Chapter 5.10: Future

Hey everyone,

I am so sorry for the all too long time that has passed since the last chapter. I just haven’t had the time to write and I still don’t know how often I’ll be able to update. I have been playing both Yew and other saves during these weeks, but it has always been so short breaks in a stressy RL so it hasn’t been possible to sit and write any plot out. It’s unfortunate, because Yew’s story is so dear to me and I love writing it. Also, I love all the encouragement you have given me when it comes to his story and I really want to continue working on it. At least, here’s a chapter and I have more pictures so if all goes according to plan, I can do a couple more chapters before the summer.

I’m sorry. And I hope you stick with me and see the end of Yew’s story and the rest of the Twist’s generations. I love you all!

After the day when I had painted Sonic, I was back on my normal dose of pills. Tangerine made me aware that Sonic never came as long as I took those pills, but every once in a while she allowed me to skip the morning pills, and when she did, Sonic always came to visit. It’s hard to say when I started accepting the fact that perhaps I was crazy. Perhaps Sonic wasn’t real.

Even when accepting the fact of Sonic being a part of my imagination, the question remained who was to decide what was real. To me, Sonic was real. He was my best friend, imaginary or not.

Screenshot-3427“What do you mean when you say you see the truth?”

Me and Myrtle were sitting in the common room with Slate in the sofa facing us. Myrtle didn’t seem to care much whether he was around or not, but I found it incredibly disturbing to always have him following us around without ever saying a word. Myrtle, in fact, often asked him to join us and seemed to consider him a friend. Perhaps it was inevitable to become friends when you lived together for as long as they had done. After all, that was what had happened between me and Myrtle. We had become friends because we needed to, because there were no other friends to be gained.

“Just that” Myrtle replied. “I see all truths. Past, present and future.”

“That makes no sense” said I, having trouble to believe in what she said. That, even though I knew that things did not always make sense. Didn’t I, against all common knowledge, have both a vampire and an alien brother? I should know that the truth was so much more than what it seemed.

Myrtle chuckled. “I know. That’s why I’m here.” Slate smiled widely and nodded, as if he was trying to support Myrtle’s claim. Not that he was the most trustworthy person I knew.

Screenshot-3423“But what happened in the first place?” I questioned. “Why did they put you here?”

Myrtle hesitated before she answered and once she spoke again, her voice had no trace of her usual hysteria or sarcasm. “I see many things. Too many things. Every time I meet someone, I see their past, their present and their future and sometimes it’s hard to keep them apart. Y’know, it makes me sometime speake of memories that hasn’t been experienced yet. And that seems to freak people out.”

Myrtle paused for a brief moment, but soon continued speaking, “I don’t know what exactly happened to get me here. But I’m sure it had to do with futures my family refused to see. The destruction of the world. The raise of vampires. My parents’ divorce.” She paused again, which gave me time to reflect on her statement of vampires. “It scared them. They couldn’t understand me so they placed me here. It keeps happening. Tangerine tries to help me, but even she fails to understand what I’m capable of.”

Screenshot-3425“You said vampires,” said I and looked at her.

“Oh ya, I forgot. You know a bit of that. When I first saw vampires ruining our world it scared me. They turned everyone and in the end no ‘bows were left to make up the world we know.”


“Ya, your brother and grandmother.”

“Will Lava end this world?” I questioned again. I had forgot that I cared for him, but he was my first friend and we had been close during childhood. When I thought about it, I had only met Sonic after Lava left. Knowing what I knew now, I understood that Sonic had appeared because I lost Lava.

Screenshot-3424“At first it seemed as he would” Myrtle said quiet. “But he’s actually just a puppet and he’ll realize that eventually. When he does, he’ll come to us for help and we will help him. You, will help him.”


“Well, I can’t do much from here. I’m never getting out, but you are. Once our children are born, Tangerine will agree to let you out if you keep taking your meds. And you will, of course, because you’ll do anything for those kids.”

Her talk about our possible future kids didn’t scare me as much anymore. I guess I had become used to it, even if I still failed to see how it would happen. “And what will happen then?”

Myrtle closed her eyes and refrained from answering my question.

Screenshot-3422“What will happen?” I asked again.

“It’s dark, Yew. Somehow you and our children will help him but I can’t tell you how. I’ve learned that truth can hurt and sometimes I think you’re better off not knowing. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know either.”

“You won’t tell me?”

“You shouldn’t know.” Myrtle said no more, and instead stood up and left. Slate followed her and I was left alone in the common room, giving me the chance to process what I had just been told. I had never talked about Lava or Soda with Myrtle or Tangerine. There was no logic reason for her to even know that I had a vampire brother, and somehow that scared me. If she knew that, what else did she know about me? And what did it mean in regards of these children she spoke of?

Screenshot-3266With me accepting Sonic as a part of my imagination, I grew closer and closer to Myrtle. She was quite the character and the more I got to know her, the less irritating (and more cute) did her annoying characteristics get. She still ate all of her food with her bare hands. And she constantly talked with her mouth full of food, which often ended up in me brushing off crumbles that she unintentionally spat in my face. She farted and burped loudly and chuckled with pride whenever she did. And she still chuckled like a maniac whenever she laughed. It shouldn’t have been cute, but for some reason, I started to think that it was.

Screenshot-3066Eventually, it was hard to see why I had been so determined to not fall for her. It was hard to understand how I could have thought of her as anything but cute.

It was exciting and terrifying at the same time to fall in love. Falling was exactly what I did. It was uncontrollable, risky and I felt vulnerable. I opened myself to Myrtle in a way I had done to no-one but Sonic before. Compared to what I had thought to have with Aquamarine, this was an experience that I felt I had no control over. It was new to me.

Screenshot-3071Myrtle chuckled about it. She had been waiting for it to happen since I first arrived here and now that it did, she couldn’t stop teasing me about it. For some reason, that was cute too. It was easy to go from friends to lovers; to take one step closer when we talked to each other, to rest my eyes on her lips for a longer time, to wrap my arms around her waist and pull her body close to mine. It was all easy and there was nothing stopping us.

However, it was still not easy to accept all the things she said. “I’ll hate to see you leave” being the worst one. I could not see myself leaving her at all, now that I had started falling for her. However, I knew that she was probably right. She had been right about so many things before.

Screenshot-3070Life at the treatment centre changed when me and Myrtle became a couple. Tangerine was no longer worried about my hallucinations, instead she worried about the physical relation me and Myrtle developed. It was not common that residents at the centre fell in love. I understood that by how Tangerine hesitated in her decisions regarding me and Myrtle. She did not know if she should seperate us. She could not know if we helped each other or if we pulled each other further down in the mentally disturbed spiral that was our lives. She did not know because she could not feel what I felt. The loss of Sonic mattered less when I had Myrtle. Life was better and for the first time in many years, I looked forward to the future.

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  1. Squee! They’re going to make babies! I’m a little concerned with that little prophecy, though. O_O

  2. I hope Yew gets out of hell soon! (And yes, I think it’s hell – or at least Yew’s own personal hell – because they basically killed Sonic, who, even though he was an IF, was very important to Yew!)

  3. ladykicedance

     /  May 16, 2014

    I’m glad we got to learn more about why Myrtle is locked up in there. It’s sad to know she would be left behind and the whole propfecy thing kind of creeps me out. 😛

  4. Yew and Myrtle will make some cute babies! I bet we’re in for a interesting mix of colours this gen!

    Hmm, I’m a bit uncertain towards Myrtle’s little prophecy.

  5. I really enjoyed this chapter! The prophecy is worrying, though.

    I also like that even though Yew realizes that Sonic is imaginary he still cares for him and still wants to have him around. I know he’s only imaginary too, but I’ve really liked Sonic so it’s good that he wasn’t just dismissed and forgotten about.

    I am also looking forward to seeing what kind of babies Yew and Myrtle will make ^^

  6. nirar

     /  May 20, 2014

    Hmmm, well, it is good to hear that Lava eventually realizes he is nothing but a pawn, but oh dear! It sounds like he’ll help make quite a mess of things before that happens.

    Yew and Myrtle are so sweet together (I love how everything she does he finds *cute* now!), how sad that they won’t be able to remain together—since she is never getting out—but he is.

  7. Ah, acceptance at last. That’s got to hurt on a number of levels. Just knowing that he’s ‘crazy’, for one, but also that his best friend in the world is only a figment of his imagination…that’s a tough burden to bear.

    The rise of vampires, eh? I wonder what Myrtle has foreseen. If the present existence of vampires is what she saw, or if there is more coming.
    Oh, she answered my question. That doesn’t sound good :-/

  8. I think it’s good that Yew has realized Sonic is an imagination, but given that he made Sonic when he lost Lava, and now he’s lost Sonic so he’s attaching to Myrtle, it looks like Yew has attachment issues.
    Myrtle seems like a soothsayer, I think that’s tough on a person because a little surprise in life is a good thing. I think it would be so difficult to know what would happen all the time to everybody.


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