Rate Rainbowcies

magic345w on the official Sims 3 forums got this brilliant idea about a thread dedicated to rate and review rainbowcies, legacies and challenges. Here’s the original thread. I offered to help her by creating polls for the hosted stories so that it’s also possible to rate them anonymously. And that’s where this blog post comes handy. Below is one poll per rainbowcy currently hosted in the original forum. Give them your rating, between 1 to 5.

Aurora family

- A Random Sims 3 Legacy

Harmony family

- a random rainbowcy

Sweet Treats

A DiFT inspired Rainbowcy

The Spires Legacy

A Random Rainbowcy

Ar Leith - A Random Legacy

A Collaborative Random Legacy

A Dove of a Different Color

A Random Rainbowcy

Brannon Random Legacy

A Random Rainbowcy

The Radagast Family Legacy

My first try at The Random Legacy Challenge!


I'm Timothy, I'm 20 and I'll be sharing my Coleman Legacy with everyone.

Dancing On Rainbows

The Fantasy Rainbowcy

The Dubois Legacy

Follow The Dubois Family Through Love, Laughter & Tears

Fantasies in Color

A Supernatural Rainbowcy

The Lockwood Chronicle

The insanity arise...

Until Death do us Part

A The sims 3 Story

Picturesque Rainbowcy

A Picturesque Rainbowcy

The Rainbow Connection

My Rainbowcy DitFT for Sims 3