Chapter 5.18: The Fluff Brew

So, this fall has not been easy for me. To put it light. Me and my husband has gone through four deaths among our circle of close family/friends and I’ve been so grateful for having him with me and getting to spend time with him when we needed it most. Naturally, I’ve not had much energy or will to play Sims or write stories about it. However, we’re facing a new year and I believe this one will be a lot better than 2014. I’m so looking forward to it. So, after a long and unannounced hiatus, here’s the last chapter of Gen 5 before the Heir Vote. It’s written in third person perspective and hopefully it has been worth the wait. 🙂 

Screenshot-4069“We’re just trying it out. Come on, it’ll be fun!”

Petite had dragged her brother to the backside of the school building, taking shelter from the rain underneath the stands for the football team. They could faintly hear the coach’s whistle from where they stood and none of them envied the kids who had to run drills out on the muddy field this afternoon.

Screenshot-4067“I don’t know sis… It could be dangerous” Mars protested, but only half-heartedly.

He was a good student and a well-behaved teenager most of the time. It was just that he had a real soft spot for his sister. She was much more of a brave heart and most of the times she managed to convince him to come with her. It was stupid that he did, because he was somewhat of a coward. Yet, he reluctantly went with his sister on various adventures. Both of them had lost count on how many times Petite had saved him after pushing him too far in their adventures. ‘You can climb higher than that, softy’ she teased and Mars climbed higher only to have to get help from Petite to get down later on.

Petite teased him a lot, but she didn’t really think he was wimpy. The truth was that she loved her twin brother and had he not gone with her, she wouldn’t have done half of the things they had done together. It just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Screenshot-4065“It’s not dangerous at all. I swear! Jazz has tried it many times before and he says it’s wonderful!” Petite knew that Mars would come with her eventually, that she only had to work a bit to convince him. It was part of the deal.

“Can we at least call dad first?”

“Call dad? Are you crazy? You think dad would allow us? Let’s live, Mars. Dad doesn’t need to know everything. We’ll be home before it’s dark.”

Screenshot-4064“I don’t like this…” Mars muttered silently and they both knew that it meant he’d do it. He always muttered to prove that he went with her not because he really wanted to, but because he had to look after his sister. They looked after each other, always.

Petite cheered excitedly, “You’re the best, bro!”

“No, I’m just stupid…”

“Don’t worry. It’s all natural ingredients that Jazz has picked himself. It’s supposed to make everything around you pink and fluffy. It’ll be a blast, I promise.”

Screenshot-4077Mars was not sure at all, but he went with his sister to the shed where Jazzberry Cosmos lived. The kids in school used to make fun of Jazzberry because he was different. His hair was never combed and he talked about strange things that few understood. His passion for chemistry was unmatched, and when a teenager showed openly that he likes stuff that is done in school, it was frown upon. Jazzberry didn’t try to fit in, and the highschool students took advantage of that.

However, during the past few weeks Jazz’s status had suddenly improved. Through what could only be explained as experiments, Jazz had come up with a formula that, when imbibed, made everything around you appear in a pink, fluffy glow. Apparently, it made all problems in your life disappear for a moment, and instead made everything feel absolutely perfect. It was exactly what every teenager needed. Petite was eager to try it, of course. She was always eager to try anything that could be remotely dangerous. She always sought that kick. Mars was more hesitant, more calculating. What were the risks? What could go wrong? Yet, he went with his sister to Jazz’z place.

Jazzberry Cosmos had his own shed on the lot where his family lived. They didn’t care much about what their son was up to because he got good grades and few complaints. He was a good son and he had proven that he was a responsible young man. Therefore, they gave him freedom.

Screenshot-4079“Welcome to my hut” Jazzberry said with a big smile on his face once they had come through the door. He did not stand to greet them, but instead waved his hand in front of him, motioning for them to sit.

Screenshot-4078There was another boy in the room, a green berry who Mars recognized as Shamrock – a kid two years older than themselves and somewhat of an outcast. Somehow, it wasn’t surprising to see him at Jazzberry’s place. ‘Weirdos unite’ Mars thought to himself.

Petite walked up and took the seat next to Jazz in the sofa, which Mars was grateful for, because his nerves couldn’t stand the thought of sitting next to Jazz with what they were supposed to do.

Screenshot-4082“So you heard about it too?” Shamrock frowned a bit and did not seem pleased to see that there were more guests.

“Relax dude, there’s enough for all of us” Jazz said.

“Well, there won’t be if you keep telling everyone you ever fudging talk to” Shamrock said annoyed.

Screenshot-4080“I don’t tell anyone” Jazzberry said. “Rumours spread, you know.”

Petite and Mars sat anxiously silent. Petite knew Jazz only briefly and had never spoken much to him. Although, his weirdness intrigued her and she realized that she was probably among those who had spoken the most with him. He wasn’t exactly known to have friends.

“So…” Petite tapped her fingers against her thighs. “How does it work?”

“You drink it and everything becomes nice” Jazzberry said. “But I have to create it first.”

“Where?” Petite wondered.

Screenshot-4081“Back there.” Jazzberry pointed at a foldable wall made out of wood.

Petite walked closer to take a look. Behind the wall stood some ancient wood sculpture with a copper cauldron by its side. “That thing?”

Screenshot-4083Jazz stood up too, notably glad to show off what he had come up with. “I found this huge book on granny’s attic when she passed away. It’s like a hundred years old or something and filled with strange recipes. I bet it’s worth a whole of money!”

He opened the book and waved towards Petite to come closer and look. The book was filled with small, small letters and she could tell that it had been written a long time ago. “Look at this” Jazz pointed at one of the pages. “There’s another handwriting than the first. I think people have made changes to the recipes with time.”

“And this can make everything fluffy?” Petite wasn’t so convinced anymore.

Screenshot-4086“Yup, I’ve tried it many times. I just add a bit of this and a bit of this.” It looked like Jazzberry threw ingredients in to the cauldron at random, but once every now and then he consulted the big book in front of him, so he must have been following some kind of recipe. Petite watched him brew up the Fluff-elixirs and she thought to herself that it was almost sexy how geeky Jazz was.

“I don’t think this is a good idea” Mars said from where he was sitting on the other side of the wall.

“It’ll be fine. I know what I’m doing” Jazz said while he stirred the brew. 

Screenshot-4713 Screenshot-4715A little while later, all four teenagers held a small vial in their hands. The liquid inside it was pink and had small bubbles within. It smelled disgusting and Mars pinched his own nose to try to block the smell. “What’s that smell?” he wondered and turned his head to the side. 

Jazz didn’t answer, but instead looked at Petite and smiled. “On three?” he said and Petite nodded eagerly. One the count of three, all teenagers poured the elixir in their mouths and before they knew it, their surroundings changed to something more sparkly, pink and fuzzy.

Screenshot-4716 Screenshot-4717Petite and Mars forgot everything about vampires, about mentally ill mothers, about being secluded on an island no one even knew about. Everything felt fine and fun now that the brew had gotten hold of them. And they knew, all too well, that this would not be the last time they sought this refuge. 

Screenshot-4074Yew had been walking back and forth in the livingroom for almost an hour, filled with worry for his children. Neither Petite nor Mars had answered when he tried to call them, and the sun had set in the horizon about twenty minutes earlier. And when the twins finally came home, Yew’s worry transformed in to anger, which he instantly released on Petite. 

He knew, of course he did, that Petite was the one to blame. She always was. “Where the fudge have you been?” Yew yelled at the top of his lungs, not caring about waking Eden up. 

“Jeez” Petite recoiled. “Just at a friend’s place”. Mars giggled behind Yew’s back, still affected by the elixir he had imbibed a few hours earlier, but Yew was still too focused on Petite to notice.

Screenshot-4073Petite tried to stay focused, locking her eyes to the frying pan hanging further away on the wall. But she couldn’t help but to glance at her father as he lectured her and when she did she started laughing. The elixir hadn’t run off her completely either and she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw her father’s face. The corners of his mouth pointed downwards like a lemon wedge and his eyebrows frowned in such a funny way. And that nose of his, the way it crinkled like a little rabbit’s nose did. 

Yew paused for a moment, unsure of what had caused the sudden attack of laughter. But he soon collected himself. “Are you HIGH?!” He yelled so loudly now that Eden looked out through the door, wondering what was happening.

Petite kept laughing, and Mars had collapsed on the floor. Also laughing. High? No, they were not high. They were just happy.

“This is not acceptable” Yew said, now in a more collected voice. “You two…” He pointed first at Petite and then turned around to point at Mars on the floor, “… are grounded until I say otherwise”. 

Screenshot-4718Yew  felt like the biggest failure ever. The twins were his responsibility. He was supposed to guide them and teach them about rights and wrongs. Had he done his job right, they would never try drugs. But he had failed and he was ashamed when he told Myrtle about it. 

“We have to let them go eventually. Perhaps now is the time” Myrtle said on the other end of the line.

“Now? Let them run wild with drugs. It doesn’t seem wise to me” Yew replied and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

Screenshot-4719“They are smart kids, Yew. They’ll do the right thing. But they have to be young too. You know, they will save the world one day. But we have to let them, we can’t keep them short. How will they then discover how to get rid of the vampires?”

“I’m not sitting by while they OD on drugs!” Yew yelled now. He was angry because Myrtle failed to see the gravity of the situation. “I’m not losing them like that.”

Myrtle stayed calm, like always, and kept talking about how the twins were the only ones who could do something about the vampires. And that their responsibility as parents were to guide them in a way that could help them discover just how much they could do. She was of the opinion that the children had to learn from their own mistakes, and perhaps this little misstep would help them. “After all, there’s a reason why it’s them and not us” she finished and Yew dropped his guard. When put that way, he could see how Myrtle could be right. If neither he nor Myrtle could do anything about the vampires, it had to mean that the twins would do something he would never do himself, which would lead to a solution. He still didn’t like it, but he agreed to releasing their curfew just a few days later. 

AN: I started generation 5 little over a year ago and quite frankly, I’m glad it’s soon over. Yew’s story has been funny but challenging to write and I’m looking forward to wrapping some of the loose ends together in the sixth generation. And creating some new twists as well, of course. The family picture of generation 5 is added to the right page and the heir vote will be up within the next few days. 

Also, Jazzberry was created by cuteplumbbies a long, long time ago. I’m so excited to finally get to use him. XD


Chapter 5.17: Island Life

Okay, it has been ages since my last post. I kind of vanished in to that thing called life. September and October have been more than crazy for me. Both friends and relatives have passed away and I’ve also had to deal with some social issues at work. It has all been very energy and time consuming and I haven’t even thought about games. It seems to settle a bit now, and I’ve managed to type up this chapter. It might not be fully as good as what I’ve done previously, but at this point I just wanted to finish it. I still want to (and aim to) finish this legacy. It just has to be a bit slower for some time.

Thanks for sticking with me. You’re the best.

Screenshot-4040I loved my rowing boat, but when we moved to the island it was just not possible to keep it. Moving between our island and the main island took way too much time (and energy!) if I was going to row every time. So, as a treat to myself I got myself a motor boat instead. That way, it was actually possible to go between the two islands as much as we pleased. For instance, I could drop the kids off at school and collect them at the day’s end. It seemed an unnecessary risk to let them go with public transport when I could arrange it myself.

Screenshot-4014The twins adapted quickly and thought it was quite cool to live on an island. Though, they had promised to not tell their friends at school which island it was because “we wanted to keep it our secret”. The lie worked so far, but the twins would see through it eventually.

Soon, our lives fell in to a steady routine: I dropped the kids off at school, went back home and spent the day with Eden, picked the kids up from school, went home to cook them dinner while they did their homework. On the evenings we played video games or swam in the surrounding sea before I read them a goodnight story and tucked them in.

Screenshot-3997 Screenshot-3999Everything was just ordinary until it was time for Eden’s birthday. Mom, Lavender and Myrtle came over to celebrate and have some cake. It was the first time Myrtle visited us on the island and she was breath-taken by its beauty. I promised her she would live here one day but she listened only with half an ear.

“Let’s blow the candle” she said instead and grabbed Eden from his crib and walked up to the cake. I liked the fact that she was the one bringing him to the cake. I wanted her to be a part of the kids’ lives but it was hard as it was. We had to do the best we could.

Screenshot-3998Petite was excited about the “party” and mom had even brought some party horns to make it look like a real party. She blew as hard as she could and the silly sound from the horn brought a smile to my face.

“Happy birthday Eden!” she shouted and watched eagerly as Myrtle leaned forward and helped Eden blow the single candle on the cake.

Screenshot-4002“He looks a bit like you, daddy” Mars said when Eden had aged up. I could see what he meant, the red skin and the purple hair certainly came from me. However, in my opinion, Eden was far cuter and far more precious than myself.

Screenshot-4012Petite and Mars were probably most excited about the cake and as soon as Eden had blown the candle they grabbed a big bite each and went to munch on it in the sofa. Myrtle, on the other hand, loved the opportunity to do the everyday mom-chores. She decided to be the one to put Eden to bed and I stood in the doorway just peaking at her when she awkwardly, yet beautifully, prepared him for sleep.

“Mommy loves you” she said and kissed his forehead. Eden stretched his arms’ towards her, begging her to take him in her arms.

Screenshot-4011 Screenshot-4010 Screenshot-4009“Now sleep, little treasure” Myrtle said and put him in his crib. Once he laid down, she softly begun to sing a lullaby and I had to leave my lookout because it was sweet enough to bring tears to my eyes. It wasn’t fair that she couldn’t be here always. She was so good with the kids, and berry should know that I needed her.

Screenshot-4016 Screenshot-4018 Screenshot-4019During the days, it was just me and Eden at home (I had gotten some time off from work to be with my youngest child), and we worked endlessly on his necessary skills. He took to walking quickly and was soon tumbling around the house leaving myself sometimes losing track of him. Like Petite, he was adventurous and challenge himself more and more for every day.

I tried to improve my writing so that I could have a chance at a promotion at work. Dealing newspapers wasn’t a job I wanted to go back to, especially not now when vampires where out on the streets. I wanted something where I could be at the office or where I could do something more valuable. Perhaps I could get that job I had imagined myself having all those years ago. Perhaps I could one day write about how my children overcome the vampires. Wouldn’t that be something?

Screenshot-4024There was no sign of the vampires after we had moved to the island. Yet, I could not shake the feeling that they were out there, looking for us. Petite, Mars and Eden seemed to be safe out here and I was so grateful for finding the island and creating a place where we could be safe for now. However, with longer distance to the treatment center, we saw Myrtle less often than I would like. We went there at least once a week, but I would have wanted my kids to spend more time with their mother.

“Why doesn’t mommy live with us?” Petite wondered one morning and I found myself at loss for words. I should have known the question would come one day, but me and Myrtle had never discussed how we should tackle it. As far as Petite and Mars knew, Myrtle was staying at a hotel. Could I tell them that it was really a mental hospital?

Screenshot-4021“Because she’s staying at the hotel” I said and dodged the question.

Screenshot-4022“Told you he wouldn’t answer” Mars said and stuffed his mouth full of food.

“If you don’t ask you would never know!” Petite screamed at him and stuck her tongue out.

“No fighting at the table” I said.

Screenshot-4023Petite went silent and put her fork down on the table without even finishing her pancakes. “Really dad. We’re not babies anymore. Mommies and daddies should live together, everyone else’s does. So why doesn’t she want to live here with us?”

“She loves you” I replied, still dodging the question. This upset Petite and she shoved her chair backwards and left the table in anger.

Screenshot-4032After dropping the kids off at school that day I called Myrtle. I needed to give them a better answer, but I did not know what it should be.

“Oh for fudge’s sake Yew” Myrtle sighed at me in the other end of the line. “Just tell them the truth already. Or you’re just like everyone else. I thought you believed in me.”

“I do” I protested.

“Then tell them.”

Screenshot-4031“That you’re crazy? That I’m crazy?” I felt my voice shiver.

“We’re not crazy. They need the truth. My visions, the vampires. Their task. They’re ready for it.”

I loved that woman so much. The truth. Of course our children deserved the truth. I had been stupid to think anything else.

Screenshot-4028That afternoon I played with Eden outdoors while I went through what I would tell the twins once they got home. I even practiced it on Eden a few times and he smiled back at me, as if he approved of my words. The truth. It was so simple, yet so hard.

Screenshot-4043When the twins got home we sat down on a blanket on our own beach. I gave them some sandwiches, some watermelon and juice before telling them that I needed to speak with them.

“About mommy?” Petite asked and looked at me. Eden twisted a little as if it pained him that his sister was so straight-forward.

“Yes, about Myrtle” I said.

Screenshot-4044“Your mother is a very special berry” I said and Petite looked at me with curious eyes. Something about the way she was looking at me told me that they were indeed ready for the story that I was about to unfold. She looked so understanding and for a brief moment I wondered when she had become that big.

“Your mother knows many things. More things than anyone else. She even know some things that has yet not happened” I said.

“The future?” Mars sounded skeptic but Petite nodded.

“Yes, she can sometimes see the future” I said and nodded. Mars shook his head in disbelief but I continued the story. “When she was young, she saw some things that would happen that frightened people around her and they started calling her crazy. She had trouble knowing what things were actually visions of the future and what things had actually happened, so I think that sometimes her stories did indeed sound crazy. In the end, her parents sent her to a special hospital were they treat crazy people. But she was never crazy, she just had a gift that no-one else did. So now she’s stuck there.”

Screenshot-4045I continued by telling them the truth about how I met Myrtle and about Sonic (although I never told them about the incident when I kidnapped Hunter, because it was definitely not something I was proud of) and they both listened carefully without interrupting. I also told them about my family, and the threats that our family was facing.

It was easier than I thought it would be to tell my children about all the fears and all the chaos that surrounded us. And when I finished with saying that Myrtle had seen “our children” taking care of the vampires they both smiled.

“I bet it will be me” Petite said and smiled with pride.

Screenshot-4048It was as if a rock lifted from my shoulders that afternoon. I had not understood just how much it stressed me out to keep the secret from my children. How much it had pained me and burdened me. It was nice to share it with them.

I felt happy that afternoon. My kids were so brave, so understanding and so ready.

Screenshot-4003A few weeks later Lavender came over and told us that Cashmere was going to become a big sister. The news didn’t frighten me as much this time. Seeing Petite and Mars so ready for the fight ahead had given me new courage. We would overcome our dangers. Eventually.

Screenshot-4004Screenshot-4006Lavender’s pregnancy felt exciting in a way no pregnancy had felt before. Mom felt it too and she made awkward, happy, humming sounds when I leaned in to listen to whoever was hiding inside my sisters belly. This was what mom had wanted all her life. A happy family with tight bonds. Shame that it couldn’t always be like this.

Screenshot-4026Screenshot-4027Eden shared bedroom with Petite and Mars and most of the time it worked out fine. However, some nights Eden cried and cried and woke both twins up. They did not appreciate it, yet they never yelled at him. Instead, they tended to stand by his crib offering him soothing words. I’ve said it before, but it can be said again: My children were so, so perfect.

Screenshot-4015“I want to have a sleepover party” Petite looked at me with innocent, begging eyes. The thought of inviting people outside of the family to our house still scared me. It would ruin our cover if it got known where we were living. How long would it be until Soda Pop found us if we started exposing ourselves like that? At the same time, I didn’t know how long I could keep the children locked away like I did. I wanted a safe and normal childhood for them, and what we had was not normal.

“You know we can’t” I said, even though it pained me to do so.

“But it’s our friends” Petite said. “None of them will harm us.”

I don’t know how she did it, but in the end she had convinced me and we started planning for a sleepover party. Their friends would come home with them after school and go with them to school the day after. No-one but the kids would know where our island was. Not even the parents. That was the deal. It surprised me that there was parents who would willingly leave their children in someone else’s care for a night without even knowing where they were. Then I remembered that other parents didn’t live with the same threats as me. Their children were not hunted by vampires and wanted in a fudging vampire army.

It would do my kids good to have something normal. To almost be like everyone else for a night.

Screenshot-4033Our little house was filled with kids on the night of the slumber party. There were kids all over the place. They laughed loudly, no sign of worry in their voices and I found myself enjoying the chaos. This was so peaceful, their worries so small. It had been a good idea to invite them all over.

Screenshot-4034Screenshot-4036 Screenshot-4035 Screenshot-4038 Screenshot-4037

Chapter 5.16: I would die for them

Screenshot-3973When it was time for the twins’ birthday, me and mom decided to celebrate it just with the four of us. We simply did not want to risk gaining the vampires’ attention by hosting a big party. It hurt to think that my kids needed to be secluded from everyday matters, but if that was what it took to keep them safe, I had to do it.

It was only for a limited time anyway, I thought to myself and longed for the island retreat to be finished. I did most of the work myself, because any chance for Soda Pop to track us was a risk not worth taking.

Screenshot-3974“And blow as hard as you can” mother said and leaned over Mars’s cake to take him closer to the candles. Her voice pulled me back to the present and when Mars blew out his candles he sent a shower of saliva over the cake. It was gross and cute at the same time. Mom just smiled at her grandson and put him down on the ground. She was the best and I was so grateful to have her in my life.

Screenshot-3975Screenshot-3976“Me too!” Petite said and clapped her little hand against my chest. “Petty blow!”

“Oh, you’re so eager little one. Okay, okay” I smiled. Petite was far more talkative than Mars and she was constantly eager to try new things. She had surprised both me and mom by climbing out of her crib just a few weeks ago. Mars had never tried something like that, he was a rather calm and still child.

But Petite, boy, had she kept us busy. ‘Little Daredevil’ mom used to call her and it was certainly an appropriate nickname. She threw herself head first in to any challenge in front of her.

“Okay, blow the candles” I said and leaned forward to help her put out the light. However, she quickly proved that she needed no help and before I had begun blowing myself, she had already finished the job.

Screenshot-3977“Well done” I laughed and put her down on the ground next to her brother. They both giggled and clapped their hands and as I looked at them I was filled with love. My babies, my perfectly perfect little babies. Already so big. They grew too fast. Before I knew it they would be old enough to deal with the vampires. Tears welled up in my eyes at the thought of it. Petite and Mars would never get the chance to be just normal teenagers with normal teenager problems – they would be stuck with a task that no ‘bow should ever need to be stuck with. My kids would need to save the world one day.

Suddenly, I realized that it would be my task to prepare them for that. But how could I? What parenting was needed to make my kids ready for the problems they would have to face? How could I teach them to take care of a problem I had only ever run from myself? It was something I would never know.

Screenshot-3981 Screenshot-3982Unsurprisingly, they both grew up to amazing children. I pulled my camera up and as I prepared to take their picture, Mars put his arm around Petite’s shoulders and pulled her closer. The picture ended up being amazing, of course.

It was convenient to see them being friends because it meant that their future task would be easier. They would not have to go through it alone because they had each other. What a team.

When I put them to bed that night, I told them that I loved them very much. I needed to remember to tell them often because with the dangers surrounding us, I could never be sure to get another chance at saying it. Supid world and stupid problems.

Screenshot-3914Soda Pop came to our front door just hours after the twins had gone to sleep. Mom had gone to sleep as well and the sun had just set in the horizon. I was just making myself comfortable in the sofa in front of some silly comedy about a man who never aged.

Screenshot-3915Every muscle in my body tensed at the sound of the doorbell. I had never seen Soda Pop before, but when I first saw her this time I knew instantly that it was her.

Soda Pop Twist.

My grandmother.

The vampire who wanted my children. 

Screenshot-3929I wasn’t even scared when I went out to meet her. I should have been, of course. But all I could think of was to keep my children safe. If I got myself killed in the process did not matter, as long as I prevented her from getting to my kids.

“Get the fudge of my property” I hissed and my body was pumping with adrenaline.

Soda Pop smiled, but she looked far from friendly. “I came to congratulate Mars and Petite” she said.

I took one step closer to her and waved my arms by my side as if I was a rooster picking a fight, “Get off my property” I snarled again.

Screenshot-3927“Jeez, relax. I wouldn’t do anything rash if I were you” Soda Pop said.

“Can you just leave? No one likes you anyway.”

“Yew Twist” Soda Pop sighed. “Just let me talk to your children and no one will get harmed. It’s easy like that”.

Screenshot-3931Her cold white eyes stared at me. It felt nearly like they stared through me. Like she could see every thought in my brain through my eyes. Perhaps she could, what did I know?

“You’ll never get close to them” I snarled back and clenched my fists in front of me.

Soda Pop suddenly exploded, “And you think you can keep me from that? Hahaha, you silly weak little thing. I always get what I want. Always.”

“Not this time” I replied calmly. I would die for my children, if I needed to.

Screenshot-3932“You stupid, petty human!” Soda Pop yelled and slammed her body against mine. She was a lot stronger than me and my body hit the ground with a loud thump. I felt, and heard, some of the bones in my back cracking loudly but I felt no pain.

“I’ll kill you if I have to” Soda Pop snarled and scratched my face. I felt numb. There was nothing I could do except taking her beating. Whatever happened, I would not let her in my house. She would not get to my kids.

Screenshot-3935“Just say the word and you’ll be free again” she said and pulled me up in a standing position. She held my head secured under her arm and I tried to get a few punches in against her body. I don’t think she even felt them because there was no strength in my body. It was all transformed into willpower and I just waited for her to kill me.

Mom will keep the twins safe. Mom will keep the twins safe. I repeated it like a mantra inside my head. It wouldn’t matter if I died. The house on the island was almost finished and mom would keep the twins safe.

I would die for them.

It was okay.

Screenshot-3936Suddenly though, Soda Pop kicked me in the back and let me go. “You stupid idiot. I’ll get the babies eventually” she said. I massaged the lower part of my back where her heel had hit me and before I had turned around to curse at her she was gone. I had survived. And I was still human.

Screenshot-3994I slept uneasy that night, tossed and turned and reacted to every little sound outside the window. When mom got up from bed I joined her in the livingroom and told her about what had happened last night. Of course, she was shocked to hear about it.

“I don’t know what to do” I said, feeling like I had lost and that everything was meaningless. Soda Pop had been right, she would get what she wanted. She always did. And she was so much stronger than me, there was no way we could stop her.

Screenshot-3996“You know exactly what to do” mom replied and smiled faintly. “You’ve got the island.”

“But when she finds it, we’re doomed.”

“Hopefully she doesn’t. Took her some time to find you here, didn’t it? Perhaps the twins will be old enough to care for themselves once it happens” mom said. I hoped she was right, but I could not know for sure. The only thing I did know for sure was that my kids were in greater danger than I had originally thought.

“Wait for Myrtle to birth your child and then move” mom continued. All these years she had devoted her life to keeping us safe. And she still did. I nodded, to show that I agreed. I would take my children and run, as soon as I could.

Screenshot-3995“Sometimes you have to leave things behind to protect the ones you love” mom said and I could hear sadness in her voice. Had it been like that for her? Had she been in pain every time she had to move? Had it pained her to leave Bittersweet behind? Of course it had. Why had I never understood that before? The sacrifices she and dad had made, just to keep us all safe. I owed everything to them.

“Lavender!” It struck me then. Lavender had a child too and I didn’t know if Soda Pop had visited her as well. I didn’t even know if my sister was alive.

Mom jumped off the sofa and called Lavender straight away. Luckily, she was safe.

“There’s no room for Lavender in the island house” I said when mom returned.

“I’ll be with her” mom said and touched my arm. “You’ll be fine, Yew. It’s time for me to move on. Your sister needs me now.”

I knew that mom was right and that Lavender would need her more than me. Still, it brought tears to my eyes when I thought about living without mom again. She had been there for me whenever I needed it. When I got ill, when I met Myrtle, when the twins were born, when dad died. When the vampires came. And now she wouldn’t be with us anymore. But it was the right thing to do. Me and my kids would be safe on the island.

Screenshot-3984Eden was born shortly thereafter. He looked so much like myself. Red skin, white eyes and a small patch of purple hair on his little head. The first time I held him my heart melted. What was it with babies that touched the very inside of one’s body? They were magical and fragile and true miracles. To think that part of this one came from me, it was hard to understand. How could two broken ‘bows like myself and Myrtle create something so perfect?

I brought him back to the house and left mom to look after him and the twins while I went to check on Lavender and her family. I would be leaving the main island to live at my safe haven within days, and I wanted to make sure that Lavender was okay.

Screenshot-3993“I can’t believe she came to your house?” Lavender was still startled about Soda Pop’s visit and the was the first thing she said when I came to visit them. I had already told her the story of our grandmother’s visit several times, including the fact that she had actually left without harming any of us seriously. However, it did little to calm my younger sister down.

“I could never protect Cashmere if she came here” Lavender continued and her worry was obvious.

Screenshot-3991I was worried too. Anything else would have been stupid. Cashmere sat on the floor close to us and played with her feet. She was a happy child and I feared what would happen to her if Soda Pop got to her. Would she be happy still? Would she become a deadly monster? The only way of not getting the thoughts drive me crazy was to put them aside and try to convince myself that none of our children would ever be taken by the vampires. Somehow, we would beat them.

“Well, mom will help you” I said. “And you have Mountain too. You’ll be fine.”

Screenshot-3992“Why does this happen to our family? It’s not fair!” Lavender said. “First you go and kidnap some fudging kid because you’re totally fudged up in the head and then some fudging vampires threaten to take our kids. Fudge!”

“We’ll manage” I said. It hurt to hear her curse about me and my past. I had overcome it, and it wasn’t fair of her to hold me against something I did while I was sick. Still, I couldn’t blame her. She worried for her daughter’s safety and she had the right to. Besides, my own issues had no doubt affected her and my other siblings too. Our lives were sure filled with enough drama to lay ground for some stupid soap opera. Perhaps one day it would get better.

Screenshot-3985Screenshot-3986When I got back home, mom had put the twins to bed and was now by Eden’s crib. I could see that she was crying while she hugged my newborn. “I’ll miss you” she sniffed.

“It’s for the best” I said. I don’t know if I tried to convince myself or mom the most. It didn’t seem to work on any of us anyway.

“We’ll be fine” mom said and put Eden down in the crib. She threw one last glance at him before turning the lights off and leaving the room. That night, we sat in silence next to each other in the livingroom. Some silly action movie played on the TV but even though I watched it, I couldn’t say what it was about because my thoughts were elsewhere.

It was going to be alright. It had to be.

Screenshot-3987Mom left early the next morning and when the kids woke up she was already gone. I didn’t know how I was supposed to tell them that we were moving so I pretended to read the newspaper while we ate breakfast. Petite ate her yoghurt in silence while Mars pretended he was some kind of ruler over some kind of kingdom. I don’t know.

Eventually, I had to tell them. I folded the newspaper in half and put it on the table in front of me. “We’re moving” I said. Just straight like that because I didn’t know how else I would say it.

“Will we get our own room?” Petite wondered.

“You will share with Mars and Eden” I replied.

“But not with you?”



Like that the conversation was over. They held no affectionate memories of this house and to them moving was just another exciting adventure.

Screenshot-3983I had already furnished the house on the island so I simply told the twins to bring their favorite toys. They could fill a backpack each, but anything else had to be left behind. There were no complains, and they simply wanted to bring their teddy bears. All in all, it went much smoother than I had expected and soon I could point from the boat to our new home.

“A whole island, just for us?!” Petite was stoked about it, but I wondered how long that would be true. Eventually, they would start feeling secluded and lonely. It would be tough to keep that from happening, but I would do my best.

“Yea, the whole island is ours” I said and secured the boat on the back of the house.

“This is awesome!” Petite shouted and ran off. Mars followed her, but he wasn’t as excited as his sister. At least not until he discovered a seashell on the beach. His discovery made him clap his hands in excitement and that was all it took for them to appreciate our new home.

This was it. Our new start. We would be safe here.

It would be fine.

Eden is the last child needed in Yew’s generation and now I’m just waiting for him to grow old enough to get a personality. ^^ I might host a heir vote as per usual, or I might choose the heir myself because one of them fits better for next generation’s rolls. But we’ll see.

Coral has now been moved out of the household and she lives with Lavender and her family. Also, I couldn’t fit it in the actual chapter, but Bittersweet has passed away. Coral has taken it quite badly and has been mourning a lot in game. It’s heartbreaking. 😦

Chapter 5.15: All you can do is run

Screenshot-3910I tried to focus on caring for my babies and to devote my thoughts to their progress instead of my brother’s and Soda’s impending attack. Needless to say, it was impossible. Even as I sat with Petite to teach her new words my mind drifted and I ended up being absent from the moment. I couldn’t let them become soldiers in a vampire army. But how could I stop it?

Screenshot-3911“Vamp-eyh” Petite suddenly said and looked at me with thoughtful eyes. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back and instead of trying unsuccessfully to teach my children the necessities, I placed them in the twin carrier and headed to the treatment center. Myrtle would know what to do. She always knew.

Screenshot-3963“He said we could beat them” I said, referring to Rhubarb, and looked at Myrtle with disbelief in my eyes. Raindrop’s visit had occupied my thoughts ever since it happened three days ago. It was nice to finally be with Myrtle and go through what had happened. She looked sad but still she nodded slowly:

“We can. But not yet.”

“How? When?” I was desperate. The image of Petite and Mars as vampire soldiers were glued to my eyelids and it kept me awake during the nights. If I wasn’t crazy before, then this was certainly capable of driving me insane.

“When the kids are old enough to help. They’re the only ones who can do anything about this. You’ll have to keep them safe until then. It’s the only chance we have.”

Screenshot-3944I looked down at Petite. She was busy playing a game with Makro, which consisted of her crying as loud as she could, and him jumping at her to lick her in the face. She was so small, way too small to be the solution to the problem with my ancestor vampires. It would be an eternity before she could do anything about it and I didn’t know how I could possibly keep them safe if Soda really wanted to get to them. It seemed impossible.

Screenshot-3959When I got back home that day my sister was sitting next to mom in the sofa. When I walked through the door mother clapped her hands together and said cheerfully: “Well, that’s just some fantastic news, honey”. Judging by my sister’s swollen belly, I knew what those news were even without them telling me. However, I didn’t find them fantastic at all.

Screenshot-3950 Screenshot-3949Mars, who had recently learned how to walk, tumbled towards the toy box in the other end of the room and laboriously opened the lid. Once it slammed open, he crawled in to it and messed about for a short while before peaking up the edge with his favorite dinosaur in his hand. His smile was genuine, something that could not be said about the one I tried to master when congratulating my sister.

Screenshot-3960Apparently, Lavender noticed my fake smile because she snapped: “Jeez, I’ll go to the bathroom” before getting up from the sofa and leaving for the bathroom. Mom remained seated and watched how Lavender closed the door to the bathroom before turning to me.

“You could at least pretend to be happy” she hissed quietly.

“I did” I said in protest and shook my head.

It was silent for a short moment before mom began to cry. “There is something fudging wrong when I cannot be happy about my daughter’s pregnancy” she sniffed. I agreed. Something was incredibly messed up in our lives. And now I needed not only to worry about my own children, but also about Lavender’s coming child.

“This is not on you” said mom, as if she could read my thoughts. “You have your family. Lavender can take care of herself.”

“But she doesn’t know” I said.

Screenshot-3958Mom never got the chance to reply because Lavender opened the bathroom door at that moment.

“What is it I don’t know?” she asked and sat down next to mom again. I shook my head and picked my kids up again and went upstairs. This was not a conversation I wished to participate in. It was not on me, like mom had said. As I left the room I heard how mother begun telling Lavender about Raindrop’s visit and Myrtle’s visions but once I got upstairs, I closed my eyes and focused on what I needed to do, for myself and my family. I could not stand to listen to how Lavender panicked. I had enough on my own plate.

Screenshot-3912Lava came to our house a few weeks later. Sun was just setting behind the hills and the twins had just been put to bed when he walked up to our front door. I saw him from the window and went down to meet him before he would manage to ring the bell.

Screenshot-3922I was not happy to see him.

“Long time no see” Lava grinned, perhaps in an attempt to make me feel better about his presence. It did not work.

Screenshot-3921Instead, I thrust my index finger to his chest, ignoring the part of me that told me to be careful. “You are not welcome here!” I hissed.

Lava stumbled backwards by the force of my finger, which, I supposed, meant it had taken him by surprise.

“I want you to leave. Now.” I continued and took a step forward to minimize the distance between us again.

“Easy now” Lava growled and his sharp fangs glowed in the corners of his mouth. It did not frighten me. All I could think of was that I needed to keep my children safe.

Screenshot-3923“Leave my property” I hissed back and took another step towards him and tried to make myself look as big as possible. Lava growled again, but his eyes showed hesitation.

“I did not come to fight” he said. “I came to warn you.”

“I don’t need your warnings!”

Screenshot-3924Lava suddenly exploded. He took a step closer to me faster than I could react to and his face was close to mine in an instant. “Then you’re stupid, Yew. My mother knows about your babies and she will get to them if you’re not careful. She’s stronger than anything you know. There’s nothing you can do to stop her. All you can do is run. And even that won’t help forever.”

The anger ran off me. Lava uttered the worries I had kept hidden within me ever since Raindrop first came to warn us. If Soda Pop wanted my children, there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was only an insane ‘bow who pretended he knew how to care for babies. The hopelessness overwhelmed me and I did what anyone would do when being told that their family is doomed.

Screenshot-3934I blamed the messenger.

I should have known I would get my ass kicked by my vampire brother, but in the moment I did not care. I wanted to hurt him. Bad.

“Just try to not let her catch you” Lava said before he escaped after kicking my butt.

Screenshot-3968It took me quite some time before I dared leaving my kids even for brief moments, but after some time mom reminded me that she had managed to keep me and my siblings safe throughout our entire life so Petite and Mars would be safe with her. In the beginning I left them just for short times, but as days passed by I slowly dared leaving them more and more. Mom was a great babysitter and my kids would be safe with her. I hoped.

It did me good to get away for myself now and then. If not only to not be driven insane with worry and stress from raising the twins. They were adorable, but also demanding.

Screenshot-3969Most of my lone time consisted of me getting in my boat and rowing out on the sea. I found that the sea breeze and the sound of the clucking water calmed my nerves. Also, I felt safe out on the sea. Untouchable.

Again, I found myself dreaming of a future in which me and Myrtle could be married and live with out children on one of the smaller islands surrounding the main island. I was almost sure that we would be safe out there. Lava and Soda Pop would never find us out there, would they?

Screenshot-3966It came as a shock when I saw the tiny island in front of me. From what I could see where I approached, it was barely nothing except a small, grass-covered slope. My heart beat faster as I got closer. I had never been out here before, and from the maps I had seen of the area, there should be no islands out here. Yet, there, before my eyes, was a perfect little desert island. I rowed around it and found that the other side was more flat.

Perhaps flat enough to build a house on, I thought to myself.

I jumped in from the boat to swim the last bit to the island and dragged the boat after me in a rope secured in the front. I went ashore on the flat side of the island and pulled the boat up. Once there, I tied the rope in a palm tree swaying in the wind. Except for a few palm trees, some bushes and a small pond, the island was empty. It was really not much to see, but in my eyes it was the greatest treasure I could imagine. An island that only I knew about, an island that was absent from all local maps and on which I could build my family a house and a future life. It was the island that would keep us safe.

Screenshot-3049“I found it!” I yelled even before I came in to Myrtle’s room at the center. Her eyes opened up and she raised one eyebrow.

“What, Yew?”

“I found an island and we will be safe there” I continued, still too excited to notice that Myrtle herself were far from happy. “I’m going to build us a house there and then we can live there and be safe. It’ll be great!” I could not remember the last time I felt so positive as I did to my newly born idea. In my head, nothing could go wrong.

Screenshot-3962“I hope you’re right” Myrtle said and looked down. There was a faint smile on her face, but it was hard to tell if it was genuine or if it was filled with worry. Her hands slowly caressed her stomach and a few quiet moments passed until my excitement had settled enough for me to notice the swelling her hands were moving over.

“You’re pregnant?” I questioned and the excitement ran off me in an instant and was replaced with the far too recognizable worry that had filled my life for the past months. I wanted another child, but the world our kids were born in to were dangerous and it felt almost selfish to bring more lives in to it.

“I’ve never seen this island” she said and looked back up at me. It knew it was an attempt to sooth my nerves, but it helped nonetheless. If she hadn’t seen my island in her visions, it was actually possible that it would work. I could bring my family there and we could raise our kids in safety until they were old enough to put a stop to whatever Lava and Soda Pop were up to.

“You haven’t?”

Screenshot-3957 Screenshot-3956Myrtle closed the distance between us and wrapped her arms around my neck and I drowned in her eyes.

“I knew you would find a way to keep them safe” she whispered before closing the gap between our lips.

Author’s Notes: It was quite the surprise that Yew found the deserted island when he went out with his boat. He was on his way to some park, I think, when he stumbled upon it. Actually, it happened quite some time ago, but I thought it would be a nice solution to how to keep his family safe once the vampires returned. I don’t know if you guys have played with IP much and found the different islands, but this one is really tiny. I’ve built the house on it, but it can just barely hold the small family.

Also, as mentioned in this chapter, Myrtle cannot always predict the future and sometimes even she gets surprised by some events. She knew all along that Yew would keep their babies safe, but she did not know how. I imagine her being a bit worried that it took him so long after the twins’ birth to come up with a plan. Perhaps she was even starting to doubt her own vision. That was why her new pregnancy was worrying her. 

And my last note for now; I really hate the Fighter roll. I’ll never play it again. I don’t like keeping enemies for my sims. 😦

Chapter 5.14: Never let them in

Life went on even without dad. It was hard and painful, but for every day that passed his death became easier to cope with. At the same time, everyday chores became easier to deal with. And one day, it no longer hurt to get out of bed. I still missed my father, and I would keep missing him for as long as I lived, but one day, it was suddenly bearable. I could go up and feed my babies without breaking at the seams. I could go on with my life.

It took months to get there and by the time I thought my life could proceed, it was time for the twins’ birthday.

Screenshot-3890Their birthday was also the first time that Myrtle was allowed to come visit us. We had, of course, visited her numerous times in the months before that, but it was exciting to have her visit us at home. Especially for her. It was the first she visited anyone in several years. “I brought pizza” Myrtle said happily when she entered our house in company of Tangerine and Slate. “Tangerine said it’s appropriate to bring something when invited to a party, and we all know I want to be appropriate“. Myrtle chuckled at her own joke and I laughed too, she was definitely the least appropriate person I knew, even if she brought pizza.

Screenshot-3891“You can put it on the table” mom said without even looking at Myrtle. Dad’s death still held her in iron claws and it was more common to see her sad and down than the opposite. Today was extra hard because it was one of those days when we both wished dad would have been there. It was the twins’ first birthday. A milestone.

Myrtle put the plate on the table and went up to my mother and hugged her. “I’m so, so sorry. He was great. I liked him.” Mother didn’t hug back and she didn’t reply. She just sniffled, wiped tears from her eyes and went upstairs to the babies.

Screenshot-3895When it was time to blow the candles Sonic suddenly came outside to watch. By now, I was aware that he only appeared on the days when I had forgotten my medication, and it seemed the stress of arranging the twins birthday party had made me forget today’s dose. Not that I minded much, I quite enjoyed seeing my old friend. Especially on such a special day as today, and even more so since another important person from my life was missing. Sonic’s presence made it less obvious that our family was forever broken.

Screenshot-3896We let Mars go first and once the single candle on his cake was blown out, I placed him on the ground and watched him age up. Myrtle, Tangerine, Slate and Sonic cheered and shouted excitedly as Mars transformed, but mom stood silent and with her arms hanging loose by her sides. It was not a cheerful event for her. It was the first birthday after dad’s death and she was hurting more than anyone. She would never be whole again. I knew that because I was going through something similar every day. Myrtle was alive and well, but she was still very much absent from my life.

Screenshot-3897My thoughts were soon interrupted by a gurgling sound and when I looked down Mars looked back at me with big eyes. His ears were pointy and along with the big eyes they showed clearly who his mother was. Except for those features, he was very much a Twist boy. He had my red skin, my mother’s light blue hair and her light eye color. He was beautiful.

Next, we let Petite blow her candle. She too aged up to a beautiful little being. Her green skin and green eyes had the exact same color as Myrtle’s and her light blue hair was, like Mars’s, a product of my own bloodline. The two little beings filled my heart with a warmth I had never experienced before and when Myrtle sneaked up behind me to hug me tight I forgot all about life’s misery and felt just pure happiness. “This family is fudging great” Myrtle whispered and hugged me tighter. I turned around slowly to kiss her. She was right, our family was perfect in all its brokenness.

Screenshot-3898Time passed and for every day, mom seemed to get better and better. I knew she would never forget about dad and that she would never be okay, but I hoped she would start appreciating life again. I hoped, with all my heart, that her last years would be spent in happiness, and that she would not only wait for her death to come. I thought that perhaps there was a chance that Petite, or Mars, could make her want to live another day.

I watched mom interact with my children every day. She smiled at them a lot, which was great to see because there wasn’t much else that made her smile these days.

Screenshot-3900 Screenshot-3901Honestly, there were many reasons to smile at my children. They were constantly up to something and they constantly discovered new things. Seeing them grow was amazing and it gave me so much joy. I only wished Myrtle would have been by my side to experience it too. But she was not. We visited her often, but we couldn’t always be with her. And when it came to seeing the kids grow, no time except always was enough. They learned so much and they grew so much when Myrtle wasn’t around that it hurt. Imagining how it must hurt Myrtle was even worse.

She loved her children but she couldn’t be with them. Because someone, somewhere at some point, had decided that there was one way of being that was normal and that anything that differed from that way was abnormal. That abnormal needed treatment and that abnormal was to be locked in. It was strange to think that anyone could fail to see Myrtle’s magnificence. Her way of being different defined her, and I loved it. She would have been no harm to me, or my children. Yet, she was denied the essence of life. She was denied her family, just because she could see the future. Because people were afraid of what was different.

Screenshot-3902“I love you” I said first thing when she visited us the next time. “I love you just as you are.” I took her hand and twirled her around, as in a dance before I lowered her towards the floor with my left arm supporting her back. Myrtle laughed and smiled.

Screenshot-3903Before she could say anything, I leaned in and kissed her. My precious beloved girl.

“I love you too, crazy” she said once I had helped her get up on her feet again. “But now I wanna go. Come on.”

Screenshot-3904Tangerine had agreed on letting us go to the beach for a day. She would be close by in case anything happened, but all in all me and Myrtle would be on our own. Apparently, I had been well enough to be trusted to take care of my girlfriend.

Mom would watch the twins. She had been overjoyed when I asked her, and I suspect it was because it made her feel important. Like she was needed. And that day, on the beach, was the first time she smiled genuinely since dad passed away.

Screenshot-3907While mom played with the twins in the sea, me and Myrtle rowed out on open water. I had bought the rowing boat when I first moved to Isla Caramello, but I had never used it before this day. It was exciting to be out on the water alone with Myrtle. It was the first time ever that we were alone together and therefore, this was our first date. I giggled when the thought struck me; We had two kids together and yet this was our first date.

“Why are you laughing?” Myrtle asked and stretched her leg as to kick me. The boat rocked when Myrtle moved and she cried and quickly put her foot back underneath her. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“Don’t fudging laugh! We could have died!” Myrtle yelled and stared at me with big eyes. It struck me that it was the first time I had ever seen her scared and somehow it made me love her even more.

“Then sit still” I winked and kept on rowing, taking us further out on the sea and further away from the beach. I wanted us to be completely alone now that we had the chance.

Screenshot-3906Myrtle calmed down after a while and seemed to relax a bit. It was nice to row when she sat in front of me and while we rowed in silence, I remembered how much I loved the sea and why I moved to Isla Caramello in the first place. This was how I had pictured life. The main island where my house was located was beautiful, but it was nothing compared to the smaller islands that surrounded it.

“One day we’ll live out here” I said to break the silence. Myrtle looked terrified at first and I understood that the fear she had shown in the beginning of our tour was bigger than I had first thought. Water frightened her, I could see it in her eyes. “On one of the islands” I continued, to calm her down.

“I won’t” she said sadly and looked down.

“You will” I retorted. “I’ll get you out one day.”

“I’d like that, but I know it won’t happen” she whispered back and twisted her hands in her lap.

Screenshot-3908“It might” I said, desperate to hold on to the hope I felt. Perhaps it could happen. If I kept being fine and she kept laying low. Myrtle could see the future and the truth, but in the future I saw, I was going to marry her and live with her and our children on one of the smaller islands. I refused to let her visions rob me of that dream.

“And I’d like another child with you” I said. The words surprised myself as much as they surprised Myrtle.

“Perhaps one day.” Myrtle smiled briefly before looking down. She sat like that for a while, silent with her eyes looking down at the bottom of the boat and I could sense that something was troubling her.

Screenshot-3909“Yew…” Myrtle begun and chewed nervously on her upper lip before she continued. “The vampires. You must never let them in. Can you promise me that?”

The vampires. I had not given much thought to the things she had said about the vampires and my brother many years ago. Not since she said it, but now that she mentioned it, it all came rushing back. My brother would cause the death of our species? That truth could not be true. “What have you seen?” I demanded and turned the boat around. I wanted to take us back to the beach and our children as fast as I could.

“Just… Don’t let them in. They can’t hurt you if you don’t let them in the house. Okay?”

“Lava? He wouldn’t hurt me.” I said it without believing it myself. I wanted to believe it, but I knew it wasn’t true. The Lava I knew was long gone.

“He’s not the same anymore. He’s a pawn, remember? Just don’t let him in. Or any other vampire for that matter. Okay?”

“What will they do to us? Our children?” Panic rose within me and my heart beat fast. I rowed as quickly as I could, but it wasn’t quick enough. I wanted to be back on the beach now.

“Hopefully nothing. My visions might be wrong. There’s always more than one truth.”

“But you’ve never been wrong before” I complained. Myrtle said nothing in response, but her silence was answer enough. She had, indeed, never been wrong before.

It took way too long, but eventually we got back to the beach and I could see that mom and the twins were alright. Still, I couldn’t shake the fear of what would happen if the vampires found us. I knew there were many of them by now. Soda Pop and Lava raised an army, they had been working on that for years and by now all of Fondant Fields could be turned. Before we parted that day, I promised to never, ever, let a vampire in to our house. We didn’t know if it would help, but for now it was the only thing we could do.

Screenshot-3892I had told mom about Myrtle’s visions because she needed to know it was important that we never let the vampires inside, should they show up on our doorstep. Of course, mom said we were crazy to even think Lava or Soda would come after us now, after all these years, but I persisted in making her promise to never let them in. Eventually she budged and made her promise.

A few weeks later, I heard mother cry in the kitchen and when I ran there, I saw Rhubarb along with Rainbow outside my front door.

Raindrop. A vampire.

My heart started racing as I walked towards the door and opened it slowly. “You cannot come in” I said and closed the door behind me. I didn’t care if she ripped me apart as long as the twins were safe inside.

Screenshot-3893“You’re smart” she said and nodded. Rhubarb turned his head and looked away and I wondered if he’d been as smart or if he had let her in.

“I came to warn you” Raindrop continued. “Soda knows about the twins and you need to keep them safe. Never let her in. Ever.”

“I’m not stupid” I hissed and felt the blood pulsing in my temples. “And you should get the fudge off this island. No one wants you here!”

Rhubarb looked at me with tired eyes. “She never asked for this. We’ll help her. I’ll help her.”

I looked at him, terrified. “And they say I’m crazy?! Fudge sake Rhubie. She’s a vampire. She’ll rip you apart!”

Screenshot-3894Raindrop complained: “I can control myself, I’m nothing like them! I’d never hurt anyone.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “You’re a vampire. That’s all I need to know.”

“I’ve never hurt anyone. Thunderbird helped me and that’s why he’s dead. They killed him for helping me control my hunger. I feed on plasma. That’s it. Never blood. Ever.”‘

Rhubarb looked at me again. “Yew, just don’t let them in. Take care of your babies. I’ll take care of Raindrop. You just care for your family, okay? They want the babies, nothing else.”


“Because babies are formable. They make good soldiers.”

Petite and Mars as vampire soldiers? I shuddered at the thought. I would never let that happen. Ever. They were my babies and I would do whatever it took to keep them safe.

“We can beat them” Rhubarb said before tugging at Raindrop’s arm to get her to leave with him. He didn’t believe his own words, but I had to believe them to keep functioning. They were the only comfort I had right now.

Author’s Note: Okay, this chapter might be a little confusing but I’m trying to tie the story with Lava together. He joined Soda Pop long ago because he felt she was the only one who truly understood him and his needs. The reason why they want babies is that they have found out that vampires who are turned at a low age make better blood suckers. People who are turned at older age seem to be more successful in staying away from blood and living on plasma. Soda Pop is an exception and why she is, they do not know. I picture it being because of two reasons: 1. She is incredibly impulsive, 2. She is evil and manipulative.

In addition to the above reasons, Soda Pop actually cares for family, even if it’s in a sick way, and she wants her bloodline to follow in her steps. Hence she is chasing babies born in her legacy. That also explains why she kept chasing Coral and Berrian around when they had their children. Both to get Lava back and to take her grandchildren along in her journey. Also: Yes, Soda Pop killed Thunderbird because he stood in the way of her plans. He helped Raindrop after Lava turned her and that caused him his death. Now, Raindrop tries to help the ones she can just as Thunderbird did. For now, that meant going after Yew to warn him about Soda’s plans. Of course, Raindrop doesn’t know about Myrtle and her visions.

I know the story might have holes in it but I hadn’t decided beforehand how to tie it together, and now that I’m trying I find it quite hard. If there’s anything you wonder about or anything that doesn’t make sense, please do ask and I’ll see if I can answer it. Both for your sake, but also for my own. I might have left a few too many loose threads in this story. Hopefully I’ll tie some of them together eventually.

And, as a last note; The Downloads page has been updated as I’ve added Lavender, Rhubarb, Froly and Yew to it.

Chapter 5.13: Moving home

Screenshot-3407We helped each other care for the babies during the first weeks – me, Myrtle and Tangerine. It was almost like we were a real family, even if we could never be just that. No real family is locked in a treatment centre and medicated on a schedule. But we were, we had to be, to not lose grasp of what was real and what was not.

Screenshot-3875Looking at the babies in their cribs made it bearable.

Petite is real, her tiny fingers are real and the happy gurgling sound she makes when she has just been fed is real. And Mars is real. His different cries are real. The loud, piercing and fierce cry when he’s hungry and the desperate cry when he wants comfort or closeness is real. My babies are real, and that is all that matters.

Screenshot-3421Tangerine watches how we provide for the babies and help us when we need it. I don’t know where she learned it, but she seems to know exactly how to be a mother, even though she’s never been one.

Screenshot-3876Myrtle, on the other hand, seems distant. She feeds the babies or change their diapers when asked but there is no spark of love in her eyes when she does it. Neither do she look at them with the same warmth as myself. I know it’s because she doesn’t want to attached. She knows that I will take them with me and leave the centre whereas she will have to stay. And I know it pains her. If I could, I would take her with me, but I know it won’t be possible. I know it because she has said so herself. She will never get out.

Screenshot-3868After a couple of months, Tangerine decided I was well enough to move back home with the twins. It came as a slap in the face even though I knew it was going to happen. It was scary and sad to leave the center, because it had become my safe haven and my home. Besides, moving back home meant I had to leave Myrtle behind and that was not something I had looked forward to.

Nontheless, it was exciting to bring the babies back to my old home.

I had redecorated my old bedroom to fit both of their cribs. Since I had now realized that Sonic needed no bed to sleep in, I had got rid of it and instead placed the mirror and the chess table where his bed used to be. The cribs, in their turn, were placed by the overlook to the ground floor. That way, I would hear them clearly even if I went downstairs when they slept. It would be a good arrangement, I was sure.

Screenshot-3874Screenshot-3869Mom and dad was a great help during the first time back at home. Not only did they help me to feed the babies and put them to sleep, they also helped me to not lose my mind when I was struck with sadness due to Myrtle’s absence. If it weren’t for my parents, I never would have overcome that initial barrier to an independent life outside of the center. It made me happy to see my babies with my parents too, because it reminded me of what family was, and why it was important.

Screenshot-3871Froly aged up shortly after my returning home, and not long after did he move out. It wasn’t surprising because Mars screamed all the time and there were few nights when anyone in the house could sleep through his cries. And just like that, all of my siblings had grown big and moved out to live their own lives. I couldn’t even imagine how that felt for mom and dad. I couldn’t even picture the twins moving away from me to form their own lives, and that was exactly what had just happened to mom and dad.

Petite and Mars probably reminded my parents of a far gone time, and I think it was partly because of that they were so eager to help me. That, and the fact that they were the kindest and most caring people I had ever met, of course.

Screenshot-3878Life proceeded, even if Myrtle was stuck at the center. I felt awkwardly lonely at times and I realized that except for Sonic and Myrtle, I had never really had any friends. I still had no friends except my family. Mom suggested that I could invite someone from work to join us for dinner, but they all thought I was crazy after everything that had happened. Dad suggested that I got myself a hobby, and I decided to start playing ranked chess games. It wasn’t exactly a way of gaining friends, but it was a way to keep myself occupied and in company of others.

That, along with my work as a paper boy, the twins and my family kept me busy for quite some time.

Screenshot-3881I had been living at home for a few months and I was slowly getting accustomed to it when tragedy struck at our home. I was in the livingroom when I heard mom gasp in shock up in the bedroom. The pure sound of her breath gave me goosebumps.

Something had happened.

Something terrible.

Screenshot-3884I raced up  the stairs, two steps at a time. It took me less than 15 seconds to get up there, but on the way several scenarios of what could have happened rushed through my head. Petite had stopped breathing. Mars had fallen out of the crib. Petite had crushed all of the family photos. Mars was choking on a button from his teddybear. One scenario was worse than the other.

However, none of the scenarios that rushed through my head was as bad as the one that actually happened. I put my hands before my mouth at the sight, as if that would silence the cry that came from my mouth.

Screenshot-3879 Screenshot-3880Before our eyes, dad was dying.

It was easy to see how life slowly left him and was replaced by nothing. It must have happened fast, but it felt as an eternity before dad ceased to be. I cried, out of grief and loss and pain whereas mom was quiet. She didn’t cry, but the loss and pain was evident in her eyes.

I sat down on the floor and memories of adventures with my father passed before me. There would be no more memories. These were all I had, and all that I would ever get. At that time, I couldn’t understand how I would ever be able to continue my life. Dad had always been there for me, and now he wouldn’t be anymore. There were so many things yet to encounter, so many more things we should have been able to do together.

Screenshot-3887Dad wouldn’t be there on the twins’ birthday. He wouldn’t teach them how to ride their bikes. He wouldn’t get to see them graduate or to go through their first love or first heartbreak. He wouldn’t be there when my siblings had their babies.

He wouldn’t be there when I married Myrtle.

I had never thought about marriage before, but when I thought about the things dad wouldn’t be there for, my marriage with Myrtle was one of them. And it was the most painful thing of them all. I would get married one day, and dad wouldn’t be there.

Screenshot-3889I cried for a long time while mom stood silent. Eventually, she started crying too. Perhaps it took her some time to understand that it was true. That dad was gone. When she finally broke in to tears, she sniffled a pained and sad “He’s gone”.

Life would go on somehow. We both knew that. Life had to go on, so it would. But we also knew that it would never be the same again. Dad had left a hole in our hearts and our lives that could never be filled with anything else. Eventually we would learn to cope with it, but for now we would do the only things that made sense. We would cry and mourn. We would wish that things were different and that dad would have gotten a few more days. We would be sure that we could never be healed. We would go over every memory we had of him. And we would honor his memory as best as we could. We would keep loving him even if he had ceased to be. We would do all of that, because it was the only things we could do.

Generation 5 Profiles

yewYew Twist

Traits: Couch Potato, Heavy Sleeper, Mooch, Insane, Flirty
Favorites: Hip Hop, Crêpes, Irish Green
Lifetime Wish: Visionary

Yew never had an easy time making friends. Most of the time, he just hung around with his elder adoptive brother but once the family settled in Fondant Fields and it became clear that Lava was a vampire who had very specific needs and ideas, Yew was left alone. Being surrounded by the chaos that characterized the Twist family got to him and he started acting in ways that seemed odd to the ones around him. Yew himself could never understand why no one else saw what he saw or heard the things he heard. In fact, he never really realized that others around him didn’t. He was pretty much trapped in his own world where things were far more normal than in the real world around him. His oddness aside, Yew is an ambitious young man with his mind set on great discoveries. He is a master with words and know that he will one day reveal to everyone just how messed up the world can be.

lavaLava Twist

Traits: Evil, Couch Potato, Kleptomaniac, Supernatural Fan, Heavy Sleeper
Favorites: Geek Rock, Lilac, Cheesesteak
Lifetime Wish: Turn the Town

On the surface, Lava Twist seems to be doing great. His family loves him for how well behaved he is and how he excels at controlling his blood thirst. But they don’t know that Lava is an excellent liar. Lava hasn’t been doing well with his blood thirst and hasn’t been able to control himself for a very long time. Or, perhaps he could control himself if he wanted to, but to be honest – impulsive and instinct driven evilness is a lot more fun. He was born a vampire after all, and his deepest wish is to be the best one this world has seen. Raindrop may be his girlfriend (forced or not) but really, she is just the first tile of the game. Lava knows that he is much more like his real mother than Coral or Berrian wants to see – and once time is right he and his real mother will do great things together.

rhubarbRhubarb Twist

Traits: Night Owl, Heavy Sleeper, Hates the Outdoors, Animal Lover, Irresistible
Favorites: Soul, Veggi Rolls, Irish Green
Lifetime Wish: The Ark Builder

Rhubarb is an introvert and calm young man. Despite the drama that surrounds his family he remains at peace with who he is and has found a way of channeling any doubts or worries that comes in to his life: writing. By putting words to all the craziness around him, Rhubarb manages to stay out of it. While it hurts him to see how much his siblings hurt, he never intervenes for he knows that his only way towards peace and a happy life lies in his capability of coping with what is around him. This does not mean that he is a heartless man, for it is really the opposite. Rhubarb has a huge heart for the ones who really needs it. He simply cannot help but to help creatures that seem helpless, be that his baby brothers, stray cats or dogs in town or even that poor girl who clearly fell for the wrong man. 

lavenderLavender Twist

Traits: Can’t stand art, Clumsy, Loser, Photographer’s Eye, Family-Oriented
Favorites: Roots, Cheesesteak, Spiceberry
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family

Being the only girl with five brothers isn’t very easy. Lavender knows this for she has grown up that way. It’s not so much the fact that there is a big difference between them due to their sex, but finding someone to be with is hard when you have five brothers who thinks that the person you’ve fallen in love with must pass all of their respective safety checks. She loves her brothers, but sometimes they tend to be a little too overprotective. Though, having to constantly fight for her own way has given her a mind of her own and her whole family – including herself – knows that when she wants something, she won’t leave without a fight. Unfortunately, she never seems to win any of those fights, so perhaps it is lucky that her brothers are there to help. 

mulberryMulberry Twist

Traits: Good, Lucky, Mean Spirited, Kleptomaniac, Shy
Favorites: French, Porcini Risotto, Blue
Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Free World

Being the result of some sick supernatural experiment wasn’t always fun. Not being able to walk down the street without at least one ‘bow throwing a disapproving look your way was bound to get to you eventually. And it sure got to Mulberry. Sure, he had a very supporting family, but that wasn’t always good.  The fact was that the huge support his big family showed him instead made him feel quite uncomfortable speaking about the shame he felt. Instead, he hid it behind a happy facade and pretended to do well. No one was to see that Mulberry Twist, the alien, was hurting. Unfortunately, even hard shells break sometimes. And when they do, it’s quite surprising for everyone involved.

frolyFroly Twist

Traits: Evil, Hopeless Romantic, Couch Potato, Supernatural Fan, Gatherer
Favorites: Chinese, Cobbler, Turquoise
Lifetime Wish: Professional Author

Froly dreams of a life full with romantic encounters, happy love and marriage. Though, in his dreams he fails to realize that this is something that can only come out of a mutual agreement. To him, it seems that what is required for a happily ever after to happen is his own will and his own tries towards it. He may look like a kind and harmless person but once he gets his mind set on an idea he is willing to do anything to make it happen. Once he realizes his understanding of love and relationship isn’t exactly true for other’s understanding it is already too late to make it right. While it does change him to a, perhaps, better person, it also means his life turns out far from how he had anticipated.

Chapter 5.12: A day out

This chapter will be mostly pictures and not much text. It’s simply a filler chapter in which we get to meet the extended Twist family. However, it still contains some very important events, and those are written out as normal. If you want to, you can listen to my favorite summer song while reading this, because it is a sunny and summery chapter.

Screenshot-3344It wasn’t easy for Myrtle to kneel at the end of her pregnancy. The big belly touched her knees already half way down. And yet, she fought against it and kneeled down to pet and feed Makro at least once every day. “Today is a big day, little one” she said happily. “It’s going to be good. I’m sure.”

It was a big day indeed. Tangerine had agreed on taking us to the beach for a day out with my family. For both Myrtle and Slate it would be the first day out of the center in years. We all looked forward to it very much, and me and Myrtle had been talking about it all week. Had Slate been able to talk, I’m sure he would have too. But he had simply smiled and nodded in agreement whenever me and Myrtle brought the subject up.

Screenshot-3356The weather was perfect, as always on Isla Caramello, and it was nice to see my family all gathered again. Even my aunts and uncles came from Fondant Fields. Some of them brought girlfriends and boyfriends, and all in all, we were one big happy family gathered there at the beach.

Screenshot-3346Cosmo, Salmon’s son, enjoyed the warm sea water and splashed around happily.

Screenshot-3349And Froly’s girlfriend Cyan came to spend the day with us.

Screenshot-3348Screenshot-3376And aunt Bittersweet along with her beloved Romeo.

Screenshot-3361Lavender was incredibly happy about spending the day on the beach and in the sun.

Screenshot-3355And aunt Watermelon smiled, even though she was limping as she walked with support on her cane. She looked so much older than the last time I saw her. In fact, she looked much older than any of her siblings, even though she was younger than both mom and Bittersweet.

Screenshot-3345Even Sonic was around, because in the stress of getting to the beach in time, both me and Tangerine forgot about my medication. It didn’t matter to me, I was just glad to have him around. After all, he was part of my family too. Real or not.

Screenshot-3357Uncle Salmon and Tosca came all the way from Fondant Fields.

Screenshot-3359My youngest brother brought a boombox and played loud Chinese music. It brought a summery and happy feeling to the whole beach.

Screenshot-3363And of course, Rhubarb came with the biggest smile he could master. He was always happy, my brother.

Screenshot-3371Screenshot-3372Our cousin Mystery had become a professional football player and Froly watched in awe as he showed off his skills.

Screenshot-3373Bittersweet was kind of a free spirit like my own mother, and it was easy to tell when she threw herself in to the water and swam. She looked peaceful in a way I had only ever seen mom do before.

Screenshot-3381I, myself, sat on one of the swings behind my whole family, just watching them. Myrtle stood by my side and I felt happy. More happy than I had felt in a long, long time. This was exactly how I had pictured life when I moved to the island. Carefree and warm days at the beach with people I cared for. This was the life I wanted for my kids.

Screenshot-3382Suddenly, Myrtle pointed at Tangerine and burst out in her famous hysterical laughter. “Oh my… I can’t even. Oh berry…” She tried to explain what she was laughing at between the chuckles, but could make out no full sentences. Instead of trying to understand her, I looked to what her finger was pointing at.

Screenshot-3364Screenshot-3365I nearly fell of the swing when I saw what she was laughing at. Tangerine stood a few feet away, totally eyeing Rhubarb from top to toe. I could almost hear her making smacking sounds as she checked him out. It was pretty clear that our therapist thought my brother to be a handsome one.

Screenshot-3375Soon, Tosca noticed the same thing and started giggling. It was probably not appropriate for my doctor to hit on my brother, but Tangerine did move closer to Rhubarb to speak with him. “Will she succeed?” I asked Myrtle, but she refused to tell me what their future held.

Screenshot-3370The day proceeded in the same peaceful and happy state as it had begun and it was a truly amazing day. One of the best days of my life, actually.

Screenshot-3391Everyone seemed to have a good time, and even as we interacted with each other and spent some quality time together, we also got time to just be on our own and enjoy the weather and the beach.

It was peaceful.

Screenshot-3383However, the peace was interrupted some time in the afternoon when Slate came running down the path leading from the island to the beach. I had never seen him be in a hurry before and it definitely caught my eye. However, what was really surprising was that he was screaming at the top of his lungs: “YEW! You fudging imbecile.”

Screenshot-3384I was surprised to hear his voice. But the anger of his insult was my most apparent feeling and I snapped instantly. Who was he to interrupt this perfect day by insulting me?

“What did you call me?” I yelled back and slammed my finger in to his chest with force that made him stumble backwards.

Screenshot-3385“You’re the fudging worst boyfriend ever. You should take some berry fudging care of Myrtle. You hear that? She’s…”


I slapped him before he could finish the sentence and I felt my face get redder with anger. “I’ve been good to her!” I screamed when Slate touched the cheek where I had just hit him. He still looked at me angry and shook his head.

“A good boyfriend wouldn’t let her give birth alone” he muttered.

Screenshot-3387“AND I WON”T!” I screamed and jumped at him. He was Myrtle’s friend, but as long as he insulted me, or questioned my ability to be a good boyfriend, I wouldn’t stand back. I had always thought of him as a freak, and the last few months’ friendship meant nothing if he thought he could tell me whatever he felt like.

Screenshot-3389I hadn’t expected him to be so strong, but Slate got the overhand easily and held my head in a steady grip under his arms. “That is just what you’re doing” he said between clenched teeth. “She’s having contractions and you’re down here fudging fighting with me. Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.”

Screenshot-3390He spat next to me before throwing me on the sand. “Now go to her” he finished before turning around and walking away. “She needs you.”

Screenshot-3394It took me a while to gather myself enough to understand what Slate had said. Contractions? But, when I looked around on the beach Myrtle was nowhere to be found.

Luckily, Lavender understood what was happening long before I did, and started running to catch up with Myrtle. I heard her screaming while running: “Myrtle, wait! We’re coming with you!”

Screenshot-3395In the end, it was Bittersweet who came to drag my arm and pull me back to reality. Myrtle was about to give birth. Now. And she needed me.

I don’t think I have ever run so fast before. But I ran, with all the speed I could master because I needed to catch up with my girl.

Screenshot-3396I caught her before we arrived at the hospital and my whole family soon joined us. Mom and dad sat in the waiting room while I helped Myrtle the best I could. Truthfully, there wasn’t much I could do and it pained me. She was hurting and she was struggling, and all I could do was watch and give her some cheering from the side.

It felt like an eternity before her struggles paid off and the first baby came screaming in to the world. A little baby girl. The next baby came with less effort just a few hours later. To me, it was a miracle how Myrtle could handle yet another birth so soon afterwards, but she did it without complaining. And so, a perfect little boy was born.

Screenshot-3397A few days later we could leave the hospital with our new family. Myrtle smiled proudly with the basket in her hand. Inside were treasures. Two perfect little babies.

It felt both perfectly right, and quite strange to bring our family back to the center. It was our home and it was where we had met. But would it be possible to raise our babies there?

Screenshot-3400Screenshot-3402Screenshot-3403Screenshot-3404Screenshot-3405Screenshot-3419Once we were back and had gotten the babies settled, we cuddled down in the sofa. Myrtle was exhausted, of course, and I was so proud of her. It had been magical to see her give birth to my babies. And it would be magical to raise them along with her.

Even though I had only known the babies for a few days I knew that Myrtle had been right. I would do anything for them. I already knew that the only thing that would ever matter was that Petite and Mars had the best father possible.

The babies are finally here! Petite is the girl and Mars is the boy. I am so excited to see them grow up. 

Chapter 5.11: Nausea and cookies

Screenshot-3265Myrtle loved the little puppy that lived at the center. Tangerine had brought it there to cheer the residents up, and for Myrtle it worked. She smiled and sweet-talked that little ball of fur as if it was her best friend.

Screenshot-3264“Who’s a cutie? Who’s a cutie?” she said in a silly voice. She was always being silly, I was used to that. However, I did not like that puppy as she did. Not that it wasn’t cute, because everyone thinks that puppies are cute. No, it was because it was blue. It reminded me so much about Sonic and it hurt to think that the little pointless furry thing was real, whereas my best friend was not. I wished it had been the other way around.

Screenshot-3262“Y’know, we could call it Sonic” Myrtle smiled. She tried to help because she knew how I felt. Of course, she also knew that I would never want to call the dog Sonic. There could be only one. Anyhow, it was a sweet gesture. “Or he could just keep Makro” she added after a while and smiled.

Screenshot-3259We had been an official couple for a few months only when Myrtle started to get morning sickness. “I didn’t see this in my visions” she groaned before kneeling before the toilet and letting out the contents of her gut.

You could not see it yet, but I didn’t need to. I knew because she knew. She was pregnant. It was happening. Future was coming.

Screenshot-3271 Screenshot-3276 Screenshot-3278Pregnancy was not easy for Myrtle. I had not experienced many pregnancies before. Not as closely as I experienced this one. But if every pregnancy was as hard as Myrtle’s, I couldn’t understand how there could be so many births. Myrtle walked with constant nausea and threw up several times each day. Also, she had cravings from another world.


When her cravings striked, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill for them. She’d do just about anything for a cookie. Just to throw it up as soon as she had swallowed it.

Screenshot-3281I loved her no less despite the new habits she grew. Just knowing that she went through this to deliver our child was enough to warm my heart and make me smile. I’d bring her as many cookies as I had to, just to keep her pleased.

“I never saw this fudging nausea in our future” she complained one day after having thrown up for the third time that day. “I hate not being prepared” she muttered.

“That’s how it is for everyone else” I smiled and stretched another cookie towards her. But she smashed it out of my hand and stomped on it, transforming it into a pile of crumbles.

Screenshot-3279“I never said I wanted to know how you all have it. I hate this. Fudge you for making me go through this, Yew Twist!”

Her mood swings were the one thing that I couldn’t stand about the pregnancy. We could be all fine one moment and the next she hated me and threw stuff at me. Tangerine said that it was normal, that Myrtle’s hormones went amok because her body worked hard to grow the fetus into a child. That I had to accept it, or at least ignore it.

Screenshot-3309Weeks passed and Myrtle’s belly grew. She became bigger for every day and it was hard to understand that it was our baby growing inside her that made her fat. With the speed she was getting bigger, our baby would be a giant once it was time.

Tangerine saw it too. “You’re growing big quickly” she said one morning and smiled. She was very kind and supportive and I think she looked forward to meeting the babies as much as we did. In some twisted way, she was our family too.

“You’re calling me fat?!” Myrtle complained loudly and made a pouty face. “I’m not fat. I’m fudging pregnant!”

Screenshot-3311“I’m not saying you’re fat, Myrtle. I know you’re pregnant. And you look great.”

Myrtle snorted and said nothing in reply. Instead, Tangerine spoke again: “I’d like to take you to a doctor, just to check on the baby. See that everything’s fine and so. It’s quite normal to do that.”

Screenshot-3310Myrtle snorted again, “I don’t need a doctor. I know that I’m fine. We’ll get healthy babies. I’ve seen it.”

I secretly rooted for Tangerine. Not because I thought there was something wrong with the baby, but because I thought perhaps a visit to the doctor could make it more real. Even though I knew there was a baby, my baby, inside Myrtle, I had trouble understanding it. It was surreal, I suppose.

Screenshot-3316Mom and dad started visiting frequently again when Myrtle was pregnant. They said they had missed me, but I knew they were only really looking forward to becoming grandparents. I couldn’t blame them. It was exciting, and they had always loved children. However, it was a bit nervous when they first came because when I introduced Myrtle as my girlfriend, she was already pregnant. They had of course seen her before, but never paid much attention to her because she had just been a cohabitant at the treatment center. Now, she was suddenly a big part of my life.

“It’s nice to meet you, Myrtle” dad said and stretched his hand towards her. He and mom were always so polite, and I wondered how that would turn out with Myrtle. She was… less polite and more impulsive.

Screenshot-3319“You too, gramps” she replied and smiled. “Y’know, you’re going to help Yew with these babies a lot because I cannot do much from here. They say I’m super sick so they’ll never let me out.” I held my breath, I wanted my parents to like Myrtle, but I was afraid that she’d scare them with her visions and her straightforwardness.

Screenshot-3315“We’ll do what we can” dad smiled. He seemed genuinely happy and I think that Myrtle had been approved at that point.

Screenshot-3324“Oouff” Myrtle bent forward in pain. “Those fudging kicks against the ribs” she muttered in pain.

“It’s kicking?” Dad looked at her curiously. His eyes almost sparkled.

“Yeah, it’ll break a bone in me one day. Wanna feel it?” Myrtle waited for no reply but took dad’s hand and placed it on her belly. “See, there. It’s pressing against you, can you feel it?”

Dad looked up at her and smiled. “This is so cool. I’ve always thought this is fascinating. A human inside a…” He stopped before finishing the sentence and looked at Myrtle with big eyes. He drew his hands to him self and looked terrified. “There’s… It has… Three?”

Screenshot-3321Myrtle placed her own hands on the belly and smiled peacefully. “Four hands, actually” she whispered. “We’re having twins.”

“Twins!?” It was news to me as well as to dad.

“Babies. Children. Always plural” Myrtle said and kept stroking her own belly. She looked content and happy and it made me a bit calmer.

After a moment the initial shock settled and I felt calmer. What difference could it make if there was one or two? I was going to be a father, that was all that mattered.

Chapter 5.10: Future

Hey everyone,

I am so sorry for the all too long time that has passed since the last chapter. I just haven’t had the time to write and I still don’t know how often I’ll be able to update. I have been playing both Yew and other saves during these weeks, but it has always been so short breaks in a stressy RL so it hasn’t been possible to sit and write any plot out. It’s unfortunate, because Yew’s story is so dear to me and I love writing it. Also, I love all the encouragement you have given me when it comes to his story and I really want to continue working on it. At least, here’s a chapter and I have more pictures so if all goes according to plan, I can do a couple more chapters before the summer.

I’m sorry. And I hope you stick with me and see the end of Yew’s story and the rest of the Twist’s generations. I love you all!

After the day when I had painted Sonic, I was back on my normal dose of pills. Tangerine made me aware that Sonic never came as long as I took those pills, but every once in a while she allowed me to skip the morning pills, and when she did, Sonic always came to visit. It’s hard to say when I started accepting the fact that perhaps I was crazy. Perhaps Sonic wasn’t real.

Even when accepting the fact of Sonic being a part of my imagination, the question remained who was to decide what was real. To me, Sonic was real. He was my best friend, imaginary or not.

Screenshot-3427“What do you mean when you say you see the truth?”

Me and Myrtle were sitting in the common room with Slate in the sofa facing us. Myrtle didn’t seem to care much whether he was around or not, but I found it incredibly disturbing to always have him following us around without ever saying a word. Myrtle, in fact, often asked him to join us and seemed to consider him a friend. Perhaps it was inevitable to become friends when you lived together for as long as they had done. After all, that was what had happened between me and Myrtle. We had become friends because we needed to, because there were no other friends to be gained.

“Just that” Myrtle replied. “I see all truths. Past, present and future.”

“That makes no sense” said I, having trouble to believe in what she said. That, even though I knew that things did not always make sense. Didn’t I, against all common knowledge, have both a vampire and an alien brother? I should know that the truth was so much more than what it seemed.

Myrtle chuckled. “I know. That’s why I’m here.” Slate smiled widely and nodded, as if he was trying to support Myrtle’s claim. Not that he was the most trustworthy person I knew.

Screenshot-3423“But what happened in the first place?” I questioned. “Why did they put you here?”

Myrtle hesitated before she answered and once she spoke again, her voice had no trace of her usual hysteria or sarcasm. “I see many things. Too many things. Every time I meet someone, I see their past, their present and their future and sometimes it’s hard to keep them apart. Y’know, it makes me sometime speake of memories that hasn’t been experienced yet. And that seems to freak people out.”

Myrtle paused for a brief moment, but soon continued speaking, “I don’t know what exactly happened to get me here. But I’m sure it had to do with futures my family refused to see. The destruction of the world. The raise of vampires. My parents’ divorce.” She paused again, which gave me time to reflect on her statement of vampires. “It scared them. They couldn’t understand me so they placed me here. It keeps happening. Tangerine tries to help me, but even she fails to understand what I’m capable of.”

Screenshot-3425“You said vampires,” said I and looked at her.

“Oh ya, I forgot. You know a bit of that. When I first saw vampires ruining our world it scared me. They turned everyone and in the end no ‘bows were left to make up the world we know.”


“Ya, your brother and grandmother.”

“Will Lava end this world?” I questioned again. I had forgot that I cared for him, but he was my first friend and we had been close during childhood. When I thought about it, I had only met Sonic after Lava left. Knowing what I knew now, I understood that Sonic had appeared because I lost Lava.

Screenshot-3424“At first it seemed as he would” Myrtle said quiet. “But he’s actually just a puppet and he’ll realize that eventually. When he does, he’ll come to us for help and we will help him. You, will help him.”


“Well, I can’t do much from here. I’m never getting out, but you are. Once our children are born, Tangerine will agree to let you out if you keep taking your meds. And you will, of course, because you’ll do anything for those kids.”

Her talk about our possible future kids didn’t scare me as much anymore. I guess I had become used to it, even if I still failed to see how it would happen. “And what will happen then?”

Myrtle closed her eyes and refrained from answering my question.

Screenshot-3422“What will happen?” I asked again.

“It’s dark, Yew. Somehow you and our children will help him but I can’t tell you how. I’ve learned that truth can hurt and sometimes I think you’re better off not knowing. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know either.”

“You won’t tell me?”

“You shouldn’t know.” Myrtle said no more, and instead stood up and left. Slate followed her and I was left alone in the common room, giving me the chance to process what I had just been told. I had never talked about Lava or Soda with Myrtle or Tangerine. There was no logic reason for her to even know that I had a vampire brother, and somehow that scared me. If she knew that, what else did she know about me? And what did it mean in regards of these children she spoke of?

Screenshot-3266With me accepting Sonic as a part of my imagination, I grew closer and closer to Myrtle. She was quite the character and the more I got to know her, the less irritating (and more cute) did her annoying characteristics get. She still ate all of her food with her bare hands. And she constantly talked with her mouth full of food, which often ended up in me brushing off crumbles that she unintentionally spat in my face. She farted and burped loudly and chuckled with pride whenever she did. And she still chuckled like a maniac whenever she laughed. It shouldn’t have been cute, but for some reason, I started to think that it was.

Screenshot-3066Eventually, it was hard to see why I had been so determined to not fall for her. It was hard to understand how I could have thought of her as anything but cute.

It was exciting and terrifying at the same time to fall in love. Falling was exactly what I did. It was uncontrollable, risky and I felt vulnerable. I opened myself to Myrtle in a way I had done to no-one but Sonic before. Compared to what I had thought to have with Aquamarine, this was an experience that I felt I had no control over. It was new to me.

Screenshot-3071Myrtle chuckled about it. She had been waiting for it to happen since I first arrived here and now that it did, she couldn’t stop teasing me about it. For some reason, that was cute too. It was easy to go from friends to lovers; to take one step closer when we talked to each other, to rest my eyes on her lips for a longer time, to wrap my arms around her waist and pull her body close to mine. It was all easy and there was nothing stopping us.

However, it was still not easy to accept all the things she said. “I’ll hate to see you leave” being the worst one. I could not see myself leaving her at all, now that I had started falling for her. However, I knew that she was probably right. She had been right about so many things before.

Screenshot-3070Life at the treatment centre changed when me and Myrtle became a couple. Tangerine was no longer worried about my hallucinations, instead she worried about the physical relation me and Myrtle developed. It was not common that residents at the centre fell in love. I understood that by how Tangerine hesitated in her decisions regarding me and Myrtle. She did not know if she should seperate us. She could not know if we helped each other or if we pulled each other further down in the mentally disturbed spiral that was our lives. She did not know because she could not feel what I felt. The loss of Sonic mattered less when I had Myrtle. Life was better and for the first time in many years, I looked forward to the future.

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