Heir Profiles


Traits: No sense of humour, Brave, Athletic, Ambitious, Disciplined

 Favourites: Tri-Tip Steak, Black, R&B

 Lifetime wish: Firefighter Super Hero

Marshmallow Puff Twist is a strong and confident woman. Her biggest goal in life has always been to become a firefighter and to bring justice for the mistreated colorless berries in Fondant Fields. When her story begins she has just earned an employment in the fire department and she starts focusing more on the second part of her life goal.


Traits: Loner, Clumsy, Unlucky, Natural Cook, Perfectionist

Favorites: Tofu Dog, Lime, Indie

Lifetime wish: The Culinary Librarian

Sundance is a quiet boy who prefers to stay on his own and watch others from a safe distance. He blames himself for the creation of District 0, because he was the one to really fuel the grudge when he was shown in a TV show. Since that day he has tried to stay in the shadow of Fondant Fields and does as little as he can to be seen. Despite his tries, he continously happens to be involved in trouble.



Traits: Neurotic, Commitment Issues, Snob, Flirty

Favorites: Kids, Falafel, Sea Foam

Lifetime Wish: Master Romancer

The firefighter career is not only an exciting path, but also a great way to find love for the night. “Hey, I’m a firefighter” works every time and Soda Pop finds joy in replacing one partner after the other. While she is certain true love is nothing but a myth, Soda Pop knows from experience that One Night Love exists, and is enough to keep you happy and satisfied. Another good thing about the firefighter career is that it pays good, giving you a chance to swim in luxury. Boys, money and pretty things – what more can a girl want?




Traits: Absent Minded, Adventurous, Vegetarian, Eccentric, Commitment Issues

Favorites: Hip-hop, Aqua, Frogs Legs

Lifetime Wish: Seasoned Traveler

Coral has always looked down on her mother’s lifestyle. Consumption, consumption, consumption  It annoys her that berries don’t take more responsibility of the planet they live on. Coral prefers to make use of the resources rather than exchange them for something better. She grows her own food, but not more than what she and her family can eat. She rarely throws stuff away and occasionally searches the dumpsters for perfectly usable stuff. During her time at University she meets a boy with about the same priorities as her and that is the start of a life-long relationship – far from the normal family life.




Traits: Couch Potato, Heavy Sleeper, Mooch, Insane, Flirty

Favorites: Hip Hop, Crêpes, Irish Green

Lifetime Wish: Visionary


Yew never had an easy time making friends. Most of the time, he just hung around with his elder adoptive brother but once the family settled in Fondant Fields and it became clear that Lava was a vampire who had very specific needs and ideas, Yew was left alone. Being surrounded by the chaos that characterized the Twist family got to him and he started acting in ways that seemed odd to the ones around him. Yew himself could never understand why no one else saw what he saw or heard the things he heard. In fact, he never really realized that others around him didn’t. He was pretty much trapped in his own world where things were far more normal than in the real world around him. His oddness aside, Yew is an ambitious young man with his mind set on great discoveries. He is a master with words and know that he will one day reveal to everyone just how messed up the world can be.




Traits: Virtuoso, Good, Workaholic, Daredevil

Favorites: Classical, Vegetarian Lobster Thermidor, Turquoise

Lifetime Wish:


Petite is a real daredevil who is used to getting her way. She’s determined and works hard towards her goals. Sometimes, she pushes people around and sometimes she puts herself i danger because she seeks adventures and adrenaline-kicks. Luckily for her, she always has her brother there to protect her and to stop her when she goes too far. Petite knows that she would never be the same if it weren’t for him. He is her best friend and her natural side-kick. When she really starts taking up the fight against the vampires it’s because she wants to keep him, and the rest of her family, safe. She’s had enough of the threats, of the bites and of the deaths and she’s determined to kill each and every one of the vampires – as soon as she has found a way to do so. 

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