Chapter 5.4: Something big

Screenshot-1835I read an article about chess competitions one day and it caught my interest straight off. There was nothing special about it, but chess had always been something I enjoyed and I couldn’t get enough of free time activities. Hanging out at the beach wasn’t all that fun anymore, at least not every day.

Besides, we got rain some days even in Isla Caramello and I had noticed that the society kind of stood still when it happened. No one went out when it rained. The ‘bows on this island sure preferred their water to be on the ground.

However, I jumped on that chess bandwagon and invited the guy who was ranked lowest for a game at my place. It wasn’t exciting and it wasn’t action filled, but it was a lifesaver for rainy days. And I was good at chess. I beat him easily.

Screenshot-1872Sonic was a good journalist. He had always been a good writer and he managed fine on his freelance career. He hired me to take photos for him sometimes and I liked working with him. In fact, I liked working with him so much that I got him a job at my office. It was easy because Sonic had something big coming up and our paper wanted to be the first to publish it.

Screenshot-1871The Alder family was one of the richest on the island and there was a wide-spread rumour about their money being filthy. It had always been treated as just a rumour. One of the kind that always surround rich families. However, Sonic had recently discovered that this particular rumour may actually be true. The Alder’s owned not just only their own huge mansion, but also several of the islands resorts. Their name is recognizable for every inhabitant of the island. However, as far as rumur goes, there is no background to the money. No one seems to know where they derive from and some even say that the name Alder is made up, simply to be recognized with the Alder’s in Sugarvalley.

What Sonic discovered was huge. He dug for months to come up with what he did and even when I went to my editor the information needed to be proved. Despite that, it was too good for the paper to pass on, so they hired Sonic on the spot – with me as his partner and photographer.

Screenshot-1874Now we worked day and night with trying to prove the loose ends Sonic had found. If he was right, we would be capable of bringing the family down and dealing massive damage to their reputation in the process. What we had found was transactions between what we believed was the Organization, and an account, set in a bank in France, which Sonic had proved belonged to the Alders.

Screenshot-1870The man behind the resort empire and the head of the family was Basil and he was not that much older than me and Sonic. Without having any well-known (proven!) relatives, a fortune like his was hard to come by. If he was in fact tied to the Organization, Isla Caramello would soon see a change. No government wanted to be associated with the Organization and therefore not either anyone tied to them.

Screenshot-1867I was still living with Sonic and me and Aquamarine had not discussed what future we saw with each other. She still lived with Jacinto and sometimes it felt like he had a bigger part in her life than I did. I know she valued family and that she wasn’t sure how involved we really were. It all got a bit complicated when she got pregnant.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be a father, but Aquamarine was overjoyed. Her future plans had always involved family. I, on the other hand, hadn’t even thought about future yet. I was still very focused on the present and was very busy with squeezing enjoyment and happiness from all my days. That is not to say that I wasn’t excited about the pregnancy, because even if I hadn’t planned for parenthood or was ready to be a father, I was prepared to take my responsibility and do what I could for that child.

Screenshot-1868Jacinto had no worries about the future of the baby though. He caressed Aquamarine’s belly and talked to the baby on a daily basis. Something I was even unable to do, since I did neither live with my girlfriend nor see her every day. Even though we expected a child, I still think she valued Jacinto and her old family higher than me.

I felt ambiguous about seeing Jacinto fuss over the pregnancy. I loved how much he cared but I also felt pushed to the side. It felt more like their baby than mine. And I feared that Jacinto would have a bigger part in its life than me, once it was born. At least, Aquamarine had no plans of moving in with me and I wasn’t ready to leave Sonic behind either. He was my family too. It was certainly a complicated situation.

Screenshot-1878“I’m not sure what I should do” I complained to Sonic after  having spent a day in the park with Aquamarine and Jacinto. On the table before us laid pictures of the progress of Aquamarine’s pregnancy belly.

“It’s your baby though, isn’t it?” Sonic replied, as if that was even questionable. Of course it was my baby. Aquamarine was my girlfriend and we were exkcusive.

“She hasn’t been with anyone else.”

Screenshot-1877“That wasn’t what I meant. What I’m sayin’ is that you have the right to raise that kid if you want to. No matter if you live together or not. But she could move in here. There’s room.”

“We’d keep her awake when we work. We work a lot now, don’t we?” I don’t know what I meant by that. I’m not even sure if I wanted Aquamarine to live with us. And even if I did, I doubt she would be ready to move from her family.

Screenshot-1876“We do” Sonic said and turned his attention towards the TV, thereby ending the conversation. I was torn in what I wanted here, I knew that. Sonic tried his best to come up with suggestions and solutions but I shot them all down, possibly because I didn’t know myself what I valued the most. Aquamarine and a future family or Sonic and work. And even if I did make up my mind, I wasn’t sure it mattered because I wasn’t the one calling the shots. I couldn’t just force her to move in here anyway.

The constant going back and forth in thoughts was enough to drive me crazy, that’s for sure.

Screenshot-1899To get some of the worry of my chest, I dove in to work. Literally. We needed hands-on proof for the things we suspected of the Alders and sometimes the only thing to get something you really want is to get your hands dirty. And in this case, smelly. Perhaps it was a long shot, but I hoped that Basil would get sloppy one day and leave some proof in his bin. When he did, I would find it and we would get our story published and his dirty money would get back in its right hands.

Screenshot-1900Not only was it a dirty job looking through the family’s trash. It was also scary. One could get paranoid for less and every little sound that echoed in that metal bin sent my heart jumping up my throat. I was dressed too nicely to pass for a beggar or as being homeless so I would have to come up with something better. If needed.

Screenshot-1908And it turned out that I would have needed that explanation sooner rather than later, because Basil caught me in the middle of my investigation one night and he was not happy. “Uhm” was the only explanation I could think of, and naturally it did not please him.

Screenshot-1909“GET OFF MY PROPERTY!” he yelled before throwing his entire body over me, sending me back first down the ground. Before I had that fight with Sonic about a week ago, I had never been in a fight. Now I was experiencing my second one already and I could tell I would never come to like it. It hurt too much. Neither did I enjoy sending my own fists towards Basil’s face, but it was a much needed thing to do in the situation I was.

Screenshot-1910But I was no fighter. I doubt Basil was either, but at least he was stronger or more determined because he soon took me by the hems of the shirt and tossed me off his property and out in the street. Luckily there was no car driving past at that moment or I wouldn’t live anymore. That would possibly have been one way of dragging him down, though. Not that it was a way that I would prefer, of course.

Screenshot-1905Having lost that one opportunity to find proof in his garbage, we needed to come up with something new. I had no ideas and Sonic kept on searching through police records and news archives. In loss of other ideas, I started asking people around town. It was nearly as scary as going through Basil’s garbage because I couldn’t know which ‘bows were associated with him and which might be against him. I had to be careful. However, we woudld find a way to get to him eventually. The story we had found was too good to not get out eventually. Hard work had a habit of paying off, I knew that.

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  1. Yay, I can’t wait to see Aqua’s baby ( and if it’s really Yew’s)!

  2. This chapter was definately appropriately named! I’m looking forward to seeing Aqua and Yew’s baby. I’m guessing this means the colour for this gen is green.

    I wonder what secrets the Alder’s have?

  3. Ooooh! This kinda reminds me of Sundance’s gen. And I loved that one! 😀 I’m also pretty excited for the baby. Though I get a feeling Yew isn’t ready to settle down in a relationship yet. He is young, too!

    • I actually realized when posting this chapter that it does look a lot like Sundance’s so far. But it’s not really the same, you’ll see within a few chapters… He is quite young, but actually almost Adult in game. I have to speed up the writing a bit to reflect his aging better. Lol!

  4. I love how you’re working these rolls in!! It seems so natural! 😀
    Looking forward to seeing how he handles being a parent while he’s working so much and not living with the mother!

  5. Hello! I found this blog a bit ago, and have been working my way to get all caught up, and now I am! Yay! I do have to admit that I struggled a bit during Soda Pop’s generation. Not because it was badly written or anything… it’s just that it was so well written, that I couldn’t stand her selfish personality! Uhh… hope that didn’t come off as insulting… if it did, I apologize.

    But I am really liking this generation so far. It does remind me a lot of Sundance’s (was that name right?) generation, which I loved! I do know that there are going to be differences, and I can’t wait to see them. I also can’t wait to see what else Yew gets into, and what he and Sonic uncover about the Alder family. And I’m not entirely sure why, but I don’t trust Aquamarine… something doesn’t feel right about that woman… it could be nothing though…

    Awesome blog, awesome chapter!


    PS. If you are ever in the mood to read a new story, maybe you could check mine out?
    It’s not much, but maybe if you ever do read it, you can give your opinion! If not, then that’s okay. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and catching up! I know there’s a lot of chapters by now so it must have been hard work to get caught up. 🙂

      Absolutely no offence taken regarding Soda Pop. She was never written to be a very likable character, and she gave me the creeps some times as well. She was a lot better in game than what I wrote her as, but yea… She was one of the funnier sims to play, though, because she was so unique. And she’s still providing a big chunk of drama to my game. 😀

      So far Yew’s generation is a lot like Sundance’s. But there are a few things about Yew which have not been revealed yet, which will make this generation quite a bit different. I’m so excited to share it with you all but I’m trying to keep it a secret until it’s time. ^^

      I’ll definitely check your story out some time! Possibly next week because I have that week off from school and work and absolutely no plans yet.

  6. Wow, I wasn’t expecting Aquamarine to be pregnant so fast. I wonder how they’re going to work out raising the kid if they live separately. Happy to see that Sonic and Yew are going strong again, though. I like reading about their friendship and it’s good that Yew has Sonic there.

    I’m also very curious about where you’re going with the Alders. Hmmm…

    • Oh, I’m also quite curious how I’m going to work in The Alders in the end. Lol. I haven’t decided. I have an idea, though, and it might work. XD

      And you’re right, the pregnancy happened quite fast.

  7. Hm, I wonder if this story could be dangerous work for Sonic, and therefore Yew as well.

    So I guess the flirting with Sonic and Aquamarine was just a one-time thing? It seems to have blown over, anyway, since Yew and Sonic are working together, and Aquamarine’s now pregnant, presumably with Yew’s baby. He seems much more ambivalent where Aquamarine is concerned, as compared to his early fascination with her.

  8. Hmm curious, I wonder what these Alder people are into… and if they really are dirty.

  9. Hmm. You know, it might just be me seeing it weirdly but… is Jacinto really Aquamarine’s brother? It’s not just the colour scheme of the two that’s different (but they could just reaaaaaaally take after their mother and father but not the other parent). I don’t know. Something seems… weird. It’s probably just me. xD


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