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Generation 1 finale: The Blank Slate

By the time the twins were about to celebrate their birthday we were ready to open The Blank Slate. With Thunderbird and Quince in the lead, we had worked with the opening of the pub parallel with the uprising.

It was nothing special, really. But it was situated outside the district and it was a place were we could welcome colorless and supporters to actually have a relaxed and fun evening. It was located in the town’s outskirts, which was a quite deserted area that felt safe enough. It had to be a secret, of course, and only the most consecrated could be invited.

It was the first of my kids birthday’s that could be properly celebrated and we were all excited beyond words.

Mithos and Quince had worked the entire morning with decorating the pub and the stone walls were covered with streamers and behind the bar hung a big banner with the twins’ names on it. It looked amazing and I was so proud. They were only teenagers and they had already managed to do this.

The hours before the party and the grand opening Quince was nervously checking that everything was in order. He ordered the staff to clean the glasses one additional time and had them practice to mix White Feeling one last time. White Feeling was a juice drink that he and Thunderbird had come up with all be themselves. It would be The Blank Slate’s special drink.

The place was soon filled with our closest friends and their families. Pretty much every member of Whites made their way there, as well as the majority of the inhabitants of District 0.

The mood in the room was uplifting and happy. Everyone had a smile on their face.

It was the perfect birthday celebration and premiere one could ever have hoped for. Berries of all colors danced together and laughed together. This what exactly what the world could be like. I just knew that this place would become one of the greatest sanctuaries ever. It would be a place that looked beyond skin color and ruling politics. It would be a place were every color deserved happiness.

My daughter enjoyed the evening to the fullest, she made sure to constantly be the centre of attention as she swung her hips at the dance floor. “Mom, look at me now! Quincie, come dance with me!”

I looked around and all I could see was happy faces (well, apart from the grumpy lady who insisted on just standing by the edge of the dance floor, not daring to dance because it was childish – but that was her loss really). It was hard to imagine that outside these walls were different rules. It was hard to even think about the fact that this place would be shut down immediately if the government found out about its whereabouts.

It didn’t make any sense.

“What are you thinking of over there?” the bartender raised his voice and shouted to Mithos on the far side of the bar.

Mithos had a drink in his hand and he was looking both proud and a bit nervous at the same time. I knew he was thinking about the same things as I was, that The Blank Slate was already a lovely place. But it was also dangerous for everyone involved.

“Nothing special. Just what a great night this is” Mithos replied and shot off a bright smile. “Why don’t you serve the lady there a drink instead” he added after a while and nodded towards Bluebell who sat between them.

The bartender chuckled and turned towards Bluebell, “And what can I get you?”

“A white feeling, of course” she giggled and her eyes sparkled. She was one of the most precious young girls I knew. I was indescribable happy that she and Quince were still so good friends.

As the bartender got started on Bluebell’s drink, Quince joined her at the bar and smiled widely towards her. “Having a good time?” he wondered.

“This is amazing!” Bluebell exclaimed with enthusiasm. “I can’t believe you have done all this! My best friend Quincie, owning a bar. Can you believe it yourself?!”

“Dunno. It’s quite cool, I suppose. You have to promise to come here regularly. I count on you, you know?”

“I couldn’t keep away even if I tried” Bluebell replied and went over to wrap her arms around my son. “I’m so proud of you” she whispered and gave him a quick peck on the cheek which made him blush.

Bluebell then went back to her seat at the bar to wait for her drink. Quince kept staring after her, smiling widely.

“Cheers!” he shouted once Bluebell had gotten her drink and they slammed their glasses together and took a sip each.

“Come, let’s dance!” Quince pulled Bluebell with him to the dance floor and started swinging his hips back and forth to a fault. Bluebell laughed loudly and started dancing with him.

They were sweet together and the memory of me and Pixie joking about the two of them falling in love many years ago, suddenly came back to me. I couldn’t help but giggle, it seemed like it wasn’t that far away. It was certainly a possibility.

Eventually, Sweet Corn demanded to get to blow her candles and as she and Sundance did everyone cheered and sang for them.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Twist twins
Happy Birthday to you

Sweet Corn enjoyed the attention and did a dramatic pirouette in front of everyone and ended by bowing low before her audience.

“Now I want to dance!” she shouted out after rapidly finishing a slice of the birthday cake. “Come on Sunny, it’s your day too!”

Sundance complained at first but eventually he let himself get dragged to the dance floor. It turned out that he was quite the dancer, even though he had never really tried before. At least not that we knew of. He kept true to himself by moving to a corner of the dance floor, trying to keep to himself even though he was one of the main attractions of the evening.

As the night went on Sundance seemed to gain more and more confidence and moved further and further out on the dance floor. About an hour after his first step on the black -painted floor he was standing in the centre of it with a content and thrilled smile on his lips.

“That’s right Sunny. Swing those hips!” Quince laughed and took Sundance’s hands to turn him around in a pirouette. The two of them broke out in laughter shortly after and it was contagious. The mood in the room lifted at the sight of the two boys joy.

Affair gathered enough courage to dance up towards Sweet Corn and take her hands as well. She happily agreed and just as she did Affair imitated Quince’s move with Sundance and turned her around in a pirouette. An even wider smile broke loose in her face and as she watched the young purple guy in front of her, I couldn’t help but think that there was some extra spark in her eyes.

After the jokingly pirouette, the two of them were practically glued together for the rest of the night.

It was way past midnight when the guests started to drop off and Quince, Mithos and Thunderbird could start cleaning things up behind the bar. We stuck around for support and Bluebell made sure Sundance never got to sit down. After Sweet Corn gave in for aching feet, Sundance and Bluebell were the last couple on the dance floor. They danced and laughed for another hour until it was time to go home.

All in all, the birthday party and the premiere had been everything we had hoped for. In fact, it had been more than we hoped for. The Blank Slate was exactly the new page our life story needed.

Chapter 1.13: A friend and a hero

Helping out in the uprisings was probably the best decision we had made in a very long time. First of all because it was something I enjoyed doing and I thought was important. And secondly because it kept me busy and prevented me from spending time feeling sorry for myself. And last, it meant I could once again spend time with Flax.

He had (of course) also been forced to move in to the district and ever since that TV-show there had been a barrier between us. It was as though the reactions to him bringing Sundance built a wall between us. I blamed him for making my kids go through the awful events and he did his best to stay out of my way. I guess he did feel a bit guilty about it.

With the new uprisings growing, I realized that it had never been his fault. I had simply felt the need to blame someone and he had been a good choice. Spending time with him again felt good and I knew he cared deeply for me and my children’s rights for a fair treatment in society. Besides we were quite alike each other in many other areas as well. It was a friendship meant to be, and the fact that we had tried to forget that was pretty sad. And now, it was all coming back to us.

Quince was always out on some “mission” after he had decided to join. He wanted to scout the outside and make friends among the colorfuls, he said. We let him be, he was old enough to know what he was doing. And he had color so no-one would intentionally harm him unless they realized what he was working for. And I knew they were careful.

Sweet Corn was still mad at us for forcing her to stay out of it and she longed for her birthday so that she would be old enough to also do something. I knew it killed her to just sit by when the rest of her family poured their heart and soul in to an uprising she couldn’t join. To keep her at least partly occupied Drover had brought home an easel and some canvases and paints. “Learn how colors work” he said and handed it over to her.

She probably knew it was just a distraction but she still spent her time in front of that easel. She painted her dream worlds, paintings where color and colorless worked in unison. Where it was possible to mix and match as you pleased.

Sundance kept silent as always and he stayed out of our way, minding his own business. Sometimes he sat with me and Flax and just listened to what we spoke about. Those times you could see that he gathered every word and every opinion in a compartment at the back of his head.

This was one of those times. Me and Flax was talking about the rumours Quince brought from the outside in a hushed tone while Sundance sat next to us and listened to every word. He never interrupted and never asked any questions, it was as though he understood that it was a dangerous topic and that we needed to keep it quiet.

Because of his quiet nature, it came as quite the suprise when he suddenly cried “Mithos!” and jumped up and rushed towards the young yellow boy.

“Hey there champ” Mithos said and ruffled Sundance’s usually well-combed hair. Mithos had instantly fallen in love with Sundance when he realized that was the boy who had been on the TV-show. And Sundance returned the feeling multiple times. Mithos was Sundance’s hero and one of the few ‘bows who had managed to drag him out of his shell.

“Did you bring us anything good?” Sundance wondered and almost made Mithos drop the basket he was carrying. Mithos never told him off or looked annoyed though, he just laughed and pulled a colorful wrapped chocolate bar up from the basket and handed it to Sundance, “Chocolate for the champ.”

“And now you need to talk to my mother, right?” Sundance smiled and ran off in to our home. I couldn’t help but to gasp, Mithos had a huge impact on my son. Well, in fact he had a huge impact on all of my kids, and me, but it was the most obvious when it came to Sundance.

“I brought some fruits and some bread” Mithos said once he had managed to get to us. It was brave of him, and probably a bit dumb, to cross the laws Mayor Bloom had set up and bring us food within the district. It was of course strictly forbidden. We had to our food ourself outside the district, with an increased cost of 200% because we lacked color. Since we were also forbidden to have any employment outside the district, that was pretty much impossible and we had to be happy with the small food deliveries Fondant Fields officially did to us.

Since Mithos started bringing us food, my kids looked healthier and we all felt happier and more hopeful.

“I can’t thank you enough” I said and tried to master a look matching the thankfulness within my body. I probably didn’t succeed very well.

“One has to do what he can, right?” Mithos smiled. I spent a short moment thinking about the fact that he was the second teenager to fuel the hope within me. The first was sitting next to me, all grown up. Imagine what the world could be like if every ‘bow was as naive and energetic as those teenagers. It would sure be a better place.

“Is Quince out again?” Mithos asked and brought me back to reality.

“Isn’t he always?” I nodded. “He should probably be back soon, though. He just went to say hey to Bluebell”

“Right, I’ll wait then” he said and sat down with us. He was not only Sundance’s hero and idol, he was also one of Quince’s best friends. Actually, Quince had met all of his friends except Bluebell through Mithos so it made a lot of sense.

While we waited, Mithos filled us in on the latest rumours and gossip about colorless and their rights. Apparantly, the support for Whites had been growing rapidly the past few weeks and just in the last two days we had gained 50 new members. The downside was, that for every new member we officially gained, the antagonists gained two. So even if we grew, it still wasn’t enough to put ruling thoughts and opinions to rest.

“Although, they obviously don’t know of the support we have here, within the walls” Mithos added and I felt a flicker of hope. There was still a chance.

Quince came back just a while later and by the sight of Mithos his face lit up in a big smile, which was instantly reflected. “Hey Quincie!” Mithos said and pucnhed him jokingly in the chest. The two of them were the best of friends.

I walked up to my oldest son and gave him a hug, “You look happy today”.

“I am” he said happily. “Thunderbird has the most awesome idea!”

We waited for him to continue and when he finally did I could barely believe my ears. I understood that it wouldn’t exactly be allowed and that it was something the four boys would have to work on in secret. They had to be very careful with this.

Maybe I should have said no. I probably should. But I didn’t, the possibilities it would bring for colorless was far too tempting. So instead I found myself supporting them. I promised I would help them get the pub going. It would be the perfect place for Whites and our supporters to hold meetings and plan for a better future. I was excited.

AN: Thunderbird is the red berry who came with Mithos to District 0 in the previous chapter.

So, Mallow’s generation is over. I consider the two nurseries built for the kids as the expansion to the house. While they may be minor I found it hard to do much else in this first generation. I also built the gym she’s using within the first days of game play. Her luxury roll was fulfilled with a luxury bathroom. 🙂 I’m sorry for not involving those two rolls more in the story. I’ll get better with that!

Chapter 1.12: New friends

“Who’s that?” Drover whispered and pointed towards three colorful figures further away. It rarely happened that colorful ‘bows visited District 0 and when they did, whispers like Drover’s were common among us colorless. I had never seen them before, and judging by their clean looks they were new to the district.

They seemed to be about fourteen years old, give or take a few years. Probably just a bit older than Quince, actually. But the way they moved made them seem older. They were confident, upright and curious. Their eyes was greedily scanning off the grey surroundings.

“Hey there!” I shouted after them and the few colorless that had been out hurried in to their homes in fear.

“Hey yourself!” One of them shouted back and they started walking towards us.

“It’s you!” They stopped dead and stared at me.

“Uhm, hi?” I said fumbling.

“Oh Berry! I can’t believe it’s you!”

I looked confused at the young guy in front of me and Drover slipped his hand in to mine.

“You’re Marshmallow Puff, ye?” The yellow guy asked, as if it was a way of explaining himself. Silly, I obviously knew who I was, I just didn’t know who they were, or why they knew me.

“I’m Mithos” he said and stretched his hand out in a friendly gesture. As I took it to formally introduce myself he pulled me closer and whispered in my ear: “It’s starting again, it’s happening.” He then let go off my hand and looked around. “Some hot chocolate would be great, thanks for the offer.”

“What?” I felt really, really confused.

“After you” he continued and motioned for me to start moving.

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but somehow we did end up in our home with a cup of chocolate in front of us. The three young guys looked curious and mysterious.

“What’s happening?” Drover demanded to know once we were settled and felt safe.

Before they had time to answer our kids came bursting through the front door, laughing and joking with each other. By the sight of the three unknown boys in our kitchen they stopped dead. They knew that unknown colorful people in District 0 usually meant trouble and their faces went from happy to worried in an instant. Quince took a step forward so that he was standing between the three boys and the twins. “Who are they?” he wondered.

“They’re from the outside” I explained. “They were just about to tell us something.” My kids all stayed to listen, still in a safe distance from our guests.

“The uprising! There’s a buzz all around Fondant Fields, people are starting to question District 0!” One of the guys, who we still didn’t have a name on, suddenly said and smiled widely.

“Uprising?” Quince’s face lit up in a big smile.

“Ya, we just need help from the inside and we wanted to find Flax and you” Mithos said and looked at me.

“I’m in!” Quince said eagerly and almost jumped at the spot in excitement. Neither me or Drover knew how to (or even if) we should correct him and talk him out of it. Uprisings? It sounded dangerous, but it was also what we had taught our kids through their childhood that they should fight for.

Drover squeazed my hand and smiled, “So are we. And Flax will be too.”

The three guys all smiled and thanked us a hundred times before they left that day. Our task was fairly simple, all we had to do was to convince our neighbours in the district to get on the train. It would be simple enough, wouldn’t it?

“NO! You are not taking part in this!” I said for the millionth time that same night. Sundance and Sweet Corn thought it was the most unfair thing ever that they weren’t allowed to help in the uprisings. In mine and Drover’s opinion they were too young with their 9 years. Fact was, Quince was probably too young as well and he was four years older. It was impossible to talk him out of it, though.

“But why can Quince do it?” Sweet Corn wondered and flapped her eyelashes.

“Because he is older than you! End of discussion!” It was uncommon for me to need to raise my voice against any of the twins and I had a slight feeling of guilt when I saw their sad faces. That didn’t mean that I would change my mind in the matter, though.

“That’s so unfair” Sweet Corn muttered and tugged at Sundance’s arm to make him move with her. He hesitated for a moment before he decided to follow her. Sweet Corn stomped extra hard at every step, to really manifest how irritated she was with my desicion. Sundance followe with light steps, not looking too bothered at all.

Drover took my hands, he must have seen how hard it was on me to upset my kids. “We did the right thing” he said. “Remember what happened the last time we let Sundance join the campaign.”

The memory pierced my heart like a knife. My poor baby boy. I couldn’t help to wonder if his silent, fragile character had anything to do with our desicion to use him as a statue for the rebellion.

“This is Sundance” Flax said and helped my son to wave towards the TV cameras and right through our screens. Murmur broke loose in the studio and the host asked a few questions about where my son was from and why Flax had decided to bring him. The debate was not much about politics, but rather about my son’s appearance and whether the fact that white transferred along with yellow was positive or negative.

After the show a whole group of antagonists had gathered outside the studio and as Flax came out through the doors they spat Sundance right in the face. “FREAK!” they called after the two of them as Flax tried his best to protect Sundance while he hurried off.

“The boy we saw on TV last night is a true shame for our kind” Mayor Bloom said in a speech the next day. “I promise to do my best to keep you pure ‘bows safe from this plague. No one should have to endour the look of that colorless skin. It’s a shame that they have been allowed to breed and I will work towards purifying our kind. I promise to cure us!”

The speech was already a classic, well-known speech and had been broadcasted several times after that first time. We had managed to keep our kids from seeing it for a long, long time but we couldn’t keep it from them forever.

“Is it my fault, mom?” Sundance asked after he had seen it. “District 0, is it my fault? Are we here because of me?”

I remembered the question very well, a bit too well. He had never really gone back to his old self after that and I knew he had a great guilt on his shoulders. It didn’t matter that we told him time after time that he had nothing to do with it. He seemed so sure that he was the ultimate pest.

There was no way we could risk such a thing again. No way.

Chapter 1.11: District 0

I looked out through my window and saw the grey concrete world I had come to be used to. Not happy or comfortable with, just used to. There wasn’t a single feeling of positive vibes of it. It was where we lived, but it didn’t feel like home. In truth, it felt more like the prison it was.

It was exactly five years since the day they brought us here. My kids had spent their entire childhood surrounded by high concrete walls that secluded us from the rest of Fondant Fields. Within District 0 everything was colorless, even the berries. I knew it was colorful on the outside and I would never forget about the town that was real home, even though it had kicked me out its door.

The anniversaries was always the hardest days. I missed Fondant Fields. I missed my colorful friends. I missed my job.

I woke up several times during the anniversary nights, always drenched in sweat and tears. Always the same dream:

I’m sleeping peacefully in my own bedroom, next to my big love Drover.

My children are laying in their cribs in the adjacent rooms, having fallen asleep many hours ago.

The sound of wood breaking as my front door gets kicked in suddenly wakes me up. A deep, angry voice, “We’re here to get you, vanilla freaks” sends shivers through my body.

Both me and Drover hurries out of bed to find our children in the arm’s of strangers in uniforms. Them. The antagonists.

They beat us up and tie our hands behind our backs and pushes us out of our home, in to a car and drives off.

I open my eyes and see the high concrete walls, realizing there is no way to get out of here since the gates are locked with sturdy locks.

This is were I wake up. The dream is an exact projection of the last minutes of our old life. And the place I was taken to, is where I now live and have lived for the past five years. It’s a prison, a ghetto. It’s their way of getting rid of us and making sure we won’t mix our colorless genes with the “real berries”. District 0.

Maybe we should have seen it coming. Mayor Bloom openly and officially built the ghetto to house berries ill in epidemics during his first election period (as far as I know, there was never any epidemic). He also fueled the grudge against colorless in all ways he could think of. And he was mighty successful.

I didn’t see it back then because I was too busy worrying about the colorless children I had given birth to. And Flax did what he could, but bringing Sundance to the live broadcasted TV show backfired. When our neighbours found out that Sundance was white because his genes had been passed on he was immediately classified as a freak, along with his mother – me.

After that, all we could do was to fight as best as we could, even though it felt like we had our hands tied to our backs.

When Mayor Bloom was re-elected the real terror begun. First, I lost my job. Then Drover lost his because he sympathized with me. I suppose several minor steps was taken to finally come to the point where we were waken up in the middle of the night and forced to move inside the concrete walls.

I can’t believe it’s been five years already. The kids go to school during the days and even though their education is beneath contempt, I’m glad they get to leave the house and just be with people of their own age. Drover works within the district, his nursing skills is high in demand and he trades his services for food and books. I have not much use of my work experiences but I help where I can.

We are allowed to go freely outside the walls, as long as we are back before they lock the gates at 9pm. Curfew, can you believe it? The worst part is that Fondant Fields seems happy with this solution. They are finally free of the colorless plague.

“Mooom, we are home!” Quince opens our front door and rushes in to tackle me with a hug. I suppose the love and bonds within our family are one of the few positive things about this whole, stupid situation. We wouldn’t survive this if we didn’t stand up for each other, so we did.

“How was school?” I asked, trying to sound happy and interested. I wanted them to think they had a decent childhood, even if I also made sure to let them know they deserved better than this.

“Same as always” they all replied in unison.

“Can we go outside the district today?” Quince asked. I often wondered if he remembered anything from before we moved here or if it was just a matter of jealousy for the life Bluebell could live. Pixie and Bluebell still lived on the outside and that little girl had a much better life than my kids. No wonder my son was jealous, really.

We went to the park, where we met up with Pixie and Bluebell. While it was lovely to come outside, it also hurt to think of all the things we missed. Pixie had the same troublesome, sad look in her eyes that she had sported ever since my family were transferred to District 0. “How are you?” she wondered and hugged me tight. I shrugged, it was as it was.

The kids ran off to play and me and Pixie sat down on a bench in the park. Some people took detours around me and the kids in fear of being polluted with some strange diseases they imagined lived within our bodies. It all hurt so much.

“I walked by your house yesterday” Pixie said and I could see tears forming in her eyes. “It’s still empty and dusty and no one has even bothered putting the furniture back in place. It’s a mess!”

I teared up by the thought of my lovely little home left as it was when we were forced away from it. We still had clothes in the wardrobes and there was probably still food rotting in the fridge. It was surrealistic in a way.

“Oh sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned it. I just… I don’t know. This is so stupid!”

“It’ll change eventually. It won’t be forever.” I said it more to comfort myself than Pixie. I had to believe it would change or there was no way I would be able to keep fighting.

“Mom, look at me!” Sweet Corn yelled and swung higher and higher on the colorful swing. She was dressed in yellow. We did what colorless berries had done in all time, we dressed her up in color to try and hide the truth. Didn’t matter much where we lived, but it still felt a bit better. She was still happy, always so satisfied with life and everything. She seemed so fragile and I dreaded the day she would break.

“Be careful Sweets!” Quince called out after her before I had time to say anything. He was such a good big brother, always looking after his siblings and making sure they were alright. I think it was because he was colorful and they were not. He had proudly stated three years ago that no one was ever going to harm them if he was around. Until this day, he had lived by that word.

Sundance was watching the others play from a distance. I knew he looked up to his elder brother and he was never as happy as when they allowed him to join their games. Just watching kept him happy, though. He was more the quiet kind. Probably the one of my kids I should really be worrying about because he didn’t seem to have the confidence that Quince and Sweet Corn had. At least he had that yellow hair to keep him somewhat safe, though.

“Look, this is what it could be” Pixie complained and threw her hands out in front of her. I nodded silently.

“Mom?” Sundance was suddenly standing right in front of me.


“What time is it. It’s getting dark…” He pointed towards the sky and I looked at my watch only to see that we had about fifteen minutes to get back home. I didn’t even dare to think about what would happen if we missed it. My father didn’t need any new neighbours anytime soon.

“Kids, we better run!” I shouted and they all understood at once and started running with me. We had to get back home in time.

“I was starting to worry for you” Drover said as we reached our barrack. He kissed me and gave each of the kids a hug each. It was very, very important for us to stick together as a real family in these times.

Chapter 1.10: Thoughtless

I was pretty much a lifeless, depressed bundle of misery. I laid curled up on the bed and cried. All the happiness we had felt over the twins arrival was gone. POOF! It had vanished as soon as I laid my eyes on them for the first time.

Sweet Corn Twist and Sundance Twist.

They where white. As white as they could be, actually. Drover hugged me tight before they were shown to me, and said: “They are perfect!”

As soon as I saw them in their cribs I started crying. I literally collapsed in a heap on the floor and cried. It was the worst thing that could have happened. Colorless babies. Failures. Freaks.

When Quince was born, I was so sure that all my worries had been in vain. That it was actually impossible for white genes to pass on unless a rare mutation took place. I hadn’t even worried about it during this pregnancy. I had been completely unprepared.

“It’s gonna be alright” Drover promised.

“They are perfect just the way they are” Pixie tried.

“I’ll win this time, they will have a good life” Flax said.

It didn’t matter. I couldn’t listen to them. I hated myself too much. It had been selfish and thoughtless to even consider kids. Breeding on my white genes, it was plain stupid and I cried and cried and cried for all the hurt I would cause my children. It was all my fault.

“You have to start going up” Drover complained and sat on the edge of the bed. “I can’t do this alone, Mallow. I need you. Please, please, please. I need you!”

“It’s my fault” I answered sullenly. “You shouldn’t need to have colorless kids.”

“The kids are fine!” Drover suddenly yelled and stood up. “I don’t mind having white kids, they are lovely. But you. THIS! I shouldn’t need this, Mallow! You have to get up. You have to fight. That’s who you are. How can you have forgot? Where is the strong, confident and forceful girl I fell in love with? Because this isn’t her!” He slammed the door when he went out, and the walls shook. My fireman’s coat hanging on a hook by the door fell down and I cried some more.

It was what I needed, though. Within a few hours I had managed to get up from the bed and take a shower. I still felt a bit guilty but there was also another feeling rising within me. Something that would probably be described just the way Drover described me. It was strength, confidence and force. If anyone should stand up for those two colorless babies, it had to be me. I had to fight for them.

It wasn’t exactly turning the world upside-down, but we took small steps. I did what my parents had done with me: I took my children with me around the town, like any normal family and ignored the hateful, disgusted looks we got. I refused to let anyone look down on my children. They were fine, just the way they were!

Flax loved the twins with all his heart. He was spending so much time with them, it almost felt as though he was the father. Drover was constantly working so Flax came over every day to give me an extra hand with the two. It was probably their whiteness that made him feel so attached to them. In his mind, they were the best thing that could have happened because we need more colorless sims to prove our statements.

I liked having him around because he was so positive and so certain that we were moving forward. His faith and hope had a way of rubbing off and I always felt better at heart after spending time with him.

When the kids slept we would talk about the future of Whites or the future of my children and he would assure me that things were starting to look better. He had a way of calming me down, even when I had strikes of sadness or despair.

Except for Pixie, he was my best friend.

Whites had lost some members after the previous election and we pretty much had to start over. Only that this time, we knew a lot more about the actual process. Failure is, even though it’s a cliche, the best way to success. “I think we shall play it more strategic this time” Flax said and explained that our former protests probably had done more harm than good because they made us seem violent. Not that we had been, but since colorless scared the regular ‘bow, so did our protests.

“So what shall we do then?” I asked, knowing that I couldn’t provide with a lot of time, since I had my family to care for.

“I think what you and Drover are currently doing are the best thing” he replied and smiled. “We have to provide facts to that colorless are just as real as any other berry. And I think Sundance and Sweet Corn are the perfect proof. I think they are a true blessing.”

A blessing. It had never considered their whiteness that way before. But maybe Flax was right, maybe they were a blessing. If only we could make the town see that my twins were perfect and adorable and certainly not a failure. If only!

“Who’s the best colorless baby ever? Who is it, who is it?” Flax rubbed his nose against Sundance’s. It was nice to watch them. Flax was a natural with kids and Sundance was Flax’s favourite, don’t ask me why. For some reason, Flax was certain that Sundance would be the one to mend Fondant Fields. To Flax, Sundance was the savior.

To me, Flax was the final thing to get me back to my old true self. The one who believed the world could change. The one who wouldn’t stop fighting for what she knew was right. And for that, I was him forever grateful.

“I was invited to a debate that will be broadcasted on national TV tomorrow” Flax told me the day of the twins birthday. It was closing in towards the next election and Flax was pretty much seen all around town, thanks to Whites campaign. Usually, we would just be left out in all the debates about the election, so him being invited was a huge thing and he was pretty much shining with joy and pride.

“That’s great” I said and pulled him in for a hug.

Flax responded to the hug halfheartedly before he released me. He took a firm grip of my shoulders and looked deep in to my eyes. I almost blushed by the pure act. “I want to bring Sundance” he said slow and clear.

“Bring Sundance?!”

“Just look at him! He is white and yellow. He’s the perfect mix of colorless and color. And he is the cutest thing! No one can ignore his charm, I promise!”

“… I don’t know” I responded and a hundred thoughts of what could happen to my baby rushed through my head. There was no way I was going to let him and I felt irritated about the fact that he even dared to think I would risk my kid’s safety like that.

Obviously, there was a point in Flax’s argument. Sundance was white and yellow. He was a mix, a boy with genes passed on.

Somehow, it hurt less with Sundance because he had that yellow hair. There was color in him. Sweet Corn, on the other side, was just like me. Plain, blank, colorless and white. And that scared me more than anything. Her whole life she would have to go through what I went through, but even worse. My poor little baby girl.

She was a happy child. She had the most amazing laughter you can imagine. If champagne bubbles would laugh, that’s how it would sound. I knew that would most certainly change, she wouldn’t have much reasons to laugh when society locks her up in some special school and prevents her from seeing others her own age. I wondered what that would do to her?

When our guests had left the house later that evening I was cleaning the house like a maniac. I needed dull work to keep my head off the troubling thoughts that had started with Flax’s suggestion. It was a lot easier to wipe imaginary spots off the kitchen counters than to come up with an answer for Flax.

“What’s the matter baby?” Drover asked, knowing me well enough to tell I was upset about something. I sighed deep and told him about Flax’s suggestion.

“I know what you mean” Drover said once I was done complaining about the fact that one of my best friends thought risking my babies well-being was worth it. “But I also think it’s worth it. I mean, look at him. He’ll make a great statue!”

And that was that. Sundance would be going to the TV-studio with Flax the very next day.

Chapter 1.9: Maybe he’s born with it?

As a matter of fact, it turned out that all my worries had been for nothing. Quince Twist was born with a lovely yellow skin tone. Every time I laid my eyes on him, I was filled with a feeling so warm and so soft that it should have been illegal to even feel that way. And the sounds he could make, you should have heard them! He was a truly amazing and perfect little berry.

If I had thought little Bluebell smelled good, it was nothing compared to what I felt when I sniffed my own baby boy. I got some time off work for maternity leave and I could spend every hour of the first days in his room, just watching him sleep. The soft rising of his chest as he breathed made me calm and relaxed. His yellow skin added to the feeling.

“Maybe they were right all this time” I said to him and he gurgled as though he had understood. “Maybe white can’t transfer, after all.”

I can’t describe how grateful I was that he didn’t have a single little trace of white genes. It meant I didn’t have to worry about him being bullied or secluded from society. It meant that our loss in the election didn’t strike as hard as it could have. At least my baby, my son, wouldn’t have to endour the humiliating aspects of being born the wrong color.

Me and Quince spent a lot of time together with Pixie and Bluebell. We had celebrated Bluebell’s first birthday just some months before Quince was born and she was an adorable little toddler. I still loved her to bits.

“Bluebell, this is Quince” I said and stood in front of the portable crib we had left at Pixie’s place. “He’ll be like a brother to you. And you’re gonna be the best friends ever.”

“Daa, yaaa” she answered in her baby talk. I understood that it meant Yes, that she wanted to be friends with Quince.

“Friends?” Pixie laughed. “They’re gonna be lovers!”

We exploded in laughter because the pure thought of our babies falling in love was so heart warming and desired that we didn’t even dare to wish for it. As long as they were friends, it would be more than enough. Not that we thought they would be able to avoid it, since we were pretty much constantly hanging out.

When we were getting close to celebrate Quince’s first birthday I had been starting to throw up again. Whoever said that white berries wasn’t able to even get pregnant clearly talked wihout any knowledge whatsoever. Drover barely even had to look at me without knocking me up, it seemed.

“Honey, are you alright?” Drover stood outside the door, which I had slammed shut when I felt the contents of my gut were on their way up. There was just some things he didn’t need to see. He sounded worried, even though I guessed he must have realized what it was all about.

“This is the last time I’ll let you make me go through this!” I called out between the vomiting. This time around, I wasn’t worried. Not that it helped me get through, it only made the vomiting part so much worse because there wasn’t any cloud of worry to cover the feeling of stomach acid stinging in my throat.

I didn’t shine in my pregnancy. I was a living wreck. Constantly throwing up and not getting enough sleep because Quince always decided he was hungry just as I had fallen asleep, meaning I had to get back up to feed him. It was a fair deal since Drover was working, but some days I had trouble seeing the fair part.

“We’re going to need to build another room” Drover said the day before Quince’s birthday and nodded towards my growing belly. He was right, we didn’t have enough room as it was, unless I gave up my home gym — which I refused to do. The problem was that we couldn’t afford it. I hadn’t been working at all for the last year because of Quince and Drover wasn’t exactly well payed as a nurse.

“It’s impossible” I stated and Drover nodded in agreement. It would most definately be tough but I just knew that somehow we would make it work.

When Quince aged up we both nearly died of surprise. The little guy in front of us was looking happily at us with blue eyes and his hair was shining in a bright red color. There was no trace of white in him, but it seemed as my dad’s genes had been passed on to him. My hormones made me cry. My beloved father was living on in the shape of a perfect, healthy little boy. I was so happy!

I brought Quince with me to visit my father the very next day. “Look dad” I said happy. “He looks so much like you. I’m sorry I haven’t visited you in a while, but I’ve been so busy, you know? First with Whites and everything and then this little fella came in to my life. And we’re expecting again.”

I smiled and I felt happy. I had nearly forgotten how much I enjoyed coming here to talk to my dad. I promised myself I would visit more often from now. Quince began to gurgle, as if he was also trying to talk to daddy. I waited until he was silent again until I myself continued. “His name is Quince. I promise to tell him everything about you.”

Drover was, no surprise, the perfect father. He would hurry home from work and spend as much time as he possibly could with Quince before we had to put him to bed. Their favourite activity was reading. It even seemed as though Quince picked up a bit of talking that way. Sometimes he would point at one of the pictures in the book and look up at Drover just to try and say the right word.

“Eeeep?” he said and looked at Drover, who nodded encouraging. “That’s right, it’s a mouse!” Don’t ask me how he could understand the fairly weak tries of speach, but he did. Everytime Quince heard the word Yes after trying something he lit up in a happy face and started clapping his hands. I just loved watching them.

What surprised me the most about Quince, was that he seemed to take on the standing norms and values of our berry world all natural. He would dive in to his toy box, rummage around for a while and then happily come toddling to me with a yellow and red toy in his hand. Never any other color. I wondered what caused it, why my son just wanted to play with toys in his own color. Maybe we were born with it?

I took it up with Pixie one day and she just laughed at me. “Nah, it’s just a coincidence that he likes that truck” she insured. “Bluebell plays with toys of all color!”

“Then, what if my son grows up to be like them? What if he will also reject colorless sims?”

“You’re crazy. He won’t, he as the most perfect mother he could ever dream of. And she happens to be colorless. He just likes that toy, it has nothing to with its color” she promised and I did feel a bit less worried afterwards.

Pixie worked as my personal midwife, since I wasn’t allowed at the public hospitals since I was white (We weren’t supposed to breed!) and she did checkups on me regularly. I don’t know exactly how it worked, but she placed her hands on my belly and pushed and felt. She listened in a stetoscope for heartbeats to make sure they were regular. “Here’s a foot” she said and I nodded, “Ye, I felt that kick. It kicks a lot, this one!” I stated.

“Uhm Mallow…” Pixie started and by the sound of her voice I could tell she didn’t have good news. I looked at her with worry. “Either this baby has four feet, or you’re having twins…”

“Twins?!” Just great! We could barely afford raising two kids and now we were having three. Just great…

AN: I just want to add that I did not change any of Quince’s genetics. He aged up as a bald toddler and when I went in to CAS to give him some hair I was mighty surprised to see it red. It comes from Mallow’s father, Apple. It was a really pleasant surprise. 😀

Chapter 1.8: Worries

“Ugh, stop the car!” I demanded and Minsk instantly pulled in to the side. He had barely stopped the car before I slammed the door open and threw myself out. I spilled the contents of my gut on the grass and wiped the sweat and leftover spews off with the back of my hand before I climbed back up in the truck.

“Sorry about that” I said, filled with shame. Not because I had thrown up, but because he had seen it.

“Are you alright?” Minsk asked worried. I refused to answer the question, because it must have been quite clear that I wasn’t.

“Just start the car, okay?” I said, remarkably annoyed over the fact that we were standing still because of me.

“You might wanna go check that, it’s been going on for some time now. Might be serious, you know?” Minsk probably meant well, even though I knew he was still annoyed by my white presence in the fire department. But check it up? Not really necesserary since I knew very well what it was. Not that I was going to tell him that, though. “Mhmm” I grunted in response, just to respond something.

Something serious? That was exactly what it was. Very serious, actually. So serious that I didn’t even know myself how to react to it. Pregnant? I had never even considered the option. Why would I? Being white and all..?

It scared me to death. Not so much the becoming a mother part, but the possibilty that this child inherited any of my white genes. I know they said it’s impossible, because my whiteness depends on mutations that won’t transfer, but it still scared me. As far as I knew, a white woman had never been pregnant before. There had never been any men interested in breeding on failures. Not the other way around either, for that matter.

“Drover…” I begun, voice only just able to make any sound at all.

“Yes hun” he replied, just as merrily as ever.

“Oh nevermind…” I couldn’t get myself to tell him. It wasn’t that I didn’t think he would approve or be happy. It was the opposite. I was afraid that he would indeed be happy and want to start planning a future with me. And he shouldn’t need to. I loved him too much to let him endure that.

Since Flax and our party Whites lost the election things had become even tougher for colorless. It had most likely been a reaction to the growing support of colorless’ that made Mayor Bloom decide to push even harder against colorless. His first change in law had been that we were no longer allowed to get married. Nor was colorless children allowed in public schools, instead he had started a special school for those colorless kids. Some people even thought it sounded good, but we saw through it. We realized that it wasn’t to protect us (as the supporters said) but rather the opposite. To seclude us.

How could I ever expect Drover to go through that?

“Don’t give me that” Drover said, obviously understanding that I did have something important to say. “Don’t scare me like this Mallow. Now you have me thinking it’s something serious!”

There it was again, the word! Serious.

“It is serious” I whispered, burying my face in my hands.

“What is it Mallow?”

I took a deep breath before deciding to just tell him, “I think I’m pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” Drover’s eyes shut wide open and it felt like a lifetime passed until he continued, “That’s wonderful!”

Yep, just the reaction I was scared of. I shut down my system when Drover started talking about us and the future, about the happy family we would be. I just couldn’t listen and it made me sad that I couldn’t share my fears of white genes with him. He wouldn’t understand, he just thought that this baby would be perfect. But I knew that even if we thought it was perfect even though it was white, most people would disagree.

“So, Pixie” I started just as she spun her attackers, shooting the little white plastic ball down my goal for the seventh time this game. “It seems as I’m pregnant”.

“Really?!” her happiness was pure and honest. “That’s lovely news, honey.”

I picked the ball up and placed it on the game board again and spun my middle row of players to start the game up again. I couldn’t take my eyes off the game because I didn’t want to let Pixie see the fear in my eyes. I didn’t consider the fact that Pixie knew me well enough to tell I wasn’t happy anyway.

“You’re not happy about it” she said. It wasn’t a question, just a matter of fact. “Why?”

“What if it’s white?” I worried and right after I poured my every worry and my worst fears out in front of my best friend. She provided as much comfort as she could, not that there was much to be said. It was as it was.

“You know” she said after a while and paused a moment in thoughts. “It might not actually be white, it could be true what they say. It might be all yellow. Or maybe blue or red, I mean because of your parents.”

“Maybe” I replied, still not convinced that this pregnancy wasn’t a curse. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be a mother, I had resigned myself to the idea already. But I knew what it was like growing up as a colorless berry and, for the love of the great, why would I want anyone else to go through that? It was even worse now. If this baby came out white, it wouldn’t even get to go to public school. It would be really pushed away from society, always forced to hide and not mix with colorful. It was a disgusting thought.

“You have to tell Drover about your worries, he deserves to know” Pixie demanded before I left that day. I knew she was right. But it was just so hard. He was so happy about this, I didn’t want to cloud his sky.

“But, it won’t be white, that’s impossible!” Drover said and hung on to what had been the truth for pretty much forever.

“Yea right. And colorless berries are failures and mutations and monsters!” I complained, trying the grumpy way to reason with him. I wanted to prove that the truth was very much in the observer’s eye and that the truth Fondant Fields knew, was far from the actual truth. I was no failure.

“But…” Drover started again but fell in to silence again. I sighed and felt tears burning in my eyes, I wasn’t sure if Drover would understand the importance of my feelings, I didn’t know if he was with Whites enough for this.

“If it does come out white, it won’t matter” he suddenly said and I looked at him confused and angry.

“Won’t matter?! It sure as Berry will matter ’cause everyone will hate it and then it’ll be bullied and before we know it, it’ll hate itself!” Pregnancy hormones made everything ten times worse and I was crying when I had finished the last sentence.

“Not everyone will hate it Mallow. And by the time it’s old enough for school and stuff Flax will be the mayor in town and we won’t have to worry. Besides I will love it with every little particle of my body, and so will Pixie and Flax.”

“And I” I sniffed.

“And that might just be enough” he finished.

The last few weeks before the pregnacy I was the same worrying mess again. I would go in to the nursery and just look around at all the yellow and white furniture in there. Drover had insisted that we kept white in the room even though that was what scared me the most. I didn’t want my baby to endour the disadvantages of being colorless.

“I promise to love you whatever color you are, little one” I said comforting and stroke my belly gently. I felt a respons in the form of a kick against my hands and I smiled. I knew we would love every bit of it, no matter what color it was.

Just moments later I started crying. It didn’t matter that we would love it. Not if it was born white. A baby needed support and it needed to be able to go to school and have friends and if this little one came out white it wouldn’t get those chances. I cursed myself for taking the risk.

Chapter 1.7: The election

It was an early morning when my phone buzzed and vibrated to life. The name Laser Lemon on the screen told me I was about to get some news on my best friend’s pregnancy. I hurried to answer, not yet knowing whether I should expect happy or sad news. I braced myself, “Hey Laser, ‘sup?” His tone immediately made me relax, it was a proud, happy Laser Lemon on the other end of the line.

“A girl, really?” I smiled widely at the news. Apparantly, Pixie had delivered a healthy, blue-skinned little angel just the other night and they now invited me over, to be the first one to meet her outside of the family. It was a big honor to me.

“Didn’t I tell you so?” I said and carefully lifted the little miracle up. She was the most precious little berry I had ever seen. She looked at me with her big eyes and flapped her long eye lashes and I felt how my heart basically melted. “Oh, Marshmallow will spoil you rotten, little miracle” I said and placed a light finger on her tiny, perfect nose.

I had heard how the smell of infants were special and magical, but I had never felt it myself. Until now. I couldn’t stop sniffing her or looking at her. When her little tiny hand reached for one of my fingers I thought my face would crack from the wide smile I formed.

I sighed happily and handed her over to the proud mother in front of me, my best friend Pixie. “She’s perfect Pixie!” I stated and Pixie stretched her back and hugged her baby tight. “I know she’s amazing” she sighed content. “I can’t believe I’m a mother, but then again it feels like she’s been her forever and I would never cope a day without her.”

“What are you going to call her?” I wondered.

“I let Laser decide” she begun. “And he says she’s a Bluebell. Isn’t that the most perfect name ever?”

“It feels as though I was born to be a mother” Pixie said later as she was feeding little Bluebell.

“Maybe you were?” I replied, still having trouble to stop looking at the miracle in her arms. “I can’t really see myself as a mother, though.”

“What?! You would be a fantastic mother!” Pixie protested. “But now, you have to fill me in on what’s happening between you and Drover! It feels like I’ve missed a decade in your lives!”

I chuckled, she was right. With how sudden our relation had changed, she had indeed missed a lot! “Well, you know he moved in with me, right?” Pixie nodded and I continued, “I suppose it was meant to happen eventually. I mean, we were constantly hanging out. And I think I tried to suppress my feelings because you know, I’m white and he’s yellow and I shouldn’t get my hopes up. Yada, yada, you know? I mean, why would someone with color want to stand being with a colorless when things are as they are? But then, he isn’t like everyone else and when he asked me if he could move in I kind of went with it and kissed him.”

I continued by telling her how we had continued kissing and how good it felt. I even went in to some details that I won’t share here, but let’s just say, she knew very well were I and Drover was standing when we were done.

“Little Bluebell, I have to go to work now. But make sure you take care of your momma here alright? You’re a lucky girl to have such a mother” I cooed just before I left. It was hard leaving them. I just loved Pixie so much and Bluebell was a true joy to be around.

I could tell I would soon be back, possibly bringing Drover with me.

I still loved my job, but some days it was tough to drag myself there. Days like this, when a little blue-skinned perfect girl was left behind in my best friends’ house, for example. But in the end, someone had to make sure this town was safe from fires, right?

On a completely different note, Flax had celebrated his 18th birthday a couple of days ago and he was looking mighty good as an adult. With his charismatic skills I just knew he would be able to snare both one and two girls. He always had a smile on his face, even though the election coming up in a few weeks stressed him out.

“What if no-one votes for me?!” he freaked when he came to visit and I always calmed him down with saying he would at least get one vote, from me. And I usually added that I was fairly certain Drover would vote for him as well. This did usually calm him down a bit, ’cause even if he really wanted to be elected, he would at least manage to stay afloat if he at least got a couple of votes.

“You know, we actually do have a chance” he said a while later and I couldn’t help but smile. His mood changed as a rollercoaster nowadays.

“I know, last measurement showed us having quite a good chance” I agreed, referring to the measurement where Whites had placed at a much approved second place. We knew they were never certain these measurements, but that only fed our hopes. If we could place second in a measurement we were actually able to win!

“You know, I never would have done this if it weren’t for you” he suddenly said and smiled. “You are awesome, Marshmallow. Don’t you ever let someone tell you different.” I blushed because it wasn’t exactly everyday business to me to get such compliments. In fact, it hadn’t been that long since I got my first compliment outside of family. Life had definitely changed quite quickly for me.

The day of the election we gathered a whole group of Whites at my place to watch the counting of votes. It was a joyful, exciting evening and we watched the diagrammes change on my tv-screen slowly as more and more votes were counted.

As the bars changed, so did our moods. It would have been fun to watch from the outside. Happy faces – Sad faces – Happy Faces – Sad faces.

At first, it seemed as though it would be an even fight between Whites and Mayor Bloom, but as time passed by it got more and more clear to us that we weren’t going to win. You could feel how the tension in my livingroom made the air vibrate. Nobody said anything but we probably all had the same thought in mind: We failed.

Pomelo was the first to speak, “Oh well, there’s always another chance in two years, right?” That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and Flax jumped up, demanding to get Pomelo out of his sight. The disappointment laid like a shell all around him but it was the most clear in his eyes, which was tearing up.

Pomelo didn’t need to be told twice and was out of my house faster than you could have said Marshmallow Puff. I myself, tried my best to comfort Flax while the other members of Whites also started to make their leave. Soon, it was only me, Flax and Drover left. Being fairly alone calmed Flax down and eventually, he was calm enough to sit down again. I knew better than to try anything of the kind Pomelo had, as it would only put even more light on the fact that we didn’t win.

“Can I sleep on your couch tonight” Flax asked several hours later, after having cried, screamed and sat in silence. “I just don’t want to go out at all tonight.” I looked towards the bedroom door, where Drover had gone to sleep about an hour ago, before I nodded in response. That’s what friends do, stick up for each other.

“Thanks love” Flax said and gave me a peck on the cheek. After that he fell asleep almost instantly and I remained seated in the livingroom just watching him sleep for a while. Little Flax, all grown up.

Chapter 1.6: Take a chance

We spent nearly every waken moment working on Flax’s campaign. We knew just how important the election was, and just how much he could get done if he was elected. Not to mention, it was one of his biggest goals in life. We made sure everyone was constantly doing what they did best, whether that be sketching on our posters, talking to other berries or following the other parties campaigns. We had high hopes on the upcoming campaign and there was this feeling surrounding us: We might actually have a chance.

To top it all off, Pixie was expecting a little addition. I was so happy for her and Laser Lemon and I knew they would be the most amazing parents ever.

“It’s a girl, I just know it” I said after having one of my frequent conversations with the embryo. Pixie just laughed and pointed out that it was impossible for me to know since they didn’t even know themselves. But oh well, I just had a feeling that she would give birth to a beautiful blueskinned girl.

Drover was just as excited as I was about Pixie’s upcoming addition and was pretty much always around. He was like one of those girlfriends you have that always have good advices on how to handle the downsides of pregnancy and he always brought her ice-cream when one of her cravings hit. He was like a mix between best friend and boyfriend, I suppose.

If I wasn’t putting fires out, working with the campaign or spending time with Pixie and her soon to be baby, I was on the phone. Even though I wished to stay in the back of the whole political thing everybody kept pushing me forward and upwards. They needed me to be in the front line because Fondant Fields knew me. Both because of who my father was, but also because I had quickly proved myself as a brave and skilled firefighter. I was someone, even though my lack of color somehow blurred that image.

“So what do you say?” Flax asked me. To him, my opinions weighed heavy and he always wanted my support in the desicions needed to be done.

“I don’t know Flax… I think it’s better if our actions try to not upset the town. We have to prove our statement without stepping on their toes, you know?”

“I guess you’re right” he sighed. “But what should we do then?”

“Do we really need to do much more? We’ve done protests, TV-interviews and we have those lovely posters all over town” I answered, feeling less and less energetic for the whole campaign the more they kept dragging me to the front. I just wanted to tag along, you know?

“Way to be positive Marsh. No one agrees with us yet. I don’t exactly feel like getting zero votes!?”

“Calm down Flax. You won’t be getting zero votes. You know that. Many people agree with us and you know that too. I have to go now, okay? See you tomorrow, though.”

“Bye then.”

He hung up on me before I had even got the phone off my ear. Poor Flax, he was so stressed out about this all that he was starting to look less and less like himself. It was just that it was so important to him and I think his self-esteem was at stake. My doorbell rang just shortly after we finished our phone call and Drover smiled widely as he walked in:

“I’ve missed you” he said and I agreed, I had missed him too, even though it had only been a couple of hours since we last saw each other. Each time I looked at Drover I felt pride but I also felt insecure. I knew he was alive because of me, and that obviously made me proud of my actions, but insecure because I didn’t know if his feelings for me were true or just gratitude.

“Mallow” he started and took my hands in his. Tingles of joy shot through my body. It felt good, but in the same time I felt extremely defenseless and weak. How did I end up feeling like this with Drover? How did he manage to get me to expose myself in this way? “I was thinking… I might be rushing this now but. You know, I live with my brother. Brother! I’m 25 years old and I live with my brother!”

“Mhm” I said and swung our hands from left to right.

“So, since I spend most of my time here anyway, would you mind if I moved in?”

“You know Drover?” I asked, blushing because feelings I tried to suppress managed to break through. “There’s something I want to try.”

“And what’s that?” he wondered.

I took a chance, right there and then. Let it make or break, I thought. I leaned in and placed my white lips right on his warm, yellow, inviting ones. And boy it felt good.

“Uh, was that alright with you?” I mumbled afterwards, almost ashamed of myself for throwing myself over him like that.

“You can do that again, if you want to” he smiled.

And we did. Only that this time we hungered for more. All the insecurity that had been blurring that first kiss was as blown away now that we both knew that this was something that was okay (and sought after!) from both sides. My lips greedily explored his while my hands rubbed his back, exploring every inch of it. There was a passion and a curiosity to our every moves and I never wanted to let go.

Eventually, I did, obviously. It’s literally impossible to kiss forever, even though you know you want to.

“Was that a yes?” Drover winked and I suddenly remembered his initial question. “I think so” I said and that was that. Drover was officially movin in with me.

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The Radagast Family Legacy

My first try at The Random Legacy Challenge!


I'm Timothy, I'm 20 and I'll be sharing my Coleman Legacy with everyone.

Dancing On Rainbows

The Fantasy Rainbowcy

The Dubois Legacy

Follow The Dubois Family Through Love, Laughter & Tears

Fantasies in Color

A Supernatural Rainbowcy

The Lockwood Chronicle

The insanity arise...

Until Death do us Part

A The sims 3 Story

Picturesque Rainbowcy

A Picturesque Rainbowcy

The Rainbow Connection

My Rainbowcy DitFT for Sims 3