Chapter 6.1: Friendship

As you probably know, I’ve had some troubles with my computer and my game. I’ve kind of fixed them. At least I can play the Twist sims. However, I lost the saves and therefore the houses, but I’ve done my best to rebuild it. The houses might look slightly different than they’re supposed to, but this will have to do. The bloodline has also been broken since the current family is a reincarnated version. The most important part is that I’m able to keep the story going. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Screenshot-4790I smiled slightly as I sat in the chair in Jazzberry’s familiar shed. My head was feeling light and when I looked at the boys in the room, my heart skipped a beat. They were my best friends and I loved them so much. After trying the elixir for the first time, me and Mars had come back more times than I could count. In fact, being effected by the brew was almost as familiar to me as it was not being it.

Screenshot-4792Mars had complained the first few times we went here, but the more times we imbibed it, the less he argued against doing it. By now, he was just as hooked as myself. As if he could read my thoughts, he sighed content and laid down on the floor with his head on Shamrock’s chest. Shamrock instantly started running his fingers up and down Mars’s arm while humming on some silly tune. It was almost ridiculous how great life was when under the effect of the Fluff-Brew. Perhaps Mars and Shamrock were in love without the brew too, but it sure wasn’t so easy for them to express it.

“We should try one of the other brews some time” Jazzberry said and stood up in his couch, jumping up and down as a little child. I laughed at him. He was the goofiest person I knew and it didn’t make sense that he had become my friend. I tried to stay under the radar most of the time. I wasn’t a freak but I wasn’t exactly popular either. I just was. Perhaps it had to do with dad’s constant warnings about vampires and the threats our family lived under. I knew, of course, that they were real but it wasn’t something I constantly thought about. Sometimes it popped in to my mind that mom somehow thought me and Mars could stop them, and it made me feel excited and scared at the same time. Those vampires had hunted our family for generations, so I couldn’t understand why I or Mars would be special enough to stop them.

Screenshot-4089“Petite, come and look” Jazz pulled at my arm and dragged me towards his cauldron and the huge book he kept next to it. I was oddly fascinated by that book and its contents. The hand-writing was old and it was intriguing to think that generation after generation of Jazz’s family had added things to the book and made changes to the recipes. I was probably just as excited as Jazz about it, and we had fantasized about what changes we would bring to it.

‘Insomniac – when there is no time for sleep’. I read the writing out loud and followed the recipe to its end. Like the Fluff Brew, the whole recipe took up no more than a page of the book. It didn’t seem hard to make. “We should try it” Jazz exclaimed and left the book open and pulled my hand as he went for the door. “We need wolfsbane, and I think I know where I can find it!”

Mars and Shamrock had no intention of going anywhere and I was happy to leave them right there on the floor. The adventure of looking for woldsbane and possibly trying out a new recipe from the book was far more interesting for me, so I followed Jazzberry out the door.

I let Jazz hold my hand as we walked across the island looking for wolfsbane. His hand was warm in mine and the only thing I could think of was how that very same hand had stirred the big cauldron, added ingredients to the brew and overall created this magical thing that we called the Fluff Brew. Perhaps later today, it would make new magic. And I was there, being a part of it.

Screenshot-11“Look!” Jazz let go of my hand and ran towards a bush, lifting some of the leaves up. “Wolfsbane! I knew I would find it around here.”

I walked up next to him and bent down. Under the shrubbery grew small purple flower on green stems. Each stem housed a dozen small flowers, all growing close to the stem. They looked like ordinary flowers. I had never known myself that they were something special or even what their name was. “Wolfsbane” I touched one of the flowers and tasted the word in my mouth. It was really nothing special.

“It’s highly toxic” Jazz said and moved my hand from the flower. “We have to treat it carefully. Mixed correctly and in a high enough dose, this little fella could kill you.”

Instinctivle I took a step back. Jazz didn’t seem to think it was a big deal and while I breathed heavily he delicately picked the flowers and put them in a plastic bag. It was so fascinating to see him work with his alchemy.

“How do you know these things?” I asked when we walked back to his house.

He smiled and shrugged, “I just know”.

Screenshot-5When we got back to his house, Jazzberry’s mother sat outside in a bathrobe. I had been to Jazz’s place many times before, but I had never seen his mother before. She looked so tired and… worn. “There’s no food” she said when we came close enough. “You didn’t get any food, Jazzie.”

Jazzberry shook his head and pulled me past her without saying anything. “You wanna keep me hungry, huh?!” His mother screamed as Jazz closed the door behind us. The look in his eyes changed instantly. The excitement and happiness was all gone and now he looked just sad and tired.

Screenshot-18Mars and Shamrock was making out when we entered the room but pulled apart at the sound of the closing door.

Jazzberry threw the plastic bag with the wolfsbane towards the corner where the cauldron was. The careful way he had handled the flowers earlier was all gone. “We’ll do this some other day” he said. “I think you should leave now”.

I walked closer to him and took his hands, but he pulled away and turned around. “Just leave, please.”

Screenshot-7“What’s wrong with Jazz’s mother you think?” I asked Mars later that evening when we were back home in our secluded island house.

“What do you mean?”

“No clothes on, screaming like that on him… I mean, our parents are actually crazy but they seem more sane than her.”

“Don’t know. It’s probably not easy being her” Mars replied. “Our life hasn’t been exactly easy, but we’ve always had support from our family and there has always been money to somewhat keep us safe. I wonder who we’d been if we hadn’t had all that money. Our family would have been completely different.”

“What does money have to do with it?” I didn’t understand how my twin brother reasoned. Not until after the question had been asked. I had never thought about the state of Jazzberry’s house, but now I suddenly did. I had always took for granted that Jazz’s shed looked as it did because he was eccentric, but it was probably because he couldn’t afford to furnish it any other way. All his furniture were basically made up by old things one could find lay around in dumpsters and around shops’ containers. It was stuff that people threw away. And the bigger house on the lot had the same rusty pink and yellow plate exterior as Jazz’s own shed. It was not a house for rich people. It surprised me that I hadn’t thought of it before.

“They clearly do not have that much money” Mars said, stating what was suddenly so obvious.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9Right thereafter Eden came in to the room, ready to go to bed. “Mars, will you read to me?” Eden’s big eyes pleaded and Mars could not resist. Every night, Mars had to read for Eden until he fell asleep, and every night I laid in the top bunk listening to the same story. Only that this night, I fell asleep listening to when Mars read while my thoughts were on Jazzberry and his family. I wanted to help them, somehow.


We all woke up instantly at the sound of dad’s heartpiercing scream. I basically jumped down the bunkbed in the same second as I woke up and ran out to the livingroom. My brothers did exactly the same. In the livingroom we saw dad sitting on the floor, clenching his phone to his chest while screaming and crying out loudly. Eden stopped and just watched and he looked scared. I’m sure I was scared too, but I was the bravest of us three so I walked up to dad and pulled him up. He collapsed in to my arms without trying to keep himself upstraight and I nearly dropped him. Had Mars not come running towards us to help me catch our father, I’m sure we would have fallen to the floor.

Screenshot-20Dad was uncontrollable. He just cried and cried, I had never seen him like that before. It scared me. I wanted to know what had happened, but at the same time, I was too scared to ask.

We placed dad in the sofa, gave him some water and waited for him to calm down enough to be able to speak. Mars kept holding his hand while I tried to comfort Eden. I don’t know how we managed, but eventually dad calmed down. He sniffled and tears kept running from his eyes. “She’s gone” he said. “My mother… Dead”.

It was unreal. Impossible to grasp. Grandmother, dead.

We all cried. Just sat there in the sofa for hours and cried. Looked around at all the photos on the walls that dad had taken of her. She was so beautiful and so kind. A better ‘bow would never live, never walk on this planet.

“She was old” Mars said. It was true, she had lived a long life, experienced many things and the last few years she had been so fragile. It had been time, and yet it was too early.

“She’s with dad now” dad said and showed us a picture of them both.

Screenshot-21“I’d prefer if she was here” I said. I hated it. Hated death, hated that it stole good people from us. Grandmother had devoted her life to protecting her family from the vampires, yet she was taken away before the vampires were gone. It was not fair. I had wanted her to see when we defeated them. And she would never do that. That was the most devastating of it all.

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