Chapter 5.5: With love

foto-14Mom and dad,

It was really great to have you all over and it’s quite empty now that you’re all gone. However, Sonic came back home after you had left and we are good friends again. All is good. We’ve got some rain here the last few weeks. I know it’s not a big thing in Fondant Fields, but here it’s really rare. Most ‘bows stay inside whenever it happens but I have been going out just to experience it. You were always so good at telling us to enjoy nature in all its shapes and I guess I’ve learned a bit of that. 

foto-15I can finally tell you some really exciting news: Aquamarine is pregnant! I’m nervous and scared but also excited. Jacinto stays with her most of the time and he takes great care of her. For some reason, I think he has trouble accepting me as her partner. Perhaps they just have a really tight bond in their family and are hesitant to let anyone else in. However, it is a bit hurting since she is now expecting my kid. Shouldn’t that earn me a natural place in their family?

However, neither me or Aquamarine are really ready to move in together yet. Honestly, I think it’s mostly her, because I’m sure I could find a way to make it work even though I work a lot. I don’t want to push her too hard, though. Especially not now that she’s expecting. We will get our future eventually anyhow.

foto-13I’ve been doing my best to prepare for what’s to come. I should know some of the tricks when it comes to babies since both Froly and Mulberry were still young when I was old enough to help out with them. Still, it’s not the same as being the real parent – is it?

The bookstore here on the island has a few books on parenting and I’ve read them all. I’m determined to do anything it takes to be prepared once the little one comes. 

foto-19Aquamarine’s belly seems to grow bigger for every day. It’s really a miracle to think that there’s a baby in there. Like, a real, though small, living being. I still have trouble believing it. And understanding it. Me, as a father. It seems surrealistic.

I try to work less so that I can be with her more, but it’s hard. And even when I do manage to get time off, she sometimes prefer to be with Jacinto. I’m not even sure she knows that it hurts. However, I don’t want it to push us apart. Especially not now that we have a baby on the way. Somehow our life will work out, even if we cannot live together. That baby will get time with both her and me and we will support each other. You two never had that problem, did you? How could you be so sure that you were right for each other? That you wanted to live together? I really do love her, I’m sure about that. Is that all that’s needed?

foto-18I’ve been thinking a lot, as you can tell. About my priorities and my life. And yet, I’m nowhere near knowing what is right and what is wrong. It’s so hard! Should one just go for it? Is that the answer?

foto-25Sometimes, it feels like my doubts and my thoughts are eating me from inside. I have been playing a lot of ranked chess games just to clear my mind. Unless I focus all my thoughts on the board in those games, I will lose. I suppose it is like meditation, in some way. It’s been working well and I’ve been winning quite a few matches.

foto-26And whenever chess wasn’t enough, there was always work to be done. Now that me and Sonic were trying to uncover the secrets behind the Alders money, there was always new leads to follow and new reconnaissances to do. We followed Basil by boat one day. It was hard, because whenever he got to open water he would be able to spot us if he only looked behind. Few boats went out on the open waters around here since boats were usually just used for recreational reasons, or as a means of transportation from one island to the next. However, Basil headed towards an island we knew nothing about. 

foto-24We had to stay a bit behind to make sure he wouldn’t notice us. Eventually, he stepped off the boat on a beach outside a cave. Before we had managed to get to the shore he had entered the cave and we had lost him. No matter how deeply we wanted to follow him in to that cave, we knew it would be stupid. Chances were that he knew that cave well, and since we knew nothing he would easily be able to lure us to go his way.

foto-27 So, instead of following him in to the cave, we stayed hidden outside of it. We spent the whole night there, but Basil never came out. In fact, no one came out from that cave during the hours we stayed on guard. In the end, we had to cave in for our hunger and leave the place. It was both mysterious and suspicious, that Basil, who was the richest man on the island, spent a night in a cave. It was definitely something we would have to investigate further. 

foto-29 But, shadowing caves was not enough. We wanted proof for our theories and we wanted it fast. Digging through others’ trash is not luxury or glamorous in any way, but it has worked before and there was nothing saying it wouldn’t work again. Everyone throws away stuff that we don’t want anyone else to find out about now and then, don’t we?

foto-30I am confident that we will succeed eventually. The Alders are going down. I found some things in their trash that would hurt their reputation if it got out. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with their connection to the Organization and therefore I have to hold on to it. But I will hurt them eventually. Oh, I will.

foto-17Aquamarine and I were out walking when she went in to labor. She just stopped dead and grabbed her belly and let out a heart-piercing cry. It embarrassed me a bit before I realized what it was all about. At that point, I rather panicked. Her being in labor meant that the baby was on its way out, and that in turn meant that I was about to become a father. I was nowhere ready. I had thought, before that point, that I were. But I had been wrong. A baby? How would I ever be able to care for a baby?

foto-20I had no car and it was hard catching a taxi. Because of that, it took hours until we were at the hospital. Luckily, Aquamarine’s pains came in sequences and we both figured we had time. Deliveries took time, we knew that much, even if it was our first time.

foto-21When we got to the hospital, my nervousness had rubbed off on Aquamarine. She was pretty much freaking out and I had to push my own feelings aside and try to be strong for her. After all, having babies were not that hard. Many, many had done it before us and if they could, then why shouldn’t we be able. It would be alright.

foto-22After lots of pain and lots of doubt and lots of supporting, Hunter was born. It was surreal. He was a baby. My baby. I was a father.

I couldn’t grasp it. It seemed easier to Aquamarine. She just snuggled the baby close and instantly looked like a mother. I, on the other hand, didn’t even dare to hold him. I was too afraid that I would do something wrong and somehow harm him. 

foto-23But we got to take him home. Or rather, Aquamarine got to take him home. It was painful dropping them off at her place and later leaving them. My family. My son. I wondered if life would ever go back to normal. Would I ever feel like I was the rightful father of that kid. 

How was it for you when you took to Lava? Did it come natural? Will I ever be as good as a parent as you have always been? I’m not sure. I hope so. You have always been the best. I wish you were here to teach me. I love you so much.

Much love/
your Yew

Yea, another letter. The baby was born and it’s a boy named Hunter. He is adorable, let me tell you!

I got alerted that Yew’s generation so far reminds a lot about Sundance’s. It really do. I realize that. They were both investigators, trying to prove that a rich and powerful family were bad guys. And they both had the ‘Fighter’ roll. However, Yew’s generation will be a lot different. I will reveal some of it in the next chapter. It might surprise you. Although some of you may already suspect what’s up. I’m not sure. However, this generation will be very different from Sundance’s. Yew will get his own story, I promise!

Until then, much love!

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  1. Awe poor Yew 😦 I hope that he’ll get to fulfill the fatherly role he is meant to have.

    I’m also excited to see what Hunter looks like! 🙂 Great update, I love the letter format.

  2. Nice to see the tradition of the firstborn always being a male lives on! The name’s cute, still a berry name but I could also see it in the vanilla world as well.

    I’m really excited for where you’re gonna take Yew’s gen! I like that whilst it is similar to Sundance’s it’s also completely different at the same time. I have a suspicion of what might be happening but I’m keeping that to myself! 😛

    • Haha, yes! More males. Lol.

      I’m working on the next chapter today and I think a few things will make more sense after this.

  3. AliH

     /  January 10, 2014

    Yay! Baby! Can’t wait to see what Hunter’s like when he grows up a bit 🙂

    I am however a little concerned at Yew’s references to Aquamarine’s relationship with Jacinto – I’m not sure why, but it’s making me uneasy.

  4. Like Ali, I think something is going on with Aquamarine and Jacinto. I just find it so weird that she pretty much refuses to act like a real couple with Yew anymore, and even denies him the first night with their son! She’s very beautiful on the outside, but I feel not so much on the inside!

    I always get excited when babies are born in legacies 🙂 Can’t wait to see how Hunter looks, and really looking forward to whatever you may have in store for Yew! 😀

    • Aquamarine and Jacinto definitely have this strange relation and it does affect Yew quite a lot…

      I hope Hunter will age up when I go to play their family today. 😀

  5. Yay! A baby! Hunter is a nice name! I still done trust Aquamarine though… Maybe it’s because I know that Yew is supposed to be a single parent…

    Poor Yew. He’s so worried about so many things… like if he’s going to be a good father, or if he really does love Aqua, etc. Speaking from personal experience, while it’s good to make sure of some things, sometimes it’s best to not over think things, it could end up hindering your true potential.

    I hope Yew and Sonic are able to take down the Alders soon.

    Great chapter Fru! Can I call you Fru? I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Ah, yea… The single parent roll is worrying, isn’t it?

      Yew is definitely over-thinking a lot of things in his life. He has always been a “thinker”. I don’t think anyone in his family really knows him because he used to keep to himself, or to Sonic.

      Fru is fine! Most people call me that. It’s actually the Swedish version of Mrs.

  6. I’m concerned about Aqua & Jacinto as well. Poor Yew!
    Yay for baby Hunter! I can’t wait to see how he grows.

  7. Aw, I can already tell that Hunter’s going to be a cutie. How could he not be, with parents like that? And another oldest boy for your legacy too, I see.

    I’m rather worried about how things are going to work out between Aqua and Yew. Aqua’s distance from him is concerning, along with how Jacinto seems to get between them. I wonder if he’s doing it intentionally or not…?

    And, of course, I’m interested to see what’s in that cave. Btw, I like the letter-written style that you have for some of Yew’s chapters. It’s really neat and gives his generation a different feel even if it is a bit like Sundance’s.

    • Thanks! I quite like the letters too. But it’s a bit weird because a lot of time passes in them. XD Oh well, I guess Yew is not the best at keeping up to date with his family. He has a lot going on in his own life, that’s for sure.

  8. Is it just me, or does Aquamarine’s and Jacinto’s relationship seem odd? I realize he’s family, but it seems strange that Yew would be so displaced, especially now that she’s pregnant.

  9. Ooh Hunter! 🙂 It’ll be exciting to see what he grows up like.
    Yew and Aquamarine’s relationship seems a bit strange. I wonder if it’s Yew’s perception, since he is insane? LOL. I guess it just feels like Yew and Aquamarine are more friends than lovers, the way they don’t spend that much time together, and how Aquamarine doesn’t want to move in with Yew or have Yew move in with her. I understand Yew not knowing if they should live together earlier, since he wasn’t sure about work and Sonic, but now that he has a family with her, it would be okay, LOL.

  10. Okay, now I’m SURE that something is up between Aquamarine and Jacinto. If that kid ends up with pink hair or pink eyes than that’s the end of it… unless he’s really her brother all along and Hunter inherited his grandmother’s pinkness or something. Aaaaaaah, we can see the kid’s colours all we want and then we STILL don’t know what’s going on! XD


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