Chapter 6.3: Hard work

Screenshot-22I took my new mission very seriously and even though I had never really worked out before in my life, I had this idea that my body would immediately cooperate and become strong and powerful. Not without working for it, of course. I spent a lot of time trying to build both muscles, endurance and speed.

Screenshot-24Let’s just say I was wrong…

I had definitely thought it would be easier. I mean, all the sports-dorks at school made it seem so easy. I was so much smarter than them, yet it was incredibly hard for me to master the physical exercise. But, I was determined to succeed, so I kept working on it.

Screenshot-53We spent pretty much all of our time outside school to focus on the vampires and how to get rid of them. Mars scavenged the Internet for every forum thread that had ever been posted about vampires, and he read theoretical texts about the origins of vampires and the different myths surrounding them. It quickly became clear that the majority of berries around the world knew very little about vampires. It also became clear that vampires’ weaknesses and strengths differed a lot depending on what text you read, or what author it was. It would be a lot of work to figure out what was true and what was wrong and I was glad that I had put Mars on that, so that I only had to come with input whenever he needed it.

Mars was a mastermind when it came to doing tables and organizing things. He had put up a noteboard in our room where we gathered the things he had read and he had some kind of system worked out where he could see what things came back in several texts and what things were rare. It didn’t make perfect sense to me, but Mars knew exactly how to read his own work.

Screenshot-52We spent so much time on working with the vampires and getting ourselves ready to face them that many other things fell behind. I just didn’t have time for much else. I even wanted to stop going to school, but dad was already furious because my grades were dropping now that I didn’t have time to do my homework. He just didn’t understand, nothing was more important than my life quest.

“This is not everything, Petite!” he said. “Unless you get your grades up, I won’t let you workout so much.”

“This is everything!” I complained, but he just wouldn’t listen. And I knew then, that I would have to find a way to balance everything.

Screenshot-55Jazzberry had also become disappointed in my priorities. I hadn’t seen him since Cashmere’s death, because I didn’t think I had time to do so.

“We never tried Insomniac. It might help you.” I read Jazz’s message quickly before I got changed for my after-school workout. I had been so wrapped up in myself and my new quest that I had completely forgotten about the new brew we were going to try. And now that he had reminded me, I smiled. He was definitely right; if Insomniac worked, I wouldn’t need to waste time on sleeping and I could manage both working out and homework. It was definitely worth a try.

Screenshot-48When I came in to Jazzberry’s shed I was filled with a warm tinglig feeling. I had missed going here. I always felt happy and exctied when I was here, and it made me a bit sad to think that I had not been here for weeks.

“Let’s try it!” Jazz smiled and it was just as if those weeks when we barely spoke in school didn’t exist. He was still my best friend and he had already forgiven me for abandoning him. I made a mental note that I shouldn’t do it again. My life needed a friend like him.

I followed him back to the cauldron and watched as he threw minced wolfbane in to a already boiling transparent mixture. It crackled and sizzled and the mixture slowly turned in to a bright red colour. It looked poisonous and I remembered how Jazzberry had told me that the flowers we just added to the brew could kill us if we used too much. It was exciting, but scary, to think about soon drinking this for the first time.

Screenshot-49“I missed you” Jazzberry suddenly said while stirring the cauldron. His eyes just barely glanced in my direction and his voice didn’t change tone at all. He said it without any sign of emotion, but I still knew he meant it. And I realized that I had missed him too. I had missed him a lot, actually.

“I’ve missed you too” I said quietly. “I’m sorry. I really am.”

We didn’t say more about it, we didn’t need to because now we both knew that we were friends for real. That awkward beginning our relation had that was based on a pink and fluffy brew, had actually turned in to something real.

Screenshot-54When I came home later that day, Mars sat by the computer as usual. I looked at him and saw that he was tired, his eyes squinted at the screen and underneath them small dark circles had started to appear. I wondered when he latest saw Shamrock, and if they also missed each other behind all this vampire deal.

“There are so many idiots out there” Mars sighed and drew his hand through his hair. He always did that when he was annoyed. “Some things I read make me think we are the stupid ones because we actually believe in the vampires and then I realize that we are right. And these people are so certain that we are the idiots. How can they be so stubborn when they know so little?” He closed the laptop with a thump and sighed loudly.

“Have you seen Shamrock lately?” I asked instead of commenting on what Mars had just said.

“We had maths today.”

“Outside of school, I mean.” They were still not open with their love and the only times I had seen them kiss and hug were at Jazzberry’s place, whenever we took the Fluff Brew.

“Nah. Hadn’t had time” Mars replied and I could hear traces of sadness in his voice.

“Then go see him. We can’t devote all our time to this.”

Screenshot-56Mars never said anything about seeing Shamrock, but a few hours later he walked out the door and left and I was pretty sure he went to see him. It was quiet in the house, dad and Eden had gone to see mom and I decided to try the Insomniac brew. The liquid bubbled inside the small bottle and it felt like my intestines did the same inside my stomach. How could it be so exciting to drink something?

Screenshot-57 Screenshot-58I took a deep breath before drinking the new brew and as soon as I had swallowed it, I felt a rush throughout my body and my brain immediately felt so… alive.

Screenshot-23I changed in to my workout clothes and did a session of about an hour. Dad came home and shouted about homework shortly thereafter and I promised to complete them before I continued my workout. While dad read Eden goodnight, I took a quick shower and ate. Even though it was late afterwards, I still felt much awake and I knew I could stay up for hours more.

Mars got home and went straight to bed, and dad went to bed too. “Don’t forget your homework” he said.

Screenshot-59I struggled with homework in the middle of the night, but when I was done I still had energy for another workout. I realized that night that the Insomniac Brew would give my days another 10 hours, which meant I would have time for both school, vampire preparations, seeing Jazzberry and homework. This was revolutionary!

Screenshot-61A few weeks later it was time for Eden’s birthday. It was strange because I really loved my little brother, but I never really spent any time with him. Perhaps it was because me and Mars were so close that Eden ended up being rather alone. Perhaps it was because he was younger. I don’t know why, but I knew very little of my brother and I found myself surprised at the fact that her would become a teenager. My little baby brother would soon go through his first love, his first heartbreak and he would gain friends who made him do both fun and stupid things. He was about to grow big.

We decided to host a little party for him, and I invited Jazzberry to come celebrate the day together with our family. I suggested that Mars invited Shamrock too, but he wasn’t ready for that.

Screenshot-62 Screenshot-63Jazzberry came and were his regular goofy self. “I know it’s not your birthday, but I brought you flowers anyway” he smiled and jokingly fluttered his eyelashes up and down. I went along with the little game and let out a surprised little scream: “Oh Jazzie, you shouldn’t have! Oh, they’re beautiful!” And then we both laughed. I was glad that he was back in my everyday life.

Screenshot-65When it was time for Eden to blow the candles of the cake we all gathered and cheered for him. It was nice when we could have gatherings like this when no one thought about vampires, even if Lavender was unable to make it due to anxiety after what happened to Cashmere. So I guess that worry was still there, but it was overshadowed by joy and happiness for the birthday celebration.

Screenshot-66It was strange to see my little brother all grown up. I could definitely see him breaking a few hearts in the coming years, and I actually looked forward to seeing it. It was exciting with birthdays and time passing. I liked thinking about our family moving forward, because it meant we have lived through the vampire threat. Nothing made me happier.


Chapter 5.18: The Fluff Brew

So, this fall has not been easy for me. To put it light. Me and my husband has gone through four deaths among our circle of close family/friends and I’ve been so grateful for having him with me and getting to spend time with him when we needed it most. Naturally, I’ve not had much energy or will to play Sims or write stories about it. However, we’re facing a new year and I believe this one will be a lot better than 2014. I’m so looking forward to it. So, after a long and unannounced hiatus, here’s the last chapter of Gen 5 before the Heir Vote. It’s written in third person perspective and hopefully it has been worth the wait. 🙂 

Screenshot-4069“We’re just trying it out. Come on, it’ll be fun!”

Petite had dragged her brother to the backside of the school building, taking shelter from the rain underneath the stands for the football team. They could faintly hear the coach’s whistle from where they stood and none of them envied the kids who had to run drills out on the muddy field this afternoon.

Screenshot-4067“I don’t know sis… It could be dangerous” Mars protested, but only half-heartedly.

He was a good student and a well-behaved teenager most of the time. It was just that he had a real soft spot for his sister. She was much more of a brave heart and most of the times she managed to convince him to come with her. It was stupid that he did, because he was somewhat of a coward. Yet, he reluctantly went with his sister on various adventures. Both of them had lost count on how many times Petite had saved him after pushing him too far in their adventures. ‘You can climb higher than that, softy’ she teased and Mars climbed higher only to have to get help from Petite to get down later on.

Petite teased him a lot, but she didn’t really think he was wimpy. The truth was that she loved her twin brother and had he not gone with her, she wouldn’t have done half of the things they had done together. It just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Screenshot-4065“It’s not dangerous at all. I swear! Jazz has tried it many times before and he says it’s wonderful!” Petite knew that Mars would come with her eventually, that she only had to work a bit to convince him. It was part of the deal.

“Can we at least call dad first?”

“Call dad? Are you crazy? You think dad would allow us? Let’s live, Mars. Dad doesn’t need to know everything. We’ll be home before it’s dark.”

Screenshot-4064“I don’t like this…” Mars muttered silently and they both knew that it meant he’d do it. He always muttered to prove that he went with her not because he really wanted to, but because he had to look after his sister. They looked after each other, always.

Petite cheered excitedly, “You’re the best, bro!”

“No, I’m just stupid…”

“Don’t worry. It’s all natural ingredients that Jazz has picked himself. It’s supposed to make everything around you pink and fluffy. It’ll be a blast, I promise.”

Screenshot-4077Mars was not sure at all, but he went with his sister to the shed where Jazzberry Cosmos lived. The kids in school used to make fun of Jazzberry because he was different. His hair was never combed and he talked about strange things that few understood. His passion for chemistry was unmatched, and when a teenager showed openly that he likes stuff that is done in school, it was frown upon. Jazzberry didn’t try to fit in, and the highschool students took advantage of that.

However, during the past few weeks Jazz’s status had suddenly improved. Through what could only be explained as experiments, Jazz had come up with a formula that, when imbibed, made everything around you appear in a pink, fluffy glow. Apparently, it made all problems in your life disappear for a moment, and instead made everything feel absolutely perfect. It was exactly what every teenager needed. Petite was eager to try it, of course. She was always eager to try anything that could be remotely dangerous. She always sought that kick. Mars was more hesitant, more calculating. What were the risks? What could go wrong? Yet, he went with his sister to Jazz’z place.

Jazzberry Cosmos had his own shed on the lot where his family lived. They didn’t care much about what their son was up to because he got good grades and few complaints. He was a good son and he had proven that he was a responsible young man. Therefore, they gave him freedom.

Screenshot-4079“Welcome to my hut” Jazzberry said with a big smile on his face once they had come through the door. He did not stand to greet them, but instead waved his hand in front of him, motioning for them to sit.

Screenshot-4078There was another boy in the room, a green berry who Mars recognized as Shamrock – a kid two years older than themselves and somewhat of an outcast. Somehow, it wasn’t surprising to see him at Jazzberry’s place. ‘Weirdos unite’ Mars thought to himself.

Petite walked up and took the seat next to Jazz in the sofa, which Mars was grateful for, because his nerves couldn’t stand the thought of sitting next to Jazz with what they were supposed to do.

Screenshot-4082“So you heard about it too?” Shamrock frowned a bit and did not seem pleased to see that there were more guests.

“Relax dude, there’s enough for all of us” Jazz said.

“Well, there won’t be if you keep telling everyone you ever fudging talk to” Shamrock said annoyed.

Screenshot-4080“I don’t tell anyone” Jazzberry said. “Rumours spread, you know.”

Petite and Mars sat anxiously silent. Petite knew Jazz only briefly and had never spoken much to him. Although, his weirdness intrigued her and she realized that she was probably among those who had spoken the most with him. He wasn’t exactly known to have friends.

“So…” Petite tapped her fingers against her thighs. “How does it work?”

“You drink it and everything becomes nice” Jazzberry said. “But I have to create it first.”

“Where?” Petite wondered.

Screenshot-4081“Back there.” Jazzberry pointed at a foldable wall made out of wood.

Petite walked closer to take a look. Behind the wall stood some ancient wood sculpture with a copper cauldron by its side. “That thing?”

Screenshot-4083Jazz stood up too, notably glad to show off what he had come up with. “I found this huge book on granny’s attic when she passed away. It’s like a hundred years old or something and filled with strange recipes. I bet it’s worth a whole of money!”

He opened the book and waved towards Petite to come closer and look. The book was filled with small, small letters and she could tell that it had been written a long time ago. “Look at this” Jazz pointed at one of the pages. “There’s another handwriting than the first. I think people have made changes to the recipes with time.”

“And this can make everything fluffy?” Petite wasn’t so convinced anymore.

Screenshot-4086“Yup, I’ve tried it many times. I just add a bit of this and a bit of this.” It looked like Jazzberry threw ingredients in to the cauldron at random, but once every now and then he consulted the big book in front of him, so he must have been following some kind of recipe. Petite watched him brew up the Fluff-elixirs and she thought to herself that it was almost sexy how geeky Jazz was.

“I don’t think this is a good idea” Mars said from where he was sitting on the other side of the wall.

“It’ll be fine. I know what I’m doing” Jazz said while he stirred the brew. 

Screenshot-4713 Screenshot-4715A little while later, all four teenagers held a small vial in their hands. The liquid inside it was pink and had small bubbles within. It smelled disgusting and Mars pinched his own nose to try to block the smell. “What’s that smell?” he wondered and turned his head to the side. 

Jazz didn’t answer, but instead looked at Petite and smiled. “On three?” he said and Petite nodded eagerly. One the count of three, all teenagers poured the elixir in their mouths and before they knew it, their surroundings changed to something more sparkly, pink and fuzzy.

Screenshot-4716 Screenshot-4717Petite and Mars forgot everything about vampires, about mentally ill mothers, about being secluded on an island no one even knew about. Everything felt fine and fun now that the brew had gotten hold of them. And they knew, all too well, that this would not be the last time they sought this refuge. 

Screenshot-4074Yew had been walking back and forth in the livingroom for almost an hour, filled with worry for his children. Neither Petite nor Mars had answered when he tried to call them, and the sun had set in the horizon about twenty minutes earlier. And when the twins finally came home, Yew’s worry transformed in to anger, which he instantly released on Petite. 

He knew, of course he did, that Petite was the one to blame. She always was. “Where the fudge have you been?” Yew yelled at the top of his lungs, not caring about waking Eden up. 

“Jeez” Petite recoiled. “Just at a friend’s place”. Mars giggled behind Yew’s back, still affected by the elixir he had imbibed a few hours earlier, but Yew was still too focused on Petite to notice.

Screenshot-4073Petite tried to stay focused, locking her eyes to the frying pan hanging further away on the wall. But she couldn’t help but to glance at her father as he lectured her and when she did she started laughing. The elixir hadn’t run off her completely either and she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw her father’s face. The corners of his mouth pointed downwards like a lemon wedge and his eyebrows frowned in such a funny way. And that nose of his, the way it crinkled like a little rabbit’s nose did. 

Yew paused for a moment, unsure of what had caused the sudden attack of laughter. But he soon collected himself. “Are you HIGH?!” He yelled so loudly now that Eden looked out through the door, wondering what was happening.

Petite kept laughing, and Mars had collapsed on the floor. Also laughing. High? No, they were not high. They were just happy.

“This is not acceptable” Yew said, now in a more collected voice. “You two…” He pointed first at Petite and then turned around to point at Mars on the floor, “… are grounded until I say otherwise”. 

Screenshot-4718Yew  felt like the biggest failure ever. The twins were his responsibility. He was supposed to guide them and teach them about rights and wrongs. Had he done his job right, they would never try drugs. But he had failed and he was ashamed when he told Myrtle about it. 

“We have to let them go eventually. Perhaps now is the time” Myrtle said on the other end of the line.

“Now? Let them run wild with drugs. It doesn’t seem wise to me” Yew replied and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

Screenshot-4719“They are smart kids, Yew. They’ll do the right thing. But they have to be young too. You know, they will save the world one day. But we have to let them, we can’t keep them short. How will they then discover how to get rid of the vampires?”

“I’m not sitting by while they OD on drugs!” Yew yelled now. He was angry because Myrtle failed to see the gravity of the situation. “I’m not losing them like that.”

Myrtle stayed calm, like always, and kept talking about how the twins were the only ones who could do something about the vampires. And that their responsibility as parents were to guide them in a way that could help them discover just how much they could do. She was of the opinion that the children had to learn from their own mistakes, and perhaps this little misstep would help them. “After all, there’s a reason why it’s them and not us” she finished and Yew dropped his guard. When put that way, he could see how Myrtle could be right. If neither he nor Myrtle could do anything about the vampires, it had to mean that the twins would do something he would never do himself, which would lead to a solution. He still didn’t like it, but he agreed to releasing their curfew just a few days later. 

AN: I started generation 5 little over a year ago and quite frankly, I’m glad it’s soon over. Yew’s story has been funny but challenging to write and I’m looking forward to wrapping some of the loose ends together in the sixth generation. And creating some new twists as well, of course. The family picture of generation 5 is added to the right page and the heir vote will be up within the next few days. 

Also, Jazzberry was created by cuteplumbbies a long, long time ago. I’m so excited to finally get to use him. XD

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