Hey everyone!

It’s been ages since I last posted something here. Life has been really hectic since I finished Uni and got a full-time job. And in addition my computer broke down a few weeks ago and we just got it back. I had everything backed up, but when I reinstalled the game on the fixed computer my old saves won’t work. I’ve tried all the tricks I can think of, but I just don’t get it to work. It sucks so much. All the time I spent working on this story and the world surrounding it. 😦 At least I have got the saved sims to work so I plan on continuing with Gen 6 but in a new save. 

So, bloodline and genes are lost unfortunately. But at least I’ll be able to continue the story. Tomorrow is play day and hopefully it won’t matter too much that the family gets a new house and that I might skip some time. Better that than to let it go completely, right? 

I’m sorry it took me so long to post about this, but I’ve been quite sad about it. Now I’m happy that I got the sims to work so I can actually kind if continue. I might skip some of the plot ideas I had just because I think I’ll have to skip some time in the story, but I can always tell you some background information outside the story…

Sorry again. I’ll do my best to work around this!

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