Chapter 5.2: Yours truly

Happy holidays and Happy New Year to all of my lovely readers.

Here’s a short, but sweet chapter from our newest Twist heir. It’s a bit different from any previous chapter and this new form is something you will see in some of Yew’s chapter. Happy reading.

foto-1 Dear mother and father,

I’ve moved in to a really nice house on a hill overlooking the entire island. Sonic arranged the whole thing and it truly is amazing. You would both probably think that it’s far too extravagant but I quite like it. It’s a lot smaller than our house in Fondant Fields but that just makes it a lot cozier. There’s a pool in our backyard but that is not considered luxury here like it is in Fondant Fields. I swear, every other house has their own pool here. I guess that is somewhat needed considering the weather we usually have.  

foto-3Me and Sonic have been spending a lot of time just enjoying the sun and getting to know the island and so far I really, really like it here. You should come visit some day, maybe you’d like it, too! I’ll admit there’s not much of adventures going on and no real gardening community either. This place is a lot more about the tropic weather and making sure to enjoy whatever the sun and the water has to offer.

foto-10For instance, Sonic and I took lessons in wind surfing during the first few weeks. It’s really great, but hard! I think dad would like wind surfing too. It’s a kind of freedom that I have rarely felt before. Pretty much everyone on this island has been windsurfing at some point in their life. There’s a love for the water that I’m not sure exist anywhere else. And some berries even live on boats! Me and Sonic have a boat too since it’s somewhat needed to get around here, but imagine even living on one? Have you ever encountered the same fascination over the local environment and nature on your travels? To me, it really is fascinating. 

foto-9The ocean is so big and it feels like you can go anywhere. I’m sure you know the feeling. After all your travels and adventures, you have probably felt like that many times. If you ever come visit, we’ll have to go surfing. We don’t have to go far, unless you want to. I’ve also heard that there are some underwater caves that should be great for diving. I haven’t tried it yet, because that is one thing I’d rather to along with you guys when you get here. It’s possibly something you’ll enjoy even more than me, anyway. 

foto-2 During the first few weeks here, I saw this girl at the beach. Isn’t she beautiful? Back then I didn’t dare to really speak to her, especially not since Sonic embarrassed me by shouting at her. Is it weird that I include a picture of some girl I saw at the beach? I don’t know, but she sure made an impression on me.

foto-8I met her again a few weeks later at a bar downtown. Forgive me for dedicating this big part of my first letter to you to her, but she is something special. I learned that night at the bar that her name is Aquamarine. She had come there with her brother Jacinto and they had the same confidence and happiness in their eyes. They must have had a good childhood to earn that. Not that I did not, but I’m sure you’re aware that it was sometimes hard to feel secure and confident when we were constantly on the move? And with grandmother being a vampire and everything. Aquamarine and Jacinto never had any vampires in their family, I’m sure.

foto-7They were celebrating something that night and Jacinto ordered drinks for everyone at the place. Even though I’m not sure what they celebrated, their happiness rubbed off on everyone else at the bar. It was a great night.

foto-4I still keep my camera with me wherever I go. I know mom enjoyed going in to see the pictures I took. Whenever you come to visit, there will be loads of pictures waiting for you. I find that pictures add a dimension to the stories that words sometimes lack. For instance, it would be hard for me to describe to you just how proud the bartender at that bar seems to be over her job. And then one can wonder if it’s even worth mentioning in a letter to you? I don’t know, but I suppose that confidence and happiness about what is what is something that runs through this entire community. 

foto-6I played a game of darts with Aquamarine. By now, you already know where this is heading, don’t you? I mean, looking back now, I can also see it. How she caught my interest at the very start and how she kept appearing in my life. How I valued the times I did run in to her?

foto-11We became friends after a while and it soon turned in to a romantic relation. Aquamarine is my first girlfriend and I couldn’t be prouder. I mean, just look at her! I really value her as a part of my life. I don’t know yet what will become of this because it’s still quite new. Sonic says I’m lucky to have caught her and I couldn’t agree more. 

I have the two most amazing berries in my life now and I’m happy. I like it here in Isla Caramello and even though I sometimes miss you all, I can’t say that I miss Fondant Fields. How are you all doing? Have Froly and Mulberry celebrated their birthdays yet? Please write soon, and come visit whenever you can. There is loads of things and places I want to show you around here. 

Yours truly,

Jacinto (Aquamarine’s brother) is donated by cmbaker16 and originates from the rainbowcy A petal of color.

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  1. Aquamarine is so pretty! I love how this chapter is a letter, it’s something I haven’t really seen in a legacy before. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a great new year 🙂

    • She is really cute, I agree. 🙂 Thanks for your input on the letter format. It’s a relief to know you guys like it since it’s something I have planned for throughout this generation. Happy new year!

  2. I went back and caught up on all the chapters I missed. 🙂

    That was a nice letter to his parents and awwww he and Aquamarine are together <3. She is indeed a cutie. Yew and Sonic seem to have a great friendship and I hope it lasts a long time.

  3. Awww! 😀 He and Aquamarine make a cute couple! I’m so happy for him, he was so struck by her straight away hehe.

    And I like the idea of a letter, good way to get quite a but of time in one chapter!

  4. Aquamarine and Yew will make an interesting couple. I’d like to see how far they’ll take it.

    The letter format is an interesting way of writing his story. It’s different, and I think it’ll be an interesting way of writing up the storyline.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing the family again. I bet Coral and Berrian are adorable as elders!

  5. From the way he’s describing all there is to do, it sounds like even Berrian would be happy for longer periods of time in Isla Caramello.(Mmm caramello…now I want some.) Windsurfing, sea cave diving…might not be a tomb, but it all sounds adventurous nonetheless. Maybe they’ll come visit him soon =)

    Jacinto’s a cutie. I’m glad to hear Yew’s got Aquamarine now as well. It seems her striking first impression has continued and deepened, and I’ve no doubt she will leave a big mark on his life. Can’t wait to learn more of her and their budding relationship!

  6. Aw, Yew got himself a girlfriend ^^ How cute. He looks really dashing in that windsurfing picture, too! I wonder how his life is going to shape out to be. The chapter being a letter instead of just being told is a nice change, too! I like it. ^^
    Happy newyear, Fru! =D

  7. I really enjoyed how you wrote this chapter as a letter from Yew to his family. It really gives us a good idea of just how much he’s enjoying his new life. And Aquamarine and her brother are both very pretty. I’m excited to see what the rest of his family thinks when they come to visit. (Since the next chapter’s called ‘Family Visit’ I’m assuming they will XD)

  8. Ooh cute letter from Yew. It’s nice to see him doing so well and enjoying the islands so much.

  9. Cute chapter. 🙂


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