Chapter 4.4: The one

Screenshot-856The Beehive was a great place in which we spent far too little time. Or perhaps we spent enough time there, seeing as it was indoors and that we spent the rest of our time outdoors or in class. But I liked the Beehive however. They had their own little garden in the back where they grew all the ingredients used in their drinks, cakes and sandwiches and that was a huge turn-on for me and my friends. The owner was an old green man who sometimes would let us go out and pick our vegetables ourselves just because he loved ‘bows who went down the vegetarian lane.

This particular day I really felt a big need of some herbal tea for relaxing, since I had finished my first exam and due to lack of studies it hadn’t gone very well. Even if I had realized that the studies weren’t the most important part of my time at University, it stung a little to know I had failed the exams.

Screenshot-857That all disappeared as soon as Romeo came in to my view. He was smiling his big characteristic smile and his eyes sparkled with happiness. I wondered for a moment if I would ever see him sad or depressed or just even slightly down. I doubted it.

And his happiness rubbed off, like usual, and as soon as he had hugged me all the worries about the failed exam was gone with the wind.

Screenshot-858And gone was also my need for herbal tea and instead we went straight for the pool table. We played pool quite frequently on our visits here but it didn’t mean that I was any good at it. It was simply a way to spend time together, I suppose.

Screenshot-859And Romeo sure had his ways. I was constantly happy in his company, my lips always reaching for my ears as I smiled either because of something he said or simply because I felt happy.

Screenshot-861“So, I invited another friend for today” Romeo said as he aimed for another shot and I just hummed in response. So far, every single one of Romeo’s friend which had been introduced to me had become one of my best friends. I couldn’t say I was always massively excited to meet someone new, but I still knew I would like them. It was simply not a big deal.

Screenshot-862“I think you’ll like him” he continued and smashed the white ball, sending it crushing in to the yellow one, lowering it to the pocket as if he had never done anything but play pool in his life.

“Lucky shot” he grinned.

“I know I’ll like him” I said, ignoring the game which I was bound to lose anyway. “I always like your friends.”

Screenshot-863“But I mean more. I think you will really like him” he said and took another shot.

I didn’t quite understand what he meant, or perhaps I didn’t want to understand. I simply wanted friendships because anything else would just bring drama and unhappiness. I knew that.

Screenshot-864We finished the game before Romeo turned around at the sound of a rather light man’s voice. It was a simple greeting being uttered but just that one single word was enough to make me realize that this man was genuinely happy. Like the rest of Romeo’s friends.

“Ah, there he is!” Romeo said and nodded towards a short purple man who was approaching us. When I looked at him there was a faint flutter in the pit of my stomach. It was a feeling I had never felt before and it scared me, not because I thought it was any dangerous but because I was afraid it meant I considered the man to be good-looking. I had never cared much for looks before, and I wasn’t ready to let that change so I swallowed whatever feeling it was that was trying to get to me.

Screenshot-865“Hey Romeo” the man said and his lips formed a smile that made his eyes sparkle.

“Berrian my man” Romeo cried and threw his arms around the purple man’s neck in a tight hug. It seemed like the two hadn’t seen each other in ages, which presumably they hadn’t since I had been spending pretty much all my time the past few months with Romeo and so far hadn’t met Berrian until now.

Screenshot-866“Ah, it’s been such a long time” Berrian said once Romeo let go of him and by that confirmed my suspicion that they hadn’t met in a long time.

“Yeah, you have to tell me everything!” Romeo said excited and flung his arm around Berrians shoulders. It was crystal clear that the two of them were close friends, which made me wonder why I hadn’t met him until now.

“Ah man, Egypt was seriously the best. You have to go there sometime!” Berrian’s light voice sounded so happy and excited every time he spoke and I found myself just staring at him, drowning in the words which were not meant for me. Every now and then he glanced over at me, catching me looking at him which strangely did not make me feel embarrassed. Perhaps it was because he smiled every time our eyes met.

Screenshot-867“Oh, you haven’t met Coral yet” Romeo suddenly remembered and flung his other arm around my shoulder for a brief moment before he let go again to let us shake hands like one should when meeting for the first time. Berrian’s handshake was firm and light at the same time and his hand was warm in a way that I had never felt before. I felt strangely lost for words at his touch and just barely managed to stutter my name.

“Nice to meet you Coral. I’ve heard quite a bit about you and I must say I look forward to getting to know you myself.” Berrian smiled again and I smiled back while trying to regain my ability to speak. I did not know what caused it, but Berrian was nothing like anyone I had ever met before. Luckily for me, he was quite the talker and after shaking my hand he went back to tell Romeo (and me) about his trip to Egypt. It didn’t require much thinking to realize that he was a traveler by heart.

Screenshot-868A short while later Romeo excused himself and left the two of us alone at the pool table. I twisted my body a bit, and at the same time I hated myself for acting like a little school girl. It was certainly not like me to be this way.

But then again, there was something about Berrian which made me feel both safe and nervous at the same time, and I hadn’t experienced that before.

Screenshot-869“I heard you’re a girl of nature?” Berrian asked and smiled. I couldn’t help but blush at the fact that Romeo had told him how we every now and then ripped our clothes off just to feel less restricted and closer to nature. I wasn’t ashamed of it, and not of my body either, but it still felt weird that someone I had never met before knew about it.

“Well… I guess you could say that” I admitted.

“That’s awesome. Way too few berries realize just what it means to have a bond with the nature. I can tell we’re going to be great friends, Coral.”

Screenshot-870“Are you a man of nature too?” I asked and felt how my normal self came back to me at the mention of nature and bonds.

“I don’t necessarily rip my clothes off and run around bonfires” Berrian teased. “But I do think people need to start taking more notice of what they do to the world. It’s not like it’ll last forever otherwise. Sometimes I think we try to interfere too much. Let nature have its way. I mean, before we started interfering things were going fine and then we just had to step in and start to ruin everything. It’s silly, really.”

“I know, right! I can’t understand how anyone can think it’s right to pollute the air or ground like we do and use the world’s resources without thinking about how it’ll affect the nature and the wild plants and animals or anything. It’s quite selfish, actually.”

Suddenly all the shyness was as blown away. I could talk about nature and eco-living to anyone willing to listen and I would do it with strength and passion, no matter who I talked to.

Screenshot-871We kind of lost ourself in conversation and I actually forgot about Romeo. I didn’t even see him walk right past us with a big grin on his face – giving Berrian a thumbs up and leaving the Beehive. I was far too focused on Berrian’s sparkling eyes and interesting ideas.

“I suppose I don’t always live as I talk, though” Berrian admitted. “I mean, all that flying around. I wish there were better ways to travel. Planes suck.”

“So why do you fly so much?” I wondered.

Screenshot-874“Far too many great places worth visiting to stay put at one place” Berrian replied and his eyes sparkled a little extra. It was easy to tell he was indeed a traveler and that he would feel trapped if he was to settle somewhere.

“You could always go with train” I suggested, knowing that it wasn’t perfect but at least a lot better than flying. I had never really thought about leaving Fondant Fields myself, at least not before Bittersweet kicked me out for University. But thinking about the places Berrian talked about lit something inside me and I realized just how little I had lived until now.

“I’ve never been anywhere” I admitted when the realization hit me.

“Nowhere? No vacation, ever?”


“You have to go sometime. I’ll take you with me if I have to. There’s so much to see. So much to eat and so much to do!”

Screenshot-872 Screenshot-873I rarely let myself daydream, but when I looked in to Berrian’s eyes as he spoke about taking me to faraway places I couldn’t help it.

I saw us sitting at a sandy beach watching the sun set over the ocean. I saw us climbing mountains together. I saw us riding on elephants. I saw him feeding me with exotic fruits. And last I saw us kissing under a palm tree. And then I knew that the feeling that tried to creep upon me was love. The way my heart seemed to skip beats and my stomach flutter? I was falling in love with a man I had only just met.

It made me terrified and excited at the same time.

Screenshot-855When I got home later that day I laid down on the bed with a content, happy grin on my face. I was happy. Happier than I had ever been before and there was something about Berrian that made me want to throw myself in his arms. I felt lost in a world far from my mother and the worries back home and I knew that I wanted no more than to stay just where I was, right now. I laid in my bed, pretty much unaware of anything going on around me because I was thriving in my own joy. It was most likely impossible to be any happier than I was just now.

I do not know how long I laid in my bed just smiling but once I snapped out of it, I realized that my plants were carrying fruits. And then I realized that University, Romeo and Berrian were the best things that could have ever happened to me. And my plants growing fruits on the day I meet a guy who makes my heart flutter and my cheeks flush? It had to be a sign. He was the one.

Berrian Citrus was the one who won the Casting Call and is made by simswhen.

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  1. Awh, I love Berrian and Coral already! What cuties. 🙂 I love their chemistry and how quickly she’s fallen in love with him, too. They’re adorable.

  2. She’s so incredibly adorable! I hope she and Berrian are incredibly happy together!

  3. AWWW!!!
    This was so sweet! 🙂
    Welcome Berrian, and well done simswhen. Glad Coral has met ‘the one’, can’t wait to see what happens next!

  4. Awww!!!!
    Coral and Berrian are just so adorable together! I adore how much chemistry they have and how quickly she fell for him.
    I would definately say the chapter is appropriately named 😉
    Can’t wait for more!!


  6. I am so happy that she isn’t fighting the feelings that she is having. I was worried that her mother’s examples of love might make her hate it and she might reject her future mate at first. I cannot wait to see where he brings her. I have a feeling that she is going to have children and then end up leaving them behind as she travels – with a responsible adult, hopefully. But I can guess that is how she is going to be an absentee parent.

  7. pandasims

     /  May 6, 2013

    Berrian and Coral are so adorable together

  8. Love at first sight! Romeo is quite the matchmaker, and so confident that this was going to be something significant for his friends. So I guess Coral will take up traveling now? Is Berrian in college too or just visiting? He doesn’t seem like the type to stay in one place for very long.

  9. Daw, that was such a cute chapter. I hope Coral can find happiness with Berrian. After the selfish ways her mother behaved, I imagine it could be difficult.

  10. afkthenad

     /  May 11, 2013

    Ah yay! Glad I came back to this, can’t wait to see what their genetics will be like mixed.

  11. Aw, that was a sweet first meeting!

  12. Yay she hit it off with Berrian! Haha. Go Coral. Kudos to her for knowing what love is even though she didn’t really experience much of it growing up.

  13. Romeo the matchmaker! ^^ I like Berrian, the two of them have such great chemistry together. ^^


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