Chapter 4.14: Time will teach you

Screenshot-1279We moved from Egypt before feeling too settled down. Before gaining friends and before mother could track us down. It was convenient to have a mobile home, but it was sad to not be able to settle anywhere. I liked most places we went to, even though my usual day consisted of sitting outside the camper keeping a close eye at my children. I didn’t explore the places as I used to for my only priority was keeping the family safe. For now, that meant we had to move from town to town, from country to country, to make sure mother never found us. And I did it because I had to, not because it was something I desperately wanted to.

In other circumstances, it would have been the perfect life for us. It suited our family well. It was just sad that we couldn’t make our own decisions.

Screenshot-1282Rhubarb grew up not having a single place to call home. Before his third birthday, he had visited more countries and places than the regular ‘bow did in a lifetime. Hopefully that would only do him good.

Screenshot-1283Despite me being down and obsessed with just keeping the family safe, the kids seemed to develop just fine. I suppose Berrian did a good job in encouraging them to find themselves, and especially Lava thrived in the heightened skills he had as a vampire. I sat and watched them play for full days, and yet it was hard for me to remember what they had actually been doing. What I did remember though, was how many strangers had passed on the little road going behind our camper for I was sure each and every one of them were there to steal my children and I was prepared to do whatever I had to, to prevent it.

But still, Lava, Yew and Rhubarb grew and started to finding parts of their identity. And even in the state I was, I found it thrilling to follow them as they did. During my good times I enjoyed picturing Lava as a professional athlete or Yew as a successful writer.

Screenshot-1284For Yew, he was a far more quiet kid than Lava was and even though he tried to keep up with his brother’s games it wasn’t hard to see that he didn’t enjoy it as much. In the good times, I looked forward to see when he would break through and really start doing his own thing. Though, in a way it was probably hard for the way we lived offered little safety and calm moments. As of such, the skills all our children would first master had to do with an outdoor way of life and adventures. But it mattered little for I knew that no matter how we lived or where we lived they would eventually find themselves and what they really wanted to be.

My and Berrian’s most important job was simply to keep them safe, fed and taken care of while still staying out of the way of their learning processes. We did not want to force them in to doing anything for the things they wanted or needed to learn would come to them eventually.

Screenshot-1289Screenshot-1287That we were thinking in the right way about learning stuff had never been a question to us, yet we had strangers pointing out that we never seemed to take time to teach our kids to walk or talk. Or that we rarely corrected them when they did obvious faults. But who were they to say what was a fault and what was not? And didn’t out kids both walk and talk without us interfering with their learning?

And believe it or not, even though we never went with them to teach them how to swim they found a way of learning because we parked our camper near a river when we were in China and they thought it was fun to go swim in it. Because they really wanted to, they were motivated to learn and because of that they didn’t need our guidance. It was nature’s law in a way. If you need to learn something to live, you will learn it. It really is that simple.

Though, finding yourself without falling in to the expectations is harder and requires a mentor or parent who constantly allows you to be yourself without too many expectations. That was our real challenge, not teaching actual motorical skills.

Screenshot-1285The way we wanted to teach our kids the values we lived after was by showing them. Because of that, we did the things that we enjoyed and tried to make a living out of it even if it meant we weren’t living in luxury. Happiness and adventures were far more important to us. It was hard for me, because my own identity took a big hit because of mother’s interference but I did what I could.

I kept on maintaining my garden and I kept my family safe. Even in my hardest times.

Screenshot-1286And as time passed, I slowly got better. It was small things that helped me. Such as Yew coming back with a big smile on his face when he had been exploring the surroundings. Or one of Rhubarb’s first words. A hug from Berrian. A seed growing and becoming a plant.

Life was what made me better in the end.

And, perhaps the fact that we were once again expecting an addition to our family. The wonder of someone growing inside me never ceased to captivate me. At the first sign of the pregnancy I felt a happiness spread in my body. It was as if that little one already affected so much in me. As if the heartbeats of another child helped me overcome everything that had been dragging me down for years.

Screenshot-1323When Lavender was born I was smitten instantly. She had perfect grey eyes, father’s red hair and a snow-white fragile skin, whose assemblance to mother’s appearance I refused to ponder of. She was my daughter, a product of the love between me and Berrian. A proof of how the love in our family could overcome anything. She was perfect.

I even started to accept the fact that we were moving around. We hadn’t been in Fondant Fields for several years and even though I missed my siblings like crazy, it felt alright. This was my life, my family’s life. We never settled anywhere. Our home was a mobile van that had far from enough room for us all to fit comfortably and we lived off what land and work we could come over.

Screenshot-1322We were actually enjoying ourselves in a way I saw few other families do. We never stressed to get in time for work or school. We rarely cared about money since we were self-supporting in every aspect that made us survive. We had bonds to each other that were stronger than what I supposed was standard. We were adventurous and got to see so much more than the regular ‘bow because of the fact that we traveled the world.

Screenshot-1324Things were going fine for our family again. Until Lava entered his teenage years. There had never been much difficulties raising him despite his vampirism but that changed along with the hormones in his body.

It was driving him crazy. And because of that, it also drove me crazy for I knew nothing of how to fix it for him. I knew nothing of what he was going through. I believed his every word and I really tried to listen to him. And Berrian too. Mostly Berrian, actually. They had a way stronger connection than me and Lava so most of the challenges Lava faced was solved together with Berrian. But this, being a teenage vampire, was a problem not even Berrian could help with.

We adapted our life as good as we could. But there was so much happening in our son’s life that it was hard to keep up. First, there was the near-death-moments whenever the sun touched his pale, fragile skin. And the mood swings. Oh god the mood swings. A normal teenager had nothing on Lava. We had known it would be that way, but it was still hard to understand when it happened. In fact, the only thing we could do was to try and stay out of his way for he was much stronger and much more headstrong than any of us.

Screenshot-1326Then came the thirst.

We had lived in denial of it ever happening, but one day Lava came home and confessed that he had bitten a woman in the french town we were staying in at the moment. Just a small nibble for it had scared him as much as it had scared the woman, but now he had tasted blood and he was changed forever. We tried to provide plasma for him, knowing that it was what made Thunderbird get through his days but Lava wanted nothing of it. He turned it away as though it was sour milk. There wasn’t much we could do for we knew nothing about it. For the first time, we were left feeling helpless due to the fact that we could not, no matter of how hard we tried, help our son.

The blood thirst was something he would have to go through alone. We would support him in his tries towards coping with plasma, but he had to do the hard work himself. I must say, I had rather helped my kids get off drugs than blood. At least there was a manual for that.

Screenshot-1298Around the same time as Lava did his best to get over the obsessive blood thirst, a strange glow illuminated the sky one night. It scared us, for we were sure this was somehow a result of mother trying to get in touch with Lava. Berrian stepped out of our camper and looked up in the sky, towards the light – arms raised to his side as though he was really doing his best to protect us all.

“I’ll never let you get to them!” he shouted.

Screenshot-1299 Screenshot-1301I watched from one of the windows of the camper along with Lava, who wanted badly to go out there with his father “for he wanted to protect this family too”. Little did he know, that he was the one needing the most protection.

When a craft of some kind was seen through the illuminating light I thought Lava would tear through the thin walls of the camper. I held him back with what force I could upbring but in the end he must have given up for he softened up and looked defeated when Berrian was lifted up in the air, towards the light.

I think I cried, though I am not sure. Berrian cried too, but in his eyes a curiosity burned that was only ever summoned when he faced a new adventure. Lava stood by my side, mouth open and just watched the impossible scene before us. I was lost for words, lost for actions, and before we knew it the night was still again and Berrian was lost.

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  1. I have fallen in love with Lavender, like gosh she’s so pretty! All of Coral and Berrian’s kids are growing up beautiful and I can only imagine that they will continue to look stunning as they grow.
    Heck, even Lava looks pretty hot!

    :O An alien baby for the last child? Sounds pretty awesome to me. I forget the roll said about like adopting children XD I think I’m thinking of Soda’s roll!

    N’aww shame to hear about Romeo and Bittersweet. I saw the post on tumblr and I was like ‘What,,,,”. Their three kids in the Parfait universe (I made them canon for the Parfaits cause I didn’t want to lose them) are so precious. Riptide and Juliet are basically clones of Bittersweet except fro certain features.

    Amazing chapter, I can’t wait to see more about Lavender and meet the aline child. Dis gonna be good 😀

    • Lavender is really cute, I agree! Though, I think it’s a shame that she inherited the white skin. 😦 I wish some kid got Berrian’s purple skin but so far – no luck.

      I have actually forced Bittersweet and Romeo back together because I couldn’t accept them breaking up. Lol. I wonder if it will last this time..?

      • I think she would’ve looked nice Berrian’s skin, especially since Lychee’s hair got carried through to her genetics. I can tell she’s going to look a lot like Soda cause she has the Twist nose 😀 Aww, well hopefully you’ll get your purple baby!

        Haha, I wonder?

  2. I loved this chapter! I’m doing tests for a student exchange program, and needing practice, I decide to read it out loud. And I must say, it was much more effective that way! I could imagine everything that wasn’t pictured and I could really understand how Coral felt, especially the last scene. Speaking of which, I’m excited for the alien baby! 😀

  3. annasommer

     /  September 26, 2013

    Actually I am most impressed with Lava after reading this. Seriously, just a nibble on the neck is pretty amazing little for loosing control as a teenage vampire, I imagine *lol*
    Apart from that, I love how you entered the alien abduction of Berrian. I can not wait to see, no, not the baby!- but how you will write the next chapter ^^

  4. So glad to see another chapter from you!

    That mobile home is cute. Is it functional, like a tent, or just decorative?

    I wonder if Soda has really been looking for them.

    Hehe, nice spin on deadbeat parent.

    That is a really cool shot of Berrian looking up, with the moon in the sky! LOL, is this the extra baby you mentioned? An alien baby?

  5. Another clever chapter, I love how you made them seem like caring parents even with the deadbeat parents roll!

    Berrian was kidnapped by aliens! Leave it to him to think of it as another type of adventure, lol Great pics of that scene too!

    This: “Little did he know, that he was the one needing the most protection.” sounds ominous! O.o

  6. I’m gunna cry. What an emotional chapter! Poor Lava. It really would help a lot to be able to talk to Thunderbird, but unfortunately that just isn’t possible.

    Welcome to baby Lavander. She really is a cutie! And she’s more pink than white, so tell Coral not to worry.

    Poor Berrian! Wow, I hope he comes back ok! And what a great way to write an abduction in! Berrian most definately would love another adventure :p

  7. Wow, Lava looks really handsome as a teen. 0.o I feel bad for all the teenage vampire hormones he’s going through, though. Poor kid, and no one that knows how he feels but his crazy insane serial killer mother. =/

    Oh gods Berrian. There’s going to be alien babies from this, isn’t there? 0.o

  8. 😦 Lava. Coral really doesn’t need this… Berrian going missing, after all the stuff she has been through. I wonder how losing Berrian will affect Lava since he has been getting the most help from Berrian. O_O As for his blood thirst, I hope he will learn how to control it, it would be so sad if he turned out like Soda despite everything Coral did to prevent that very fact. And he is super handsome too. *fans self* I’m not surprised since he has Thunderbird for a father. *faints* LOL.


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