Chapter 5.6: Taken

Screenshot-2249The times when I got to have Hunter at my place were rare, but when they did happen we made sure to make the best of them. He was such a precious little kid and it was amazing thinking that he was mine. I loved being his father.

Screenshot-2250He looked a lot like his mother. He had her skin and her hair. And those pink eyes must have come from her family too. She had beautiful green eyes, but there were sure pink in her family. Jacinto had pink eyes. Somehow it hurt to think that Hunter had got genes from him whereas I could not be seen in my son at all. Not that it really mattered, he was mine after all.

I had learned quickly that Hunter enjoyed “the Claw”. When I first raised my hand above his head his underlip shivered and he looked like he was going to cry, but then as soon as I started to tickle him he exploded in laughter. It was the cutest sound I had ever heard.

Screenshot-2251I couldn’t help but laugh myself. Entertaining him was so easy and I was good at it.


Screenshot-2257-1“The police have no further leads in the tragedy with the kidnapped two-year old Hunter White and the family is now begging the public for any leads.”

Screenshot-2257The TV screen switched from the usual news studio and to a clip of two devastated berries. The woman on the screen covered her face in her hands and cried hysterically. The man held his arms around her in comfort while he spoke to the screen:

“We just want our son back. Please, if you have seen anything let us or the police know.”

Screenshot-2257-1The screen switched back to the studio and the anchorman had sad eyes when he spoke about the kidnapping that had taken place two days earlier.

“Hunter Spectrum was last seen two days ago, at noon, in the park with his mother. He was wearing a green play suit by the time he went missing. The mother has reported that Hunter was taken off a spring rider when she looked away for two seconds. The police have searched for leads but haven’t found any trace of the kidnapper or the toddler. Now they all turn to the public for any leads that can help them bring Hunter back to his parents.”

Screenshot-2256I was just about to take Hunter off the spring rider when my phone rang. Hunter loved that rider so he sure didn’t complain for that little extra time of fun. I answered the phone while keeping a protecting hand on Hunter’s back.

“Is Hunter gone?” Mother spoke fast and I could tell she was worried.

Screenshot-2253“No, he’s right here” I replied, trying to sound comforting.

“But they said on the news that he was kidnapped. Aquamarine was crying and all.” Mom was still speaking fast, as if my words hadn’t managed to comfort her the slightest.

“Well, that’s silly” I said. “Hunter is right here, on the spring rider in the garden.”

I lowered the phone so that Hunter could say something. He laughed right in to the phone. When I took the phone back to my ear mom was crying. “We were so worried” she said.

“No worries. He’s here and he’s all safe.”

In Fondant Fields:

Screenshot-2311“This is Coral Twist from Fondant Fields. I’m just calling to let you know that Hunter, that child gone missing, he’s home safe with his father.”

Screenshot-2312“What? No. That’s my grandson and he is currently with his father. I just spoke to them on the phone.”

“I told you, I just spoke to them. They’re fine.”

Screenshot-2314“I have any leads? I… He’s safe, I’m telling you.”

“If I? If…”


Berrian looked at his lover who stood staring at the phone in her hand. She seemed lost for words. Instead of persuading her in to speaking, he walked up to her and gave her a hug. After all these years, he could tell when she needed a hug.

Screenshot-2316“They said Hunter is still missing. But I spoke to him. I spoke to them both. They’re fine.”

Berrian kept hugging her. Both because she needed the comfort, but also because he felt confused himself. Why would Aquamarine report Hunter missing when he was simply with Yew?

“We never met Aquamarine” Coral said after a while and pushed Berrian away. “We never met her!” She started crying when the realization hit her.

Screenshot-2307While Coral fueled a grudge against the woman who had decided to play her son in the cruelest way possible, Berrian went up to Yew’s old room to think. The walls were still covered with the pictures Yew had taken. His documentation. Berrian looked around, as if searching for some kind of help.

Minutes passed. 

Screenshot-2308And then he was struck with a thought. If it was Yew’s life that was documented on these walls, why wasn’t there a single picture of Sonic? Berrian looked through every photo album in the room. They contained pictures of everything and nothing. There were hundreds of photos, but not a single one of Sonic.

Screenshot-2309When Berrian came back downstairs, Coral sat by the computer. She looked at him with red eyes once she realized he was there. “She hasn’t reported Yew as the father” she said with a voice that could barely carry its message. 

There were things Berrian and Coral didn’t know about their son. They realized that this afternoon, and it was painful. All those pictures. Yew’s fascination over everything going on in town, whether or not he had anything to do with it. The fact that they had never met Aquamarine. Or Sonic. Or even Jacinto.  It all made sense when put together.

That afternoon, they packed the family in to the car and drove all the way to Isla Caramello. They had realized that their son needed help. And they had realized that they had failed yet another son. Mistakenly, they had let their son wander to the edge and jump. They had not been there to guide him, and now, they were determined to help him get out of it. They refused to lose him.

Hours later in Isla Caramello:

Screenshot-2265I played with Hunter out in my garden the entire afternoon. It was great spending time with him at my own house. I could finally feel like a real father, instead of someone who met his girlfriend and son only out in public. And when the sun started setting and Hunter started to look tired, we went inside and I gave him his bottle. He was such a happy and content kid. Whatever you did for him, he would smile at you and make your heart melt.

Screenshot-2259“Yew…” Mother’s voice took me by surprise. I hadn’t expected them to come here, though it was a nice surprise that they did. It was nice living on my own, but I missed them a lot occasionally. I patted Hunter on the head and stood up to greet my parents properly. Mother looked at Hunter and she had the saddest look on her face. I couldn’t understand why. Hunter was here and he was safe.

Screenshot-2262“Nothing has happened” I said and smiled, trying my best to comfort her but it did little to cheer her up. She just kept looking at me with those sad eyes and it wasn’t until then I realized that perhaps something had happened to them. Perhaps they weren’t here for me or Hunter’s sake. “Or did something happen?”

“Yew, what is Hunter doing here?” she asked. It confused me, obviously.

“What do you mean? He’s where he should be.”

Screenshot-2263Tears started rolling down mom’s cheeks. “Oh, Yew” she said and shook her head.

Hunter gurgled on the floor and when I looked down on him he smiled. Then he crawled to dad and pulled at his leg and raised his arms towards him. Dad bent down and lifted him up. It was beautiful to watch them and I smiled. “Oh, Yew” mom whimpered again. Tears were rolling freely down her cheeks by now.

Screenshot-2261“Son, do you really not know what we’re saying?” dad asked. Hunter clung to him as if they were already the best of friends.

“I don’t understand” I confessed. It was all very confusing.

“You’ll get help soon” dad said and looked at me. His eyes expressed sorrow and regret.

Screenshot-2403A while later there was a knock on the door. Before I could get there to open it, it was swung open and two police officers stormed in. After them came Aquamarine and Jacinto.

Screenshot-2402Aquamarine ran straight for Hunter and snatched him from dad’s arms. And after that I don’t know what happened because Jacinto jumped me. “You monster!” he yelled as he beat me. I was too confused to do anything back and he landed one fist after the other in my face. It stung when my lip burst and I could feel the taste of blood in my mouth.

“You fudging monster!” he cried again and I felt myself being pulled off him. When I looked up my vision was clouded. Jacinto had got some well-aimed hits in and my face was hurting. At the other side of the room one of the officers held Jacinto in the same way I was being held myself. Aquamarine stood in the corner of the room, hugging Hunter close. She cried. Mom and dad looked sad too.

Screenshot-2404“You are under arrest” the officer behind my back said and started pushing me out of the room. “You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say, can, and will, be used against you.”

The last thing I saw before being forced out of the house was how father fell in to mother’s arms as they both started to cry.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I suspected Hunter wasn’t his…but nothing like that!

  2. Wow… that’s just… wow. I don’t even know what to say.

  3. Wow… I also thought that Hunter wasn’t Yew’s, but I thought you were going to go the route the Nightlockfallen did in her rainbowcy with Firefly, concerning Mantis… I did not expect that… A weird, yet awesome twist to the story. I love the way you are incorporating his insane trait. But I have to admit I’m a bit confused with some of the things that happened in previous chapters… Like, does that mean that Aquamarine and Yew were never together? What possessed him to think that they were. And does that mean that Sonic isn’t real? Or is he the same as Aquamarine? Ahh! Such confusion! I can’t wait to see what happens next, and everything to be explained.

  4. My jaw is somewhere around my knees at the moment. Fantastic, and chilling twist there! Very well done. Very very sad. I can’t wait to see how all of this works out.

    • Yay! I’m glad it came as an surprise. I feel terrible putting them all through this, but also excited at the same time. 🙂

  5. You weren’t kidding when you said this chapter will literally make this generation…I’m really shocked for words right now. Though, I guess it does make sense as to why he wasn’t on the tree…

    On a side note, I saw a sneaky glimpse of Romeo’s shirt in one of the photos above the TV! 😀

    • Yea, this chapter was quite important. 😉 The next will be important too because I’m going to try and make sense of it all.

      Romeo was there, yup! He and Bittersweet will be coming to visit soon too.

      • It was kinda sad though, cause in previous chapters I was under the impression that he wasn’t too insane but now the truth is out. I hope the next chapter gives us the reason as to why he acted in the way he did!

        N’aww, old man Romeo.

      • That’s because it’s written from his own POV. Yew doesn’t realize himself how bad it is, or that he even is delusional.

  6. Oh, wow! Great chapter! I did not see that coming at all.

    • I’ve been trying to keep it a secret but still hint a little. I’m glad so many of you realized there was something in Aquamarine and Jacinto’s relation that didn’t make sense with Yew’s POV. 😀

  7. annasommer

     /  January 20, 2014

    Wow. THAT was a completely new twist to the same old story for sure O.o
    I am extremely impressed. Poor Yew!

    • Hehe, yup. Yew is not really like Sundance, although that “rich filthy family” story may still be there. The question is whether it is actually existing for real or just in Yew’s mind…

  8. AliH

     /  January 20, 2014

    Oh my… I completely did not expect that! So does that mean that Aquamarine and Jacinto aren’t siblings but are married and Yew just imagined his relationship with her? And if Sonic isn’t in any of the pictures then where is he? And who is he? Is he real? Is he an imaginary friend? Argh, so confused! Can’t wait for the next chapter to learn more about what’s going on!

    • Ye, Aquamarine and Jacinto are not actually siblings. 🙂 It will be better explained in the next chapter, but until this chapter, Aquamarine didn’t even know that Yew existed. She may have seen him before, but she had never considered him as a part of her life.

      As for Sonic… There is definitely something weird with him too.

  9. Well there’s no doubting he has the insane trait now. o.o Oh gosh, I feel bad for Yew because he’s not in his right mind, but now I’m starting to go back and try to think everything through. I get the feeling Sonic never existed in the first place, like a strange sort of imaginary friend, and I guess Aquamarine and Jacinto are actually together and Yew was just…? Now I can’t wait for the next chapter to find out the truth.

    • Sonic is still a question. Though, Aquamarine and Jacinto are definitely not siblings. They are, just like you figured, a couple and Hunter is their son. 🙂

  10. how … weird. I think sonic is yew, a personality he takes on to be around certain people or to act a certain way.

  11. Great chapter—ala A Beautiful Mind. =) (I love that movie, it’s one of my favorites.) Now I’ll be curious to find out exactly what is real and what is not, haha.

  12. I just had to come back and comment after reading this, or it would drive me nuts. I did think something was up with him earlier, as I never recalled having a chapter where they got together or did anything as a couple really. When he sent the letter to his parents saying it was his girlfriend, i thought well we’re going to see them next chapter and how they got together, but it never came. I was doubting the parentage of little Hunter too, but I just thought she was lying to him.

    Oh god the plot thickens

    • You’re right. There has not been a single picture of him and Aquamarine together. 😉 She wasn’t exactly aware of his existence until he decided to “kidnap” her son.

  13. Oh my god. My heart is pounding, my jaw is on the floor, I just don’t know what to say! This has to be the most amazing twist since the beginnihs of.. well. the Twists! hah!

    Oh Yew… Oh Yew. *hugs* Oh the poor, poor man! A lot of things make sense now, though! As soon as I saw Hunter I *knew* he was Jacinto’s, but I assumed Aquamarine had just cheated on him! I knew all along Aquamarine and Jacinto weren’t siblings, they just look too different. Whether I’d have made that connection if they weren’t berries, I don’t know, but I knew there was something going on between them. And it did strike me very odd that Sonic ran off just before Yew’s family came to visit, and returned just after. Like, they didn’t come for a set time, so how did he know when they’d be gone? And where did he stay? Why did Aquamarine seem so loving when he spoke about her in the letters, but not want anything to do with him during the pregnancy?
    It just all makes sense, and a lot of that I didn’t think twice about at the time!
    Honestly, I’m going to have to re-read the whole generation now and I’ll see it in a whole new light!

    LOVED IT! You’re one amazing writer, and that imagination… wow! Well done, and I can’t wait to find out more and see Yew’s (hopeful) recovery!

    • God, this comment. ❤ I love you.

      I don't know what more to say. I'll just keep working on the next chapter. And promise to make my best to let you follow Yew during his recovery. Or whatever it will be.

  14. Kidnapped? Wait, what? And now why are Coral and Berrian wondering about Sonic? I’m so confused! Lose those son?? ::pulls out hair::

    OMG WHAT’S GOING ONNNNNN?! Is Sonic even real?

    • You’re right. Many questions right now. Is Sonic real? Was Hunter really Yew’s son and Aquamarine and Jacinto are playing him? Or is Hunter actually their son?

      I’ll try my best to answer most of those questions in the next chapter.

  15. Ruby Botwin

     /  January 25, 2014

    HOLY WOW! This was amazing. I was so confused first reading this, then it hit me. It breaks my heart that this is what Yew turned out to be. How will the legacy continue?! Questions, questions, questions!

    • Confusion! 😀 Yes, Yew is… a bit… delusional. But he is still very lovable and one of my favorite characters so far.

  16. That’s an awesome twist! Well done. I’m almost caught up on your legacy now.

  17. o.O
    You’re good at twists, that’s for sure. Loved it!
    Aqua and Jacinto were the couple, not her and Yew. NOW it makes sense why Yew and Aqua never seemed close. *applause*

  18. Cool twist. 🙂

  19. Wow! You know, I kept wondering about that insane trait and why it wasn’t cropping up. I remembered it distinctly from Coral’s generation, and how Yew would be seen talking to himself and such, but then his generation started and although he certainly seemed odd, I wondered where the insanity had gone.

    Turns out it was there all along! Excellently executed ❤

  20. Oh… my…. god. I knew something was up but… Bloody hell. Bloody flippin’ hell. Of course- he has the insane trait. But I never could have guessed it turned into something like this. This is an amazing plot twist in its truest sense. Poor Yew… he really doesn’t understand what’s happening. =(


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