Heir Vote!

It’s time to choose the fifth generation heir! This time you will only be able to vote on Coral’s biological children, that means you have four choices: Yew, Rhubarb, Lavender or FrolyOnce you’ve voted the results are open for you to watch.

When voting for color I want you to pick your favorite two or three colors.  As per usual, the scores on the color vote will remain a secret.

If you want to, you can take a look at the Generational Rolls before placing your vote. The children will have somewhat different approaches to the rolls, decided by their traits and bios below.

Here are the possible heirs: *Note that hairs and clothes may be subject to change.*

yewYew Twist

Traits: Couch Potato, Heavy Sleeper, Mooch, Insane
Favorites: Hip Hop, Crêpes, Irish Green
Current Age: Teenager 

Yew never had an easy time making friends. Most of the time, he just hung around with his elder adoptive brother but once the family settled in Fondant Fields and it became clear that Lava was a vampire who had very specific needs and ideas, Yew was left alone. Being surrounded by the chaos that characterized the Twist family got to him and he started acting in ways that seemed odd to the ones around him. Yew himself could never understand why no one else saw what he saw or heard the things he heard. In fact, he never really realized that others around him didn’t. He was pretty much trapped in his own world where things were far more normal than in the real world around him. His oddness aside, Yew is an ambitious young man with his mind set on great discoveries. He is a master with words and know that he will one day reveal to everyone just how messed up the world can be.

rhubarbRhubarb Twist

Traits: Night Owl, Heavy Sleeper, Hates the Outdoors, Animal Lover
Favorites: Soul, Veggi Rolls, Irish Green
Current Age: Teenager 

Rhubarb is an introvert and calm young man. Despite the drama that surrounds his family he remains at peace with who he is and has found a way of channeling any doubts or worries that comes in to his life: writing. By putting words to all the craziness around him, Rhubarb manages to stay out of it. While it hurts him to see how much his siblings hurt, he never intervenes for he knows that his only way towards peace and a happy life lies in his capability of coping with what is around him. This does not mean that he is a heartless man, for he is really the opposite. Rhubarb has a huge heart for the ones who really needs it. He simply cannot help but to help creatures that seem helpless, be that his baby brothers, stray cats or dogs in town or even that poor girl who clearly fell for the wrong man. 

lavenderLavender Twist

Traits: Can’t stand art, Clumsy, Loser, Photographer’s Eye
Favorites: Roots, Cheesesteak, Spiceberry
Current Age: Teenager 

Being the only girl with five brothers isn’t very easy. Lavender knows this for she has grown up that way. It’s not so much the fact that there is a big difference between them due to their sex, but finding someone to be with is hard when you have five brothers who thinks that the person you’ve fallen in love with must pass all of their respective safety checks. She loves her brothers, but sometimes they tend to be a little too overprotective. Though, having to constantly fight for her own way has given her a mind of her own and her whole family – including herself – knows that when she wants something, she won’t leave without a fight. Unfortunately, she never seems to win any of those fights, so perhaps it is lucky that her brothers are there to help. 

frolyFroly Twist

Traits: Evil, Hopeless Romantic
Favorites: Chinese, Cobbler, Turquoise
Current Age: Child

Froly dreams of a life full with romantic encounters, happy love and marriage. Though, in his dreams he fails to realize that this is something that can only come out of a mutual agreement. To him, it seems that what is required for a happily ever after to happen is his own will and his own tries towards it. He may look like a kind and harmless person but once he gets his mind set on an idea he is willing to do anything to make it happen. Once he realizes his understanding of love and relationship isn’t exactly true for other’s understanding, it is already too late to make it right. While it does change him to a, perhaps, better person, it also means his life turns out far from how he had anticipated.

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  1. Froly and Rhubarb are definately my favourites. Not going to divulge who I voted for, though!

    Interesting potential colour schemes. Difficult choice…difficult choice.

  2. Oh my gosh, Yew is adorable and I just want to hug him.

    • It was a close call but with the votes from the forums Yew won with one single vote. 😀 I look forward to his generation. Like, a lot.

  3. Ruby Botwin

     /  November 2, 2013

    Hello! I am kinda new to sims an would love to know how to set up a Rainbowgacy. I know the rules and what not, I just wanna know how to make the town and the towns people colorful. Thank you!

    • Hey! I use a mod called MasterController to change the looks of people and lots in town. Though, it can be done with just cheats as well (it’s just a hassle I think). You type in the cheat “testingcheatsenabled true” and then you can shift-click sims and lots to get the option to change them. Good luck!


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