Chapter 5.11: Nausea and cookies

Screenshot-3265Myrtle loved the little puppy that lived at the center. Tangerine had brought it there to cheer the residents up, and for Myrtle it worked. She smiled and sweet-talked that little ball of fur as if it was her best friend.

Screenshot-3264“Who’s a cutie? Who’s a cutie?” she said in a silly voice. She was always being silly, I was used to that. However, I did not like that puppy as she did. Not that it wasn’t cute, because everyone thinks that puppies are cute. No, it was because it was blue. It reminded me so much about Sonic and it hurt to think that the little pointless furry thing was real, whereas my best friend was not. I wished it had been the other way around.

Screenshot-3262“Y’know, we could call it Sonic” Myrtle smiled. She tried to help because she knew how I felt. Of course, she also knew that I would never want to call the dog Sonic. There could be only one. Anyhow, it was a sweet gesture. “Or he could just keep Makro” she added after a while and smiled.

Screenshot-3259We had been an official couple for a few months only when Myrtle started to get morning sickness. “I didn’t see this in my visions” she groaned before kneeling before the toilet and letting out the contents of her gut.

You could not see it yet, but I didn’t need to. I knew because she knew. She was pregnant. It was happening. Future was coming.

Screenshot-3271 Screenshot-3276 Screenshot-3278Pregnancy was not easy for Myrtle. I had not experienced many pregnancies before. Not as closely as I experienced this one. But if every pregnancy was as hard as Myrtle’s, I couldn’t understand how there could be so many births. Myrtle walked with constant nausea and threw up several times each day. Also, she had cravings from another world.


When her cravings striked, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill for them. She’d do just about anything for a cookie. Just to throw it up as soon as she had swallowed it.

Screenshot-3281I loved her no less despite the new habits she grew. Just knowing that she went through this to deliver our child was enough to warm my heart and make me smile. I’d bring her as many cookies as I had to, just to keep her pleased.

“I never saw this fudging nausea in our future” she complained one day after having thrown up for the third time that day. “I hate not being prepared” she muttered.

“That’s how it is for everyone else” I smiled and stretched another cookie towards her. But she smashed it out of my hand and stomped on it, transforming it into a pile of crumbles.

Screenshot-3279“I never said I wanted to know how you all have it. I hate this. Fudge you for making me go through this, Yew Twist!”

Her mood swings were the one thing that I couldn’t stand about the pregnancy. We could be all fine one moment and the next she hated me and threw stuff at me. Tangerine said that it was normal, that Myrtle’s hormones went amok because her body worked hard to grow the fetus into a child. That I had to accept it, or at least ignore it.

Screenshot-3309Weeks passed and Myrtle’s belly grew. She became bigger for every day and it was hard to understand that it was our baby growing inside her that made her fat. With the speed she was getting bigger, our baby would be a giant once it was time.

Tangerine saw it too. “You’re growing big quickly” she said one morning and smiled. She was very kind and supportive and I think she looked forward to meeting the babies as much as we did. In some twisted way, she was our family too.

“You’re calling me fat?!” Myrtle complained loudly and made a pouty face. “I’m not fat. I’m fudging pregnant!”

Screenshot-3311“I’m not saying you’re fat, Myrtle. I know you’re pregnant. And you look great.”

Myrtle snorted and said nothing in reply. Instead, Tangerine spoke again: “I’d like to take you to a doctor, just to check on the baby. See that everything’s fine and so. It’s quite normal to do that.”

Screenshot-3310Myrtle snorted again, “I don’t need a doctor. I know that I’m fine. We’ll get healthy babies. I’ve seen it.”

I secretly rooted for Tangerine. Not because I thought there was something wrong with the baby, but because I thought perhaps a visit to the doctor could make it more real. Even though I knew there was a baby, my baby, inside Myrtle, I had trouble understanding it. It was surreal, I suppose.

Screenshot-3316Mom and dad started visiting frequently again when Myrtle was pregnant. They said they had missed me, but I knew they were only really looking forward to becoming grandparents. I couldn’t blame them. It was exciting, and they had always loved children. However, it was a bit nervous when they first came because when I introduced Myrtle as my girlfriend, she was already pregnant. They had of course seen her before, but never paid much attention to her because she had just been a cohabitant at the treatment center. Now, she was suddenly a big part of my life.

“It’s nice to meet you, Myrtle” dad said and stretched his hand towards her. He and mom were always so polite, and I wondered how that would turn out with Myrtle. She was… less polite and more impulsive.

Screenshot-3319“You too, gramps” she replied and smiled. “Y’know, you’re going to help Yew with these babies a lot because I cannot do much from here. They say I’m super sick so they’ll never let me out.” I held my breath, I wanted my parents to like Myrtle, but I was afraid that she’d scare them with her visions and her straightforwardness.

Screenshot-3315“We’ll do what we can” dad smiled. He seemed genuinely happy and I think that Myrtle had been approved at that point.

Screenshot-3324“Oouff” Myrtle bent forward in pain. “Those fudging kicks against the ribs” she muttered in pain.

“It’s kicking?” Dad looked at her curiously. His eyes almost sparkled.

“Yeah, it’ll break a bone in me one day. Wanna feel it?” Myrtle waited for no reply but took dad’s hand and placed it on her belly. “See, there. It’s pressing against you, can you feel it?”

Dad looked up at her and smiled. “This is so cool. I’ve always thought this is fascinating. A human inside a…” He stopped before finishing the sentence and looked at Myrtle with big eyes. He drew his hands to him self and looked terrified. “There’s… It has… Three?”

Screenshot-3321Myrtle placed her own hands on the belly and smiled peacefully. “Four hands, actually” she whispered. “We’re having twins.”

“Twins!?” It was news to me as well as to dad.

“Babies. Children. Always plural” Myrtle said and kept stroking her own belly. She looked content and happy and it made me a bit calmer.

After a moment the initial shock settled and I felt calmer. What difference could it make if there was one or two? I was going to be a father, that was all that mattered.

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