siblings are bad persons, she had to leave us to keep us safe. Her family hurt both me and her a couple of times before because they didn’t like berries without color. That was a common thing, actually. Oceana wasn’t like that and her family didn’t like that she turned her back on them. We were in love and they couldn’t accept it. When you were born, she left to keep us safe. Your mother loves you all very much, and that is why she isn’t with us anymore. Do you understand?”

I looked at my kids who had been listening close to the story and they all nodded insecure. They understood. It wasn’t until that moment I realized that I too understood. She had really left us to keep us safe. And ever since she did return to her family, I hadn’t been harassed a single time. And my kids were as safe as any kid. “I still love  her” I said, not particulary for the kids to hear but since they were the only ones around they did.

Screenshot-983“There is a boy at our school who says his parents say we are freaks because we are colorless” Loquat said quietly.

Screenshot-981“It’s good mom is protecting us” Blizzard said and Loquat and Soda Pop nodded in agreement.

Screenshot-969Time passed by. Days became weeks and weeks became months. I wasn’t as tired anymore, even though I worked fulltime at the police now. Even though it was hard to accept, dad’s death had been a relief in a way. No more embarrassing mix-ups for his sake, and no more caring for him for my sake. He had finally found peace, and was finally with mom again. I don’t think he had ever managed to leave her side and had probably had one foot on the other side ever since she passed. Maybe he just stuck around long enough to see that I was doing okay with the kids. Would have been typically him, actually.

What I loved the most about my life was the goodnight stories. The triplets were all tucked down in their beds and the only light came from the lamp by Soda’s bed. There was excitement in the air and I remembered how much I had enjoyed reading when I was younger. Sharing that one passion with my kids was a fantastic thing. It usually didn’t take more than a few pages until the kids were all asleep and I could take a round, kissing them all on their foreheads. I didn’t know if it was the actual reading or the kissing part I liked the most, but I loved the nightly routine no matter.

Screenshot-984“I love you daddy” Loquat said during one of those nightly routines and the expression “my heart melted” suddenly became so real. I loved these little ones with all my heart and I would do whatever I had to in order to keep them safe. Oceana, Bluebell and Quince had all been right. Whatever I had to.

Sundance’s Misc. Fun and Generational Goal was Fighter / Social Bunny. I kind of combined them, making him get attacked every time he went out to do something with his friends.

Chapter 2.11: Home

Screenshot-793“Look at it!” Mom was shining with joy as she pointed at a small white house with a broken fence surrounding it. “Home, it’s our home!”

It was weird entering a place that should be filled with emotions and memories, but which was blank to me. I had no memories from this place, neither did it feel like home. For as long as I could remember my home had been in the district. I tried my best to act as happy as I was supposed to and entered the house. It was dusty and it smelled trapped but I had to admit it still looked nicer than the shack in the district. It surprised me that there was still an old computer and an old TV after all these years.

Mom and dad was swirling around in a hug, laughter escaping their mouths. This had to be about the happiest day of their life and in the confusion I felt, that was something I could be genuinely happy about. ‘I’ll get used to it’ I thought and did a tour in the small house, in my new home.

Screenshot-704I took a walkabout in the house, trying to find something I remembered, something that could remind me of a life outside the district. I found nothing. I sat down in a rocking chair in one of the nurseries. It had to be Quince’s because there was only one crib while there were two in the other. So, this was it. My new home. My new life.

It had been a good start, I had to admit that much. Oceana had been released from the hospital after two days of observation when the doctors were sure her breathing was stabilized and functioning as normal. Quince and Sweets had been released from custody the day after the rebellion, along with the rest of our friends, with no punishments. We all suspected they would be held under close observation by the police for a while, though. Mayor Bloom had been forced to step down from his post as Mayor, and were simply Mr. Bloom by now. His assistant had taken the vacant spot, while a new election was being planned. I had never heard of an election during a term, but with the ruling circumstances there really was no other choice. Yes, things were looking brighter than ever and now I had a real home.

Screenshot-798Mom decided we would throw a homecoming party. We all agreed that it was a good idea since we had finally managed to succeed in our political plan. We were no longer secluded because of our color. It was a giant step in the right direction. It would also be the first party in many, many years that we could host in a real home instead of at the pub. That alone was worth celebrating.

To my big surprise, the stereo still worked after all the years it had not been used. I shifted through mom and dad’s old record collection and came up with a mix of Indie, Rock, Jazz and RnB that would suit pretty much everyone. I can’t say I was a master when it came to music, but I was quite sure I was better than mom and dad.

While I prepared the music, mom was swirling around in front of a mirror, trying some of her old clothes on. She had been doing that regularly the last few days. I was a bit jealous because I couldn’t feel the same homecoming feeling as her and dad. I wanted to be happy in the same way as they were. It wasn’t like I could try my old clothes on to remember past days either, since they were all baby clothes. Oh well…

Screenshot-799Pretty much all of our friends came for the party and it was a good night. Quince mixed a few drinks and placed them on the dining table so that everyone could just help themselves. “I want to raise a toast” Cinnamon suddenly exclaimed and threw her arm around Oceana’s body in a friendly gesture. Someone lowered the volume of the stereo while Cinnamon got to speak, “This girl, my friends, is the bravest girl I know. I want to raise a toast for her, for putting her berryhole brother in prison – where he belongs! To Oceana!”

The party cheered and emptied their glasses for Oceana’s sake. I did the same, even though I could see it was hard for Oceana. She hated her brother alright, but reporting him and getting him arrested had put another nail in the coffin between her and her family. I knew it was hard, because even if she despised them, they were her family and now they hated her. The world might have become a better place for colorless berries, but because of the latest happenings it was a lot more dangerous to Oceana. Still, she smiled as Cinnamon talked and when the rest of us drank what we had in our glasses, she did so too.

Screenshot-800Screenshot-803Later that evening it was Flax’s turn to raise a toast. He cleared his throat and started speaking once everyone was quiet. He had quite the power in our little circuit because he was the leader of our party and all. “I’m proud of you all for getting us here” he said.

Mithos, who stood next to him, rocked back and forth on his heels. After a short rhetorical pause, Flax continued, “I’m not as young as I used to be. I know you can see it, but I can certainly feel it. Berry, my joints are stiff as a lollipop in the mornings and I do all kind of morging gymnastics to even get out of bed. Because of this, it’s time for me to hand the leadership over. It hasn’t been an easy choice, but the guy who will be taking over is a fantastic young boy with just the right amount of fighting spirit. We deliberated together, and have decided to re-name the party as well. Whites stood for the justice of colorless, but with how far we have come now, we want to focus on equality for every ‘bow regardless of color instead. Hence, the new name of the party is Spectrum. And now my friends, please all all raise your glasses in a toast for Mithos Spring, the perfect new leader for our politics!”

Screenshot-802It came as a surprise to most of us, but Mithos just smiled proudly and emptied his glass. Not that he wasn’t a perfect leader because I sure couldn’t imagine anyone better suited, but because it was hard to accept that Flax (and hence my parents) were getting to the point where they needed to hand responsibilities over. Shouldn’t they be around forever?

No wonder, it was an epic party that night. There was just so much to celebrate. We kept going the whole night.

Screenshot-705 Screenshot-706Having a real home had it’s advantages, I realized quickly. Not only did it mean a higher portion of safety and feeling of belonging but it also meant I could invite friends over. And the friend I most enjoyed being with, was Oceana. I think she needed me as much as I needed her. And we had great fun! It almost felt as though we were normal ‘bows now, living free in the world, having friends.

Although, Oceana was still scared. Putting her brother in prison had most likely been that final straw that broke the camel’s back. She just knew her family was after her now. She had betrayed them and in their eyes, she was the one belonging in jail, not Tiber.

“He only got nine months” she told me and the fear and worry made her eyes wander back and forth, as if she was keeping a lookout. Not that she wasn’t safe in our home, but I guess she must have felt constantly scared now. “What will happen after those months, Sunny?” I promised her it would be fine, but deep down inside I wasn’t so sure.

Screenshot-707Although, there were moments when the fear lifted its grip around her and she could be goofy, happy and playsome. It didn’t matter which Oceana she showed, I loved her anyway. I have to admit though, it was easier hanging out with the happy Oceana than the constantly scared one.

Screenshot-708Since she was scared of being at her own house, and alone, she spent a great deal of time at our place. It was almost as if she was a part of our family, although we were still no official couple, so calling her family would be a bit over the top. But it was nice, eating dinner together and talking about unessential things.

Screenshot-712“So, are you two ever going to bring us any grandchildren?”

Screenshot-711I pretty much choked on my hot dog. Sometimes I hated my mother, but that was just her way. She didn’t do cotton candy wrapped words.

Screenshot-710“I think that would be rather unfair” Oceana replied, without looking the slightest offended. “To them, I mean. With my family, those poor kids would be pretty much haunted. I couldn’t do that.”

It was as if a rock collapsed on my shoulders. Sure, I knew she was scared her family would come after her and I had never really considered having a family with her, but getting it put so straight wasn’t fair. I mean, there was still the possibility, right? I knew from that moment that if Oceana were to ever have a proper future, where she wouldn’t have to be constantly afraid, I would have to do something. I would create a world where she could be safe.

Screenshot-807The only thing that came to my mind, was trying to talk some sense in to her family. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but if there was even the slightest chance that Oceana would feel safer afterwards, it was worth a try. So, I gathered enough courage to visit the Sourz residence again. It was the first time I went there since we egged the place, and it brought back a few memories. This time I came with good intentions though.

Screenshot-825I pressed the door bell and it wasn’t until then I realized what a stupid idea this was, if I got hurt it certainly wouldn’t get any better for Oceana. Although, it was too late to back out now. Heliotrope opened the door and the disgust that flooded to his eyes when he saw me was impossible to miss. He snarled, “You!”

“I just wanted to ask you to leave Oceana alone, she’s had it hard enough” I stuttered. I really tried to be polite and friendly but with a man in front of you with such a clear hate for you, it’s hard to not tremble a bit.

“Scram, vanilla freak!” He slammed the door shut. Well, that didn’t go as planned but at least I didn’t get hurt in the process.

Screenshot-827With no other idea to how I could make the world a better place foe the girl I had fallen in love with, I went back to the Sourz residence the next day. Since I hadn’t been hurt the day before, I had found new courage and this time around, I wasn’t as scared when I pressed the door bell. Once again, Heliotrope opened the door and looked furious by the plain sight of me. “I told you to leave us be” he sputtered.

“And I want you to promise to leave Oceana alone” I answered, just stammering a bit.

Heliotrope stared at me deadly and it almost felt as if his eyes made burn marks on my body. “I just wish Tiber would have killed her, like he killed your purple friend” Heliotrope hissed slowly between gritted teeth and took a step out on the porch, closing the door behind him, In a matter of seconds, he had pushed me backwards so that I was lying defenseless on their porch. He jumped me and started to beat me up, angry words escaping his mouth in the process. “I just wish he would have killed her” he whispered again once he stood up and gave me some room to breathe. “She’s a disgrace to this family.” With those final words, he left me on the porch and walked back in to the house.

Screenshot-832I cleaned myself up at the gym on my way home, not wanting anyone to see that I had been beaten up. Least of all Oceana, who I suspected was at our house as usual.

It seemed like my little washup at the gym had done wonders because not once that evening did Oceana hint anything about a possible fight. In fact, she seemed to be a bit out of her game, which had me wonder if anything had happened to her this specific day. When I asked, she just waved it away though, saying she was just being tired.

We went to bed early that night and Oceana fell asleep fast while I myself tossed from one side to the other, sleep not willing to catch me at all. I presumed it had to do with my worries for Oceana. It couldn’t be easy on the poor thing walking around with constant worry. And what if Heliotrope finally got to her? What if he actually put any action in to the words he had tossed after me today? What if he actually wanted her dead? I couldn’t keep a constant lookout around Oceana and if Heliotrope really wanted to kill her, what would stop him?

I had an uneasy sleep that night. Nightmare after nightmare haunted me, each and everyone including me losing Oceana from my life. When I woke up I had to look at her twice, and actually touch her once, before I was certain that she was in fact still here.

I needed to do something.

Screenshot-828It was Cinnamon, of course it was Cinnamon, who came up with the final idea. It was stupid, but it could possibly work. After much deliberation I had decided to tell her about my worries and about my encounters with Heliotrope. It was too tough carrying it all by myself and the fact that I couldn’t come up with anything to keep Oceana real safe troubled me. Once I had shared it with Cinnamon, it felt a bit better.

She offered to help me, and I was grateful. So it happened that I rang the door bell at the Sourz residence for the third time in a very short time. With Cinnamon by my side it felt a teeny bit safer, and without her there, I probably never would have dared. While waiting for the door to open I gently touched the contents of my pocket, making sure it was all in place. The purple, fury, eyes that stared at me when the door opened gave me the chills but Cinnamon tackled me gently to make me speak. “You have one last chance. Promise to not harm Oceana, to leave her alone.”

Screenshot-826Heliotrope sneered, “I’m pretty sure I’ve already stated my opinion in this matter.”

“You can’t kill her for thinking differently” I stated.

Heliotrope laughed. It was a mean, evil and menacing laugh, “Ha! We can’t? Well, we managed with that purple waster, didn’t we?”

Cinnamon took my hand and squeazed it gently. I knew it meant I had to press on, “She’s your sister, Heliotrope!”

“I don’t give a damn about ‘bows showing any sympathy for freaks! They deserve to die and if I can help cleanse this town from their filthy existense, I’ll gladly do it again. What was his name, Affair?, he deserved to die. And so do you and everyone who cares for you. YOU ARE FREAKS!”

Screenshot-830Cinnamon kicked his chins before he had time to attack us and as he bent down in pain we ran. We ran as fast as we could, as far away as possible and when we finally stopped we looked at each other and smiled wide before embracing each other in a hug. It had succeeded, he had walked straight in to the trap!

Screenshot-831I pulled out the phone from my pocket and pressed Stop, to stop the recording.

I clenched the phone in my hands when we walked towards the police station, knowing that it held the future of my life, and foremost – Oceana’s life. Not even the stupid police force of Fondant Fields could resist a recognition. Heliotrope would soon be joining his brother where they both belonged and they wouldn’t get out anytime soon.

Chapter 2.6: Punishment

It was an uplifting feeling knowing we had circled in who the killers were. Now the next step was thrilling, dangerous and scary: Make them pay for what they had done. It wasn’t easy figuring a fitting punishment out, mostly because they had way more power than we could ever dream of. And because they were older, bigger, stronger and more dangerous.

Screenshot-251Sweets, who had refused to work with Cinnamon earlier, changed her mind when it came to this step. I guess it was just too exciting for her to stay out of. She was also the one who came up with the most ideas. The majority of them were stupid and too dangerous but eventually we decided on starting out by letting them know that we knew what they had done. It was a good thing they were members of the Sourz family, because all the cousins stayed under the same roof and we could easily just put a letter in their mailbox, stating we knew.

Now, we must remember Sweet Corn was with us, and therefore a simple letter wasn’t enough. She somehow convinced us that we also needed to make them suffer, so she brought eggs which we would toss at their house and then run away. So, the plan was: A letter on the porch and eggs thrown at the facade.

Screenshot-248Once we had planted the letter on the porch, Sweet Corn threw the first few eggs while I kept guard. I didn’t exactly like this part of the idea, but the two girls had convinced me it would be fun and that the Sourz deserved it. And what could I do then, other than tag along? After all, I had promised Quince we would make them pay for what they had done. And I wasn’t going to break that promise.

For every egg that splashed against the house I jumped a little out of fear for getting caught. My head was going from right to left in a rapid speed and my heart was beating so loud in my chest that I was sure both Sweets, Cinnamon and the Sourz family could hear it. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum.

Screenshot-249“This is fun!” Sweet Corn exclaimed delighted and was supported by Cinnamon, who clapped her hands in pure joy. The sight of the two girls enjoying themselves and looking so carefree made me relax a bit. After all, several eggs had been thrown already and none had come to interrupt us.

“Sunny, try it! It’s fun” Sweets cried and tossed an egg to me. I caught it and turned it in my hands, examining it. ‘One egg won’t hurt’ I thought to myself and raised my arm to throw it away. Sweet Corn turned around and smiled widely at me and Cinnamon paused her own egging and looked at me. I felt empowered by their attention and my arm moved by itself, followed by my fingers letting go of the egg in my hand. SPLASH!

Screenshot-250There was a strange rush in my body by the sight of the mess the egg made and a wide smile broke loose in my face. I bent down to pick another egg up and got ready to throw it too when I was interrupted by Sweet Corn, who dropped an egg by her feet and cursed, “Oh fudge.”

Both her and Cinnamon turned on their heels and started running away and as Sweets passed me she tugged at my arm and hissed, “Run!”

Screenshot-252Before I knew it, the front door was slammed open and a teal berry with fire in his eyes stared at me. I recognized him immediately, it was Tiber. I found myself frozen at the spot and Tiber moved closer and closer. It can’t have been more than a few seconds that passed, but it felt like an eternity before he was standing right before me.

Screenshot-253With a rough push I fell backwards and in to the shrubs behind me. The branches scratched my arms and legs but I couldn’t feel any pain through all of the fear rushing through my body. I swear I saw my life pass before my eyes as I laid there in the shrubs with scratches bleeding on my arms. A long string of expletives came out of Tiber’s mouth and he walked towards me again and pulled me up by the collar of my shirt. I think I cried while he locked his eyes to me and threatened me, “If I ever see you again I swear I won’t go easy on you. Now scram, you little piece of colorless dirt.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice and as soon as he let me go I ran.

I ran until Cinnamon stopped me, she told me to come with her while she gave him what he deserved. My whole body complained over having to go back from what I was running from, but Cinnamon had a firm grip around my arm and practically dragged me along.

Screenshot-257She placed me on a safe distance from the house and then went up and pushed the door bell. Tiber opened and his eyes were still burning with fury.

Screenshot-254“Here’s for being such a berryhole!” Cinnamon yelled and hit him straight in the face. He must have been so surprised that the little girl in front of him could manage such strength because he didn’t do anything to her. He just moved his hand up the cheek where Cinnamon’s fist had landed and rubbed it gently. Cinnamon finished it off by spitting on his porch and then walked off with her head held high. I could barely believe what had just happened, but I was glad that I had believed in the good of her. Where the cocky Sweet Corn was, I had no idea.

Screenshot-232We all agreed on being more careful after that, so instead of trying to physically hurt them, we published the article about their past in a blog Cinnamon started up. She also wrote an entry about the murder of Affair, where she interviewed Quince. The names of the Sourz twins, Tiber and Heliotrope, were published in that article. We never thought it would actually be read by very many, since historically there had been little interest in anything produced by colorless supporters.

It was a big surprise when Sugar Valley Times contacted Cinnamon, saying they wanted to write about the story she had published. To say the least, we were shocked, but thrilled. Cinnamon was interviewed and she told the reporter everything she knew for sure, as well as things she suspected or things that had been hidden from the public for many, many years. She talked about District 0 and how Fondant Fields segregated colorless berries from colorful and how mistreatment had escalated throughout the years. Her conclusion that the mistreatment had lead to the unsolved murder of Affair was what the reporter in the end pushed for. It lead to an article pointing out Tiber and Helirtrope as murderers, and it questioned the endless racism plaguing Fondant Fields (and many other berry towns). In the end, Sugar Valley Times demanded a change, they demanded a stop to the racism and they begged for better living conditions for colorless.

It stirred up a new uprising and for days after the television news reported of new protests in towns we never even heard of. Colorful berries gathered outside their respective Town Halls and demanded change, and an arrest in the murder of Affair. Even in Fondant Fields the amount of supporters shot high and we noticed it both because of protests outside the Town Hall, and because The Blank Slate got busier and busier. Unfortunately, it never resulted in an arrest, because the police lacked real evidence. Apparently, Quince’s identification wasn’t enough.

No matter, it was a joy to see. One day the protests outside our own Town Hall were broadcasted on national TV and we all laughed when we saw Mayor Bloom hurry out with guards around him through the crowds. It seemed like murder was actually too much for the general berry to accept and that us finding the killers heated up a discussion that had been boiling under the surface for decades. Maybe this would be the turning point?

Screenshot-261 Screenshot-262The Blank Slate was busier than ever and even I, who preferred the loneliness and quiet times couldn’t reject the happy feelings it brought. On the night of our birthday and it was one of the busiest nights at the pub since our last birthday. It was a long time since we felt so happy and positive about the future. Even Flax came to celebrate with us, he had been quite invisible since the last few election losses. I think these new events might be just what was needed for him to actually win.

Screenshot-260My entrance into young adulthood was filled by a sense of hope, joy and optimism.

Generation 2 Profiles

Sundance Twist

Traits: Loner, Clumsy, Unlucky, Natural Cook, Perfectionist
Favorites: Tofu Dog, Lime, Indie
Lifetime wish: The Culinary Librarian

Sundance is a quiet boy who prefers to stay on his own and watch others from a safe distance. He blames himself for the creation of District 0, because he was the one to really fuel the grudge when he was shown in a TV show. Since that day he has tried to stay in the shadow of Fondant Fields and does as little as he can to be seen. Despite his tries, he continously happens to be involved in trouble.


Quince Twist

Traits: Friendly, Loves the Outdoors, Evil, No sense of humor
Favorites: Grilled Cheese, Lilac, Indie
Lifetime Wish: Master Mixologist

Quince is a typical big brother, he has sworn to always protect his younger siblings and until this day he has lived by that word. He has decided to join the uprisings and he works endlessly on recruiting more rebellions inside District 0. Along with his three best friends Mithos, Thunderbird and Affair, Quince starts the supporter pub The Blank Slate. At the pub he  works as a mixologist while staying true to his words about protecting his younger siblings. He also works hard in the uprisings towards colorless’s rights.

Sweet Corn Twist

Traits: Mean spirited, Couch Potato, Excitable, Loves the Outdoors
Favorites: Veggie burger, Lilac, Latino
Lifetime Wish:  Emperor of Evil

Sweet Corn is a girl who finds happiness in just about everything. Around grown-ups Sweet Corn always show her best behaviour and their image of her is always a bright and good one. She is a real eye-servant, though, and finds joy in other peoples misery. Her colorless figure makes most people think less of her but Sweet Corn always mirrors their reactions. She has a hard shell that few manages to get through. She is determined to never let anyone trample her toes.

Chapter 2.5: Sourz

Screenshot-211“No way I’m coming with you to hang out with that berryhole!” Sweet Corn yelled at me. She was clearly not happy with the cooperation I had started with Cinnamon. She even called me a traitor when I told her about it. In my head, that accusation didn’t make any sense. How could one be a traitor if they worked for the same goal?

“Fine, I’ll go on my own then” I ended the conversation by walking out of the room and towards the library where I would meet up with Cinnamon. Sometimes I didn’t get my sister, and the fact that we were twins was unbelievable sometimes.

Screenshot-228“You’re late” Cinnamon stated and looked at her watch when I approached the stairs up to the library where she was waiting for me. I looked at my own watch, it was 10.02 which meant I was two minutes late. I shrugged and walked past her in to the library. It seemed like the little healing our relation had got the other day wasn’t enough for her to trust me completely. We would have to work on that.

Screenshot-233Cinnamon took place in front of one of the computers and looked around before hastily typing something in to the browser. She ended up on a plain blue page with a search box in the middle. In the search box she typed Sourz and hit enter. After a moment of loading time, a list of articles appeared on the screen. “This is all the articles published about that family during the last two years” Cinnamon explained and scrolled through the links without clicking on a single one.

Screenshot-232“Hm, doesn’t seem to contain anything out of the ordinary” she mumbled and kept scrolling. “Sourz open a new gallery. Sourz new hospital for children.” She kept reading some of what I suspected were headlines while scrolling. Within no time she had come to the bottom of the page.

“Nothing?” I wondered, still not quite understanding what she was doing, or what she was looking for.

Screenshot-231“I’ll have to go further back” she replied and went back to the first page where she clicked a few boxes, that I hadn’t noticed earlier, and hit Enter once again.

A new list of articles appeared and I stepped closer to the screen to help her read them as she scrolled. Most of them were about donations made by the family, or companies started by them. It was clear that they had a good reputation in town and that they had a lot of power. I was starting to think this wouldn’t lead anywhere when another headline caught my eye. “Wait, stop there!” I shouted and pointed at the screen. Cinnamon looked around worried, but it seemed like no one cared about my little outburst.

“Sourz cousins in trouble” I read out loud and Cinnamon’s eyes grew wide in shock as she clicked on the link. It took us to a newspaper based in Briocheport and the article reported how the Sourz cousins Tiber and Heliotrope had been in a brawl at one of the more fancy clubs in Briocheport. The brawl escalated and in the end Tiber had pulled a gun to threaten the guy who they had fought with. The whole story ended with a fired gun and a ‘bow with a shot damaged leg.

Screenshot-234This. Is. Unbelievable” Cinnamon gasped and looked at me. “Do you realize what this means?”

“That they’re capable of such heavy crimes?” I guessed and Cinnamon nodded eagerly.

“I’ll print this and we’ll show your brother those pictures used in the article” she continued and almost jumped out of the chair out of excitement.

Screenshot-237After that breakthrough, we parted ways. There is only so much time you can spend with someone you don’t actually trust before you need to be on your own. I think Cinnamon still found it hard to accept that me and Sweets had been the ones to suspect the Sourz at first. And by now, it certainly seemed possible that they could be guilty. With the newly acquired pictures with me, I decided to head straight to The Blank Slate and talk to Quince. That was the natural next step and depending on what he said, we could either have reached the turning point, or we could be back at square one. It made me feel quite nervous.

“Sup bro?” Quince smiled and waved across the room as I entered the pub. “Where’s Sweets? It’s not common to see you here without her.”

“Uhm, we had a little fight this morning. Nothing major. Look, I need to talk to you…” He moved over to the side of the bar where I lowered my voice to talk to him, “I think we found something.”

Screenshot-238“Really?” His face lit up in a smile, but there was a sadness behind it. The sadness that had plagued him ever since he lost his best friend, if we had made progress in the case it would possibly make him feel a bit better.

“Look” I handed him the article and the printed pictures and watched him examine it.Once he was done he looked up with tearful eyes:

Screenshot-235“This is them. Sunny, these are the guys who killed Affair. I can’t believe you did it Sunny! Oh how they are gonna pay!” He wiped tears out of his eyes with the back of his hand, excused himself to Mithos and pulled me outside.

Screenshot-240The september air was cool and the skin on my arms grumbled. I shivered and was surprised to see that Quince seemed indifferent to the cold. “How did you find them?” he wondered and looked at me with the same sad eyes as before.

“We just thought it would make sense if it were them. With their history and all… And Cinnamon found the article. I think she’s a hacker or something…”

“I’ll take it from here. I need to avenge Affair on my own” Quince’s voice was firm and hard and it almost looked like he was boiling on the inside. I had never seen my brother look so angry and hurt. I was suddenly struck by fear that he would do something very, very stupid.

Screenshot-244“No” I said calm. “You’re not going to let them hurt you that easy Quincie. I started this, and I’ll finish it. Along with Cinnamon and Sweets. You should focus on the pub. I promise, we’ll take care of this.”

He seemed surprised by the strength in my tone, and to be fair I was surprised myself. I don’t know where I found the courage, but I just knew I wouldn’t let my brother get hurt. After all, I was the one who got us all in to this mess, it was only fair that I was also the one to get us out of it.

“But… What makes you think I would put you in such danger?” Quince was grasping for a straw, something to hold on to. Something to make me change my mind, but I was determined enough to not cave for his tries. Besides…

Screenshot-245“You’re going to be a father, Quince! And I’m not letting that little kiddo grow up without a father. And you’re not going to risk that either. It wouldn’t be fair against Bluebell or that little one.”

Quince lowered his head, I had most definitely hit his weak point. “At least promise to be careful, okay?”

Chapter 2.4: Researchs

Screenshot-227I did start my own researchs. Or rather, we started our own researchs. There was no way I could do it without Sweets, not because I desperately craved her help, but because she wouldn’t let me do something that exciting on my own.

The first few steps were easy as we were in the “inner circle” where the murder had taken place. Quince told us it was two men who killed Affair. He didn’t exactly know who they were, but he knew that one of them was a teal berry and the other one was purple. He also thought that they were no more than a couple of years older than him. Those few steps had been easy, as had it been to question the berries we knew had been at The Blank Slate at the time. The thing was that those steps didn’t provide any more information than what Quince could give us.

So, after just a day, we were stuck. We didn’t know how to continue, especially not since the actual murder had taken place many years ago and every potential trace that could have been left on the crime scene was since long gone. We didn’t exactly work in a professional way, but we did what we could by mapping out all purple and teal male ‘bows in Fondant Fields. There were more than you would imagine, but still an amount that was actually possible to investigate within a decent amount of time.

Screenshot-218The first approach was actually Sweet Corn’s idea. She wanted to see if any of them were real antagonists so she simply walked up to a few of them, trying to make conversation. Unfortunately for us, most berries were still having racist thoughts so we couldn’t exclude more than a few ‘bows that way. In our world, a ‘bow who cared top help us couldn’t be guilty of that one aweful crime.

After two weeks of investigating we had a list with names on potential offenders. It consisted of 12 names, mixed between purple and teal berries. Some of them were known to us, especially to mention the Sourz family, where two of the cousins were exactly teal and purple. Even though we tried not to, I must say they ended up on the top of our suspected list. The Sourz were known for being madly color racists and every kid born in that house was fueled the same thoughts with the breast milk. It was safe to say, they really hated us.

As if the family’s long-term political views wasn’t enough, they were also one of the most influental families in Fondant Fields. If they wished to keep the police of their back, all they had to do was say so. Their money pretty much ruled this town. Besides, momma Sourz was the secretary of Mayor Bloom. They were a powerful, rich and pure racist family, from who nothing good could come.

Screenshot-216“Why don’t we just ask them?” Sweets said and sighed. Being stuck didn’t suit her person, she demanded action of life and she must have gone in to this whole thing thinking it would be an endless adventure of excitement and suspense.

Screenshot-215“Because they won’t tell you the truth. They’re actually more likely to hurt you if you accuse them” I explained, as calm as always when it came to my sister. As much as I loved her, there were times when she really got on my nerves with her restlessness.

“Then what do we do?!”

Screenshot-213“We wait, observe. Map out what happened, where people went after the shooting. We talk to the police, try to figure why they never cared.”

Screenshot-217“Sounds boring!”

“Ye, but that’s because it’s smart.”

But Sweets was right, it was boring. We followed teal and purple berries around for a few days, without quite knowing what we were looking for. They went to work, shopping, fishing, partying just like any ordinary ‘bow. None of them really seemed to be potential killers. But then, two of them probably was and we never really observed any interaction between any of them and colorless ‘bows. Not other than when Sweets was asking for made up directions and we watched them all ignore her, one way or another.

Screenshot-220Even I got bored eventually. I had never tried solving a crime before and I had no clue of what I was supposed to do. We took our retreat to The Blank Slate, where Quince offered comfort in form of drinks and encouraging words. And best of all, I could clear my thoughts by playing darts. I had recently discovered how much I enjoyed it, mostly because no one else ever played so I could be on my own, in the background. But also because it offered peace for my mind, a pause from everything else.

That’s not to say I was very good at it, ’cause I sure wasn’t. In fact, I was happy if the dart even hit the board. No matter, I enjoyed it and I couldn’t think of many other things that I enjoyed doing because it was fun to me, and not because someone else wanted me to do it.

Screenshot-223“Uhm…” Someone cleared her throat behind me just as I was about to throw my last dart in this set and it made me lose focus so the dart flew in to the stone wall next to the board with a loud sound. I sighed, just my luck.

Screenshot-222I turned around and saw Cinnamon standing there, scratching her head and blushing slightly. “So, I hear you’re researching too” she said and dropped her hand in front of her. Her body rocked back and forth and she actually seemed nervous.

“Mhm” I mumbled and went towards the dart board to pick up my darts for another set. I was still a bit frightened of her since she screamed at me that one time.

“Are you getting anywhere?”

“I thought that was a topic you’re not supposed to talk about in the open” I snapped, annoyed because she got to make her own rules in this matter.

Screenshot-226“Well, there’s no one else close” she said and twisted her body. “I just… Maybe we could help each other out? Cooperate?

I stopped trying to play and turned around again. Even though she somewhat scared me, I knew we needed her help. Three brains would be better than two, besides, she probably had some ideas already and I just wanted the whole thing solved so I could go back to doing nothing with a clear consience again. “What made you change your mind?” I wondered.

“I don’t know. Guess you seem quite cool” she shrugged.

Screenshot-224“You really think the Sourz did it?” she asked me a while later. I don’t know if she played darts with me because she felt like she had things to make up for, or if she actually liked it. But I must say, she had more talent than me.

“I don’t know. It seems possible. I mean, they do hate colorless. They always have.”

“But still, the most powerful family in Fondant Fields? Not even them could get away with murder!”

I laughed, “You’re forgetting that whoever did this actually did get away with murder. Easily.”

“I mean, they must have some kind of conscience. Even them.”

“You don’t think they did it?”

Screenshot-143“Well, the thought crossed my mind. But I… Dunno. Do they have access to guns?”

“Doesn’t every privilegied family in this town do?”

WEd finished the game and Cinnamon pretty much humiliated me with several bulls-eyes. It was fun, though, and it felt like we had got a fresh start. We promised to meet again tomorrow, just to investigate the Sourz family even more. We wanted as much information as we could possibly gather, and our main goal was to find their passport pictures to show Quince. With some luck, he could tell us if they were the ones who had done it.

Chapter 2.3: An important fight

Sweet Corn had been going over her encounter with Cinnamon several times during the last few days. It did nothing to ease her mind, though. She wasn’t used to being shot down or ignored within our circuit and it had really been hard on her confidence. And there was I, always by her side because we shared a room and went to school together. So I was the one who had to listen to her complains and try to come up with some kind of supportive words. Berry shall know I did my best, even though I never asked to be a part of any of it.

“Why does she even go there if she doesn’t want to speak to anyone?”

It was about the hundred time I heard that question and I sighed, “I don’t know. Maybe she can’t work on it at home, maybe her parents are with the antagonists. Or something?”

“It still doesn’t make any sense! What if I knew something?!”

“But you don’t, you were passed out many hours before the shooting. I think most of us know that already.”

“But still! I want to help!”

“And if she wanted help, you could have helped her. But she doesn’t. Sweets, we have to accept that. She’ll do her best, I promise.”

“And how can you be so sure?” Sweet Corn pouted and crossed her arms. It didn’t matter that I tried, she just wouldn’t listen. Not as long as my opinion differed from hers.

Whenever we saw Cinnamon at The Blank Slate, Sweets would shoot angry glances at her. That poor orange girl had gotten herself a nemesis by hushing my sister to be silent. I didn’t know which side to choose, should I ever need to.

“You go over to her” Sweet Corn said and turned to me. “You try!”

I didn’t like the idea, I thought that Cinnamon had already made clear that she didn’t want our interference. “Nah, she was quite clear with wanting to do this on her own” I replied. I had no trouble saying no to my sister, I had learnt that I needed to or she would just push me around.

“Actually, it’s not a bad idea” Mithos added and walked over to me to put a hand on my shoulder. “You’re not the type to be in the centre like Sweet Corn, it might work better because you are staying out of the spotlight.”

While I had no trouble saying no to my sister, there was no way I could say no to Mithos. After all, he was my hero and most inspirational person in the world. And after everything he had done for us, I owed him my life. So, I went up to Cinnamon, hoping for the best.

“Hi” I said nervously and glanced over my shoulder to where my friends were sitting. Mithos did a thumps up and Sweet Corn watched me with excitement.

Cinnamon looked at me and in an instant there was a fire lit in her eyes. “What are you doing here? I thought I made it clear to your sister that I don’t want your help.”

“Mm, I guess” I mumbled and looked down. “Just thought I’d say hi, you know?”

“And you did, now tag along. I have work to do.”

“Are you getting anywhere?” I wondered, curiosity catching me.

She sighed and gave me a deadly stare, “Just. Leave.” I needed no more convincing and turned on my heel and stumbled off. That girl looked menacing and maybe Sweet Corn had been right the entire time. Maybe she was strange and evil and stupid. And why did she come here if she wanted to be on her own. It made no sense.

“Woow, that didn’t go very well” Mithos whispered and gave me a comforting look. “Sorry, thought she would warm up to you…”

“That’s fine” I muttered and sat down. From that moment, I swore to never be involved in any of the uprisings again. Sure, I didn’t like the way we were treated, but if we just stayed out of trouble it wasn’t too bad. There was enough of us to make our own sub-society and if troubles like these was what was coming for us if we did anything to stop it, I was happy to just let it be.

The only problem was that none of my friends agreed with me and they all did everything in their power to get equality for colorless. I had never had anything against being on my own, but they seemed to mind. So, they dragged me along on every little mission they went for.

They meant well, I know they did. They didn’t want me to feel left our or lonely and they probably thought I considered myself as nothing more than an adjunct, which they were determined to convince me I was not. In their eyes, it was important that I was also being a part of their plans. It never occurred to me that I could complain, instead I just tagged along and tried to stay in the back of everything we (they) did. It worked out okay.

There were rare times when I managed to stay invicible until they had all left District 0, which meant I could spend the time at home, with my parents instead. It had come clear to me that normal teenagers weren’t supposed to enjoy hanging out with their parents but I guess I wasn’t a normal teenager then. My family was my everything.

It came clear to me that even my own mother thought it was weird that I preferred staying at home with them. “Why didn’t you tag along to The Blank Slate tonight Sunny?”

“Nah, I’d rather be at home. All they ever do is plot uprisings and drink juice and dance. I like being at home, too.”

“But you are a part of the uprisings, aren’t you?”

“I guess… I mean, I’m with them most of the times. But I’m quite happy here too…”

Mom stared at me with her eyes filled with strength and when she spoke, she did it with a slow, powerful and serious voice. “Sundance Twist, don’t you ever think you are happy with this” she waved in front of her with her arms and looked around. “Just because we are white, it doesn’t mean we shall be satisfied with the district. We deserve a lot more. And if you don’t think that’s worth fighting for, then I don’t know what I did wrong in raising you. These uprisings are the most important task we have in life.”

“But what can I do?”

“You could help that girl find Affair’s killers. They should get their rightful punishment for what they did!”

“But she doesn’t want our help. We tried!”

“Then start your own research. You’ll cross paths eventually and then she will realize that it’s better for you to work together. But don’t just sit here and think that this is a decent life because that would make me very disappointed.”

She was right. Of course she was. After everything she and dad had been through, and I still thought this was enough. And the district existed because of me, after all. And Affair died because of me. Therefor, it was my responsibility to find solutions.

Chapter 2.2: Secret investigations

The other day I happened to walk in to our shared bedroom just as Bluebell and Quince shared a kiss. It made me confused because Bluebell is in an official relationship with some Tyrian guy. Maybe she had forgotten? Or maybe it didn’t matter at the moment? Both my elder brother and Bluebell surely didn’t seem to be thinking of him right now.

I cleared my throat loudly because it felt as though I was spying at them or something. They both they glanced at me and smiled mysteriously, as if we shared a secret. I felt a bit uncomfortable and blushed.

Quince and Bluebell giggled and then they wrapped themselves together and shared a much more passionate kiss. It was gross and I left the room. I just couldn’t stand looking at them like that, it was gross and a bit unfair. It made me feel quite lonely.

Sweet Corn was always hanging out with someone, even though that someone changed quite often. All that mattered to her, was that they had the same political views. And at The Blank Slate pretty much everyone did, alas, everyone was her friend.

I usually didn’t mind being lonely or on my own, in fact I often enjoyed that more. But there was something about Bluebell and Quince hooking up that made me feel at unease. I think it was the fact that it was her. She was supposed to be our friend. Not his girlfriend.

The next thing I heard was my brother is yelling his lungs off and Bluebell trying to calm him down. From what I could hear through the walls she tried to explain that even though she loved him deeply she couldn’t have a relationship with him at this point, because she also loved Tyrian. It seemed like Quince had trouble accepting that…

A couple of weeks later Sweet Corn rushed in to our room and slammed the door shut. After looking around to make sure no one but me was in the room, she leaned in to whisper in my ear, “I heard that there’s a girl of our age who is looking in to Affair’s death all by herself.”


“She’s going to solve it. Catch the killers and make them pay!”

I scratched my head confused. A girl of our age was going to avenge Affair? It sounded ridiculous, why would anyone bother? Although, it also sounded amazing and thrilling. To be fair, it was probably the only chance there was.

We told Quince about the rumours as well . If anyone could figure out who the girl was, or if it was even true, it was him. Working at the supporters pub meant he knew pretty much everything about the uprisings and the rumours. He also had a way of finding out which rumours were just rumours and which were actually true. He had of course already heard that there was such a rumour and we made him promise to find out whether it was true, and if so, who she was.

It took him three days.

“You two better get your white butts over here” he said excitedly. “It’s true and I know who she is.”

When I clicked the red button to end the phone call, Sweets was already on her way out. She had already figured exactly what the phone call said. “Hurry then, Sunny!”

I hated when she or anyone else called me Sunny, but they kept doing it. Sometimes it was as though my opinions didn’t really matter. Pretty much all of our friends called me Sunny. I was actually starting to get used to it. “Come on then!” Sweets yelled again and I hurried after her.

It was a quiet night at the pub and we sat down by the bar where Quince and Mithos was joking around with each other. It was nice to see that they could still enjoy their pub and feel relaxed and at ease behind the bar. Of course, security was higher and they had both got themselves bullet proof vests. “So, who is it?” Sweets wanted to know and looked around. There were a few people dancing but overall it seemed extremely silent this evening.

Quince leaned over the bar and whispered in to Sweet’s ear. Her eyes widened and she turned around, I followed her eyes to find out who the girl was.  “No way?” Sweet Corn said and raised her eyebrows. “She looks way too wimpy!”

“It’s true” Quince smiled triumphantly.

They were looking at an orange girl of our age. She looked kind and lonely and was currently busy scribbling some things down on a paper. When she looked up again she noticed us all staring at her, which made her blush and she look back down in to her papers. “You’ve got to be kidding me?” Sweet Corn said again and punched Quince jokingly.

“Thunder!” Quince cried and our friend soon came stumbling down the stairs and joined us at the bar. “Isn’t that the girl investigating Affair’s death?” Quince continued and pointed at the orange berry.

“Aye, it very much is. Her name’s Cinnamon.”

Sweet Corn needed no more convincing and jumped down from her bar stool and strode up to Cinnamon. “Hey, I’m Sweet Corn.”

“I know” Cinnamon sighed and scraped her papers together, hiding its contents from Sweet Corn’s curious eyes. “I’m a bit busy here.”

“You’re trying to find Affair’s killers?” Sweets demanded to know. Cinnamon instantly put her hand in front of Sweet’s mouth, hushing her to be silent.

“Are you out of your mind!? Do you have any idea what would happen if the wrong ‘bows found out what I’m doing?”

“Relax, cake. Those people wouldn’t dream of spending time here.”

“Don’t you cake me! And you can never be sure enough” Cinnamon ended the conversation right there and put all of her papers down her backpack. She gave my sister another deadly stare before she turned on her heel and left The Blank Slate.

Quince and Mithos couldn’t help themselves and started laughing out loud. Sweets was known to usually get want she wanted in our circuits and apparantly they found it hilarious that someone had eventually brought her back to earth. Sweet Corn herself did not find the event amusing at all and she slammed her fist in the bar when she got back. “Get me a drink!” she demanded and Quince pulled himself together and did as he was ordered.

“What was her problem anyway?” Sweets dwelled even hours later and Quince and Mithos had a hard time keeping themself from laughing. I just shook my head and remained silent. In fact, I didn’t dare to say anything because I was leaning towards agreeing more with Cinnamon. She was on a very dangerous task and if the wrong persons found out, she would be in so much trouble. If Sweets, Quince and Mithos found that amusing, so be it, but I found it rather scary.

I still hadn’t managed to shake the feeling of guilt over Affair’s death, and since Cinnamon was trying to solve that very crime, she also fell in my conscience. If something happened to her because of her investigations, it would also be my fault. The realization made me sigh loud.

“What’s up, champ?” Mithos wondered. He had called me ‘champ’ since forever and even though I had kind of grown out of that nickname, he kept true to it.

“Just thinking” I muttered.

“Wow, that must be a first” Sweet Corn said ironically and smiled. I knew they all thought I spent too much time thinking but I guess that was what made me different from them.

The evening went on and I just couldn’t shake the worry I felt for Cinnamon. Even though I didn’t know her, I surely didn’t want her to encounter any problems because of her investigations. I couldn’t carry the guilt from that too.

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