Chapter 5.1: A fresh start

Screenshot-2I got a small but really nice house in Isla Caramello together with Sonic. Really, it was mostly his work and I just went wherever he told me to go. However, it was a nice house and as soon as I saw it I knew I would come to love it. It was located on a hill overlooking the entire island and it felt like we would be able to watch over the town just from our kitchen window.

Isla Caramello, in its turn, was also a very loveable town. Even though my parents and our family had travelled a lot during my earlier years I had never been to the island before. Perhaps it was due to its limited historical ruins and places for adventures. Dad would never have been happy here. And many of mom’s produce would fail to grow here simply because it was too warm and too dry. But for me, it was perfect.

Screenshot-1736I didn’t come to Isla Caramello to work, but when I read an ad about an opening at the local newspaper something made me apply for it. I don’t know what it was, but something about that ad made me desperately want it. And now that I lived on my own, all grown up, there was no reason to not follow my own dreams. That was how I ended up as a paper boy. Perhaps not the fanciest job one could have, but it had to do with words, kind of, and that was good enough. I knew there would be bills to pay eventually and I didn’t want Sonic to do all the hard work.

Screenshot-1738It was great living with Sonic. Much better than it had been living with my own family – even though I really loved them all. But I was never given much room in that family. There was always someone else needing the attention and the spotlight. And with Sonic, I could be myself to a much greater extent. He never judged me or looked down at me. He never put any pressure on me and I never felt the need to please him. He was my best friend.

Screenshot-1727When I wasn’t working, we spent most of our days just lying on the beach, enjoying the sun. Sonic had been to Isla Caramello several times before and was one of those ‘bows who would take every opportunity to travel to a warm country just to relish the sun. And sure enough, he was a true master of relaxation on the beach.

Screenshot-1731It was nice being on my own and free from my family. No matter how much I loved them, it was impossible to deny the fact that we were a family surrounded with chaos. One of those families that other ‘bows looked at and thought of as freaks. Now, I could be just normal. And Sonic was the best of friends. Even though he knew all about my past and the chaos I had put up with, he never mentioned it in any negative way. We talked about it from time to time, but mostly we made sure to have fun.

Screenshot-1730“This is life, really” Sonic sighed and turned to his back. I couldn’t really do anything but agree, sunbathing without any worry was quite nice.

“Whoa, look at that one” Sonic said shortly later and nodded towards the waterside.

Screenshot-1745I looked at his target and saw two perfect green legs, attached to a perfectly pneumatic body. At the very top beamed a happy, good-looking face. The girl was stunning and judging by how she moved, she knew it.

Screenshot-1728I sunk back down on my towel, but couldn’t keep my eyes off the girl. She was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. I sighed to myself, which unfortunately, didn’t go by unnoticed. I sighed again, but for a completely different reason, when Sonic called for the girl.

Screenshot-1746“Are you talking to me?” the girl asked and turned around, looking straight at me. Her voice was made up of honey and sugar.

“Uh, no” I said and blushed. “It was my friend there” I pointed at Sonic and rolled over to my stomach, avoiding any further eye contact with her. I wasn’t used to feeling lost for words or uncomfortable in the presence of others but this girl was truly something special. I heard her mutter something about someone stupid and I let several minutes pass before I dared to turn my head in her direction again.

Screenshot-1747The girl was now tip-toeing out in the water and I could hear her draw for her breath as the cold waves hit her so-far dry body parts. She was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.

I smiled to myself. Girls had never really been much of my interest until now. Perhaps this whole move to Isla Caramello would do more good to me than I had ever thought. At least, this place and its inhabitants was something very special.

Screenshot-1739“Oh my Berry!” Sonic laughed when we were back home later that day. “I can’t believe how you acted before that girl. You love her, don’t you?”

“Don’t be silly” I hissed back jokingly. “She was gorgeous, you can’t deny that!”

“It was like you’ve never seen a hot girl before in your life” Sonic laughed.

I took one of the pillows and smacked him over the head, “You were the one calling out for her!” Sonic took a wirl around and picked up a pillow of his own and before we knew it the pillow fight was a fact. The feathers in our pillows swirled around above our heads as we went a round deciding who had been the more silly one on the beach. In fact, it didn’t really matter because we both knew we had thought that girl was hot.

“I hope we’ll see her again sometime” Sonic said once our little pillow fight had stopped and we were both sitting down on the floor.

“I’d like to know her name” I agreed and her image once again popped up before my eyes.

Screenshot-1751“You took her picture?!” Sonic gasped a couple of days later when I had processed the photo and framed it on our wall. I hadn’t thought much about it. To me, it wasn’t weird taking pictures of whatever I encountered. Sonic knew that too, of course, but the photo of our mysterious green girl had still surprised him.

I liked the thought of having her picture on my wall. My walls were in a way my diary and she had definitely been something worth remembering. Besides, her beauty made a good decoration.

“Of course I did” I replied after a while and smiled.

Screenshot-1750“I fucking love you man” Sonic said and threw his hand up in the air, waiting for me to high five him. Being me, and also quite proud of myself, I didn’t need more than that. With a loud clasp our hands went together in a sign of the success the photo was.

The girl that got Yew to go kind of crazy is Aquamarine Spectrum and she is a spare from AriellA’s rainbowcy “As the color wheel turns”. We’ll see more of this girl, eventually, and I might even let Yew learn her name. 😉

While Yew is living with Sonic story-wise, he is actually living with his family in-game. Until his siblings are YAs, they have to remain in the household because of the previous generation’s Deadbeat Parent roll. Now, they are all living in a little side home on Yew’s new lot. It’s crowded and annoying when taking pictures, but it works. I’ll let them “visit” in the story soon just to show you Coral and Berrian as elders. </3

Also, my game-play with Yew is a lot centered around his wishes and his LTW, all because of the Fulfilled roll. I wish I could tell you just how interesting he is as a character but it’s hard. At least, he is very… versatile.

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  1. Welcome back! 😀

    LOVE the colour contrast of Yew and Sonic’s skins! And if (when?) Aquamarine’s is thrown in there too it’ll just be striking! Love this lazy beach chapter, full of happy playful friends 🙂 And looking forward to learning more about Yew, as we don’t know that much about him yet! 😀

    • Ah, you definitely don’t know half of what there’s to Yew yet. I think you will love and hate him at the same time. And possibly pity him as well. Oh god, the ideas I have.

  2. AliH

     /  December 17, 2013

    I loved this chapter, I’m glad Yew and Sonic are enjoying their life and I shall look forward to seeing more of Aquamarine.

  3. The colors. The beautiful beachy colors! It all just made me want to go join those two on the beach. *sigh! Lovely.

    And Aquamarine is really gorgeous, but I’m not too sure any girl would be flattered to know some guy who didn’t even know my name managed to get a pic, blow it up huge, and hang it on his wall. Just a little creepy IMO. Still, Yew looks like he’ll be a very different, and very interesting, heir for you.

    • You are most right. Yew is definitely intruding and one can only hope Aquamarine won’t find out. I’d be scared shitless if I found out someone had taken my picture like that. XD

  4. I have got so inspired reading people’s Rainbowcy’s lately that I definitely want to start my own very soon! Until I figured it all out I enjoy reading yours instead 🙂 Just a few questions to the expert 😉 How do you go about to create the inhabitants in the town. I recognize ofc that this is a berry version of Isla Paradiso, But have you “coloured” the NPC allready, or do you do it one by one as your sims run into them? How do you decide which one gets what colour?

    • Hey! I usually recolor the sims as I run in to them (or when they appear in a picture/scene in the story) and I either choose the color based on their original clothes or simply choose whatever I feel like. I do try to have towns with varied colors, though. 🙂

  5. Yew and Sonic have a great bond. =)
    I’m doing Fulfiled too in my current gen, and that does lead to some fun times.

  6. Yew and Sonic’s relationship is adorable, and following all that happened in his childhood I think Yew will really benefit from it.

    Really excited to see how this gen plays out!

  7. Ooo a little mystery! Who’s the green girl? I did laugh when we saw he’d taken her picture–and hung it up, right over his bed, no less. Now it might be a little awkward if somehow he ever invites her over, hehe. It’ll be interesting to see what you have planned for Aquamarine. She seemed rather important, to have caught his eye so strikingly.

  8. Aww I was kinda hoping Yew and Sonic would be more than friends. 😉

  9. Aw, Yew is absolutely adorable. I look forward to reading his generation. And it’s good that he’s able to get away for a while. It’s nice having a chapter of just relaxing with nothing serious happening in it for a change.

  10. Oh I finally found this in my inbox… yay… always love the storyline of this 😀

  11. Aww I love the beach. This chapter was awesome. I wonder what Aquamarine’s reaction will be if she ever finds out Yew took her picture and hung it in his house! LOL. 🙂


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