Chapter 6.3: Hard work

Screenshot-22I took my new mission very seriously and even though I had never really worked out before in my life, I had this idea that my body would immediately cooperate and become strong and powerful. Not without working for it, of course. I spent a lot of time trying to build both muscles, endurance and speed.

Screenshot-24Let’s just say I was wrong…

I had definitely thought it would be easier. I mean, all the sports-dorks at school made it seem so easy. I was so much smarter than them, yet it was incredibly hard for me to master the physical exercise. But, I was determined to succeed, so I kept working on it.

Screenshot-53We spent pretty much all of our time outside school to focus on the vampires and how to get rid of them. Mars scavenged the Internet for every forum thread that had ever been posted about vampires, and he read theoretical texts about the origins of vampires and the different myths surrounding them. It quickly became clear that the majority of berries around the world knew very little about vampires. It also became clear that vampires’ weaknesses and strengths differed a lot depending on what text you read, or what author it was. It would be a lot of work to figure out what was true and what was wrong and I was glad that I had put Mars on that, so that I only had to come with input whenever he needed it.

Mars was a mastermind when it came to doing tables and organizing things. He had put up a noteboard in our room where we gathered the things he had read and he had some kind of system worked out where he could see what things came back in several texts and what things were rare. It didn’t make perfect sense to me, but Mars knew exactly how to read his own work.

Screenshot-52We spent so much time on working with the vampires and getting ourselves ready to face them that many other things fell behind. I just didn’t have time for much else. I even wanted to stop going to school, but dad was already furious because my grades were dropping now that I didn’t have time to do my homework. He just didn’t understand, nothing was more important than my life quest.

“This is not everything, Petite!” he said. “Unless you get your grades up, I won’t let you workout so much.”

“This is everything!” I complained, but he just wouldn’t listen. And I knew then, that I would have to find a way to balance everything.

Screenshot-55Jazzberry had also become disappointed in my priorities. I hadn’t seen him since Cashmere’s death, because I didn’t think I had time to do so.

“We never tried Insomniac. It might help you.” I read Jazz’s message quickly before I got changed for my after-school workout. I had been so wrapped up in myself and my new quest that I had completely forgotten about the new brew we were going to try. And now that he had reminded me, I smiled. He was definitely right; if Insomniac worked, I wouldn’t need to waste time on sleeping and I could manage both working out and homework. It was definitely worth a try.

Screenshot-48When I came in to Jazzberry’s shed I was filled with a warm tinglig feeling. I had missed going here. I always felt happy and exctied when I was here, and it made me a bit sad to think that I had not been here for weeks.

“Let’s try it!” Jazz smiled and it was just as if those weeks when we barely spoke in school didn’t exist. He was still my best friend and he had already forgiven me for abandoning him. I made a mental note that I shouldn’t do it again. My life needed a friend like him.

I followed him back to the cauldron and watched as he threw minced wolfbane in to a already boiling transparent mixture. It crackled and sizzled and the mixture slowly turned in to a bright red colour. It looked poisonous and I remembered how Jazzberry had told me that the flowers we just added to the brew could kill us if we used too much. It was exciting, but scary, to think about soon drinking this for the first time.

Screenshot-49“I missed you” Jazzberry suddenly said while stirring the cauldron. His eyes just barely glanced in my direction and his voice didn’t change tone at all. He said it without any sign of emotion, but I still knew he meant it. And I realized that I had missed him too. I had missed him a lot, actually.

“I’ve missed you too” I said quietly. “I’m sorry. I really am.”

We didn’t say more about it, we didn’t need to because now we both knew that we were friends for real. That awkward beginning our relation had that was based on a pink and fluffy brew, had actually turned in to something real.

Screenshot-54When I came home later that day, Mars sat by the computer as usual. I looked at him and saw that he was tired, his eyes squinted at the screen and underneath them small dark circles had started to appear. I wondered when he latest saw Shamrock, and if they also missed each other behind all this vampire deal.

“There are so many idiots out there” Mars sighed and drew his hand through his hair. He always did that when he was annoyed. “Some things I read make me think we are the stupid ones because we actually believe in the vampires and then I realize that we are right. And these people are so certain that we are the idiots. How can they be so stubborn when they know so little?” He closed the laptop with a thump and sighed loudly.

“Have you seen Shamrock lately?” I asked instead of commenting on what Mars had just said.

“We had maths today.”

“Outside of school, I mean.” They were still not open with their love and the only times I had seen them kiss and hug were at Jazzberry’s place, whenever we took the Fluff Brew.

“Nah. Hadn’t had time” Mars replied and I could hear traces of sadness in his voice.

“Then go see him. We can’t devote all our time to this.”

Screenshot-56Mars never said anything about seeing Shamrock, but a few hours later he walked out the door and left and I was pretty sure he went to see him. It was quiet in the house, dad and Eden had gone to see mom and I decided to try the Insomniac brew. The liquid bubbled inside the small bottle and it felt like my intestines did the same inside my stomach. How could it be so exciting to drink something?

Screenshot-57 Screenshot-58I took a deep breath before drinking the new brew and as soon as I had swallowed it, I felt a rush throughout my body and my brain immediately felt so… alive.

Screenshot-23I changed in to my workout clothes and did a session of about an hour. Dad came home and shouted about homework shortly thereafter and I promised to complete them before I continued my workout. While dad read Eden goodnight, I took a quick shower and ate. Even though it was late afterwards, I still felt much awake and I knew I could stay up for hours more.

Mars got home and went straight to bed, and dad went to bed too. “Don’t forget your homework” he said.

Screenshot-59I struggled with homework in the middle of the night, but when I was done I still had energy for another workout. I realized that night that the Insomniac Brew would give my days another 10 hours, which meant I would have time for both school, vampire preparations, seeing Jazzberry and homework. This was revolutionary!

Screenshot-61A few weeks later it was time for Eden’s birthday. It was strange because I really loved my little brother, but I never really spent any time with him. Perhaps it was because me and Mars were so close that Eden ended up being rather alone. Perhaps it was because he was younger. I don’t know why, but I knew very little of my brother and I found myself surprised at the fact that her would become a teenager. My little baby brother would soon go through his first love, his first heartbreak and he would gain friends who made him do both fun and stupid things. He was about to grow big.

We decided to host a little party for him, and I invited Jazzberry to come celebrate the day together with our family. I suggested that Mars invited Shamrock too, but he wasn’t ready for that.

Screenshot-62 Screenshot-63Jazzberry came and were his regular goofy self. “I know it’s not your birthday, but I brought you flowers anyway” he smiled and jokingly fluttered his eyelashes up and down. I went along with the little game and let out a surprised little scream: “Oh Jazzie, you shouldn’t have! Oh, they’re beautiful!” And then we both laughed. I was glad that he was back in my everyday life.

Screenshot-65When it was time for Eden to blow the candles of the cake we all gathered and cheered for him. It was nice when we could have gatherings like this when no one thought about vampires, even if Lavender was unable to make it due to anxiety after what happened to Cashmere. So I guess that worry was still there, but it was overshadowed by joy and happiness for the birthday celebration.

Screenshot-66It was strange to see my little brother all grown up. I could definitely see him breaking a few hearts in the coming years, and I actually looked forward to seeing it. It was exciting with birthdays and time passing. I liked thinking about our family moving forward, because it meant we have lived through the vampire threat. Nothing made me happier.

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  1. Be careful Petite. No amount of brews will help when lack of sleep finally catches up with you.

  2. ashaluvschocolates

     /  August 4, 2015

    Petite needs to be careful though…………….and YAY!! 😀 😀 😀 Eden’s all grown up!

  3. I’m with ashaluvschocolates and heaven…Petite needs to be careful. All this training and preparation will be for naught if she damages her body and/or mind in the process. I do, however, admire her considerable determination and strength. Her heart is in the right place, which I think in the end will benefit her more than any amount of training can do.

    Love how you’re building up this generation, FruHurricane! I’m so excited to see where it all goes from here ^_^

  4. DreamWeaver

     /  August 7, 2015

    I found this blog about a week ago, and with school starting later this year I’ve been able to catch up fast! OMG I love your writing! ^_^ Anyone who says a blog can’t be as good as a book is dead wrong! I’m just starting to figure out this whole writing and actually sharing with other people thing, and I don’t want to be rude or anything, but could you maybe pop by my blog/site every once in a while and maybe give me some pointers?

    • Thanks for your comment, and welcome to my story! 🙂
      I’ve really enjoyed writing it but it takes quite some time. I’ll be happy to check out your blog too.

  5. Glad Petite realized she needed people in her life, too! Hopefully she doesn’t get in trouble using too much brew in her quest for perfection!

    Love it!


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