Starring guests

The starring guests are listed here with the latest star at the top:

Jazzberry Cosmos Blush was made by cuteplumbbies. I love her creations and am so happy to star one of them here.

Jazzberry is an eccentric young man. He creates the Fluff Brew and becomes Petite’s friend when she starts being fascinated by the alchemical process and the big book Jazzberry inherited from his grandmother. Together they explore its contents.

He is first introduced in chapter 5.18.

tangerine-300Tangerine Blossom was made by nirar22, who is the writer of the Random Legacy The Kahekilis.

Tangerine runs a mental hospital in Isla Caramello and is a calm and trustworthy girl who does her best to help the poor berries who are plagued with mental illnesses. She is a good listener and very empathic. Her hospital is a sanctuary for those who need it.

She is first introduced in chapter 5.7.

jacintoJacinto White is a spare from the rainbowcy A Petal of Color by

Jacinto is a family-oriented and protective young man who does not fear stepping in whenever his family is in danger. He has a strong family bond that Yew somewhat envies. Jacinto likes most people, but there is something about Yew that keeps him on edge.

He is first introduced in chapter 5.2.

aquamarineAquamarine Spectrum is a spare from AriellA’s fantastic rainbowcy As the color wheel turns.

Aquamarine is a confident and proud young girl who wants nothing except a big family. She catches Yew’s interest the first time he sees her and after that he just can’t get enough of her. Since Aquamarine is also quite photogenic she ends up in pictures all over his home.

She is first introduced in chapter 5.1.

berrian-citrusBerrian Citrus is made by simswhen and won the Casting Call for Coral’s spouse.

Berrian is a traveler by heart and has a hard time settling down. When Coral first meets him it is love at first sight and the two have a chemistry that few berries ever get to experience. He seems to be constantly happy and always have a smile on his lips and a spark in his eyes.

He is first introduced in chapter 4.4.

romeoRomeo Parfait is a spare from Minty’s adorable Alfalfa legacy.

Romeo is a kind and generous berry who takes life as it comes. He always has a smile on his face. Coral meets him during her first day at University and they quickly becomes good friends and when Romeo introduces Coral to the rest of his friends it quickly puts a positive spin on Coral’s life.

He is first introduced in chapter 4.2.

preciousPrecious Pastry was a gift from my fiance. He doesn’t like The Sims very much so I’m extra grateful that he did this for me.

Precious origins from a wealthy family which got the brilliant idea of starting a bakery in the berry sweet world. He’s a rebellious man who has somewhat broken free of his family. Soda Pop soon learns that he’s not what she wished for.

He’s first introduced in chapter 3.4.

plumPlum Everlast is made by mileyrox159 and generously donated for the third generation of this story.

Plum is Soda Pop’s best friend and a real party princess. They both attend every party possible as well as take trips to nearby cities simply to party and to expand their sights. Together they live a life full of dance, juice, boys and long nights.

She’s first introduced in chapter 3.1.

Oceana Reef is created by smurfilssimblr. Her simblr is a big source of inspiration and color.

Oceana is a girl with very strong believs and she doesn’t fear to state her opinion in any matter. She’s been pushed aside from her own family just because of this. She’s still happy and always welcoms a night with partying. She’ll stand up for her friends in any matter.

She’s first introduced in chapter 2.7.

heliotropeHeliotrope Sourz is made by westrangers, whoes Sims 2 legacy  gives me a strong urge to play Sims 2.

Heliotrope origins from the richest and most powerful family in Fondant Fields. Along with his cousin Tiber, he rules the town with an iron fist. They are close friends with Mayor Bloom and their strong opinions about the lesser worth of colorless sims are well-known in town.

He’s first introduced in chapter 2.7.

Cinnamon Berry is a creation of Ayemee. Her story Coven is one of my favourites.

Cinnamon is a brave and determined young girl who works endlessly on solving a crime the Fondant Fields police tries to hide. She likes to keep to herself and doesn’t want to get anyone else involved in her dangerous task. Eventually, Sundance ends up as her side-kick.

She’s first introduced in chapter 2.2.

Mithos Spring is from Arrowleaf’s
amazing rainbowcy Chasing Rainbows.

Mithos is a rebellious, brave young man who fights as hard as he can to put a stop to District 0. He befriends the entire Twist family and soon becomes one of their most inspirational persons. He is the kind of person who trusts his own beliefs rather than anything else. He starts The Blank Slate along with Quince and two others.

He is first introduced in chapter 1.12.

Drover Meadow origins from vallau’s rainbowcy, he was one of my all-time favourite toddlers.

Drover is an energetic man with a heart of gold. He used to detest colorless berries but when Marshmallow Puff saves him from dying in a big fire he reconsiders. He thereafter joins Flax’s rebellion group and starts fighting for colorless bows’ rights. He vows to always be by Mallow’s side.

He’s first introduced in chapter 1.4.

Pixie Flores origins from the talented writer and creator jazen.

Pixie is an ambitious nurse who quickly becomes one of Marshmallow Puff’s best friends. She’s the type of girl who always back her friends up and never abandons a friend (or foe) in need. She was one of the first to join the rebellious group fighting for colorless right’s in the community.

She’s first introduced in chapter 1.4.


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