Chapter 5.8: Crazies

Screenshot-2670Tangerine woke me up early on my first morning at the treatment center and said that breakfast was served in the dining hall. It was confusing and scary to wake up at a place which was not my home and where I knew no one. I had not seen any of the other patients, but Tangerine had told me that there was currently two more full-time residents at this time.

I got dressed and walked down the stairs, towards the dining hall. I felt uneasy and uncomfortable and found myself wishing that Sonic had been there with me. Everything had been easier if Sonic was here too. A blue, furry little puppy came to greet me as I approached the dining hall but I couldn’t get myself to bend down and greet it back. I was simply too nervous.

Screenshot-2669It certainly didn’t help that one of the residents, a green girl with pointy ears and an undercut started laughing hysterically when I entered the dining hall. “Oh my berry, there you are. I’ve been wondering when you’d show up” she chuckled. I didn’t reply but instead went straight for the breakfast buffet. Everything about this place scared me.

The girl kept laughing when I dug in to my breakfast. She had a hysterical laughter that made me think she was crazy. Then I remembered where I was, and I decided that she was in fact crazy. Just as they thought I was. We were all crazy at this place. Except for Tangerine, of course. But then again, she had to be a bit crazy herself to be able to work with us.

“Myrtle, grab some breakfast instead of scaring our new friend” Tangerine said in a harsh voice. It got Myrtle to stop laughing out loud, but she kept an entertained smile on her lips as she grabbed herself some breakfast.

Screenshot-2671Except for Myrtle, there was also a black guy with an afro and sunglasses in the dining hall. He seemed to think it was hilarious that Myrtle laughed at me, and giggled himself.

“Let’s eat outside, Slate” Myrtle said and looked at the black guy, who said nothing but followed her outside. Like that, I was left on my own in the dining hall and I felt incredibly lonely. If those two were the ones I had to look forward to spending time with, this would not be a pleasant stay.

Screenshot-2673From inside the dining hall, I could see how Myrtle sat down casually on one of the picnic tables outside. With one foot on the bench she started eating her breakfast with her hands, “I don’t think Yew likes us” she said to Slate with her mouth full of food.

Slate looked at her with an empty look in his eyes and nodded lightly. Still, he said nothing. “He better get used to us. Or me, at least” Myrtle continued and filled her mouth with some more food. “And he will. I’ve seen it myself.” Slate smiled widely and nodded.

Screenshot-3031Somehow, I made it through breakfast and next I had a session with Tangerine. She showed me in to a small room containing a bookshelf, a lounging chair and an armchair. She pointed me towards the lounging chair and I sat down, a bit nervous of what was to come.

Screenshot-3032Tangerine asked me more questions of my past, of my relation to Aquamarine and about Sonic. I wondered when it was going to be my time to ask questions. My time to get answers. Though, I doubted it would come anytime soon. Aquamarine had sure succeeded in getting them all to think that I was some kind of psycho. In a way it was surrealistic. Nothing made sense.

“Why don’t you just ask Sonic about these things?” I said after the thirteenth question about our friendship. Clearly, they did not seem to care about the things I said, so perhaps it would be better to get them to talk to Sonic. Get his version of it all. There was no way they could argue that we were both nuts.

Screenshot-3033Tangerine leaned forward a bit. “That’s problematic, I’m afraid.” She seemed to hesitate a little before she went on. “You see Yew, we haven’t been able to find Sonic. There’s no record of his existence and…” Tangerine stopped talking and I lost my breath. They were the crazy ones, that was for sure now. How could she sit there, saying she wanted to help me, and yet denying the existence of the one person who could really prove my innocence? She had met him after all. He had been with me through this entire process.

“It’s hard for you to understand, isn’t it?” Tangerine looked at me again before standing. “I’m sure you will understand one day Yew. We will help you, that’s why you’re here.” I was angry and upset and sad and frustrated at the same time and didn’t know what to do. Clearly, my protests did little to help me. Perhaps I would be wiser to play their game.

Screenshot-3037Before I knew it, Tangerine had led me to another small room and placed me in a big machine that was going to “measure my brain activity”. The machine gave off a mechanical humming sound and the fact that it would soon be lowered towards my head to measure stuff going on in my brain was enough to drive me to the craziness they all accused me off. But, I would play their game. If that was my way out of here, I would.

Screenshot-3038Tangerine asked me questions of all kinds of things – for example my family, my house on the island, Sonic, Aquamarine, my interests and mostly then photographing – while the machine sent a blue light circling around my head. I did what I could to answer her questions truthfully, after all, there was nothing wrong with her questions.

Screenshot-3035“Hm, that’s interesting” Tangerine replied from time to time and scribbled down notes on a paper in her hands. After a short while, the blue light from the machine stopped and I was released from it.

“I’m going to be perfectly straight with you Yew” Tangerine said and looked down at her notes. “Your brain activity is severely heightened whenever we speak about Sonic and your photographing. More interestingly, it is the activity in your right brain half that shoots through the roof. When it comes to photography, that is somewhat expected since photography in its self is a creative activity. However, when you speak about your family your brain activity is divided almost equally between your two brain halves, with a little more activity on your left, logical, side. That being said, your brain seems to remember people mostly in a logical sense. The interesting thing is that any time we talk about Sonic, there is a majorly increased activity in your right brain half. That means you use a more creative approach when you think and talk about Sonic than you do of any other person.”

Screenshot-3036“Mhm?” I had heard what Tangerine had said but I could not understand what it meant.

“Yew, I think Sonic is a creation of your imagination” Tangerine stated after a short pause. “That explains why he is missing from your photos.”

Screenshot-2678After the session with Tangerine I only had to kill a small amount of time before Sonic came to visit. I showed him around the house quickly before we settled in a sofa on the second floor. “You’ve gotten yourself in to quite the mess” Sonic said. There was nothing I could do but agree. Things were definitely a mess.

“You have to get me out of here” I begged. “Aquamarine have them thinking I’m crazy. It must look as though I am, too. Sonic, you have to help me. You’re smart, you’ll figure something out. Right?”

Screenshot-2676“Oh my, you really are crazy” Myrtle stood by the sofa almost where Sonic was sitting and she stared at me with wide-open eyes. “Do you often talk to yourself?” she wondered.

“Do you often interrupt others’ business?” I countered.

“You’ll have to get a grip of yourself. Really. We can’t have our babies growing up in here. And they’ll never let me out.”

I only listened to what she was saying with half an ear because I was still trying to keep the conversation flowing with Sonic. I needed him to survive this place. I tried ignoring Myrtle and kept talking to Sonic, but she remained standing in front of us. After a while she started laughing at me again.

“Oh cheese” she said and caught her breath. I was already getting sick and tired of that hysterical and annoying laughter. “You are much worse than I’d thought you’d be. I had not seen this coming. You really do need the help.”

By then, Sonic stood up and left and I had just had it with her, “Why don’t you just leave me be?!” I screamed and went to hide in my own room. As I walked up the stairs I could hear her laughing after me. As if there was anything fun about anything at this place.

Screenshot-3039Later that day Lavender came to visit. She had grown so much since I last saw her and was now almost as tall as me. Her hair had grown tremendously and she was no longer the little sister I remembered. She was a fully grown up woman and I realized when I saw her that I had missed her. And the rest of the family, of course.

“How are you?” She wondered and smiled briefly.

“Dunno” I asked. It was the closest thing to an answer I could get.

Screenshot-3040“Mom and dad are making us all move here” she continued. “I bet Mulberry and Froly will come to visit you any day. Heck, even uncle Salmon and his family are moving here. And Watermelon and Bittersweet too. They’re making a great deal about this, y’know.”

“Why? To help me? Get me out?” I was still not sure if they were all playing a part in Aquamarine and Tangerine’s game or if they sincerely wanted to help me.

“Well… It doesn’t help that Lava is on a rampage back home either. In a way, we were all looking for a reason to get out of there. Until someone does something, Fondant Fields ain’t safe for no one. Salmon don’t want his kids to grow up there and none of us others want to start a family there. This place isn’t too bad. And I mean, you kind of need our support, I guess?”

Screenshot-3041“I need help to get out. And to get my son back” I replied truthfully.

Lavender sighed and rolled her eyes, “Stop that crap about your fudging son” she said. “You never had a son, just drop it already.”

“Hunter” I complained but Lavender just sighed again.

“If you truly believe that you’re in deeper shit than I thought.” Her mocking tone instantly reminded me of the little sister she was. Always putting herself in the spotlight, always complaining about whatever. She was still so much younger than me, in body and mind.

Screenshot-3042“No, seriously bro’, you need to get your shit together. This place ain’t no fun. There’s so much to do on this island it’s just a waste that you’re rottin’ away in ‘ere.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I pouted. There was no shit to get together. No way of me getting out of here unless they helped me. And right now, she wasn’t helping at all.

“I dunno what to do” Lavender sighed. “But you need to pull yourself together. Get outta this. Take whatever help they’re offerin’ you.”

I sighed. They were all part of the same plan. They were all convinced I was completely crazy. But I would get out of here, somehow. Get my son back, somehow. Even if that meant I had to play their stupid game. I had to become the crazy one.

Finally a new chapter! I just wanted to say that I know nothing about how Yew’s mental illness would look in real life. What I describe is simply a made-up condition. That being said, it does obviously have similarities with conditions that are existing in out world. Likewise, I don’t know exactly how left and right brain halves work and what their purpose is. I just wrote from whatever I could find on my first Google search and I am aware that it may not reflect any real facts. What I’m trying to say is that this is fiction and that I’m not claiming to know of the real facts behind what’s presented in this fictional work.

Also, Lavender is as you can see a YA and have accordingly been moved out of the household. She does live on Isla Caramello though, and I hope to report more on how she’s doing and what she is up to. The same goes for the rest of the family now that they’re actually in the “right” town.

And, because Sonic deserves better than being reduced to just an imaginary friend, I’ve added him to the Downloads section. Feel free to use him in your own games and stories, I think he should get the chance to be real and have a real future. 

Thanks for reading and commenting. I love you all and I very much appreciate every single comment you give me. ❤

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  1. Poor Yew, he really is screwed up! So sad that not even his best friend is real. I think you handled the “brain wave machine” nicely, I used to do a lot of EEGs as a kid because I had epilepsy (I don’t anymore) and the experience, if not the details, were similar. What is that thing anyway, is it custom or something from ITF? When he looks up at her from his patient chair, that was exactly how I felt as a little kid. Good job!

    That’s good that the whole family is moving to help him, pity he can’t appreciate it though. In his head, he seems so reasonable, that’s the scary part. I really like this story! Myrtle is kind of a bitch to him at the moment, I wonder what her plans could be? Hmm.

    • Ye, he is not really well. Fortunately, he will get better soon.

      The brain machine thingy is from University Life and connected to the Technology education. It does measure brain capacity but certainly not like I wrote it. Lol. However, Yew did get an extra skill point in Photography when we used it.

  2. Poor Yew! I wonder when he’s going to finally realize he’s sick. 😦

    • He’ll realize soon! 🙂

      On a completely different note, Aquamarine and Jacinto are expecting their second child. I’ll try to remember to post a pic of it once it’s born.

  3. Wow, this just continues getting more intense as we go along. I’m going to feel sad if Sonic disappears for good. Maybe I’ll download him and put him in my town if he does. Although my town isn’t a berry town…

    I do wonder how Myrtle and Yew are going to get together (since she thinks they will) given how much she seems to rub Yew the wrong way.

    • You could always de-berrify Sonic if you wanted to. He makes great babies. I know because in my game he made one with Watermelon. Lolol. It can’t be spoken about, for obvious reasons.

  4. *hugs Yew. Bless him. That’s a super tough position to be in. Sonic is very very real to him. However, with all of Yew’s thoughts about just playing along, I wonder how long he’ll hold out or if he’ll forever think Sonic is real.

    I.Love.Myrtle! OMG she’s so awesome! You’ve got a real character there with her!

  5. AliH

     /  February 26, 2014

    Oh, poor Yew, I hope he gets somewhere in understanding what’s going on inside his head soon.

    Myrtle is an interesting character, and I’m very intrigued by certain of her comments.

  6. muffinsims

     /  February 26, 2014

    When Myrtle(I think that’s her name;the girl who is green) says ‘We can’t have our babies growing up in here. And they’ll never let me out.’ does that mean she’s pregnant, or she’s never going to be let out and therefore cannot have children?

    • Good question. Without spoiling too much, I can say that she has been at the treatment center for a very long time, and therefore might not see herself have any chance of ever getting out of there.

  7. Poor Yew! I think this chapter really highlighted how much he needs help and how much he truly believes that Sonic exists. I hope he gets better soon! In regards to the “brain wave machine” I think you discussed it very well. I think it’s okay for information such as that to be less accurate as the sims world is more of a fantasy world, but you certainly handled it well 🙂

    Myrtle is a very interesting character, I’m looking forward to when you go into a bit more detail with her.

    Aww, it sucks that Lava is tearing up Fondant Fields. Will that be touched upon later in the legacy?

    • Awh, yes, Yew does really need the help. He’s at the right place for it now, at least.

      We will definitely see Lava again and I might even re-visit Fondant Fields again. I have some plans…

  8. 😥 Yew.
    This is so sad, because he truely believes that he’s right! He doesn’t seem to be taking in anything anyone has said, but I think that’s pretty realistic given his mental condition. I really hope something clicks at some point!

    Myrtle surely is annoying! Haha! I would love to know why she’s there, and what all her odd comments mean! Can she see the future and they think she’s insane, or does she just say things?

    I’m sad to hear about Lava. I had hoped that being raised away from Soda would have stopped him from turning out like her, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. But it’s worked out better for Yew, because he has all his family around for support.

    • Oh yes, Yew is really not well. Eventually, he will get better. He’s at the right place for that now.

      I like your ideas about Myrtle. She’ll be important and we’ll see more of her, that’s for sure.

  9. nirar

     /  March 3, 2014

    Poor Yew, the one person he hopes can help him out, isn’t real, and is part of the sickness he doesn’t understand yet. He must be feeling pretty bewildered by it all. It also must be really awkward when his family comes to visit, since he thinks they could be part of the conspiracy to lock him up, and they are trying to deal with a delusional sim. It’s hard to help someone that thinks you are out to harm them.

    Hopefully Tangerine is able to help him out, and the other residents as well. At least, I assume she is helping them all out. They are quite a “colorful” household, lol 😛

    It’s a shame that Lava is on the rampage with his mother. I still hope he comes to his senses some day. =)

    • Tangerine is definitely doing what she can to help them all out. 🙂

      And we’ll see Lava again eventually. Unless my plans change drastically it should just be a few more chapters until he appears again.

  10. Oh boy. I was hoping having his family closer would help, but it seems he’s decided they’re against them too. Hopefully now that they’re there and plan to become more involved, it will do him some good.

  11. Well, that’s unfortunate, the Myrtle girl being the first one he sees and she just laughs at him. I suppose, if she’s crazy too, it means nothing that she laughed LOL.
    It’s good Yew is deciding he needs to play along, even if he still thinks the other people are the ones who are crazy and he is normal. He’ll get better that way if he cooperates. 🙂

  12. Myrtle wants his babies? After two seconds of knowing him? LOL xD


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