Chapter 5.14: Never let them in

Life went on even without dad. It was hard and painful, but for every day that passed his death became easier to cope with. At the same time, everyday chores became easier to deal with. And one day, it no longer hurt to get out of bed. I still missed my father, and I would keep missing him for as long as I lived, but one day, it was suddenly bearable. I could go up and feed my babies without breaking at the seams. I could go on with my life.

It took months to get there and by the time I thought my life could proceed, it was time for the twins’ birthday.

Screenshot-3890Their birthday was also the first time that Myrtle was allowed to come visit us. We had, of course, visited her numerous times in the months before that, but it was exciting to have her visit us at home. Especially for her. It was the first she visited anyone in several years. “I brought pizza” Myrtle said happily when she entered our house in company of Tangerine and Slate. “Tangerine said it’s appropriate to bring something when invited to a party, and we all know I want to be appropriate“. Myrtle chuckled at her own joke and I laughed too, she was definitely the least appropriate person I knew, even if she brought pizza.

Screenshot-3891“You can put it on the table” mom said without even looking at Myrtle. Dad’s death still held her in iron claws and it was more common to see her sad and down than the opposite. Today was extra hard because it was one of those days when we both wished dad would have been there. It was the twins’ first birthday. A milestone.

Myrtle put the plate on the table and went up to my mother and hugged her. “I’m so, so sorry. He was great. I liked him.” Mother didn’t hug back and she didn’t reply. She just sniffled, wiped tears from her eyes and went upstairs to the babies.

Screenshot-3895When it was time to blow the candles Sonic suddenly came outside to watch. By now, I was aware that he only appeared on the days when I had forgotten my medication, and it seemed the stress of arranging the twins birthday party had made me forget today’s dose. Not that I minded much, I quite enjoyed seeing my old friend. Especially on such a special day as today, and even more so since another important person from my life was missing. Sonic’s presence made it less obvious that our family was forever broken.

Screenshot-3896We let Mars go first and once the single candle on his cake was blown out, I placed him on the ground and watched him age up. Myrtle, Tangerine, Slate and Sonic cheered and shouted excitedly as Mars transformed, but mom stood silent and with her arms hanging loose by her sides. It was not a cheerful event for her. It was the first birthday after dad’s death and she was hurting more than anyone. She would never be whole again. I knew that because I was going through something similar every day. Myrtle was alive and well, but she was still very much absent from my life.

Screenshot-3897My thoughts were soon interrupted by a gurgling sound and when I looked down Mars looked back at me with big eyes. His ears were pointy and along with the big eyes they showed clearly who his mother was. Except for those features, he was very much a Twist boy. He had my red skin, my mother’s light blue hair and her light eye color. He was beautiful.

Next, we let Petite blow her candle. She too aged up to a beautiful little being. Her green skin and green eyes had the exact same color as Myrtle’s and her light blue hair was, like Mars’s, a product of my own bloodline. The two little beings filled my heart with a warmth I had never experienced before and when Myrtle sneaked up behind me to hug me tight I forgot all about life’s misery and felt just pure happiness. “This family is fudging great” Myrtle whispered and hugged me tighter. I turned around slowly to kiss her. She was right, our family was perfect in all its brokenness.

Screenshot-3898Time passed and for every day, mom seemed to get better and better. I knew she would never forget about dad and that she would never be okay, but I hoped she would start appreciating life again. I hoped, with all my heart, that her last years would be spent in happiness, and that she would not only wait for her death to come. I thought that perhaps there was a chance that Petite, or Mars, could make her want to live another day.

I watched mom interact with my children every day. She smiled at them a lot, which was great to see because there wasn’t much else that made her smile these days.

Screenshot-3900 Screenshot-3901Honestly, there were many reasons to smile at my children. They were constantly up to something and they constantly discovered new things. Seeing them grow was amazing and it gave me so much joy. I only wished Myrtle would have been by my side to experience it too. But she was not. We visited her often, but we couldn’t always be with her. And when it came to seeing the kids grow, no time except always was enough. They learned so much and they grew so much when Myrtle wasn’t around that it hurt. Imagining how it must hurt Myrtle was even worse.

She loved her children but she couldn’t be with them. Because someone, somewhere at some point, had decided that there was one way of being that was normal and that anything that differed from that way was abnormal. That abnormal needed treatment and that abnormal was to be locked in. It was strange to think that anyone could fail to see Myrtle’s magnificence. Her way of being different defined her, and I loved it. She would have been no harm to me, or my children. Yet, she was denied the essence of life. She was denied her family, just because she could see the future. Because people were afraid of what was different.

Screenshot-3902“I love you” I said first thing when she visited us the next time. “I love you just as you are.” I took her hand and twirled her around, as in a dance before I lowered her towards the floor with my left arm supporting her back. Myrtle laughed and smiled.

Screenshot-3903Before she could say anything, I leaned in and kissed her. My precious beloved girl.

“I love you too, crazy” she said once I had helped her get up on her feet again. “But now I wanna go. Come on.”

Screenshot-3904Tangerine had agreed on letting us go to the beach for a day. She would be close by in case anything happened, but all in all me and Myrtle would be on our own. Apparently, I had been well enough to be trusted to take care of my girlfriend.

Mom would watch the twins. She had been overjoyed when I asked her, and I suspect it was because it made her feel important. Like she was needed. And that day, on the beach, was the first time she smiled genuinely since dad passed away.

Screenshot-3907While mom played with the twins in the sea, me and Myrtle rowed out on open water. I had bought the rowing boat when I first moved to Isla Caramello, but I had never used it before this day. It was exciting to be out on the water alone with Myrtle. It was the first time ever that we were alone together and therefore, this was our first date. I giggled when the thought struck me; We had two kids together and yet this was our first date.

“Why are you laughing?” Myrtle asked and stretched her leg as to kick me. The boat rocked when Myrtle moved and she cried and quickly put her foot back underneath her. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“Don’t fudging laugh! We could have died!” Myrtle yelled and stared at me with big eyes. It struck me that it was the first time I had ever seen her scared and somehow it made me love her even more.

“Then sit still” I winked and kept on rowing, taking us further out on the sea and further away from the beach. I wanted us to be completely alone now that we had the chance.

Screenshot-3906Myrtle calmed down after a while and seemed to relax a bit. It was nice to row when she sat in front of me and while we rowed in silence, I remembered how much I loved the sea and why I moved to Isla Caramello in the first place. This was how I had pictured life. The main island where my house was located was beautiful, but it was nothing compared to the smaller islands that surrounded it.

“One day we’ll live out here” I said to break the silence. Myrtle looked terrified at first and I understood that the fear she had shown in the beginning of our tour was bigger than I had first thought. Water frightened her, I could see it in her eyes. “On one of the islands” I continued, to calm her down.

“I won’t” she said sadly and looked down.

“You will” I retorted. “I’ll get you out one day.”

“I’d like that, but I know it won’t happen” she whispered back and twisted her hands in her lap.

Screenshot-3908“It might” I said, desperate to hold on to the hope I felt. Perhaps it could happen. If I kept being fine and she kept laying low. Myrtle could see the future and the truth, but in the future I saw, I was going to marry her and live with her and our children on one of the smaller islands. I refused to let her visions rob me of that dream.

“And I’d like another child with you” I said. The words surprised myself as much as they surprised Myrtle.

“Perhaps one day.” Myrtle smiled briefly before looking down. She sat like that for a while, silent with her eyes looking down at the bottom of the boat and I could sense that something was troubling her.

Screenshot-3909“Yew…” Myrtle begun and chewed nervously on her upper lip before she continued. “The vampires. You must never let them in. Can you promise me that?”

The vampires. I had not given much thought to the things she had said about the vampires and my brother many years ago. Not since she said it, but now that she mentioned it, it all came rushing back. My brother would cause the death of our species? That truth could not be true. “What have you seen?” I demanded and turned the boat around. I wanted to take us back to the beach and our children as fast as I could.

“Just… Don’t let them in. They can’t hurt you if you don’t let them in the house. Okay?”

“Lava? He wouldn’t hurt me.” I said it without believing it myself. I wanted to believe it, but I knew it wasn’t true. The Lava I knew was long gone.

“He’s not the same anymore. He’s a pawn, remember? Just don’t let him in. Or any other vampire for that matter. Okay?”

“What will they do to us? Our children?” Panic rose within me and my heart beat fast. I rowed as quickly as I could, but it wasn’t quick enough. I wanted to be back on the beach now.

“Hopefully nothing. My visions might be wrong. There’s always more than one truth.”

“But you’ve never been wrong before” I complained. Myrtle said nothing in response, but her silence was answer enough. She had, indeed, never been wrong before.

It took way too long, but eventually we got back to the beach and I could see that mom and the twins were alright. Still, I couldn’t shake the fear of what would happen if the vampires found us. I knew there were many of them by now. Soda Pop and Lava raised an army, they had been working on that for years and by now all of Fondant Fields could be turned. Before we parted that day, I promised to never, ever, let a vampire in to our house. We didn’t know if it would help, but for now it was the only thing we could do.

Screenshot-3892I had told mom about Myrtle’s visions because she needed to know it was important that we never let the vampires inside, should they show up on our doorstep. Of course, mom said we were crazy to even think Lava or Soda would come after us now, after all these years, but I persisted in making her promise to never let them in. Eventually she budged and made her promise.

A few weeks later, I heard mother cry in the kitchen and when I ran there, I saw Rhubarb along with Rainbow outside my front door.

Raindrop. A vampire.

My heart started racing as I walked towards the door and opened it slowly. “You cannot come in” I said and closed the door behind me. I didn’t care if she ripped me apart as long as the twins were safe inside.

Screenshot-3893“You’re smart” she said and nodded. Rhubarb turned his head and looked away and I wondered if he’d been as smart or if he had let her in.

“I came to warn you” Raindrop continued. “Soda knows about the twins and you need to keep them safe. Never let her in. Ever.”

“I’m not stupid” I hissed and felt the blood pulsing in my temples. “And you should get the fudge off this island. No one wants you here!”

Rhubarb looked at me with tired eyes. “She never asked for this. We’ll help her. I’ll help her.”

I looked at him, terrified. “And they say I’m crazy?! Fudge sake Rhubie. She’s a vampire. She’ll rip you apart!”

Screenshot-3894Raindrop complained: “I can control myself, I’m nothing like them! I’d never hurt anyone.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “You’re a vampire. That’s all I need to know.”

“I’ve never hurt anyone. Thunderbird helped me and that’s why he’s dead. They killed him for helping me control my hunger. I feed on plasma. That’s it. Never blood. Ever.”‘

Rhubarb looked at me again. “Yew, just don’t let them in. Take care of your babies. I’ll take care of Raindrop. You just care for your family, okay? They want the babies, nothing else.”


“Because babies are formable. They make good soldiers.”

Petite and Mars as vampire soldiers? I shuddered at the thought. I would never let that happen. Ever. They were my babies and I would do whatever it took to keep them safe.

“We can beat them” Rhubarb said before tugging at Raindrop’s arm to get her to leave with him. He didn’t believe his own words, but I had to believe them to keep functioning. They were the only comfort I had right now.

Author’s Note: Okay, this chapter might be a little confusing but I’m trying to tie the story with Lava together. He joined Soda Pop long ago because he felt she was the only one who truly understood him and his needs. The reason why they want babies is that they have found out that vampires who are turned at a low age make better blood suckers. People who are turned at older age seem to be more successful in staying away from blood and living on plasma. Soda Pop is an exception and why she is, they do not know. I picture it being because of two reasons: 1. She is incredibly impulsive, 2. She is evil and manipulative.

In addition to the above reasons, Soda Pop actually cares for family, even if it’s in a sick way, and she wants her bloodline to follow in her steps. Hence she is chasing babies born in her legacy. That also explains why she kept chasing Coral and Berrian around when they had their children. Both to get Lava back and to take her grandchildren along in her journey. Also: Yes, Soda Pop killed Thunderbird because he stood in the way of her plans. He helped Raindrop after Lava turned her and that caused him his death. Now, Raindrop tries to help the ones she can just as Thunderbird did. For now, that meant going after Yew to warn him about Soda’s plans. Of course, Raindrop doesn’t know about Myrtle and her visions.

I know the story might have holes in it but I hadn’t decided beforehand how to tie it together, and now that I’m trying I find it quite hard. If there’s anything you wonder about or anything that doesn’t make sense, please do ask and I’ll see if I can answer it. Both for your sake, but also for my own. I might have left a few too many loose threads in this story. Hopefully I’ll tie some of them together eventually.

And, as a last note; The Downloads page has been updated as I’ve added Lavender, Rhubarb, Froly and Yew to it.


Chapter 5.12: A day out

This chapter will be mostly pictures and not much text. It’s simply a filler chapter in which we get to meet the extended Twist family. However, it still contains some very important events, and those are written out as normal. If you want to, you can listen to my favorite summer song while reading this, because it is a sunny and summery chapter.

Screenshot-3344It wasn’t easy for Myrtle to kneel at the end of her pregnancy. The big belly touched her knees already half way down. And yet, she fought against it and kneeled down to pet and feed Makro at least once every day. “Today is a big day, little one” she said happily. “It’s going to be good. I’m sure.”

It was a big day indeed. Tangerine had agreed on taking us to the beach for a day out with my family. For both Myrtle and Slate it would be the first day out of the center in years. We all looked forward to it very much, and me and Myrtle had been talking about it all week. Had Slate been able to talk, I’m sure he would have too. But he had simply smiled and nodded in agreement whenever me and Myrtle brought the subject up.

Screenshot-3356The weather was perfect, as always on Isla Caramello, and it was nice to see my family all gathered again. Even my aunts and uncles came from Fondant Fields. Some of them brought girlfriends and boyfriends, and all in all, we were one big happy family gathered there at the beach.

Screenshot-3346Cosmo, Salmon’s son, enjoyed the warm sea water and splashed around happily.

Screenshot-3349And Froly’s girlfriend Cyan came to spend the day with us.

Screenshot-3348Screenshot-3376And aunt Bittersweet along with her beloved Romeo.

Screenshot-3361Lavender was incredibly happy about spending the day on the beach and in the sun.

Screenshot-3355And aunt Watermelon smiled, even though she was limping as she walked with support on her cane. She looked so much older than the last time I saw her. In fact, she looked much older than any of her siblings, even though she was younger than both mom and Bittersweet.

Screenshot-3345Even Sonic was around, because in the stress of getting to the beach in time, both me and Tangerine forgot about my medication. It didn’t matter to me, I was just glad to have him around. After all, he was part of my family too. Real or not.

Screenshot-3357Uncle Salmon and Tosca came all the way from Fondant Fields.

Screenshot-3359My youngest brother brought a boombox and played loud Chinese music. It brought a summery and happy feeling to the whole beach.

Screenshot-3363And of course, Rhubarb came with the biggest smile he could master. He was always happy, my brother.

Screenshot-3371Screenshot-3372Our cousin Mystery had become a professional football player and Froly watched in awe as he showed off his skills.

Screenshot-3373Bittersweet was kind of a free spirit like my own mother, and it was easy to tell when she threw herself in to the water and swam. She looked peaceful in a way I had only ever seen mom do before.

Screenshot-3381I, myself, sat on one of the swings behind my whole family, just watching them. Myrtle stood by my side and I felt happy. More happy than I had felt in a long, long time. This was exactly how I had pictured life when I moved to the island. Carefree and warm days at the beach with people I cared for. This was the life I wanted for my kids.

Screenshot-3382Suddenly, Myrtle pointed at Tangerine and burst out in her famous hysterical laughter. “Oh my… I can’t even. Oh berry…” She tried to explain what she was laughing at between the chuckles, but could make out no full sentences. Instead of trying to understand her, I looked to what her finger was pointing at.

Screenshot-3364Screenshot-3365I nearly fell of the swing when I saw what she was laughing at. Tangerine stood a few feet away, totally eyeing Rhubarb from top to toe. I could almost hear her making smacking sounds as she checked him out. It was pretty clear that our therapist thought my brother to be a handsome one.

Screenshot-3375Soon, Tosca noticed the same thing and started giggling. It was probably not appropriate for my doctor to hit on my brother, but Tangerine did move closer to Rhubarb to speak with him. “Will she succeed?” I asked Myrtle, but she refused to tell me what their future held.

Screenshot-3370The day proceeded in the same peaceful and happy state as it had begun and it was a truly amazing day. One of the best days of my life, actually.

Screenshot-3391Everyone seemed to have a good time, and even as we interacted with each other and spent some quality time together, we also got time to just be on our own and enjoy the weather and the beach.

It was peaceful.

Screenshot-3383However, the peace was interrupted some time in the afternoon when Slate came running down the path leading from the island to the beach. I had never seen him be in a hurry before and it definitely caught my eye. However, what was really surprising was that he was screaming at the top of his lungs: “YEW! You fudging imbecile.”

Screenshot-3384I was surprised to hear his voice. But the anger of his insult was my most apparent feeling and I snapped instantly. Who was he to interrupt this perfect day by insulting me?

“What did you call me?” I yelled back and slammed my finger in to his chest with force that made him stumble backwards.

Screenshot-3385“You’re the fudging worst boyfriend ever. You should take some berry fudging care of Myrtle. You hear that? She’s…”


I slapped him before he could finish the sentence and I felt my face get redder with anger. “I’ve been good to her!” I screamed when Slate touched the cheek where I had just hit him. He still looked at me angry and shook his head.

“A good boyfriend wouldn’t let her give birth alone” he muttered.

Screenshot-3387“AND I WON”T!” I screamed and jumped at him. He was Myrtle’s friend, but as long as he insulted me, or questioned my ability to be a good boyfriend, I wouldn’t stand back. I had always thought of him as a freak, and the last few months’ friendship meant nothing if he thought he could tell me whatever he felt like.

Screenshot-3389I hadn’t expected him to be so strong, but Slate got the overhand easily and held my head in a steady grip under his arms. “That is just what you’re doing” he said between clenched teeth. “She’s having contractions and you’re down here fudging fighting with me. Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.”

Screenshot-3390He spat next to me before throwing me on the sand. “Now go to her” he finished before turning around and walking away. “She needs you.”

Screenshot-3394It took me a while to gather myself enough to understand what Slate had said. Contractions? But, when I looked around on the beach Myrtle was nowhere to be found.

Luckily, Lavender understood what was happening long before I did, and started running to catch up with Myrtle. I heard her screaming while running: “Myrtle, wait! We’re coming with you!”

Screenshot-3395In the end, it was Bittersweet who came to drag my arm and pull me back to reality. Myrtle was about to give birth. Now. And she needed me.

I don’t think I have ever run so fast before. But I ran, with all the speed I could master because I needed to catch up with my girl.

Screenshot-3396I caught her before we arrived at the hospital and my whole family soon joined us. Mom and dad sat in the waiting room while I helped Myrtle the best I could. Truthfully, there wasn’t much I could do and it pained me. She was hurting and she was struggling, and all I could do was watch and give her some cheering from the side.

It felt like an eternity before her struggles paid off and the first baby came screaming in to the world. A little baby girl. The next baby came with less effort just a few hours later. To me, it was a miracle how Myrtle could handle yet another birth so soon afterwards, but she did it without complaining. And so, a perfect little boy was born.

Screenshot-3397A few days later we could leave the hospital with our new family. Myrtle smiled proudly with the basket in her hand. Inside were treasures. Two perfect little babies.

It felt both perfectly right, and quite strange to bring our family back to the center. It was our home and it was where we had met. But would it be possible to raise our babies there?

Screenshot-3400Screenshot-3402Screenshot-3403Screenshot-3404Screenshot-3405Screenshot-3419Once we were back and had gotten the babies settled, we cuddled down in the sofa. Myrtle was exhausted, of course, and I was so proud of her. It had been magical to see her give birth to my babies. And it would be magical to raise them along with her.

Even though I had only known the babies for a few days I knew that Myrtle had been right. I would do anything for them. I already knew that the only thing that would ever matter was that Petite and Mars had the best father possible.

The babies are finally here! Petite is the girl and Mars is the boy. I am so excited to see them grow up. 

Chapter 5.9: Caving in

In the last chapter, Yew decided to play along and pretending he really was crazy to have a shot at eventually getting out of from the mental hospital. We’re picking up from around there now, to see what happens when he starts accepting the treatment Tangerine is offering.

Screenshot-3047During the first weeks at the treatment center, my family came to visit me on a daily basis. In a way, it was like a vacation at this place. I didn’t need to care for myself, didn’t need to fix myself food or clean. I didn’t even have to set my alarm in the mornings because Tangerine always woke me up for breakfast. As if that wasn’t enough, I got to spend my days playing games with my family. Thinking about it like that made it easier to accept being here. In that sense, I wasn’t a prisoner.

Screenshot-3044“So, how are you doing son?” dad asked one day when we were playing foosball for the umpteenth time. His voice chirped, but I could sense the worry beneath the surface. He worried for me. They all worried for me.

“I’m fine” I said, determined to not talk any more about my so-called problems. I preferred to stick to believing that they weren’t right and I preferred to think of this place as a vacation residence.

Screenshot-3048“You wouldn’t be here if you were fine” Lavender said harshly and gave her foosball stick a whirl that caused her plastic players to spin several turns. “I’m so sick and tired of us all pretending you’re not sick. Fudge bro, you will never get better unless you agree that you need this help. You are NOT fine” her voice pitched and as she walked from the game and sat down in a chair to pout just next to us her hand wiped off tears from her eyes.

Screenshot-3045“I think she’s right” dad said and stopped playing to simply look at me again. “You have to want this help, Yew. You have to realize that you need it.”

When my family left that day, I felt more beaten than I had done since I was first taken from my home. They had no intention of helping me out of here until I agreed to my sickness and consequently to Sonic being simply a hallucination. And I wasn’t ready for that.

Screenshot-3255I was still not convinced that I was in fact crazy, nor could they ever convince me that Sonic was an imaginary product. Tangerine had showed me photo albums from my youth, where no pictures of Sonic could be found. I agreed that it was weird, but Sonic had never enjoyed the spotlight. He had always cringed whenever I pulled the camera out and because I was his friend, I never forced him to be in any of the pictures.

However, Tangerine did what she could to convince me that he was, in fact, a product of my mind. A hallucination. Just as she tried to convince me that my relationship with Aquamarine had been. She tried to prove it through my own photographs, through talks. Through brain scans and brain activity. But I wouldn’t buy it.

Screenshot-3050As a part of my treatment Tangerine forbid me to use my camera. She locked it in a safe in her office and would only return it to me once my hallucinations were gone. According to her, the photographing fed the hallucinations. She thought that I somehow lived through the pictures I took, rather than through the experiences I made. As if there was a difference.

I felt crippled without my camera. Pictures and documentation had always been my way of living. “Photographs are not always the entire truth, Yew” Tangerine said when I complained. “They are only the truth when you cease to give them additional meaning. They don’t tell stories, they only show motives.” I felt empty without my camera and without my pictures, and as part of my healing process, Tangerine convinced me to paint. She thought that painting could soothe me, while making sure I was aware of the pictures being drawn from my imagination and my own interpretation. Something she thought I failed to do with photographs. Perhaps she was right.  I was sure that photographs showed me the truth. They had to, since I couldn’t interfere with their motives and thus they showed what really was.

Painting was alright. I liked the simple act of putting a picture to the things I experiences. Though, it wasn’t the same as photographing. The creations I did with the brush were far from as beautiful or real as the creations I did with my camera. Though, that did not stop me from continuing to paint. After all, it was better than not putting pictures to my experiences at all.

Screenshot-3077Another step of my treatment was medication. Pills. Two in the morning, one at lunch and two in the evening.

I was hesitant to taking them at first, but with Tangerine keeping a constant lookout for my improvements and my willingness to get better, there was not much use in complaining. I tried it at first but she had simply called for extra help and shoved them down my throat. Or mixed them with my food. Whatever she had to do to make sure I took them. After a while I caved in and swallowed them whenever she asked me to. It couldn’t make much difference since there was nothing for them to cure, anyway.

Screenshot-3052After the first weeks at the centre, the daily visits from my family ceased to be. They still took turns to visit me in the weekends, but I think they were getting settled on the island and started forming their own lives here. I missed them and I felt lonely. Mulberry was struggling himself, I knew that from way back. He had never felt at home in our family and had always searched for his place in this world. It was a wonder he hadn’t been taken in for tests or treatment himself, with how different he was from any other berry. It wasn’t strange that he had trouble supporting me even when he were sent here to spend time with me. In a way, it was easier when he were here because he didn’t bother me too much with questions about my treatment or my illness, instead he kept to himself.

Screenshot-3256Until I spoke to him, that was. “I’m just waiting for my birthday and then I’ll go back home” he said.

“Isn’t Lava causing chaos back there?” I wondered and was surprised to realize that I cared about my brother’s safety. We had never been close.

“Fondant Fields was never my home” my brother replied. “I’m going up there, to my own kind. I belong there.” Mulberry pointed towards the sky and my eyes followed his finger.

I thought a lot of what Mulberry had said after that day. About feeling at home and belonging, and I realized that what he had said about Fondant Fields was as true for me as it was for him. I had spent most of my life there but it still didn’t feel as home. No place had felt like home until I moved to Isla Caramello with Sonic, and now they tried to take that away from me too. It just wasn’t fair. We deserved a home, and we deserved to be happy – both me and my brother.

While Mulberry had his future before him and in reach, my own future had been taken away from me. Instead of living my life I was stuck in a mental hospital with crazy people and my family and friends came to visit less and less often. Naturally, it got lonely.

Screenshot-3056Eventually, it got so lonely that I caved in and started interacting with the other residents. Or, to be precise: Myrtle. She had been following me around since my first day here, laughing at me and saying incomprehensible things about babies and friendship and who-knows-what. There was no doubt that she was crazy, but unfortunately, Slate never spoke a word and therefore, Myrtle was the best company I could get.

“I wondered when you’d cave in” Myrtle laughed the first time I spoke to her. There can be no-one else who laughs like she does. It was loud and bright and hysterical and it sent goosebumps to whoever was close enough to hear it. I hated it.

“Why do they keep you in here?” I wondered and tried to ignore her implications and her terrible laugh.

“Same reason they keep you here” she smiled. “I’m supposedly crazy.”

“I’m not crazy” I muttered in response but Myrtle didn’t seem to hear it and just went on:

Screenshot-3054“Y’know, I’ll be helping you to get better. We’ll be great friends” she smiled and I felt my stomach twist. “You’ll get out of eventually if you just realize how crazy you are. There’s actually a cure for you.”

“I’m not crazy” I complained loudly which caused Myrtle to laugh hysterically again and I had to cover my ears because her laughter was so horrible. “Stop it!” I cried.

“You’re the craziest one here, I think” she said and kept laughing. “In contrast to Slate who just refuses to speak, or myself who’s just misunderstood, you actually are crazy. You talk to yourself and you hallucinate and you’re the craziest one I’ve ever seen. At least there’s a cure for you.”

I pouted, I was not crazier than her and Slate. I was not. “What makes me crazy if you’re not. You look fudging maniac to me.”

She smiled brightly, showing off a set of perfectly white teeth. “I know!” She almost sounded proud to be called a maniac, which obviously made no sense.

Screenshot-3053“So why are you here, then?” I wondered again, knowing nothing of how to actually make friends in here. Was it a socially accepted thing to ask her why she had been placed in care here? Honestly, I don’t think I even cared. I just wanted someone to talk to and since Slate never said a word, and Tangerine kept measuring my every word, Myrtle was my only choice.

“Because I always tell the truth and it makes people scared. I know more about most people than they do themselves.” Myrtle smiled again and her voice sounded less intimidating now. “That’s how I know that you will realize eventually that your friend is not real and once you do, you will start getting better and eventually they will let you out of here. And that’s how I know we’ll be friends and eventually lovers.”

“Lovers?” I almost spat the word out. It sounded poisonous. “You really are crazy.”

Myrtle laughed again. “See, I told you. I tell you what will happen and it frightens you so to protect yourself you say I’m crazy.”

“I’ll never be your lover.”

“Just you wait and see” Myrtle said.

Screenshot-3063She was crazy alright, but since my family visited me less and less often I hung out with her anyhow. Even Sonic came to visit me less often, which hurt me even more. He had always been the one I considered my best friend and closest family and now he had almost abandoned me too. The more I hung out with Myrtle, the more I realized she was actually quite alright despite her horrible laugh and her implications about us becoming lovers. I could hang out with her and talk with her, but falling in love with her was still not something that would happen.

“What is your friend’s name again?” Myrtle asked one day. We had talked a lot about Sonic, but it had mostly been me defending his very existence and Myrtle laughing it off.

“Sonic” I replied and felt my stomach twist. It hurt so much to think that he lived his life without me now.

Screenshot-3270“You’re not seeing him much anymore” said Myrtle as if it was the most casual thing in the world. As if it did not mean that my best friend had abandoned me.

“I suppose he thinks I’m crazy too” I replied sadly.

“Or perhaps he really is a hallucination and your meds keep you from seeing him” Myrtle challenged. “You miss him, don’t you?”

The sudden sensitivity in Myrtle’s voice caught me off guard and my eyes started tearing up. I didn’t know when Myrtle passed the line and became my friend, but right now she understood me better than anyone. I swallowed and kept from looking at her, afraid that I might break and cry if I did. “You’ve changed since you got here” she continued. “You look scared now, lost – almost. You shouldn’t be ’cause he’s always with you, y’know.”

Screenshot-3269“He was my best friend” I whispered. “My best fudging friend and now he doesn’t even care to visit me. I’ve lost everything. This place is hell on earth, let me tell you.” I shouted now. And cried.

Tangerine was there in an instant and took me under her arms to lead me away in to her room. “What happened?” she asked once we were there. I said nothing. It didn’t matter, she couldn’t help me get him back.

Screenshot-3289“Is it about Sonic?” Tangerine wondered and handed me a napkin. I dried my eyes and looked at her, so caring and so warm. She was a good person.

“Why doesn’t he visit me anymore?” I wondered and fiddled with the napkin in my hands. “I miss him.”

Screenshot-3411Tangerine decided to cut down my medication the next day and I was allowed to skip the two morning pills. Instead, she wondered if I’d like to paint a portrait of Sonic. She thought it could do me good to have part of him in my life even if he came to visit me less often. Perhaps she realized that I needed him.

I was so happy to see him that day. I threw myself in his arms and cried on his shoulder. “I’ve missed you so much!” I said.

Screenshot-3412“Woah there.” Sonic laughed. “It’s like you haven’t seen me in ages. Relax buddy, I’ll always be by your side. You’re my best friend.” It was so great to have him back.

Screenshot-3414 Screenshot-3416Tangerine stood with us by the easels on the top floor and watched me as I portrayed Sonic on the canvas before me. Had I looked at her I would have seen how surprised she was to see how careful I measured and painted Sonic’s every feature. It had to be perfect. Tangerine had been right about that, I needed the support of Sonic in my life. Always.

I was really happy with the painting when it was done. It looked just like him. He stayed for a while afterwards to hang out, and when he finally left I had new energy and a new will for life. I swallowed my lunch pill with ease that day. Knowing that Sonic had not left me was such a relief.

Screenshot-3061“He came back I saw” Myrtle said and sat down next to me for lunch. I nodded in response. Myrtle stuffed her mouth full of food with her bare hands and then kept talking, causing some of her stew to drip down on her lap. “T-ld yo schoo” she mumbled.

“You say a lot of crazy stuff. It’s hard to believe you sometimes” I smiled. She was definitely a mess and a crazy girl, but right now she couldn’t pull me down. I felt good today.

“C’mon Yew!” she complained loudly and licked her fingers of left-over stew. “I tell you, I know the truth. We’ll be lovers and it will be what finally cures you. Our babies. You will want to protect them. You’ll do anything.” She dug her hands down the bowl of stew again and stuffed more in to her mouth.

“You’re crazy” I said and shook my head, upon which she smiled widely so that stew was running out of the corners of her mouth.

“Schoo aa’ yoo” she chuckled happily, as if we were exchanging compliments.

Chapter 5.8: Crazies

Screenshot-2670Tangerine woke me up early on my first morning at the treatment center and said that breakfast was served in the dining hall. It was confusing and scary to wake up at a place which was not my home and where I knew no one. I had not seen any of the other patients, but Tangerine had told me that there was currently two more full-time residents at this time.

I got dressed and walked down the stairs, towards the dining hall. I felt uneasy and uncomfortable and found myself wishing that Sonic had been there with me. Everything had been easier if Sonic was here too. A blue, furry little puppy came to greet me as I approached the dining hall but I couldn’t get myself to bend down and greet it back. I was simply too nervous.

Screenshot-2669It certainly didn’t help that one of the residents, a green girl with pointy ears and an undercut started laughing hysterically when I entered the dining hall. “Oh my berry, there you are. I’ve been wondering when you’d show up” she chuckled. I didn’t reply but instead went straight for the breakfast buffet. Everything about this place scared me.

The girl kept laughing when I dug in to my breakfast. She had a hysterical laughter that made me think she was crazy. Then I remembered where I was, and I decided that she was in fact crazy. Just as they thought I was. We were all crazy at this place. Except for Tangerine, of course. But then again, she had to be a bit crazy herself to be able to work with us.

“Myrtle, grab some breakfast instead of scaring our new friend” Tangerine said in a harsh voice. It got Myrtle to stop laughing out loud, but she kept an entertained smile on her lips as she grabbed herself some breakfast.

Screenshot-2671Except for Myrtle, there was also a black guy with an afro and sunglasses in the dining hall. He seemed to think it was hilarious that Myrtle laughed at me, and giggled himself.

“Let’s eat outside, Slate” Myrtle said and looked at the black guy, who said nothing but followed her outside. Like that, I was left on my own in the dining hall and I felt incredibly lonely. If those two were the ones I had to look forward to spending time with, this would not be a pleasant stay.

Screenshot-2673From inside the dining hall, I could see how Myrtle sat down casually on one of the picnic tables outside. With one foot on the bench she started eating her breakfast with her hands, “I don’t think Yew likes us” she said to Slate with her mouth full of food.

Slate looked at her with an empty look in his eyes and nodded lightly. Still, he said nothing. “He better get used to us. Or me, at least” Myrtle continued and filled her mouth with some more food. “And he will. I’ve seen it myself.” Slate smiled widely and nodded.

Screenshot-3031Somehow, I made it through breakfast and next I had a session with Tangerine. She showed me in to a small room containing a bookshelf, a lounging chair and an armchair. She pointed me towards the lounging chair and I sat down, a bit nervous of what was to come.

Screenshot-3032Tangerine asked me more questions of my past, of my relation to Aquamarine and about Sonic. I wondered when it was going to be my time to ask questions. My time to get answers. Though, I doubted it would come anytime soon. Aquamarine had sure succeeded in getting them all to think that I was some kind of psycho. In a way it was surrealistic. Nothing made sense.

“Why don’t you just ask Sonic about these things?” I said after the thirteenth question about our friendship. Clearly, they did not seem to care about the things I said, so perhaps it would be better to get them to talk to Sonic. Get his version of it all. There was no way they could argue that we were both nuts.

Screenshot-3033Tangerine leaned forward a bit. “That’s problematic, I’m afraid.” She seemed to hesitate a little before she went on. “You see Yew, we haven’t been able to find Sonic. There’s no record of his existence and…” Tangerine stopped talking and I lost my breath. They were the crazy ones, that was for sure now. How could she sit there, saying she wanted to help me, and yet denying the existence of the one person who could really prove my innocence? She had met him after all. He had been with me through this entire process.

“It’s hard for you to understand, isn’t it?” Tangerine looked at me again before standing. “I’m sure you will understand one day Yew. We will help you, that’s why you’re here.” I was angry and upset and sad and frustrated at the same time and didn’t know what to do. Clearly, my protests did little to help me. Perhaps I would be wiser to play their game.

Screenshot-3037Before I knew it, Tangerine had led me to another small room and placed me in a big machine that was going to “measure my brain activity”. The machine gave off a mechanical humming sound and the fact that it would soon be lowered towards my head to measure stuff going on in my brain was enough to drive me to the craziness they all accused me off. But, I would play their game. If that was my way out of here, I would.

Screenshot-3038Tangerine asked me questions of all kinds of things – for example my family, my house on the island, Sonic, Aquamarine, my interests and mostly then photographing – while the machine sent a blue light circling around my head. I did what I could to answer her questions truthfully, after all, there was nothing wrong with her questions.

Screenshot-3035“Hm, that’s interesting” Tangerine replied from time to time and scribbled down notes on a paper in her hands. After a short while, the blue light from the machine stopped and I was released from it.

“I’m going to be perfectly straight with you Yew” Tangerine said and looked down at her notes. “Your brain activity is severely heightened whenever we speak about Sonic and your photographing. More interestingly, it is the activity in your right brain half that shoots through the roof. When it comes to photography, that is somewhat expected since photography in its self is a creative activity. However, when you speak about your family your brain activity is divided almost equally between your two brain halves, with a little more activity on your left, logical, side. That being said, your brain seems to remember people mostly in a logical sense. The interesting thing is that any time we talk about Sonic, there is a majorly increased activity in your right brain half. That means you use a more creative approach when you think and talk about Sonic than you do of any other person.”

Screenshot-3036“Mhm?” I had heard what Tangerine had said but I could not understand what it meant.

“Yew, I think Sonic is a creation of your imagination” Tangerine stated after a short pause. “That explains why he is missing from your photos.”

Screenshot-2678After the session with Tangerine I only had to kill a small amount of time before Sonic came to visit. I showed him around the house quickly before we settled in a sofa on the second floor. “You’ve gotten yourself in to quite the mess” Sonic said. There was nothing I could do but agree. Things were definitely a mess.

“You have to get me out of here” I begged. “Aquamarine have them thinking I’m crazy. It must look as though I am, too. Sonic, you have to help me. You’re smart, you’ll figure something out. Right?”

Screenshot-2676“Oh my, you really are crazy” Myrtle stood by the sofa almost where Sonic was sitting and she stared at me with wide-open eyes. “Do you often talk to yourself?” she wondered.

“Do you often interrupt others’ business?” I countered.

“You’ll have to get a grip of yourself. Really. We can’t have our babies growing up in here. And they’ll never let me out.”

I only listened to what she was saying with half an ear because I was still trying to keep the conversation flowing with Sonic. I needed him to survive this place. I tried ignoring Myrtle and kept talking to Sonic, but she remained standing in front of us. After a while she started laughing at me again.

“Oh cheese” she said and caught her breath. I was already getting sick and tired of that hysterical and annoying laughter. “You are much worse than I’d thought you’d be. I had not seen this coming. You really do need the help.”

By then, Sonic stood up and left and I had just had it with her, “Why don’t you just leave me be?!” I screamed and went to hide in my own room. As I walked up the stairs I could hear her laughing after me. As if there was anything fun about anything at this place.

Screenshot-3039Later that day Lavender came to visit. She had grown so much since I last saw her and was now almost as tall as me. Her hair had grown tremendously and she was no longer the little sister I remembered. She was a fully grown up woman and I realized when I saw her that I had missed her. And the rest of the family, of course.

“How are you?” She wondered and smiled briefly.

“Dunno” I asked. It was the closest thing to an answer I could get.

Screenshot-3040“Mom and dad are making us all move here” she continued. “I bet Mulberry and Froly will come to visit you any day. Heck, even uncle Salmon and his family are moving here. And Watermelon and Bittersweet too. They’re making a great deal about this, y’know.”

“Why? To help me? Get me out?” I was still not sure if they were all playing a part in Aquamarine and Tangerine’s game or if they sincerely wanted to help me.

“Well… It doesn’t help that Lava is on a rampage back home either. In a way, we were all looking for a reason to get out of there. Until someone does something, Fondant Fields ain’t safe for no one. Salmon don’t want his kids to grow up there and none of us others want to start a family there. This place isn’t too bad. And I mean, you kind of need our support, I guess?”

Screenshot-3041“I need help to get out. And to get my son back” I replied truthfully.

Lavender sighed and rolled her eyes, “Stop that crap about your fudging son” she said. “You never had a son, just drop it already.”

“Hunter” I complained but Lavender just sighed again.

“If you truly believe that you’re in deeper shit than I thought.” Her mocking tone instantly reminded me of the little sister she was. Always putting herself in the spotlight, always complaining about whatever. She was still so much younger than me, in body and mind.

Screenshot-3042“No, seriously bro’, you need to get your shit together. This place ain’t no fun. There’s so much to do on this island it’s just a waste that you’re rottin’ away in ‘ere.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I pouted. There was no shit to get together. No way of me getting out of here unless they helped me. And right now, she wasn’t helping at all.

“I dunno what to do” Lavender sighed. “But you need to pull yourself together. Get outta this. Take whatever help they’re offerin’ you.”

I sighed. They were all part of the same plan. They were all convinced I was completely crazy. But I would get out of here, somehow. Get my son back, somehow. Even if that meant I had to play their stupid game. I had to become the crazy one.

Finally a new chapter! I just wanted to say that I know nothing about how Yew’s mental illness would look in real life. What I describe is simply a made-up condition. That being said, it does obviously have similarities with conditions that are existing in out world. Likewise, I don’t know exactly how left and right brain halves work and what their purpose is. I just wrote from whatever I could find on my first Google search and I am aware that it may not reflect any real facts. What I’m trying to say is that this is fiction and that I’m not claiming to know of the real facts behind what’s presented in this fictional work.

Also, Lavender is as you can see a YA and have accordingly been moved out of the household. She does live on Isla Caramello though, and I hope to report more on how she’s doing and what she is up to. The same goes for the rest of the family now that they’re actually in the “right” town.

And, because Sonic deserves better than being reduced to just an imaginary friend, I’ve added him to the Downloads section. Feel free to use him in your own games and stories, I think he should get the chance to be real and have a real future. 

Thanks for reading and commenting. I love you all and I very much appreciate every single comment you give me. ❤

Chapter 5.7: Getting Help

Ah, I felt such a strange feeling of satisfaction after reading about your confusion after the last chapter. Sorry. I’m horrible, I know. And then I’ve kept you waiting for this chapter for like… forever. My life went quite hectic with the start of the new semester at Uni. However, I finally got this done! There’s not that much clarification in this chapter because it would be too long if I added even more, I wanted it published instead of postponing it further.

Screenshot-2514I was led down stairs, through some narrow corridors and was eventually put in a cell. My head was spinning too fast to make any sense of the feelings I had. I was confused. Lost.

I lost the sense of time almost immediately. Possibly even before I was put in the cell. I couldn’t tell if it had been hours or days since I came here, but the cell felt cold and frightening. It was definitely not a place I wanted to stay in. And why should I? I heard some of the officers talk and I knew they suspected me for terrible acts. I don’t know if I was mostly angry or hurt that Aquamarine would force me to go through this. A regular custody case would have been much easier. And more fair.

Some times I was brought out from the cell and to a questioning room. Police officers glared at me and wanted me to confess kidnapping Hunter. It made no sense. I couldn’t confess something that I had not done. Hunter was my son and it had been my right to have him at my place. I understood that Aquamarine wanted to share the parenting with Jacinto and that she wanted me out of their lives, but this way was just wrong. I had not deserved this. The questionings lasted until the officers gave up and brought me back down in my cell.

Had it been days? Had it been hours? I couldn’t tell.

Screenshot-2629Though, eventually mom and dad came to visit along with Sonic and a woman I had never seen before. Two officers stood outside the cell watching us as we talked to each other. I was not allowed privacy even when I met my family.

“You need help, son” dad said and hugged mother’s hand on the other side of the bars. Sonic stood behind them and said nothing, but I could see that he was hurting too.

“You have to get me out of here. I want my son back” I replied. They were the only chance I had.

Screenshot-2630Mom closed her eyes and took a deep breath, but neither she or dad said anything. A few moments passed and then the unknown woman started to speak, “Yew” she said and looked at me with caring and calm eyes. “My name is Tangerine Blossom, and I am here to help you.”

Screenshot-2631“Can you get me my son back?” I asked, hope raising within me.

Tangerine smiled. There was something about her that made me feel calm. Even though I knew nothing about her, I trusted her. “We’ll get you out of here to begin with” she said.

Screenshot-2632After saying a temporary goodbye to my parents, me and Tangerine were escorted to a questioning room by a muscular and grumpy officer. “Holler if you need me” he said to Tangerine before he closed the door and left us to talk.

Tangerine looked at me and I started fiddling with my hands under the table. Suddenly, the whole situation felt uneasy. “Yew, do you even know why you’re here?” Tangerine asked after a short moment.

I sighed, it was hard to accept that Aquamarine was the devil herself, but there was no other truth. “Because I’ve been tricked” I said. “Aqua tries to keep me from my son. It’s not right.”

Screenshot-2633“How long would you say have you known Aquamarine?”

“Since I moved here. We started dating almost immediately.”

“Yew, I might have to tell you some things that will be hard for you to understand. But I can help you make sense of it all. But, before that happens, I have to know that you really want my help. And it is very important that you are being honest with me the entire time. Do you think you could do that?”

“I never lie” I replied.

Screenshot-2634“That is what I think too” Tangerine said and smiled. “And that is what makes me think I can help you.”

“It seems I could do with some help” I joked and looked around. It was a fitting joke, but also the hurtful truth. I needed help to get out of this place.

“If that is what you want, you will have to trust me” Tangerine continued. Her eyes told me that it would not be easy. But I was ready to fight. Oh, I was.

Screenshot-2516I spent the days leading up to the trial by walking from the bed to the toilet in the other corner of the room. It was by no means a satisfying way of spending my time, but I had little other options. Being a prisoner sucked. Sonic did come and hang with me a few times, but it just wasn’t the same when he couldn’t come in to the cell. And, Tangerine also came to talk to me at least once per day. She asked me all kinds of questions about my life both here in Isla Caramello, and the life I had lived back home in Fondant Fields.

Screenshot-2658The trial was just awful. Aquamarine and Jacinto held each others’ hands and looked at me with disgusted frowns. To them, I was a monster. I wondered when I had become that. I wondered what had changed our initial relation. But I couldn’t figure it out. It was a mystery.

Screenshot-2660I was called as a witness and I swore to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. I told them how me and Sonic had met Aquamarine at the beach and how she later had become my girlfriend. I told them about the pregnancy and how Jacinto kept coming in between. I told them how much I loved Hunter and how I treasured the time I got to spent with him. I told them just how important he was to me. I also told them about the work me and Sonic was doing, without revealing too much before the story was published. To summarize, I told them how my life had shaped up since I got to Isla Caramello.

Yet, I was ruled guilty for the kidnapping. I was a kidnapper.

From there on I shut off. I could see Tangerine giving a statement for my case and I could see how different important berries checked their notes and took new notes. But I could not hear anything except the echo of the word Kidnapper.

Eventually, I was led out the door by two police officers. Tangerine walked next to us but no one else was allowed to join us. Mother and father cried. And my siblings, who had all come to support me, also cried. Only Sonic, who sat in the back of the room, waved to me as I left. I raised my hand and waved back.

Screenshot-2662“What happened?” I asked Tangerine once we were left alone.

She made me sit down in a chair in front of her and kneeled before me before she spoke. “Yew, I know this will be hard to understand. But you will understand it eventually, with my help.” She paused for a second during which she kept looking me straight in the eye. “You have a serious dysfunction. Not everything that happens in your life, happens outside of your body. You make things up. Not intentional, but things happen inside your head. I will help you understand what things are real and what things are not, but you will have to work with me. Okay?”

Screenshot-2661I stared at her, unable to process what she was saying.

“You are not Hunter’s father and you were never Aquamarine’s boyfriend. That means that you really did kidnap him.”

“I’m not a kidnapper” I whispered.

“I know” Tangerine said. “You are not well, Yew. We will help you get through this. Until you are feeling better, you have to come with me.”

Screenshot-2655I think I protested but I’m not sure. However, I was brought to a huge house and locked in to a room. It was a lot better than the cell I had been living in for the latest time, but I was still a prisoner. I sat down on the floor with my arms around my knees and my head was spinning. The last few days had been just too much. I did not understand, and it scared me.

Outside my door I could hear Tangerine talk: “It’s going to take time and it’s going to be tough for him. But I do think he will get better. Delusions and hallucinations are really not that bad once the patient understands that it’s not real. He’s going to need your support to get through it, though. Some of his hallucinations are quite long gone, and he might have trouble letting go of them. You are all going to work hard too, remember that he cannot help it. He’s not stupid, he’s not stubborn, he’s simply sick.”

“But he will get better, right?” It was dad’s voice and it was weak and cracking.

“As soon as he is ready to” Tangerine replied.

So, perhaps some things got clearer? I’ll add some further clarifications: Yew really did kidnap Hunter. Aquamarine was never his girlfriend, she was together with Jacinto the entire time and Hunter is their son. However, the story that has been told earlier, with Yew being Aquamarine’s boyfriend and Hunter their son, is really how Yew perceived it. To clarify even more: He imagined it so.

And, I’m adding this here because I’m not sure if it will get much space in the forthcoming story: Yew is not a journalist. He is still a paper boy.

I’m sorry Sonic isn’t in the pictures even though he is mentioned in the text. He refused to cooperate this chapter. Sigh.

And lastly, the lovely Tangerine is made by nirar22. I think she is lovely, don’t you? The starring guest page is updated accordingly.

Chapter 5.4: Something big

Screenshot-1835I read an article about chess competitions one day and it caught my interest straight off. There was nothing special about it, but chess had always been something I enjoyed and I couldn’t get enough of free time activities. Hanging out at the beach wasn’t all that fun anymore, at least not every day.

Besides, we got rain some days even in Isla Caramello and I had noticed that the society kind of stood still when it happened. No one went out when it rained. The ‘bows on this island sure preferred their water to be on the ground.

However, I jumped on that chess bandwagon and invited the guy who was ranked lowest for a game at my place. It wasn’t exciting and it wasn’t action filled, but it was a lifesaver for rainy days. And I was good at chess. I beat him easily.

Screenshot-1872Sonic was a good journalist. He had always been a good writer and he managed fine on his freelance career. He hired me to take photos for him sometimes and I liked working with him. In fact, I liked working with him so much that I got him a job at my office. It was easy because Sonic had something big coming up and our paper wanted to be the first to publish it.

Screenshot-1871The Alder family was one of the richest on the island and there was a wide-spread rumour about their money being filthy. It had always been treated as just a rumour. One of the kind that always surround rich families. However, Sonic had recently discovered that this particular rumour may actually be true. The Alder’s owned not just only their own huge mansion, but also several of the islands resorts. Their name is recognizable for every inhabitant of the island. However, as far as rumur goes, there is no background to the money. No one seems to know where they derive from and some even say that the name Alder is made up, simply to be recognized with the Alder’s in Sugarvalley.

What Sonic discovered was huge. He dug for months to come up with what he did and even when I went to my editor the information needed to be proved. Despite that, it was too good for the paper to pass on, so they hired Sonic on the spot – with me as his partner and photographer.

Screenshot-1874Now we worked day and night with trying to prove the loose ends Sonic had found. If he was right, we would be capable of bringing the family down and dealing massive damage to their reputation in the process. What we had found was transactions between what we believed was the Organization, and an account, set in a bank in France, which Sonic had proved belonged to the Alders.

Screenshot-1870The man behind the resort empire and the head of the family was Basil and he was not that much older than me and Sonic. Without having any well-known (proven!) relatives, a fortune like his was hard to come by. If he was in fact tied to the Organization, Isla Caramello would soon see a change. No government wanted to be associated with the Organization and therefore not either anyone tied to them.

Screenshot-1867I was still living with Sonic and me and Aquamarine had not discussed what future we saw with each other. She still lived with Jacinto and sometimes it felt like he had a bigger part in her life than I did. I know she valued family and that she wasn’t sure how involved we really were. It all got a bit complicated when she got pregnant.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be a father, but Aquamarine was overjoyed. Her future plans had always involved family. I, on the other hand, hadn’t even thought about future yet. I was still very focused on the present and was very busy with squeezing enjoyment and happiness from all my days. That is not to say that I wasn’t excited about the pregnancy, because even if I hadn’t planned for parenthood or was ready to be a father, I was prepared to take my responsibility and do what I could for that child.

Screenshot-1868Jacinto had no worries about the future of the baby though. He caressed Aquamarine’s belly and talked to the baby on a daily basis. Something I was even unable to do, since I did neither live with my girlfriend nor see her every day. Even though we expected a child, I still think she valued Jacinto and her old family higher than me.

I felt ambiguous about seeing Jacinto fuss over the pregnancy. I loved how much he cared but I also felt pushed to the side. It felt more like their baby than mine. And I feared that Jacinto would have a bigger part in its life than me, once it was born. At least, Aquamarine had no plans of moving in with me and I wasn’t ready to leave Sonic behind either. He was my family too. It was certainly a complicated situation.

Screenshot-1878“I’m not sure what I should do” I complained to Sonic after  having spent a day in the park with Aquamarine and Jacinto. On the table before us laid pictures of the progress of Aquamarine’s pregnancy belly.

“It’s your baby though, isn’t it?” Sonic replied, as if that was even questionable. Of course it was my baby. Aquamarine was my girlfriend and we were exkcusive.

“She hasn’t been with anyone else.”

Screenshot-1877“That wasn’t what I meant. What I’m sayin’ is that you have the right to raise that kid if you want to. No matter if you live together or not. But she could move in here. There’s room.”

“We’d keep her awake when we work. We work a lot now, don’t we?” I don’t know what I meant by that. I’m not even sure if I wanted Aquamarine to live with us. And even if I did, I doubt she would be ready to move from her family.

Screenshot-1876“We do” Sonic said and turned his attention towards the TV, thereby ending the conversation. I was torn in what I wanted here, I knew that. Sonic tried his best to come up with suggestions and solutions but I shot them all down, possibly because I didn’t know myself what I valued the most. Aquamarine and a future family or Sonic and work. And even if I did make up my mind, I wasn’t sure it mattered because I wasn’t the one calling the shots. I couldn’t just force her to move in here anyway.

The constant going back and forth in thoughts was enough to drive me crazy, that’s for sure.

Screenshot-1899To get some of the worry of my chest, I dove in to work. Literally. We needed hands-on proof for the things we suspected of the Alders and sometimes the only thing to get something you really want is to get your hands dirty. And in this case, smelly. Perhaps it was a long shot, but I hoped that Basil would get sloppy one day and leave some proof in his bin. When he did, I would find it and we would get our story published and his dirty money would get back in its right hands.

Screenshot-1900Not only was it a dirty job looking through the family’s trash. It was also scary. One could get paranoid for less and every little sound that echoed in that metal bin sent my heart jumping up my throat. I was dressed too nicely to pass for a beggar or as being homeless so I would have to come up with something better. If needed.

Screenshot-1908And it turned out that I would have needed that explanation sooner rather than later, because Basil caught me in the middle of my investigation one night and he was not happy. “Uhm” was the only explanation I could think of, and naturally it did not please him.

Screenshot-1909“GET OFF MY PROPERTY!” he yelled before throwing his entire body over me, sending me back first down the ground. Before I had that fight with Sonic about a week ago, I had never been in a fight. Now I was experiencing my second one already and I could tell I would never come to like it. It hurt too much. Neither did I enjoy sending my own fists towards Basil’s face, but it was a much needed thing to do in the situation I was.

Screenshot-1910But I was no fighter. I doubt Basil was either, but at least he was stronger or more determined because he soon took me by the hems of the shirt and tossed me off his property and out in the street. Luckily there was no car driving past at that moment or I wouldn’t live anymore. That would possibly have been one way of dragging him down, though. Not that it was a way that I would prefer, of course.

Screenshot-1905Having lost that one opportunity to find proof in his garbage, we needed to come up with something new. I had no ideas and Sonic kept on searching through police records and news archives. In loss of other ideas, I started asking people around town. It was nearly as scary as going through Basil’s garbage because I couldn’t know which ‘bows were associated with him and which might be against him. I had to be careful. However, we woudld find a way to get to him eventually. The story we had found was too good to not get out eventually. Hard work had a habit of paying off, I knew that.

Chapter 5.3: Family visit

Screenshot-1816I had been going to the thrift shop on a daily basis the last week because I had found a new love at that place. Even though the girl behind the counter was cute, she was not the center of my attention. It was a Gladiator QX40. At their normal price such an investment would be worth about five of my monthly salaries as a paperboy, and thus beyond my reach. But there, at the thrift shop, it was a bargain. Still too expensive for what I had saved, but within reach before too long. Unless someone else grabbed it before me, of course.

It was a nervous venture going there before I could make sure the Gladiator was still there. Rose, who worked there, smiled at me whenever I got there and by now I didn’t even need to ask. She knew why I came. “Still here,” she said and nodded towards the shelf behind her head. It was a mighty camera and right now I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than that.

Screenshot-1817I took extra hours at work just to be able to save up money quicker. Obviously, calling mom and dad asking for help would have been easier but also less independent. I wanted to earn it myself. Handing out newspapers was neither fancy nor fun. It didn’t even pay me well but I worked hard. 

I even worked hard enough to earn a promotion, which got me off the streets and in to the actual office. The promotion itself wasn’t what made me the most happy, though. It was the bonus that followed. A bonus that got me enough to actually get the camera. I felt proud and excited when I entered the thrift shop that day and Rose must have seen it. “Today is the big day, isn’t it?” She smiled and I returned the gesture. It was indeed a big day.

Just a couple of minutes later I held the treasure in my hands. My own Gladiator.

Screenshot-1820That night, me and Sonic went to the pub to celebrate. He bought me fancy cocktails at the bar and we sipped them like kings. It was only a camera, but to me it felt like a huge victory.

Screenshot-1826When Aquamarine joined us after work we had already downed quite a few drinks and I was already feeling it. Sonic beamed when Aqua entered the pub and run to greet her in a big hug. I expected him to come back to me afterwards, or at least let me greet her, but he stayed with her. I was stranded behind them and Aquamarine didn’t even seem to notice that I was there.

A few seconds passed and I watched them interact with each other. Aquamarine laughed as Sonic kissed her on the cheek. Sonic kept his hand on her shoulder. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear. They took each others hands. Sonic took a step closer to her and I heard them both giggle. It made me sick.

He was supposed to be my best friend and yet he had the guts to flirt with her right before my eyes.

Screenshot-1829I went up to them and shoved Aquamarine to the side with my left arm. Sonic took a step back and opened his mouth to speak, but before he said anything I shoved him backwards. “That’s my girl” I hissed.

Screenshot-1830“Anyone said something else?” Sonic replied and shoved me back. His eyes were black and I could tell he wouldn’t back off. Neither would I. I wouldn’t just stand to the side while my best friend seduced my girl friend. No, that would not happen.

Screenshot-1831Screenshot-1833I had never been in a fight before and I would never have guessed my first one would be with Sonic. Yet, that was exactly what happened. We rolled around on the pub floor, kicking and punching whatever body parts we could reach. Both of us trying to prove that we had been right. She was my girl and he should have known.

Once someone pulled us apart Aquamarine had left the pub. I looked for her outside but couldn’t find her. I called her, but she didn’t answer.

Screenshot-1819My celebration night obviously didn’t end up like I had wanted. The camera was luckily unharmed after the fight, but both Sonic and Aquamarine had fled the scene. I could only hope they hadn’t done so together.

foto-12A few days later mom and dad came to visit and they ended up being the first ‘bows I took a picture of with my new Gladiator. It kind of shocked me to see how old they had become in just the short time since I last saw them. Mom’s previously fragrant blue hair had faded and now was now more grey than blue. Besides, both mom and dad were wrinkly and looked tired. Aging was inevitable, I knew that, but it was still weird to see my own parents look that old. However, they didn’t seem to mind too much themselves and I envied the love and bond between them. There hadn’t been a single time during my lifetime that I had seen them disagree or fight. They were truly meant for each other and having them as my parents was a blessing.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I was meant to be with Aquamarine in that same way. I certainly hoped so.

Screenshot-1840My siblings all came with mom and dad as well. It was great seeing them, but my little house sure got crowded with them all here at the same time. Luckily, they were not to stay at my place but rather at one of the resorts in town. I’m not sure we would have made it through the week if they had all stayed here the entire time. I had got used to living on my own quite quick, it seemed. Truth be told, I didn’t see that much of my siblings during the week at all. They were all too busy exploring the island on their own. Not too strange considering exploration had always been encouraged by our parents.

Screenshot-1879 Screenshot-1880Mom and dad, on the other hand,  decided to stay at my place. They said they had not come here to explore, but to let me show the surroundings. I didn’t mind too much, although I’ll confess that it was strange stepping through my door in the morning to see them both make out in their underwear. They had never been much for hiding their affections.

Screenshot-1858We got through one whole day before my parents asked about Aquamarine. “When are you introducing us?” mom asked. She had been admiring the pictures in my home during the afternoon and it wasn’t the least strange that she wanted to meet my girlfriend as well. Unfortunately, it was impossible to arrange this week.

Screenshot-1859“I’m afraid she’s away with her family this week” I said truthfully. Aquamarine’s family had bonds that my family had never had. They did all kinds of things together and this specific week, they were out sailing. “I’m sorry. I wish you could meet her.”

“Oh, no worries” dad said and smiled. “You’ll introduce us eventually, right? It’s no rush.”

“And you’re sure Sonic won’t mind having us two old folks staying here?” mom asked after having swallowed the fact she wouldn’t get to meet Aquamarine this time around.

“Oh.” I had to swallow to get rid of the lump in my throat. Sonic had not been home since we had that fight at the pub a few days ago and it was starting to worry me. I knew mom and dad would notice my worry so I decided to just be honest about it and tell them what had happened.


The next day I took mom and dad to the Rocky Reefs for some snorkeling. Having my parents around was a relief now that Sonic was missing and Aquamarine was spending time with her family. Had my own family not been here I would have become even more worried about my and Sonic’s friendship and I would just have been sitting around missing Aquamarine.

The water around the reefs were crystal clear and you could see all the way to the seabed. It wasn’t unusual to see all kinds of fish and anemones just through snorkeling. Actually, diving was only necessary if you wanted to explore the underwater caves, and that was probably not the first thing you showed your old parents.

Screenshot-1838They were both excited about the snorkeling, though. Despite all their travels it was something they had never tried before. Dad got the hang of it rather quickly but mom had some trouble with sticking her snorkel below the water at first. I almost thought she would give up before she suddenly managed to do it right.

We stayed out all day. Even though it was almost fall the water was still warm. It wasn’t until it became too dark to see below the surface that we called it a day and headed back home.

Screenshot-1755Back home Lavender was sitting reading and humming to herself in my livingroom. It was weird seeing anyone else but Sonic in my house when I wasn’t there. But I guess Lavender was welcome. When she saw us coming she put the book down and went to greet us.

“I love this place” she beamed. Her happiness could not be mistaken. “I met this really cute boy today, down in the park. I’ve never met someone as polite as him ever before.”

Lavender had always been open with her relations and always ready to jump head first towards whatever boy had just caught her interest. I wasn’t surprised that she had already met someone here on the island, and neither was mom and dad.

Screenshot-1851The next day I took mom and dad scuba-diving. We decided to go back to the Rocky Reefs to also get to explore the place from under the water. I wasn’t a very skilled diver but after living on the island I knew a thing or two that mom and dad could impossibly know. It was weird being the more experienced one but I enjoyed it. I told them what history I knew about the reefs and I pointed out fishes we encountered.

All in all, it was a great experience and after that first day, mom and dad were ready to continue exploring the island’s underwater on their own. I was more than happy to be on my own since it meant I could take my Gladiator for a tour around the island.

Screenshot-1860Having my siblings coming and going to the house as they pleased was not only enjoyable. Especially not when Froly got some time on his own. I had never really got to know him when we were younger but I’m quite sure he was a spawn of the devil himself.

Screenshot-1861 Screenshot-1862It was either that or that he was simply a horrible person. I couldn’t see any other reason for him to mess with my bathroom sink so it would explode over the next person trying to use it. I kind of regretted my hospitality…

Screenshot-1866Mulberry, on the other hand, kept mostly to himself. He had always been an outcast in the family. Literally, of course, but also because of his personality. It was as if he didn’t really want to fit in or socialize with us. I actually think he was missing something. Perhaps he felt rootless? At least, he was constantly looking for clues about his background. The search history on my computer led to all kinds of strange supernatural forums. I knew of course that supernatural things were most real – my own family was a living proof of that, but some of the things that those forums suggested was a joke. In a way I understood that it must hurt Mulberry to see how others laugh at the idea of his existence and others trying to prove it through badly processed photos or other silly things. I wondered if perhaps Mulberry wanted to back to wherever he originated from. I kind of thought so.

Screenshot-1857Before my family went back to Fondant Fields we celebrated Rhubarb’s birthday. Like Mulberry, Rhubarb stuck mostly to himself and preferred to stay out of the spotlight. I could already see him moving to a house on his own with a bunch of rescued stray animals, which was the plan he had of life. Mom said he made her proud because he reminded her of Bittersweet. It was true, they were equally smitten by animals and equally concerned about others’ wellbeing. I liked to think that me and Rhubarb could have made good friends but the truth is that I was probably way too shallow for him. He was a lot more thoughtful than myself.

Screenshot-1846Lavender went on a date with Durian on the night before going back home. He took her to one of the more romantic ponds on the island and I had to refrain from telling mom and dad that several teenagers had lost their virginity up there. Not that I think mom and dad would have mind since they wanted us to experience life at its fullest. They were more likely to encourage it and I think that was an even stronger reason not to tell them.

Screenshot-1842They had a nice evening up there and Lavender fell in love with the boy by her side. In her opinion he was caring and polite and most loveable. That was of course not the truth, which she also learned as the night progressed. But at first, she fell in love with him.

Screenshot-1841“This place is beautiful” she said and smiled brightly.

“I know” Durian replied and looked down at his hands. He had brought her here for the same reason any boy brought a girl up there but now it didn’t feel right. Lavender would go back to Fondant Fields the next day and Lily wouldn’t have to know. Lavender was gorgeous and also most willing, he knew that much. He would be stupid to back off now. He had imagined and pushed for sex for so long but Lily just never gave in. So why did he hesitate now that he had the chance?

Screenshot-1843Lavender kept talking about how beautiful and romantic the place was and Durian listened while debating with himself of what he wanted of this night. Perhaps he and Lily wasn’t meant to be? And if they were, he could still do it with Lavender without anyone ever knowing. It was a too good opportunity to pass out on, wasn’t it?

Lavender soon stood up and took Durian’s hands. She knew of course why she had been taken to this place. There could only be one reason for a boy, or girl, to bring anyone up here. Especially when they were just two. She felt excited about it. She wanted this.

Screenshot-1846But when she leaned in to kiss Durin he pulled away. Perhaps he was stupid not to take the opportunity before him, but then be it. Lily trusted him and even if he wasn’t completely in love with her, he wasn’t going to hurt her like this. He had to do it the right way.

Screenshot-1845“I’m sorry” he said and took a step back. “I can’t do this. I… I have a girlfriend.”

Screenshot-1847Lavender was hurt. She hadn’t expected to be turned down. “Then why the fudge did you bring me up here for?”

Durian couldn’t give her any good answer. He mumbled something about ‘doing it right’ and ‘another time’ before he turned around and walked away.

Screenshot-1848Lavender felt beaten. She rarely got these opportunities and she had been looking forward to finally trying sex. It seemed she would have to wait even longer. And Durian could rest assure that there would be no next time. She was not about to wait for him or come back for him. She could get someone else.

Screenshot-1722My family left the next day and just a few hours later Sonic came back home. It was a sweet reunion and we both apologized to each other.

It was great having him back. Isla Caramello just wasn’t the same without him by my side.

Chapter 5.1: A fresh start

Screenshot-2I got a small but really nice house in Isla Caramello together with Sonic. Really, it was mostly his work and I just went wherever he told me to go. However, it was a nice house and as soon as I saw it I knew I would come to love it. It was located on a hill overlooking the entire island and it felt like we would be able to watch over the town just from our kitchen window.

Isla Caramello, in its turn, was also a very loveable town. Even though my parents and our family had travelled a lot during my earlier years I had never been to the island before. Perhaps it was due to its limited historical ruins and places for adventures. Dad would never have been happy here. And many of mom’s produce would fail to grow here simply because it was too warm and too dry. But for me, it was perfect.

Screenshot-1736I didn’t come to Isla Caramello to work, but when I read an ad about an opening at the local newspaper something made me apply for it. I don’t know what it was, but something about that ad made me desperately want it. And now that I lived on my own, all grown up, there was no reason to not follow my own dreams. That was how I ended up as a paper boy. Perhaps not the fanciest job one could have, but it had to do with words, kind of, and that was good enough. I knew there would be bills to pay eventually and I didn’t want Sonic to do all the hard work.

Screenshot-1738It was great living with Sonic. Much better than it had been living with my own family – even though I really loved them all. But I was never given much room in that family. There was always someone else needing the attention and the spotlight. And with Sonic, I could be myself to a much greater extent. He never judged me or looked down at me. He never put any pressure on me and I never felt the need to please him. He was my best friend.

Screenshot-1727When I wasn’t working, we spent most of our days just lying on the beach, enjoying the sun. Sonic had been to Isla Caramello several times before and was one of those ‘bows who would take every opportunity to travel to a warm country just to relish the sun. And sure enough, he was a true master of relaxation on the beach.

Screenshot-1731It was nice being on my own and free from my family. No matter how much I loved them, it was impossible to deny the fact that we were a family surrounded with chaos. One of those families that other ‘bows looked at and thought of as freaks. Now, I could be just normal. And Sonic was the best of friends. Even though he knew all about my past and the chaos I had put up with, he never mentioned it in any negative way. We talked about it from time to time, but mostly we made sure to have fun.

Screenshot-1730“This is life, really” Sonic sighed and turned to his back. I couldn’t really do anything but agree, sunbathing without any worry was quite nice.

“Whoa, look at that one” Sonic said shortly later and nodded towards the waterside.

Screenshot-1745I looked at his target and saw two perfect green legs, attached to a perfectly pneumatic body. At the very top beamed a happy, good-looking face. The girl was stunning and judging by how she moved, she knew it.

Screenshot-1728I sunk back down on my towel, but couldn’t keep my eyes off the girl. She was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. I sighed to myself, which unfortunately, didn’t go by unnoticed. I sighed again, but for a completely different reason, when Sonic called for the girl.

Screenshot-1746“Are you talking to me?” the girl asked and turned around, looking straight at me. Her voice was made up of honey and sugar.

“Uh, no” I said and blushed. “It was my friend there” I pointed at Sonic and rolled over to my stomach, avoiding any further eye contact with her. I wasn’t used to feeling lost for words or uncomfortable in the presence of others but this girl was truly something special. I heard her mutter something about someone stupid and I let several minutes pass before I dared to turn my head in her direction again.

Screenshot-1747The girl was now tip-toeing out in the water and I could hear her draw for her breath as the cold waves hit her so-far dry body parts. She was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.

I smiled to myself. Girls had never really been much of my interest until now. Perhaps this whole move to Isla Caramello would do more good to me than I had ever thought. At least, this place and its inhabitants was something very special.

Screenshot-1739“Oh my Berry!” Sonic laughed when we were back home later that day. “I can’t believe how you acted before that girl. You love her, don’t you?”

“Don’t be silly” I hissed back jokingly. “She was gorgeous, you can’t deny that!”

“It was like you’ve never seen a hot girl before in your life” Sonic laughed.

I took one of the pillows and smacked him over the head, “You were the one calling out for her!” Sonic took a wirl around and picked up a pillow of his own and before we knew it the pillow fight was a fact. The feathers in our pillows swirled around above our heads as we went a round deciding who had been the more silly one on the beach. In fact, it didn’t really matter because we both knew we had thought that girl was hot.

“I hope we’ll see her again sometime” Sonic said once our little pillow fight had stopped and we were both sitting down on the floor.

“I’d like to know her name” I agreed and her image once again popped up before my eyes.

Screenshot-1751“You took her picture?!” Sonic gasped a couple of days later when I had processed the photo and framed it on our wall. I hadn’t thought much about it. To me, it wasn’t weird taking pictures of whatever I encountered. Sonic knew that too, of course, but the photo of our mysterious green girl had still surprised him.

I liked the thought of having her picture on my wall. My walls were in a way my diary and she had definitely been something worth remembering. Besides, her beauty made a good decoration.

“Of course I did” I replied after a while and smiled.

Screenshot-1750“I fucking love you man” Sonic said and threw his hand up in the air, waiting for me to high five him. Being me, and also quite proud of myself, I didn’t need more than that. With a loud clasp our hands went together in a sign of the success the photo was.

The girl that got Yew to go kind of crazy is Aquamarine Spectrum and she is a spare from AriellA’s rainbowcy “As the color wheel turns”. We’ll see more of this girl, eventually, and I might even let Yew learn her name. 😉

While Yew is living with Sonic story-wise, he is actually living with his family in-game. Until his siblings are YAs, they have to remain in the household because of the previous generation’s Deadbeat Parent roll. Now, they are all living in a little side home on Yew’s new lot. It’s crowded and annoying when taking pictures, but it works. I’ll let them “visit” in the story soon just to show you Coral and Berrian as elders. </3

Also, my game-play with Yew is a lot centered around his wishes and his LTW, all because of the Fulfilled roll. I wish I could tell you just how interesting he is as a character but it’s hard. At least, he is very… versatile.

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