Chapter 4.7: In love with you

Warning: This chapter is NSFW. It contains a detailed description of a sexual encounter. If you’d rather not read such a thing I recommend you read the censored version on the official forum.

Screenshot-1076It was the middle of night and almost all of Fondant Fields was asleep. Stars twinkled on the dark blue night sky and the wind sang soft lullabies for the leaves on the trees. In the yellow and teal house that housed the Twist family two teenagers, one child and a visiting adult had all gone to bed. The house was as silent as the rest of the town. 

Screenshot-1078But Watermelon Twist did not sleep. 

No, Watermelon Twist laid awake and wondered why no one liked her. Why the people who should care for her always disappeared from her life and if perhaps it was her fault. She often wondered about this and usually came to the conclusion that she had to be the cause, somehow. She did not know, though, what she did wrong. She never tried to push anyone away in the first place and yet they constantly left her. 

Hours had passed since she first went to bed and she was certain that everyone else was fast asleep by now. Her sister, Bittersweet, was most likely tucked in under her covers and so was her baby brother. They both seemed happy and content, even though they were as abandoned as herself. Perhaps they, too, knew that she was the one to blame for everything. Perhaps sleep came easy for them because they knew it wasn’t their fault. 

Screenshot-1080The last two nights had been special. Not because she had trouble sleeping, for that was just normal, but because there was a grown-up ‘bow in the house who had no reason to stay, but did it non-the-less. Watermelon did not know why she got up from her bed because it never helped her to fall asleep once she got back, but still she pushed the covers off of her and got up. 

The house was silent and still, as houses are when they are sleeping, and Watermelon walked with light and soundless steps as she left her room.

Screenshot-1081She sneaked in to her older brother’s old room and closed the door soundless behind her. In the bed laid Romeo, sleeping peacefully. She stood and watched him for a moment, his chest rising and sinking in a rhythm that calmed her. 

Taxus had left her. Her mother had left her. And her eldest sister had left her. Twice. But Romeo was there.

It was weird thinking about him being here, when he had no obligations. When Coral and Berrian left, Romeo had stayed on his own will and he had really cared for them all during the past two days. They had been eating dinners together, they had played video games together and it had almost felt like they were a real family. Except for Celeste, Romeo was the first person who had really shown Watermelon that he liked her and cared for her. It was something she really needed. She wanted him to stay, forever.

Screenshot-1082Without thinking, and without making any sound, Watermelon slipped out of her underwear and left them in a pile right beneath her. Her nipples stiffened as she removed her bra and let them meet the open air. She shivered quickly and then slowly made her way towards the bed. She moved soundless and without thinking. 

Romeo was attractive, but that was not why she carefully pulled the covers away from him. Every move was done slowly for she did not wish to wake him up. He whimpered a little as the warmth and protective covers were removed from his body but he remained asleep. She did not do this because she was in love with him, but because she wanted him to know that she wished for him to stay, that she needed her.

Screenshot-1083Slowly and carefully Watermelon climbed up in the bed and straddled the sleeping Romeo. With her right hand she began to fondle his penis. Romeo whimpered with pleasure and when Watermelon felt his penis harden in her hand she felt satisfied. She had never touched a penis before and getting proof of the fact that she knew how to satisfy a man at her first try made her smile. Her left hand drew circles across his chest and beneath her she felt how Romeo’s hips started to push against her own. It felt good. 

Screenshot-1084Watermelon had started to become sexually aroused herself by the sound of Romeo’s agitated groans and she continued to move her right hand up and down his penis while pushing her hips closer to his. She was just about to pull Romeo’s underpants off when he woke up enough to realize what was going on. It had only been a few moments and in his sleepy grogginess he had simply enjoyed the touches which at first had seemed like a dream.

When he opened his eyes and saw Watermelon sitting naked on top of him he felt startled and started to sit up while pushing her off of him. “No. No” he whispered to announce that he did not want this. He could have yelled at her, but he did not want to wake the rest of the house.

Screenshot-1085Watermelon slid off Romeo and curled up at the foot side of the bed. “I’m sorry” she whispered and started to cry. “I just don’t want you to leave” she sobbed.

“Don’t cry” Romeo whispered and crawled closer to her and held her head against his chest. The two sat like that, Watermelon crying in to Romeo’s shoulder until there were no more tears  to be cried. She felt ashamed of what she had done and couldn’t for her life remember why she had done it in the first place. But Romeo understood that the tough facade she put up was nothing but a role. He understood that the girl next to him was broken and sad and needed someone who cared for her. He somehow wished that he could be that one, but he also knew that he couldn’t. Watermelon needed her family and she had simply turned to him when they had failed to be there for her.

“I’m sorry” Watermelon whispered again. “I just want someone to like me. Please don’t tell them. Please don’t tell anyone I did this. They will only hate me more.”

Romeo knew that none of her sisters really hated Watermelon and he did what he could to calm her down. But he also made a promise to try to help her, and to not tell anyone about what had just happened.

Later that night he helped the broken Watermelon to get back in to her clothes and back in her bed. There he sat with her and stroked her forehead until she fell asleep while promising that he would help her, that she would be okay.

Screenshot-968When we arrived back home after our trip I felt like I was floating on some cotton candy clouds. After the childhood I had, it was amazing to feel happy and loved and to appreciate life. It was feelings I had never known existed until I left my home and met Romeo and Berrian.  I mean, I had been pretty content with how things were, but this was certainly better.

Back home winter was slowly starting to give way for spring and it was still rather cold. At least, it was a lot colder than it had been in Al Simhara. I shivered when my bare feet first touched the cold ground and Berrian sent me a look as if saying ‘I told you to wear shoes’, but I ignored it.

We found Bittersweet and Romeo in the backyard, by the big pool in our garden which mother had worked hard to build only to leave home just weeks after it was completed. It hadn’t been used much at all since then for all I knew. However, now Bittersweet and Romeo stood next to it, so caught up in their own conversation that they failed to notice our homecoming.

Screenshot-967It seemed like even when they did notice us, they didn’t want to drop their conversation. Perhaps it should have made me sad, but it only made me happy because it meant they truly did get on well.

Bittersweet had this big genuine smile all over her face which basically made my day. I had longed for seeing her happy, and it seemed Romeo did have that impact on her. Instead of interrupting whatever they were talking about, we just waved a quick hello and continued to search for the rest of my family.

Screenshot-978We found Watermelon inside the sauna together with our cousin Pineapple (Loquat’s only son). Unlike Bittersweet, she did not seem very happy. Not that it came as a big surprise for I had learned that she was rarely happy. In fact, she was in the middle of lecturing poor Pineapple for Berry knows what. She didn’t even stop at the sight of us and it is fairly possibly that our presence just made the whole thing worse.

We were on our way indoors to find Salmon when Pineapple came stomping past us, “I’m done!” he shouted back to Watermelon who walked with angry, stomping steps in to the house and up to her room.

It turned out that Salmon wasn’t at home at all so our search for him went by without any result. I was glad that he had friends to visit though, as it meant that he somewhere could get an idea of what a normal family was. Uncle Blizzard’s family – where I suspected he was right now – sure was just normal.

After not finding Salmon and trying to stay out of Watermelon’s way I went to the kitchen to stuff the fridge full of the fruits and vegetables I had brought home from Egypt. Once spring really came and the ground softened up a bit I would plant some of them to see if I could make them grow in my own garden.

Screenshot-986Romeo came in to the kitchen a short while later. Alone, without Bittersweet which seemed weird at first but then wasn’t since he was really my friend in the first place. “You had a good time?” he wondered and I nodded eagerly and told him everything about my new experience.

“And how about you?” I wondered once I was done with my story. “Thanks again, it means the world to me that you stayed here. I still feel bad about asking in the first place.”

“No worries” Romeo smiled. “I’ve had a great time actually. But there’s something we need to talk about.”

“And what’s that?”

Screenshot-1086“Well, you see…” he blushed a bit before continuing, which certainly wasn’t a common thing for him to do. “Did you know I was in love with you?”

What he said really caught me off guard and I felt my body stiffen. Romeo was in love with me? All those times we had been sitting naked by a fire, close to each other – had he been in love with me then? All those times he watched me kiss Berrian, had that hurt him? Had I hurt him? I looked over Romeo’s shoulder towards Berrian who stood just a few feet further away. He looked as surprised as I felt but seemed to decide not to say anything about it.

“Was” Romeo clarified. “I’m happy that you’re with Berrian. I’ve always been happy about that. You two are perfect for each other. You never felt for me that way and I knew it. That’s why I never said anything about it.”

“I… I didn’t know” I mumbled, suddenly feeling uneasy in his presence. Why did he tell me this now?

“How could you?” Romeo smiled, showing no sign of ever being hurt. “Don’t worry. I’ve been fine. I am fine.”

“Why are you telling me this now?”

Romeo blushed again and looked down quickly before looking at me again. “Because I just got to know Bittersweet and she… She is just like you but – no offence – better.”

Screenshot-988“Really?” I felt my face light up in a big smile. This was everything I could have asked for.

“She’s just so fun and friendly and… pretty. And she’s soon celebrating her birthday and I won’t have to feel like a creep or anything. So, I’d like to know if you’re okay with me asking her out. After her birthday, of course?”

I threw myself around his neck as a token of how happy his simple question made me. “That would be the most amazing thing!”

Romeo hugged me back and as he did Berrian cleared his throat behind us. “You’re not going to hurt her, are you? You’re really over Coral?” Romeo let go of me and turned towards Berrian, who continued: “Because Berry forgive me if you use Bittersweet as a way to get close to Coral and you end up hurting anyone of them. Should you do that, Romeo, rest assure that I will forget we were ever friends.”

“Relax buddy” Romeo said and placed a hand on Berrian’s shoulder. “I won’t steal your girl, neither do I have any intention of hurting her sister.”

“I sure hope so, I’d hate to lose you as a friend” Berrian replied and relaxed a little. I gave him a thankful look for I had failed to think about the possibility of Romeo using my sister to get close to me. It seemed like such an absurd thought when it came to Romeo that I didn’t even worry. I was thankful knowing that Berrian would choose family first, though.

Screenshot-1087“And there’s something else” Romeo said and looked around the room. “We need to talk about Watermelon.”


“She’s not very happy” Romeo said and continued to look around, for what I realized was Watermelon.

Screenshot-1088“She’s not?”

I was silent while Romeo told me about how Watermelon had broken down in to tears one evening and told him how she felt abandoned and how she believed it was all her fault. It hurt to think that I had played a part in abandoning her and make her feel unwanted. I promised myself, and Romeo, to hereafter try harder to make Watermelon feel like a part of this family. I had never wanted her, or Bittersweet or Salmon, to feel like I didn’t love them, for I really did. With my whole heart, I loved my family.

Screenshot-1020Both Salmon and Bittersweet celebrated their birthdays a few days later. Salmon looked a lot like uncle Loquat but he had father’s red hair and uncle Blizzard’s green eyes. He was a cute boy. And kind beyond worlds. And always so positive. A great young man he was, my younger brother.

Screenshot-989Bittersweet aged up pretty, too. She didn’t want neither party or recognition over her aging and simply transitioned on her own in her bedroom before coming downstairs to show off her new looks. I was extremely excited over her aging since it meant Romeo would soon be asking her out.

I had promised to not say anything, but it was hard keeping my mouth shut when the best thing possibly could soon be happening.

Screenshot-990“Wow, look at you” I said when she had placed her both feet on the ground floor.

“Seems I grew taller than you” she said and stretched with a happy grin on her face. If she was ever disappointed in me and Berrian leaving, she had refrained from telling me, and we were the best of friends again.

“Tell me, sister” I started. “How do you like Romeo?”

Screenshot-993“What do you mean?” she wondered.

“Exactly that. How do you like him?”

“I suppose he’s okay.”

I felt my heart sting. Okay was not enough. “Just okay?”

“We had a good time while you were gone. He’s quite fun” she replied without showing much emotions at all. I wondered if perhaps she was trying to make me feel nervous about it all or if she simply didn’t feel much about him.

“He looks quite good too, doesn’t he?” I asked, trying my best to get some more information out of her.

“I thought you didn’t look at him that way” Bittersweet teased and I had to drop it. I didn’t want to risk revealing Romeo’s plan before he had a chance to ask her himself.

Thank you heaven for giving me the idea of letting Watermelon “seduce” Romeo. 🙂 It worked out fairly well to tell a bit of her sad story.

I also wanted to show you all in this chapter that Berrian is not really so distant when it comes to Coral’s family and deep down inside he really do care for them all. He’s just restless and eager to go on adventures, which obviously sometimes affect others in a bad way.

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  1. Wow. That was a bit crazy and full of action!!

    Watermelon clearly has some serious issues, I really hope everyone can help her get through them before she ages up, otherwise I can’t imagine what might happen to her when she leaves home. 😦
    I wonder what was going on with Pineapple?

    I *knew* Romeo loved Coral at the beginning, but then thought I must be wrong when he introduced her to Berrian. Great twist, really shows how selfless and loving Romeo is. I love him. 😉

    I hope Bittersweet was just afraid to admit her true feelings about Romeo!! That would be devastating! Poor Romeo losing two loves from the same family.
    And, how will Watermelon feel about Romeo and Bittersweet getting together?! 😐

    great chapter! 😀

    • Thanks for your comment. Romeo sure is loveable. I just want to hug him or pinch his cheeks or whatever. Lol.

      Watermelon probably won’t disagree with a possible relation between Romeo and Bittersweet since she doesn’t really have feelings for him. She likes how he shows her that he cares and all, but that’s about it. I promise to get back to her and her dilemma though!

  2. Oh my gosh. That chapter. Was the most amazing thing ever. You are like a goddess of pacing, have I ever told you that? I never get the urge to skim through your writing. Never. It’s crazy.

    I hope Bittersweet is just playing her attractions for Romeo off. I really want them to be together.

    I hope Watermelon finds someone who can truly make her happy. I wonder what the heck was happening with Pineapple. I hope she doesn’t get jealous of Bittersweet if Bitter does date Romeo. Oh my gosh.

    I thought it was sweet that Berrian jumped to defend Bitter against Romeo, as well. It shows that he thinks of them as his family, as well, and that he knows he is a father/big brother figure to the girls and Salmon.

    asdbhasdasdasd. I want more. ;_;

    • Arrow, have I ever told you that I love you? Seriously, your comments make me blush.

      We will get to see how Bittersweet really feels about Romeo in the next chapter, and how that might affect Watermelon. ^^

  3. Oh my goodness! That chapter was just crazy.

    Watermelon clearly has some problems that need to be acknowledged. I hope the whole family can help her through such a difficult time.

    I really hope Bitter was just playing her attraction for Romeo. I want them to be together so bad ;____;

    I hope Watermelon finds someone to make her happy like Berrian does for Coral. It’s really sweet how he reacted about not just Coral but her sister as well. It shows that he thinks of them as his family. Gah. that thought alone is freaking adorable.

    I can’t wait for 4.8!

  4. nirar

     /  May 25, 2013

    Well, that is quite a way to wake up! To find your friend’s little sister naked on top of you! He handled it so nicely though.
    Poor Watermelon. She’s quite a tragic figure, I hope now that Coral is aware of how Watermelon feels that she can help Watermelon out with some of her issues.
    And Bittersweet. I hope she is just keeping her feelings under wrap, I would hate to see Romeo get his heart broke, he is such a sweet guy!

    • It will get better for Watermelon, especially now that her feelings are known. I think she was the most forgotten kid out of them all and it probably hurt her way more than anyone realized. 😦

  5. Awh, poor Watermelon. I’m glad Romeo didn’t take avantage of her, though-just more proof he’s a fantastic guy. I honestly like him more than Berrian, haha..

    Bittersweet’s gotta learn to live, too! I feel like out of the kids, only Taxus and Coral have grown up well adjusted. Soda Pop really messed everybody up.

    • Oh yes, Soda Pop really did damage them all with her poor parenting.

      And you’re right, Romeo is more likeable because he is genuinely good while Berrian has his flaws due to being a more central character. 🙂

  6. I liked that you showed Berrian sees the kids as his family too now, something to protect, that he isn’t just focused on Coral and adventuring. It was also a very sad, but true-to-life portrayal of Watermelon’s feelings of inadequacy and her attempts to prove worth to herself in her attempt to seduce Romeo. Sex is empty when used in such a manner, and I fear she may go on in this manner; I’ve certainly known other girls and women who have. I was also glad to see Romeo’s interest in Bittersweet, but now you’ve left me completely at a loss to discern what her feelings for him might be. Looking forward to the next chapter!

    • Berrian is a good person, it just gets overshadowed by his adventure lust. And you’re right, the empty sex is definitely a reality to a lot of people. Perhaps especially girls in the grayzone between youth and adulthood. Let’s hope Watermelon can get some help to get through it. We don’t want her to become another Soda Pop, do we?

  7. Poor, poor Watermelon! Don’t tell me I had a hand in that *hides face*. I really want to know more about her and I really hope that Romeo’s hand in helping and informing Coral about the issue that she can start on the road to being much happier with life.

    I’m still rooting for Romeo to find his true love. Maybe it will be Bittersweet? Guess we’ll have to find out.

    • Sorry, you did! I hadn’t thought of that before but your last comment gave me the idea. But it’s not your fault that Watermelon is an unhappy and feisty teenager, she really is like that in game. And now that it’s out there how she really feels it will hopefully get better. 😀

  8. This chapter was intense. Haha, in a good way. I like how more of Berrian’s and Watermelon’s personalities came through. I kind of got the vibe of Watermelon being disturbed and unsure of how to handle her issues, but that’s so good that Berrian showed more about how he cares for Coral’s family too. Aww Romeo, I hope he can find someone to love…

  9. The first time I read this chapter I went freaking insane, I thought rape was going down. But luckily, it didn’t… Haha. It made me read each paragraph with this anxious look on my face, wanting to know what would happen next! Really great chapter.

  10. I feel for Romeo. 😦 ❤

  11. Oh wow–my heart just about shattered for poor Watermelon. Like, you literally made my heart hurt with that scene!!! I wanted to just shout out “WATERMELON, YOU ARE LOVED!!!!” but I know that wouldn’t have made a difference. I hope she finds peace 😦


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