Generation Summaries

This page may contain spoilers if you’re not caught up with the story!

Generation 1:

Mallow2Marshmallow Puff Twist was born colorless in a colorful world. Racism against colorless berries is well-spread and few dares to have different opinions. Marshmallow Puff works as a firefighter, which becomes her way of proving herself worthy despite her lack of color. Through her job she meets Drover who eventually becomes her partner and side-kick.

A rebellion formed by teenagers start to question the racism plaguing town but no matter the racism grows throughout Marshmallow’s life. It eventually leads to the point where Marshmallow Puff and her family are deported to a ghetto in the town’s outskirts along with the rest of the town’s colorless berries. It starts to look rather hopeless but her kids have all inherited the fighting spirit that is slowly falling off herself.

The generation ends with Marshmallow’s oldest son, Quince, opening a secret pub (The Blank Slate) together with his friends which quickly becomes a sanctuary for colorless berries and their supporters.

Generation 2:

sundance-2Sundance Twist is rather satisfied with his life within the district. It isn’t until his friend Affair gets killed without any consequenses that he joins the rebellion with his full heart. Together with his twin sister he begins to investigate the death of his friend in order to get some revenge. He soon runs in to a girl about his own age, Cinnamon, who’s doing the same thing and the two pair up. They soon learn that the rich and powerful Sourz family is behind the murder and their work starts evolving around framing the two guilty cousins. While doing this, Sundance constantly seems to get in to fights and get hurt. At one point a young girl – Oceana Reef – steps in and saves him from being beaten up. Sundance starts to meet this girl and soon falls in love with her. Oceana has a past, though, and it prevents them from being together. When she gets pregnant with his kids she swears to leave him once the kids are born in order to keep the kids safe. Despite Sundance’s efforts of making her change her mind she does leave him once the triplets are born and he is left to raise them by himself, while also trying to stay out of the Sourz way.

Generation 3:

soda-popSoda Pop Twist loves the way she looks. Her eyes are like diamonds and her body to die for. Ever since she was a teenager she has enjoyed playing with the boys, making them chase her only to shoot them down once she’s got what she wanted. It starts with the high school boy Lychee and moves on to her prom date Fandango – to whom she loses her virginity.

Together with her best friends Plum and Canary she continues to lives a life of parties and short love affairs. All she wants of life is fun. She finds a fun and exciting career as a firefighter, which she actually excels really well with. It also pays for trips to nearby towns where she hooks up with new men. Although, it is home in Fondant Fields she first meets Precious Pastry, who she sleeps with but ends up being walked out on. That event leads to Soda Pop constantly seeking revenge on Precious and she ends up searching for him in all ways she can come up with.

In Starburst Shores she meets Flamenco, who gets her pregnant with her first child Taxus. Soda Pop is not ready to settle down and be a mother, though, and poor Taxus grows up without much care at all. In Bridgeport she meets Lychee again, who gets her pregnant with her second child Coral. When she meets Precious again home in Fondant Fields she tries to trick him in to believing Coral is his daughter. He doesn’t buy it, but still goes to bed with her again and ends up becoming the father of her third child Bittersweet. Precious walks away again though and Soda Pop is left alone and hurt. She finds comfort in both Lychee’s and the vampire Thunderbird’s arms and soon ends up pregnant again. Lychee gives her two more children: Watermelon and Salmon, although he decides to live with another woman.

In the end, Soda Pop decides her life has never become what she wanted it to and when she starts getting wrinkles and gray hair she decides to stop her aging and tricks Thunderbird in to turning her in to a vampire – after which she leaves her children in care of themselves and is off to live with Thunderbird to adapt to her new lifeform.

Generation 4:

coralCoral Twist is an eco-friendly, vegeterian girl who was unwillingly forced to take care of her younger siblings when her mother turned in to a vampire and left the family to adapt. Not until her younger sister, and best friend, Bittersweet helps her to get in to Berryniversity does she leave the house. She’s hesitant at first but going to Uni quickly proves to be the best thing she could have possibly done. She meets Romeo who swiftly becomes her best friend and who introduces her to all of his friends. When she meets Berrian it’s love at first sight. The two are practically soulmates and quickly become inseparable.

Berrian has the travelers bug and takes Coral and her younger siblings around the world. Between some of their travels mysterious animal attacks starts to plague Fondant Fields and Coral and Bittersweet arranges a protest to prevent the townsfolk from hunting the animals down. Coral soon learns that the animal responsible is not an animal at all but rather her own mother, Soda Pop the vampire. Thunderbird tries to get her to feed on plasma, rather than blood and Soda Pop uses that to get him to give in to having a baby with her. Once little Lava is born Soda Pop quickly falls back in the habit of being an evil and impulsive vampire and to protect their son Thunderbird leaves him in Coral and Berrian’s care. Coral and Berrian adopts Lava as their own son and raises him alongside their own children, doing their best to give them all a decent childhood despite having to move from town to town trying to escape Soda Pop, who tries her best to get Lava back to be able to raise him like a real vampire.

Coral and Berrian gets four children together, Yew, Rhubarb, Lavender and Froly. In addition, Berrian also gets abducted by aliens and impregnated, which gives them Mulberry. Coral and Berrian raises their children with lots of love and without any pressure. The most important for them is that the kids all get a chance to find out who they really are, without their parents interfering in the process.

Generation 5:

yewYew Twist starts his story with moving to Isla Caramello with his best friend Sonic. The two spends most of their days enjoying the island life and checking out girls. Yew sees Aquamarine at the beach one day and she instantly catches his interest. He writes letters to his parents letting them know that he and Aquamarine have become a couple and are expecting a baby. It gets revealed that Yew has been imagining the whole relationship when he kidnaps the kid who he believes is his son.

After the kidnapping, Yew is sentenced to psychic care and gets hospitalized. At the treatment center, he meets Myrtle who immediately starts to imply that Yew is someone she has been waiting for. This undoubtedly makes Yew scared at first, but eventually the two becomes friends against all odds. Myrtle keeps on saying that she and Yew will fall in love and have babies, and that those babies will eventually help Lava get rid off the problem with his vampire mother.

In the end, Yew does fall in love with Myrtle and they get twins (Petite and Mars) together. Myrtle is stuck at the mental treatment center because she is considered to be incurable, but Yew is let out to care for the twins. He moves back to his old house with his parents where he raises the twins. After the twins’ first birthday, a vampire visits them and warns them about Lava and Soda Pop’s return. According to her, Soda Pop is after the babies. Of course, Yew swears to do whatever he can to keep his babies safe. That means moving to a secluded island and raising his children. Eventually, Yew and Myrtle have another son – Eden – and Yew’s job of keeping the kids safe gets harder as they age. In the end, he has to start letting them be free and find their own way of dealing with problems and life overall.

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