Chapter 4.5: Soulmates

Screenshot-879As summer turned in to fall the leaves on the trees went from green to orange, yellow and red. I had always adored how the change of seasons came clear to the eye, even though it was easy to tell far earlier that it was about to happen. Some say that fall and winter are a time for loss and sadness while spring and summer marks the beginning of something new and life. They obviously don’t know what they are talking about. Even though the leaves change color and fall to the ground, fall is a time for new beginnings, too. Other beginnings, per se, but still beginnings.

It’s the beginning of warm knitted sweaters and scarfs. The beginning of flickering candles and the smell of cinnamon and oranges. The beginning of cozy socks and meals cooked on root crops. The beginning of a new semester at University.

Screenshot-882And the beginning of endless evenings roasting apples over open fire with the one you love the most.

I loved it. The warm crackling fire in the middle of the Beehive’s little garden and Berrian’s sparkling eyes and warm smile. I loved how we could talk about anything and everything. I loved how we sometimes agreed with each other and other times didn’t. And I loved how our disagreements lead to interesting discussions where it was safe to say whatever you wanted to without any fear of being laughed upon or rejected.

Screenshot-881Screenshot-883Berrian was my soulmate and without any fear or doubt I threw myself in to a relationship with him, allowing myself to love and be loved. In a way, it was everything I believed in. I refused to interfere with nature telling me what was right. I fell for Berrian because it was meant to be, not because I had something to say in the matter.

And the most perfect thing of it all was knowing that he felt the same way. Not only could I feel it, I could see it too. In his eyes and in his hands and in the way his body moved. He loved me. He really did.

Screenshot-884“Will you really take me to those far away places some day?” I wondered and as usual when I was with him, my heart beat extra fast and my smile never faded.

“I wouldn’t dream of going without you now that I met you” he replied. It was a cheesy line but since I knew he was just stating the truth and nothing else, it was incredibly heart-warming to hear.

He talked about places I had never even dreamed about visiting and his words planted wishes inside of me. I tried to vision the places he talked about but nothing came clear to me. I tried to see myself exploring dungeons and temples with Berrian by my side but no matter how detailed his stories were, I failed to see it before me. I needed to experience it for myself, for real, to understand the ultimate thrill about it.

Screenshot-887When I was in his arms the world stopped spinning and the only thing I could see was his lovely purple eyes and the way they always smiled.

I hated saying goodbye to him for the night for every second without him was close to impossible to get through. Yet, even the seconds without him was far nicer now that I had met him for I knew that in the end of the day I would be back in his arms. In fact, everything I did felt better when I knew Berrian was waiting for me.

Screenshot-891I even managed to stay awake during Sandman’s lessons, which says a lot. And not only did I manage to stay awake, I also participated in a way I suspect Mr. Sandman had rarely encountered before at all. Every question he asked my arm shot to the air and I was eager to answer. Not that I always gave the answers he was looking for, since I had a way of connecting everything to nature and the natural evolution – whereas Sandman still thought that berries had any say in the process.

I learned though, that participating could lead to interesting discussions even if you didn’t believe in the same things. And I learned a lot from it.

Screenshot-892And Sandman, well… He looked surprised every time I contradicted him and sometimes he even had trouble giving proof that I was wrong. Which, of course was natural, since I was right. Nature would keep evolving with or without our interference and that was a fact no-one could disagree with.

Every time I told Berrian (or Romeo for that matter) about a discussion with Mr. Sandman they said they were proud of me. They thought it was amazing that I stood up for myself and my beliefs and they had my back in every matter. It strengthened me. I felt invincible with them by my side. I would fight whatever battle, and most likely win, if they were with me. It was an amazing feeling.

Screenshot-893And truth be told, we did fight battles. With the support of Berrian, Romeo, Clementine and everyone else who went the green way like me we held protests around campus. With passionate words we did what we could to convince more people to care for what they bought and what they threw away. We tried to teach our co-students that wasteful living belonged in the past and that eco-friendly and second-hand was the future.

We pushed for ecologically produced vegetables and livestock. We pushed for vegetarian days. We pushed for less car usage. All in all, we tried to get more people to change their way of living for it was really the only way to stop our world from dying. For it was dying. Slowly now, but it wasn’t hard to tell that it was starting to speed up. The more our technologies evolved, the more damage it did to our world and in my opinion there was no way to justify such a thing.

We do not own this planet, we are not the prime inhabitants. We share it, with everything else that lives – be that plants or animals or supernatural beings like my own mother. This planet was not ours to destroy and it was horrible to watch it happen.

Screenshot-894Perhaps we did not convince many berries to go down our road, but at least we tried. And no matter the level of success to our protests we could always lean back on each other – knowing perfectly well that we had already won the biggest prize.

And even if the berry world wasn’t ready to renounce their privileges we all knew that just the few of us doing our best helped. It wouldn’t save the planet but it would help to slow the destruction down. Even if it was just a tiny bit, it was worth celebrating. My way of celebrating more often than not consisted of hugs and kisses with the most amazing man I had ever met.

Screenshot-896Screenshot-898And honestly, how could I ever be able to resist those eyes? I would do anything for him, and we both knew it.

Screenshot-899The closer the semester came to its end, the more restless Berrian grew. He wasn’t used to staying put at one place for very long and by now he was staying simply because of me.

I tried to keep him occupied. We went fo long walks. We swam in the lake. We listened to Clementine sing by an open fire. We drank herbal tea. We played pool. We kissed. We studied. We talked. We hung out with Romeo and the rest of his friends. But nothing helped to ease his inquietude.

“It’s only a week left now” I said to calm him down and he kept pacing back and forth as if he was panicking over the need to stay at campus any longer. Actually, he did kind of panick about it but yet he stayed with me for I wanted to earn my exam before we did anything else. Even if the studies had only been secondary, I needed the exam for Bittersweet’s sake. I couldn’t get back home without it – not after everything she had done for me.

Screenshot-900It was a relief when my graduation letter finally came and I saw that I had passed. Just barely, but I had passed. I had my earned my degree and the only thing left for me to do was to bid farewell to the friends I had made and which I wouldn’t see again. I suspected that Clementine would be one of them while neither Berrian or Romeo would.

Screenshot-902We all gathered around one of the campus lakes on the night before most of us would departure and head home. Some had already left because they had friends and families back home waiting for them. I had that too, obviously. But I also had a family right here, on campus, which I didn’t want to leave without a proper goodbye gathering first.

I can’t remember where I first got the megaphone from, but it had been with me pretty much my entire time at University and I had come to love it like a pet. It was incredibly easy to speak your mind when you were sure that everyone heard what you were saying. And I had learned to speak my mind quite frequently and this particular night I had something extra important to say. And it had never been more important to make sure that everyone heard me alright.

Screenshot-903I stepped up on a little podium and cleared my throat. Berrian and Licorice (a girl who came with us now and then but who wasn’t really a regular) stood in front of me with their full attention on me. The rest of the gathering kept the party going by the lake. It didn’t matter, they would hear me anyway.

“Today I have something really important to say” I begun and around me my friends hushed each other to silence. “When I left for University I did it with doubt. I did not think that this would be anything for me. Boy, was I wrong? Hadn’t I gone I would never have met Romeo, who besides my baby sister has become my closest and dearest friend. And all the rest of you? I am so grateful for getting to know you all. To feel like I belong and like I fit in. Like I’m no freak for thinking we ought to take better care of what we have. But most important of it all: Hadn’t I gone I wouldn’t have met Berrian. That would have been a tragedy. For sure. He is my soulmate and I have never felt more at home than I do in his arms. Berrian, I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anything before and I am so grateful for the future I am to spend with you. You are truly the best.”

Screenshot-904When I went silent I was met with a round of applauds. Someone whistled and when I looked at Berrian he smiled his perfect smile and had tears in his eyes. With the rest of our friends still clapping their hands I stepped off the podium and walked up to Berrian who pulled me in to a hug and kissed me on the forehead. “I love you so much Coral” he whispered and I let my own lips meet his and as we kissed the applauds grew in sound and soon our friends were all cheering on us and celebrating our love.

And trust me, it was worth celebrating.

Screenshot-905It was quick and easy to pack my belongings to bring home as I decided to leave the planters and their plants in my room. Perhaps Atlantic would care for them, perhaps someone else would. Or perhaps they would wither and die, which would mark the end of my time at Berryniversity. It didn’t matter anymore. The only thing that mattered now was the future. To go home and be with my siblings again, to get to know my nephew and to spend more days with Berrian.

I had a good feeling about the future and despite the small little lump in my throat I was mostly happy when I got in to the car which would take me home.

Screenshot-906Hours later I stepped out of the car and dug my bare feet down to the snow of Fondant Fields. My home.

Only that it didn’t feel like home. My home was with Berrian and he was not here, yet. He would come, but we had agreed that I needed some time with my siblings first. I kind of regretted that decision now for I already missed him.

Screenshot-907It was a short walk to the house. Fondant Fields was a small town, smaller than I remembered it. And it was silent, too. It was a kind of silence that I hadn’t experienced during my time at University. I had become used to the constant ongoing parties, the laughter floating through the air. I realized that I liked the silence of Fondant Fields.

When I got to the house it was dark and everyone was asleep. I unpacked my bag and crawled under the sheets of my old bed. It felt weird. It was my home, and yet I felt like a visitor.

Screenshot-920The next day I got up early and prepared a breakfast for my siblings. True to her word, Bittersweet had cared for my little garden and the single tomato plant in my room was ready to be harvested and I used its fruit in the breakfast pancakes. It was strange to be back here, preparing breakfast and caring for my siblings. I had done it so many times before, and yet it felt like a new experience.

Watermelon was the first to come down the stairs and I thought my eyes would fall out of their holes when I saw her. The little girl I had left behind when I headed to University was gone and in her place stood a tall and slim young lady. She was beautiful and I smiled when I saw her. “You’ve grown” I said and she nodded as she took a plate and sat down at the table.

“You’re back” she replied and dug in to her breakfast.

“I am…” It was awkward. I did not know my youngest sister at all. I had no idea what her favorite food was, what her favorite color was or what her best friend was named. I knew nothing about her.

“Cool, I guess we missed you” she said and finished her pancakes. I watched her leave the room and wondered again who she was and what she liked. Was she anything like me and Bittersweet? What did she dream of?

Screenshot-908The whole morning it felt like I was just waiting for Bittersweet to wake up and come downstairs for I had really missed her. When she did come down, a smile grew on my face because of all the thankfulness I felt towards her. It was really her involvement that had led me to Berrian’s arms and I was extremely grateful for it. I threw myself around her neck in a tight hug which she half-heartedly returned.

“I missed you so much” I said once I had let go and a distant smile played on Bittersweet’s lips while she avoided eye contact with me.

“You never called” she said and pouted. “Not once. Not a single phone call.”

“I did call” I started before I realized she was right. I had sent her texts and pictures and e-mail but I had never called and now I couldn’t understand why. My shoulders slouched as I handed her a neatly wrapped present that I had brought with me. The box was covered with air holes because it contained a colorful bird that I had found in the wild and I instantly thought of my sister when I did.

Screenshot-910“Do you know how tough it’s been?” Bittersweet  complained when she took the box in her hand. I could tell that she didn’t want it. A single gift couldn’t make up for months of lost phone calls. “You’re the only one I’ve got” she continued and her voice was filled with hurt.

“I’m sorry” I whispered. “I don’t know why I never called. I thought about you every day, but there was so much to do. I was constantly busy. Not that it should excuse me not calling, but I must have forgotten between everything. You are still my best friend, sister.”

Screenshot-912“You should have called. We are your family, after all. And we missed you and we were worried. And I needed your support. I’m not fit for taking care of children like you are. I mean, we managed but it was so hard. I needed you and I regret letting you go.”

A few moments passed in which I let Bittersweet express her disappointment. I had been selfish not to call or check in more often than I did, but I had also done exactly what she asked of me and lived for myself. It had been the best part of my life so far and I couldn’t wait to tell her everything about it.

Screenshot-911And once she was done complaining she sighed and asked me how it had been and what people I had met and if it had been a good time. Thinking about it all made me smile wide, which made Bittersweet smile too for she loved me like I loved her and she wanted me to be happy. So I told her everything. Of how I met Romeo and how he was so full of energy and taste of life and how he introduced me to all his friends who became my friends. And I told her about Berrian, how his eyes sparkled with happiness all the time and how he grew restless when he needed to stay at one place for very long and how much I loved him and how I pictured my future with him.

She smiled and nodded and her disappointment was vanishing as I told my story. Last of all, I told her I couldn’t wait until she could meet Berrian herself, for she was bound to like him too.

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  1. Poor Bittersweet, I feel bad for her. I mean, yes, she did push Coral to go but then she must have felt abandoned just like when Soda Pop left. And to hear Watermelon say she “guessed” she missed her sister. I’m glad though that Bittersweet can forgive her and hopefully they’ll be happy again.

    • You’re right, Coral did kind of go Soda Pop on her sister/best friend. Although, she did send both texts and e-mails but non-the-less Bittersweet felt forgotten. She will get over it, though! 🙂

  2. Poor Bittersweet. That had to be really tough. And I know that Coral was just excited about her new life she still didn’t really ask her sister how things were and what was going on. Hopefully she’ll remember to do that soon.

    Wow! Watermelon grew up really cute!

    • Ye… She did kind of forget that time has passed back home too. Bittersweet will forgive her though, they are too close to get some missed phonecalls get inbetween them. 🙂

  3. Oh, how tough for poor Bittersweet. Even though she pushed Coral out, it still must have been difficult not to get any phone calls. I hope they take to Berrian alright.

  4. Awhhh, Coral’s declaration of love was so adorable. I feel bad for Bittersweet, but I’m still reeling over the love!

  5. Poor Bittersweet, but at least Coral’s here now, and Berrian will be, too! 🙂 And wow, I didn’t even recognize Watermelon.

    • You’re right, Watermelon did change a lot during her age-up. She’s much prettier than I thought she would be.

  6. nirar

     /  May 13, 2013

    Berrian and Coral are so cute together. I wonder how it will work out though, since Coral is not quite free from her family yet?
    Poor BitterSweet, she bit off more than she could chew! Running a household with kids when you are only a teen is hard, it’s hard enough when you are an adult, lol

    • Oh yes, they are perfect together. And no, Coral will have to care for her younger siblings still. Poor thing…

  7. I *loved* your description of Fall and all the wonderful things it brings. Fall is my favorite season for many of those reasons. The colors of the leaves and the crops at field, even the air smells of fall, and the sunlight changes. It’s time to bring out the crock pot and make stews and vegetable soups. Time to bring out warm fuzzy blankets.

    So Berrian will be coming to visit Coral’s home and family? But how long will he stay, is the question. Coral already knows she will travel with him, but has she thought far enough ahead to realize that means she will be leaving her family behind again–most likely for good? I can’t blame Bittersweet for her feelings, and it hurt for her to say she regretting sending Coral to University, but Coral did do exactly as Bittersweet had wanted, to live for herself for a change.

    • Thank you! I love fall for those reasons too, even though I could do without all the rain it brings. ^^

      Berrian is coming to visit for a short time before they hit the road. And no, Coral hasn’t really planned ahead. She kind of forgot about her family when she wasn’t with them. ^^

      • I figured she’d be hitting the road with him…it’s sad that she’ll be leaving behind her siblings, but it will be exciting to see all the exploring Coral and Berrian do. I wonder though if Coral will ever get tired of traveling so much.

      • They will kind of settle down eventually. 🙂

  8. Ahh, so many feels dude. When I saw you had a new chapter out I screamed, I’ve been waiting for what felt like forever. Haha, Coral and Berrian are definitely the one true pairing for me right now. Everything about their scenes together are just warm, makes me feel like I’m watching a movie, when clearly, I’m reading. Haha, I feel like her siblings won’t like Berrian at first cause they’ll feel as though he’s taking her away from them but I guess we’ll just have to see. Sweet update, can’t wait for more. And I mean that literally, I can’t wait omg.

    • I think they may be my first OTP actually. 😀

      I’m glad you’re so happy with it because it makes me think I gave Berrian a decent personality (even if it doesn’t really match his traits, lol).

      • That is so cool. 🙂

        But yeah, you did give him a good personality, I already have a sense of who he is. Your writing skills are captivating also. It’s like I can’t stop reading it, and then it only makes me want to read more as soon as possible. Anyway, keep it up. 😀

      • Hopefully new chapter today or tomorrow. 🙂

      • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ~happybreakdances~

  9. Wooo! You did a really good job of the whole dynamic between Coral before Uni and Coral after Uni. Before Uni, I was like dude, she’s so selfless since she had to take care of her siblings. Then after Uni, I saw a little of her mother in her, although with Coral it’s different because she just got caught up in finally being able to do things for herself, which she totally deserved. Poor little Bittersweet and Watermelon though, that sucks that they felt abandoned, especially Watermelon since she probably has no idea what went on before when Soda Pop was still part of the mortal world. I can see both sides of the family’s perspectives here. 🙂 I do wonder how Berrian will feel about all of this since he’s such a restless traveling Sim and Coral’s family has past issues with abandonment.

  10. I echo everyone else’s sentiments but also wanted to add.. It’s funny how the teacher’s name is Sandman and he puts everyone to sleep. 😆


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