Chapter 4.8: Animal attacks

Screenshot-1002When Romeo first asked Bittersweet out on a date she had trouble believing it. Romeo was friendly, smart, funny and good-looking. To think that he would want to date her was amazing. 

They met up in the northern central park, outside the town’s sports bar, The Waterhole. Bittersweet felt a little nervous when she stood waiting for her date, thinking he might have changed his mind and not show up at all. Of course, Romeo did show up and when he did he greeted her with a hug. He was a bit nervous too, because he really liked Bittersweet and he desperately wanted the date to go smooth.

Screenshot-1009As the true gentleman he is, Romeo had of course brought his date some flowers. Hand picked, of course. In fact, he had picked them on his way to the park – which was the reason why he was a little late.

Screenshot-1010Bittersweet loved the gesture and she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply to let the scent of the flowers stick in her nose. When she opened her eyes again Romeo looked at her with warmth in his eyes and a kind smile on his face.

Bittersweet could not help herself, if Romeo wanted to be with her he would have to deal with her silliness anyways and she put the flowers on the ground and reached out for him. “You’re it!” she cried as her hand touched his arm and then she ran.

Screenshot-1005She ran until she was out of breath and had to lean over to regain it. And that was when Romeo caught up with her and gently put his hand on her shoulder. With a laugh he said: “No, Sweet, YOU are it.”

Screenshot-1006After that it was Romeo’s turn to run and Bittersweet simply laughed and started chasing him. She thought to herself that if Romeo truly enjoyed this childish little stunt of hers, she would have to be careful to not let him slip. This was exactly what she needed in a man.

Screenshot-1008Before Bittersweet managed to catch up with Romeo he stopped and turned around so that Bittersweet nearly bumped in to him when she was trying to come to a stop herself. Romeo thought of the last time he had been running with a girl with the last name Twist. That time he had been completely naked and absolutely in love. Yet, this time felt a lot better.

“I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit tired of running” he said and panted a bit. 

Screenshot-1011Bittersweet just looked in to his eyes. She wondered where their pink color came from. Did Romeo have a pink father, or a perhaps a pink mother? Perhaps that piercing pink eye color went even further back. She found herself wondering if she would ever get to know. “What should we do instead” she asked and was surprised herself to realize that she spiced her voice with a flirty tone.

Screenshot-1007Romeo caught the tone in her voice and felt his heart flutter as he did. He did not quite understand why he felt so nervous around Bittersweet because he was usually a very social and charismatic man. And he had been in love before. At least he thought so.

“I happened to notice that they have a foosball table in the pub over there” Romeo said and nodded towards The Waterhole. “And I am currently undefeated at foosball. Would you dare to face me?”

“Challenge accepted” Bittersweet grinned.

Screenshot-1014The two played foosball until darkness enveloped the town. Bittersweet found that she genuinely laughed and smiled several times in the company of Romeo, which meant she really enjoyed spending time with him. Actually, she couldn’t quite remember when she had last had this fun. She had no chance of beating him in foosball, even though Romeo refrained from playing at his best. 

Until Romeo asked her out, Bittersweet hadn’t thought of him as anything but a friend but after spending the day with him she was slowly starting to change her mind. The smile that remained on Romeo’s face even when she showed her most childish part told her that he was exactly the type of man she wanted. It told her that she had a life ahead of her which would be more than caring for her younger siblings and running her mother’s home. There was a place for her, Bittersweet Twist, somewhere.

Screenshot-1016Once they both grew tired of the foosball game they headed out to the pub’s porch where they sat down. Unsure of what the other one was thinking, they both considered the date as a really successful one. There hadn’t been much flirting and there had been no touching, yet they both thought that there was some kind of chemistry between them. 

When they sat next to each other, they would have heard – had they really listened – that not only one heart but two beat faster than what was normal. When their eyes met as they looked to the side just to steal a look at the other, they both blushed and looked away again.

Screenshot-1015Seeing that Romeo also tried to steal secret glances at her, Bittersweet found enough courage to place her hand on top of his. It was the first physical touch between the two and it was followed by moments of awkward silence. None of them dared to move until they were sure whether the touch was desired by both parts.

Screenshot-1018Romeo broke the silence eventually and leaned backwards, tilting his body slightly closer to Bittersweet’s. “I’ve had a great time” he said.

“So did I” Bittersweet agreed.

Screenshot-1019They remained seated on the porch until one of the employees at The Waterhole told them that they had to leave. When that happened, they took company home and went their separate ways, finding their place in adjacent bedrooms. Romeo fell asleep with a smile on his face. Bittersweet did too.

Screenshot-1004While Bittersweet and Romeo were off on their date I decided to give Taxus and his family a visit. First of all because I needed to keep myself busy to not be all too nervous for Bittersweet and Romeo’s sake, but also because I hadn’t met my nephew since he celebrated his birthday and because I had a new little niece who I couldn’t wait to get to meet.

Taxus and Hyacinth had failed to find a place of their own which they liked enough to raise their family and ended up moving in with uncle Loquat in what I had learnt was our family’s first real home. It was a simple and small white house with a lot of charm.

Screenshot-1003Hyacinth was just feeding little Citrine when I came though the front door and she had a proud, content smile on her lips as she watched her little baby eat peacefully from the bottle.

“She’s always falling asleep while eating” she whispered and motioned for me to be quiet. I nodded as a sign of my understanding and went closer to just look at the little baby girl. Like her elder brother, Citrine had the yellow skin of Hyacinth’s mother Canary and a tiny cute little nose in the middle of her face. She was adorable.

“She’s so cute” I whispered and touched her head gently. Hyacinth nodded without taking her eyes off her precious little daughter.

Screenshot-923“I cwute too” Mystery said with a light and happy voice by my feet and I bent down to pick him up.

“Oh yes, you are really cute too, Mystery. Auntie’s little cutie!” The boy giggled as I lifted him in to the air.

Screenshot-991“Tell me everything! How was the date?” I pretty much attacked my sister as soon as she came through the front door after her date with Romeo. A big smile played on her lips, which was hopefully a good sign.

She turned around and slowly took her shoes off before once again turning towards me, still smiling as she did. Then, a sigh escaped her mouth. I hoped it was a content sigh and not one that meant her date with Romeo had been a disaster.

Screenshot-994“It was great” she finally said and I could breathe out. It was a true relief to hear my sister talk about the date with my other best friend as a pleasant experience.

Screenshot-926A few days had passed since Bittersweet’s date with Romeo, and Berrian had started planning another trip for us. I loved travelling, I really did, but I also enjoyed being at home to care for my garden and siblings so I did what I could to calm my man down. Of course, I would go with him at any time, but right now my siblings needed me more than ever. Especially Watermelon. I wouldn’t leave her behind this time.

Screenshot-1001“I’m going to look at a house today” Bittersweet told me while I was doing the dishes. She didn’t even look at me from behind the newspaper when she told me and I dropped the plate I was holding down the sink and watched it break in to two pieces.

“You are what?”

“I’ll be moving out, I think. It seems like a nice house, it’s just in the centre of town, right behind Sweet Pastry, you know?” Slowly she folded the newspaper and looked at me. I must have looked quite perplexed. At least I felt that way. I didn’t want her to move out. “You had your time away from here and I need it to. We’ll still help each other out, of course. But I have to get out. Get some air under my wings. You understand, don’t you?”

I did understand. Of course I did. But that did not mean I wanted her to move out. How would I cope without my baby sister? But I said nothing about it, instead I asked her if she wanted me to go with her to look at the house. She looked incredibly happy that I asked, and that made me happy too. I had Berrian after all, I would be fine.

Screenshot-999After the short conversation and my blessing about her moving out, Bittersweet unfolded the newspaper again and started reading where she had stopped earlier. “Did you read this article about the animal attacks?” she wondered. “I find it so weird. Like, how can they blame the animals when all we do is push them out of their homes? Wouldn’t you fight if someone threatened your territory?”

“I haven’t read it yet” I said. “What does it say?”

“Apparently they found two bodies last night at the foot of the river. Torn to pieces, it says. But it doesn’t make any sense. No animal kills unless it feels threatened. And you know what’s gonna happen? I do, even if it says nothing in the paper. They will hunt those animals down and they will kill them. It’s not right. We push the animals out of their homes and when they try to defend themselves they get sentenced to death. I can’t stand this.”

My sister was clearly upset, which made sense since she was such an animal lover. She had a point, too. This town used to be cornered with forests and trees but as the town grew the forests were cleared and the animals who lived there had to find new homes. It annoyed me too, but there wasn’t much we could do about it now. Those animals had killed berries and we both knew that they would have to pay for that with their lives. Not until then would Fondant Fields be happy.

“We are going to protest against their killing” Bittersweet said and stood up, slamming the paper on the table in front of her. “You and me, sis. We can’t just sit back and let it happen. You are with me, right?”

“Right” I nodded. I would have my sister’s back anytime.

Screenshot-1141Before we started planning our protest, we had a house to visit though. We headed straight for it as soon as I had finished the dishes. On our way there we heard lots of townsfolk gossiping about the animal attacks. I knew right then, that Bittersweet was certainly right. Even if it was fear rather than hate that fueled the berries in our town, our nature would soon have to take a big hit. There would be crusades going after the poor animals. And I would certainly not stand by to just let it happen. I would definitely have my sister’s back.

It was hard to focus on the house with all the anger boiling inside me. But I suppose it was a nice house. Bittersweet certainly thought so and I knew that she would buy it before she even told me. Perhaps it was a good thing that we had the animal protection protests to bind us together now, because it would hurt to see her leave. At least now we would have another reason to be together, besides sisterhood and friendship.

How cute is Mystery? Remember that you can always stay up to date with the extended family and their babies through the Family Tree.

Bittersweet and Romeo are now Romantic Interests but that’s as far as I’m going to push them. From here we will have to rely on our dear friend StoryProgression since Bittersweet is moved out of the household, as according to the rules. The house Bittersweet will live in is built my the talented risastorm and is available for download on her tumblr.


Chapter 4.7: In love with you

Warning: This chapter is NSFW. It contains a detailed description of a sexual encounter. If you’d rather not read such a thing I recommend you read the censored version on the official forum.

Screenshot-1076It was the middle of night and almost all of Fondant Fields was asleep. Stars twinkled on the dark blue night sky and the wind sang soft lullabies for the leaves on the trees. In the yellow and teal house that housed the Twist family two teenagers, one child and a visiting adult had all gone to bed. The house was as silent as the rest of the town. 

Screenshot-1078But Watermelon Twist did not sleep. 

No, Watermelon Twist laid awake and wondered why no one liked her. Why the people who should care for her always disappeared from her life and if perhaps it was her fault. She often wondered about this and usually came to the conclusion that she had to be the cause, somehow. She did not know, though, what she did wrong. She never tried to push anyone away in the first place and yet they constantly left her. 

Hours had passed since she first went to bed and she was certain that everyone else was fast asleep by now. Her sister, Bittersweet, was most likely tucked in under her covers and so was her baby brother. They both seemed happy and content, even though they were as abandoned as herself. Perhaps they, too, knew that she was the one to blame for everything. Perhaps sleep came easy for them because they knew it wasn’t their fault. 

Screenshot-1080The last two nights had been special. Not because she had trouble sleeping, for that was just normal, but because there was a grown-up ‘bow in the house who had no reason to stay, but did it non-the-less. Watermelon did not know why she got up from her bed because it never helped her to fall asleep once she got back, but still she pushed the covers off of her and got up. 

The house was silent and still, as houses are when they are sleeping, and Watermelon walked with light and soundless steps as she left her room.

Screenshot-1081She sneaked in to her older brother’s old room and closed the door soundless behind her. In the bed laid Romeo, sleeping peacefully. She stood and watched him for a moment, his chest rising and sinking in a rhythm that calmed her. 

Taxus had left her. Her mother had left her. And her eldest sister had left her. Twice. But Romeo was there.

It was weird thinking about him being here, when he had no obligations. When Coral and Berrian left, Romeo had stayed on his own will and he had really cared for them all during the past two days. They had been eating dinners together, they had played video games together and it had almost felt like they were a real family. Except for Celeste, Romeo was the first person who had really shown Watermelon that he liked her and cared for her. It was something she really needed. She wanted him to stay, forever.

Screenshot-1082Without thinking, and without making any sound, Watermelon slipped out of her underwear and left them in a pile right beneath her. Her nipples stiffened as she removed her bra and let them meet the open air. She shivered quickly and then slowly made her way towards the bed. She moved soundless and without thinking. 

Romeo was attractive, but that was not why she carefully pulled the covers away from him. Every move was done slowly for she did not wish to wake him up. He whimpered a little as the warmth and protective covers were removed from his body but he remained asleep. She did not do this because she was in love with him, but because she wanted him to know that she wished for him to stay, that she needed her.

Screenshot-1083Slowly and carefully Watermelon climbed up in the bed and straddled the sleeping Romeo. With her right hand she began to fondle his penis. Romeo whimpered with pleasure and when Watermelon felt his penis harden in her hand she felt satisfied. She had never touched a penis before and getting proof of the fact that she knew how to satisfy a man at her first try made her smile. Her left hand drew circles across his chest and beneath her she felt how Romeo’s hips started to push against her own. It felt good. 

Screenshot-1084Watermelon had started to become sexually aroused herself by the sound of Romeo’s agitated groans and she continued to move her right hand up and down his penis while pushing her hips closer to his. She was just about to pull Romeo’s underpants off when he woke up enough to realize what was going on. It had only been a few moments and in his sleepy grogginess he had simply enjoyed the touches which at first had seemed like a dream.

When he opened his eyes and saw Watermelon sitting naked on top of him he felt startled and started to sit up while pushing her off of him. “No. No” he whispered to announce that he did not want this. He could have yelled at her, but he did not want to wake the rest of the house.

Screenshot-1085Watermelon slid off Romeo and curled up at the foot side of the bed. “I’m sorry” she whispered and started to cry. “I just don’t want you to leave” she sobbed.

“Don’t cry” Romeo whispered and crawled closer to her and held her head against his chest. The two sat like that, Watermelon crying in to Romeo’s shoulder until there were no more tears  to be cried. She felt ashamed of what she had done and couldn’t for her life remember why she had done it in the first place. But Romeo understood that the tough facade she put up was nothing but a role. He understood that the girl next to him was broken and sad and needed someone who cared for her. He somehow wished that he could be that one, but he also knew that he couldn’t. Watermelon needed her family and she had simply turned to him when they had failed to be there for her.

“I’m sorry” Watermelon whispered again. “I just want someone to like me. Please don’t tell them. Please don’t tell anyone I did this. They will only hate me more.”

Romeo knew that none of her sisters really hated Watermelon and he did what he could to calm her down. But he also made a promise to try to help her, and to not tell anyone about what had just happened.

Later that night he helped the broken Watermelon to get back in to her clothes and back in her bed. There he sat with her and stroked her forehead until she fell asleep while promising that he would help her, that she would be okay.

Screenshot-968When we arrived back home after our trip I felt like I was floating on some cotton candy clouds. After the childhood I had, it was amazing to feel happy and loved and to appreciate life. It was feelings I had never known existed until I left my home and met Romeo and Berrian.  I mean, I had been pretty content with how things were, but this was certainly better.

Back home winter was slowly starting to give way for spring and it was still rather cold. At least, it was a lot colder than it had been in Al Simhara. I shivered when my bare feet first touched the cold ground and Berrian sent me a look as if saying ‘I told you to wear shoes’, but I ignored it.

We found Bittersweet and Romeo in the backyard, by the big pool in our garden which mother had worked hard to build only to leave home just weeks after it was completed. It hadn’t been used much at all since then for all I knew. However, now Bittersweet and Romeo stood next to it, so caught up in their own conversation that they failed to notice our homecoming.

Screenshot-967It seemed like even when they did notice us, they didn’t want to drop their conversation. Perhaps it should have made me sad, but it only made me happy because it meant they truly did get on well.

Bittersweet had this big genuine smile all over her face which basically made my day. I had longed for seeing her happy, and it seemed Romeo did have that impact on her. Instead of interrupting whatever they were talking about, we just waved a quick hello and continued to search for the rest of my family.

Screenshot-978We found Watermelon inside the sauna together with our cousin Pineapple (Loquat’s only son). Unlike Bittersweet, she did not seem very happy. Not that it came as a big surprise for I had learned that she was rarely happy. In fact, she was in the middle of lecturing poor Pineapple for Berry knows what. She didn’t even stop at the sight of us and it is fairly possibly that our presence just made the whole thing worse.

We were on our way indoors to find Salmon when Pineapple came stomping past us, “I’m done!” he shouted back to Watermelon who walked with angry, stomping steps in to the house and up to her room.

It turned out that Salmon wasn’t at home at all so our search for him went by without any result. I was glad that he had friends to visit though, as it meant that he somewhere could get an idea of what a normal family was. Uncle Blizzard’s family – where I suspected he was right now – sure was just normal.

After not finding Salmon and trying to stay out of Watermelon’s way I went to the kitchen to stuff the fridge full of the fruits and vegetables I had brought home from Egypt. Once spring really came and the ground softened up a bit I would plant some of them to see if I could make them grow in my own garden.

Screenshot-986Romeo came in to the kitchen a short while later. Alone, without Bittersweet which seemed weird at first but then wasn’t since he was really my friend in the first place. “You had a good time?” he wondered and I nodded eagerly and told him everything about my new experience.

“And how about you?” I wondered once I was done with my story. “Thanks again, it means the world to me that you stayed here. I still feel bad about asking in the first place.”

“No worries” Romeo smiled. “I’ve had a great time actually. But there’s something we need to talk about.”

“And what’s that?”

Screenshot-1086“Well, you see…” he blushed a bit before continuing, which certainly wasn’t a common thing for him to do. “Did you know I was in love with you?”

What he said really caught me off guard and I felt my body stiffen. Romeo was in love with me? All those times we had been sitting naked by a fire, close to each other – had he been in love with me then? All those times he watched me kiss Berrian, had that hurt him? Had I hurt him? I looked over Romeo’s shoulder towards Berrian who stood just a few feet further away. He looked as surprised as I felt but seemed to decide not to say anything about it.

“Was” Romeo clarified. “I’m happy that you’re with Berrian. I’ve always been happy about that. You two are perfect for each other. You never felt for me that way and I knew it. That’s why I never said anything about it.”

“I… I didn’t know” I mumbled, suddenly feeling uneasy in his presence. Why did he tell me this now?

“How could you?” Romeo smiled, showing no sign of ever being hurt. “Don’t worry. I’ve been fine. I am fine.”

“Why are you telling me this now?”

Romeo blushed again and looked down quickly before looking at me again. “Because I just got to know Bittersweet and she… She is just like you but – no offence – better.”

Screenshot-988“Really?” I felt my face light up in a big smile. This was everything I could have asked for.

“She’s just so fun and friendly and… pretty. And she’s soon celebrating her birthday and I won’t have to feel like a creep or anything. So, I’d like to know if you’re okay with me asking her out. After her birthday, of course?”

I threw myself around his neck as a token of how happy his simple question made me. “That would be the most amazing thing!”

Romeo hugged me back and as he did Berrian cleared his throat behind us. “You’re not going to hurt her, are you? You’re really over Coral?” Romeo let go of me and turned towards Berrian, who continued: “Because Berry forgive me if you use Bittersweet as a way to get close to Coral and you end up hurting anyone of them. Should you do that, Romeo, rest assure that I will forget we were ever friends.”

“Relax buddy” Romeo said and placed a hand on Berrian’s shoulder. “I won’t steal your girl, neither do I have any intention of hurting her sister.”

“I sure hope so, I’d hate to lose you as a friend” Berrian replied and relaxed a little. I gave him a thankful look for I had failed to think about the possibility of Romeo using my sister to get close to me. It seemed like such an absurd thought when it came to Romeo that I didn’t even worry. I was thankful knowing that Berrian would choose family first, though.

Screenshot-1087“And there’s something else” Romeo said and looked around the room. “We need to talk about Watermelon.”


“She’s not very happy” Romeo said and continued to look around, for what I realized was Watermelon.

Screenshot-1088“She’s not?”

I was silent while Romeo told me about how Watermelon had broken down in to tears one evening and told him how she felt abandoned and how she believed it was all her fault. It hurt to think that I had played a part in abandoning her and make her feel unwanted. I promised myself, and Romeo, to hereafter try harder to make Watermelon feel like a part of this family. I had never wanted her, or Bittersweet or Salmon, to feel like I didn’t love them, for I really did. With my whole heart, I loved my family.

Screenshot-1020Both Salmon and Bittersweet celebrated their birthdays a few days later. Salmon looked a lot like uncle Loquat but he had father’s red hair and uncle Blizzard’s green eyes. He was a cute boy. And kind beyond worlds. And always so positive. A great young man he was, my younger brother.

Screenshot-989Bittersweet aged up pretty, too. She didn’t want neither party or recognition over her aging and simply transitioned on her own in her bedroom before coming downstairs to show off her new looks. I was extremely excited over her aging since it meant Romeo would soon be asking her out.

I had promised to not say anything, but it was hard keeping my mouth shut when the best thing possibly could soon be happening.

Screenshot-990“Wow, look at you” I said when she had placed her both feet on the ground floor.

“Seems I grew taller than you” she said and stretched with a happy grin on her face. If she was ever disappointed in me and Berrian leaving, she had refrained from telling me, and we were the best of friends again.

“Tell me, sister” I started. “How do you like Romeo?”

Screenshot-993“What do you mean?” she wondered.

“Exactly that. How do you like him?”

“I suppose he’s okay.”

I felt my heart sting. Okay was not enough. “Just okay?”

“We had a good time while you were gone. He’s quite fun” she replied without showing much emotions at all. I wondered if perhaps she was trying to make me feel nervous about it all or if she simply didn’t feel much about him.

“He looks quite good too, doesn’t he?” I asked, trying my best to get some more information out of her.

“I thought you didn’t look at him that way” Bittersweet teased and I had to drop it. I didn’t want to risk revealing Romeo’s plan before he had a chance to ask her himself.

Thank you heaven for giving me the idea of letting Watermelon “seduce” Romeo. 🙂 It worked out fairly well to tell a bit of her sad story.

I also wanted to show you all in this chapter that Berrian is not really so distant when it comes to Coral’s family and deep down inside he really do care for them all. He’s just restless and eager to go on adventures, which obviously sometimes affect others in a bad way.

Chapter 4.6: Finders keepers

First of all, this chapter contains a new type of writing because part of the story is told from a narrative perspective where Coral isn’t present. It’s a technique I will be using some in this generation overall because there will be events where she isn’t present to tell about the happenings. It’s marked with italic writing and is also written in third-person rather than first-person.

Secondly, this is a really long chapter but I didn’t want to cut it in two because this generation will already be crazy long. Sorry about it and I hope you enjoy.

Screenshot-985Even if Bittersweet was still annoyed with my lack of phone calls while I was away, she did soften up rather quick. The bird I had brought home instantly made a nest in her heart and the way she talked to it and cared for it only reminded me of how good she had always been with the younger kids. Still, I knew it wasn’t easy to run a household as young as she was. I knew for I had done it myself for a very long time. It felt distant now, but I had done it alright.

I did what I could to ease her work while I was at home for I wanted her to have a life too. She had given me the greatest opportunity I could have ever wished for and it was only fair that I returned the favor. But Bittersweet rarely went out. She never hung out with any friends her own age, which I guessed depended on the simple fact that she didn’t have any. She had cared for the family when there was no-one else to do it, and now she suffered the consequences.

She named the bird Rainbow because of all the different colors of its feathers. There was something special about Bittersweet, let me tell you, for she talked to that bird as if she could really understand what it was saying. And the bird chirped back as if it could really understand what she was saying. And there was no need for Bittersweet to cage the bird, she simply put a small tree in her room and let Rainbow fly around as he pleased. It was rather fascinating to see, actually.

Screenshot-919Every day without Berrian was a burden for me and it was lovely when he finally arrived at our house with the few belongings he decided to bring. Like me, he didn’t feel the need to own stuff just for the simple satisfaction of actually owning it. We only needed the very basics.

“I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone” I said and drowned in his dreamy, happy eyes.

“If they’re anything close to as fantastic as you describe them I can’t wait to meet them either” he replied.

The truth was that no words could ever describe how much I loved my siblings so he would simply have to learn by himself what it was that made them so fantastic.

Screenshot-916First of all I introduced him to Bittersweet for she was the most precious friend I had besides the ones Berrian already knew. As they shook each other’s hands I felt strangely nervous even though I was sure they would like each other.

Bittersweet needed to like him for she needed more friends. If I could help with that I would, even if it was as easy as introduce her to Berrian. In fact, if they became friends it would be about the best thing that could happen for they were the two ‘bows I cared most for in the whole world.

Screenshot-918They took a liking to each other right away, which was only natural since neither of them was very hard to like. It warmed my heart to see them lean in and giggle together. Although, Bittersweet also got a bit serious when she told him it wasn’t fair that he was stealing me away from her. It sounded like a joke, and I’m sure Berrian took it as a joke, but I understood that she did kind of mean it.

And I had to say I understood her. I would feel the same way if it was the other way around.

Screenshot-921If Bittersweet liked Berrian, it was nothing compared to how Salmon greeted him as a member of our family right away. I had always worried most about Salmon for he was so young when mother left and there had never been an adult in his life. He had needed to rely on his two elder sisters to provide for him, which we of course had done as well as we could, but surely there had to be something missing in his life. For instance, he had never had much guidance from an older man. Except for what uncle Blizzard provided when Salmon played with Calypso. Or what Taxus provided the few times he came to visit.

He rarely ever came around, Taxus, for he had his own family now. A family who actually loved him and I knew he had sworn to not repeat mother’s mistakes and I was also sure that he was the most loving husband and father one could think of.

Screenshot-922It was interesting to see Berrian try to beat Salmon at video games. As far as I knew, Berrian didn’t care much for technology or video games but yet he threw himself straight in to the game and actually tried his best to give Salmon a fair game. Not that it mattered for Salmon was a natural with that controller.

I stood just watching them play together and it was a lovely sight. It was amazing to think that my siblings welcomed Berrian to the family with their arms wide open.

Screenshot-998Of course, that was before I tried to introduce him to Watermelon. I didn’t know much about her, but it came clear to me during the introduction that she was a hot-headed young lady. Instead of shaking Berrian’s hand she twisted her face and snarled at him, making it very clear that she was not happy to have him in her home.

Screenshot-984As a matter of fact, Watermelon seemed to be constantly grumpy unless her best friend Celeste was around. When Celeste did come with her home after school she was a whole different person who even had a smile on her face.

Screenshot-979Celeste was, they told me, a far-away relative to us: Grandfather Sundance had a brother named Quince – who in his turn had a son called Mustard and Celeste was Mustard’s daughter. That made her our… second cousin or something?

No matter, she had a great impact on my youngest sister – who despite my worries about Salmon – seemed to be the one hurting the most of all the drama in our family. Perhaps she had been old enough to remember mother being suddenly gone and she was certainly old enough to remember me leaving the family, but perhaps not old enough to understand why I did it. And unless she did, I had done the same thing as mother had in her eyes. It hurt to think about, so I just relished the times when Celeste was around since Watermelon seemed so trouble-free and happy then.

Screenshot-980Celeste was a great girl. She had en energy quite like the one Romeo had and always managed to bring joy and laughter to our house. Perhaps it had to do simply with the fact that Watermelon didn’t pout – or perhaps Celeste was simply a person to bring happiness wherever she went.

Screenshot-928I quickly got used to having Berrian around and I found that having him close made me a better person. He completed me in a way that is hard to describe in words, but which sure did feel like one of the most precious gifts ever.

With my own garden growing, providing us with what food our family could eat, we found that we did not need to work to get around. Although, Berrian did talk a lot about all the amazing places he wanted to take me and I knew that we would need some money to make it work, even though Berrian promised me he had it covered.

He had been staying at our house for a week when Romeo called and asked if he could come visit us. By this time Berrian was almost climbing the walls with restlessness and each day he wondered when we could leave for our first trip. I think he did understand that I couldn’t walk away in my siblings again but it still made him jumpy. Having Romeo over would hopefully ease some of his tensions and get his mind off the fact that he was for the time being stuck at one place.

Screenshot-972“Romeo, one of my friends from Uni, is coming to visit” I told Bittersweet during breakfast the next morning. I could barely contain my excitement over having Romeo over and Bittersweet, of course, noticed.

“You sure didn’t rest while you were there, did you?”

“Oh, you will see when he gets here” I replied and smiled. “He is the most amazing person. I mean, he is really, really great. I know you’ll like him. You really will!”

Screenshot-973Bittersweet stuffed her mouth full with waffles before speaking. “Did’n– knrghw — yehwre –” she paused and swallowed the food. “– such a Casanova.”

“Excuse me?” I turned to look at her and raised my brows.

“I thought Berrian was the one? And now you’re telling me there’s someone else, someone who’s as amazing as him?”

Screenshot-974“Oh” I blushed slightly and turned to the kitchen counter again. “Not like that, Romeo is just a friend. But a great one. The second best, actually.”


“No one could ever take your place, you know that.”

Screenshot-965All of my siblings were in school when Romeo arrived and Berrian was glued to the TV on the upper floor, trying to master the game so that he would eventually have a chance against Salmon. I hugged my friend tight and we both smiled widely at each other. It hadn’t been long since the graduation but I had sure missed him since and judging by how tight his hug was, he had missed me too.

We spent a few minutes just catching up before I showed him the house. He would be sleeping in Taxus’ old room while he stayed which suited him just fine. Once the tour had come to a stop, we were back in my old room. It hadn’t been used much since Berrian came here because we preferred sleeping in mother’s double bed to sharing my single one or having separate bedrooms. But I still liked my room and as always, it was everyone’s favorite hangout spot because of the rocking chair.

Screenshot-966“So, you and Berrian are like– exclusive now?” Romeo asked and smiled. Of course it wasn’t a serious question for he knew very well we had been exclusive ever since we first met. No one could deny it.

“It’s great having him around. And you too, Romeo” I replied.

“I should never have introduced you to him. Who should I be with now?” Romeo winked and I couldn’t quite figure out whether he was being serious or not. Our relation had never been to the romantic side, even if he was attractive and nice to hang out with.

“I’m serious. Kind of” he continued and I felt my jaw drop. “I mean, I’m really glad you and Berrian are together. You are perfect for each other, after all. I just… I wish there was someone for me too. It gets lonely. Especially now that you two have each other.”

“You’ll find someone, eventually. Probably when you least expect it. And really, even if it’s wonderful, it’s not the biggest deal. As long as you have berries around you for who you care for and who cares for you, you’ll be fine. I was perfectly happy when it was just you and me too. And you can always be with us, if you want to.”

Romeo smiled, “An eternity as the third wheel. Sounds awesome.”

Screenshot-914“You know what’s great?” Berrian said later that evening, once Romeo had been introduced to everybody.

“Having Romeo here again?” I guessed.

“Nah-ah. Or well, yeah… Now that Romeo is here we can leave. I know him, he won’t mind staying here to care for your family while we go for a short trip. It’s only for a few days after all.” Berrian beamed over his own idea but I was more hesitant. I rarely had any reason to work against my love, but after having had the conversation I did with Romeo earlier, I couldn’t just agree that it was a great idea.

“I think he came to see us… Not my family” I said but the smile on Berrian’s face didn’t fade.

“We’ll be back! It’s only for a few days. He hasn’t got anything better to do anyway. And I need to go, we’ve been here for too long already. There’s so much to see! We can’t just wait for it unless we want to risk growing old without having seen everything there is to see out there. You do realize, right?”

Screenshot-987We asked Romeo about it later that night, even though I still had a bad feeling about it. It simply didn’t feel fair, but Romeo just scratched the back of his head and said: “I suppose I could.”

I know it meant he wasn’t overly happy with the task we had given him, but since he didn’t object we just went with it and started planning for our trip. Or rather, Berrian started filling me in on what he had already planned since long. I would just tag along and let him show me the beauty of traveling and exploring.

Screenshot-925Berrian told his newest best friend Salmon about it all and promised we would be back before his birthday. It had been my one condition – we wouldn’t miss any birthdays while traveling for the younger kids probably still considered me their prime parent and I couldn’t take it all away from them.

Salmon seemed pleased knowing we would be back to celebrate his birthday and he also got along well with Romeo so it would be alright. Bittersweet naturally pouted a bit, but like Salmon she had connected to Romeo straight away so she wasn’t as upset as I had feared since she knew Romeo would be there with them. Watermelon simply didn’t seem to care whether I was at home or not, and just shrugged when we announced we were leaving.

When we were on our way I let go of all the guilt and embraced the thought of exploring a new place by the side of my true love. It all made me very excited.

Screenshot-930As soon as my eyes caught sight of the sandy land that was Egypt my heart flopped and I felt a rush of happiness fly through my body. It looked nothing like the worlds I knew. There were no vibrant bright colors wherever you looked and it was a bit strange to adapt to. Everything kind of blended together since it all followed the same matte color scheme. It sure was beautiful.

Screenshot-931I kept trying to look at everything at one as we walked in to a camp where several tents were placed. Berrian smiled at how hungry my eyes were and I started to understand why he loved this so much.

“This.. This is beautiful” I gasped and took a few running steps to catch up with Berrian and entwine my fingers with his.

Screenshot-932“This is nothing. Just you wait until you see our camp” he replied and smiled.

This was nothing? It had to impossible for any place to be more perfect than this, and yet Berrian said it was nothing. I tightened my grip of his hand and pulled myself closer to him. “Our camp?”

“It’s no adventure staying at the prepared camps, is it?”

Screenshot-934It was only a short walk, but I never would have found the place unless Berrian guided me. We walked through some thick growth and behind some big rocks before a quiet little spot close to the river laid in front of us. A single tent stood already in place next to a fire pit. It looked deserted and yet oddly live-able.

“Ah, I knew I could count on Camel” Berrian said as we stepped in to the camp.


“Met him when I was here last time, asked him to set a tent up for us here. Less time spent preparing our camp means more time for exploring. What do you say, just ditch our things here and then get going right away?”

Screenshot-935“Hold it there a bit. You’re stressing me out. Can you just tell me a bit about this place. I feel like I’m lost.”

Even if I wanted to explore the tombs and pyramids with Berrian, I first wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting myself in to. It seemed like he sometimes forgot about the fact that I hadn’t been traveling before while he was very experienced himself. He would have to take it slow and guide me through it rather than just pushing me in to it.

“We’re in Al Simhara. You know that already” he said slightly disappointed.

I didn’t want to disappoint him and I was really excited for the exploring to begin but I was also worried because I didn’t know what I should expect. Berrian smiled and took my hand, “Love, I could tell you everything there is to know about this place and you wouldn’t know what to expect anyway. There’s no way any story can tell you what it’s like when you really see it for yourself. I promise you though, that I will tell you everything I know about every single place we visit.”

Screenshot-936Even if Berrian’s word didn’t really ease my nerves, we did as he wanted and just left our belongings in the tent before heading towards our first adventure. I had heard about The Great Sphinx before but I could never have guessed that it would be as big and mighty as it was when we got there. Standing next to it, I couldn’t even see above its feet.

Screenshot-940“It’s huge” I said and looked up as we progressed towards the entrance Berrian promised laid between the statue’s front legs. Like our hidden camp, it was such a thing that you never would know about unless someone told you because the whole statue looked to be made out of solid rocks. Non-the-less a door slid to the side as we got closer, revealing a dark corridor where flames were shooting up from the floor.

“This is the Sphinx” Berrian said and kept walking forward. “It was built over 4000 years ago as what is mostly believed to be a marker of the Equinox. I don’t know what to believe, other than I think it’s filled with secrets and treasures worth looking for.”

Screenshot-943We made our way through the flames: Berrian went to stand on a spot on the ground which he said was “marked” in a way while telling me to swim through a small pool and push a statue until it revealed an entrance. All in all we made it through rather quick and I was surprised by how well-guarded the place was and by how easy Berrian knew how to get around it.

“It’s easy when you know what you’re looking for” he simply said. What we had just done was a wonder to me, while to the experienced explorer by my side it was no big deal.

Once we had gotten through the first obstacle we stood in a big, dusty room only lit by a few torches hanging on the walls which Berrian easily lit with the matches he had brought. As he made his way around the room, lighting the torches and gently touching all the walls to look for hidden passages I felt a strong love build up inside me. It was no wonder that I loved this man.

Screenshot-944He walked around the entire room stroking the walls without finding anyway to get further and I thought that perhaps this was it. The room we stood in was amazing as it was with its massive stone constructions and high ceilings. Just thinking about the fact that this whole place had been built by hand several thousands years ago was overwhelming.

“I can’t believe someone built this” I said and looked around.

“Slaves” Berrian said matter-of-factly. “Poor things most likely had to work until they died and no one thought it was weird. It’s still an amazing building, of course.”

“Mhmm” I nodded.

Berrian continued to search the room by crawling on the ground and I was pretty much mesmerized just by looking at him move through the room with such determination. His whole body shined with joy and it was easy to tell that this was his true element. He belonged here. My thoughts were soon interrupted by a happy and content cry from Berrian: “Aha!” He laid with his arm stuck down in a hole in the floor.

Screenshot-945Another cry escaped his lips just a short moment later and he pulled his arm up with such speed that I had a hard time understanding what was happening. Berrian shook his arm wildly by his side and I soon realized that it was covered with bugs and insects and I too started flailing my arms around. “Get those off of you!” I cried. “They could be dangerous!”

He managed to shake them all off and didn’t seem to have been caused any harm which was a true relief. “Happens” he said without any trail in his voice that he had just experienced a near-death-moment. I almost lost my breath when he sat down on his knees and lowered his arm down the hole again. “I’m quite sure I felt a switch down here” he mumbled and just seconds later a loud rumbling sound was heard.

Screenshot-946“I knew it!” he cried out in joy and ran over to the wall from where the sound had come. He pushed brick after brick on the wall and after what felt like an eternity the door gave in and swung open.

Screenshot-947“Look at this Coral!” he exclaimed as we entered the secret room. Piles of old golden coins laid shattered on the floor beneath a pillar which held an old rusty bowl.

I followed him in to the room and looked around at all the treasures hidden here. It was hard to imagine that we were perhaps the only ones who had ever seen this. Even if the old rusty bowl didn’t look like it, it was most likely worth more than anything I had ever own in my life. If it had been hidden in here when the statue was built, it meant that it was about 4000 years old. It was crazy to think about.

Screenshot-942“This place is…” I was literally lost for words. “This is the most amazing place I have ever seen” I said instead. Berrian nodded and started to walk through the room and pick up the gold coins from the ground, putting them in his pockets.

“Are you sure you’re allowed to take them?” I wondered, fairly certain that the coins and treasures belonged here.

“Whatever’s in here doesn’t belong to anyone. Finders keepers.”

“But it’s… history. You can’t just take it, can you?”

“It’s what I do. I collect the things and sell them to museums. Then I use the money to see more places. It’s a fair deal. Now come, I’m sure here’s another room.”

Screenshot-948A rumbling sound echoed in the room, but this time it came from my own stomach rather than the stone walls.

“Oh, you are getting hungry” Berrian said and kept walking. “Just this last room, then we’ll head back to camp and have some dinner, okay?”

Screenshot-949When we got out from the Sphinx it was already dark, it seemed like hours had passed while we were exploring the underground tomb. Berrian had laid his hands on several piles of golden coins as well as some relics and he were happy as a clam when we returned to the camp. I was happy, too, for I had just had one of the best experiences in my life. It had been a pure joy watching Berrian explore and the old building was simply breathtaking.

And cooking our food over the open fire in the camp was beautiful, too. Even if it wasn’t as good as my home-cooked meals.

Screenshot-950“I’ve had a great day” I said later and wrapped myself up in Berrian’s arms. “Thanks for showing me all of this.”

“It was my pleasure” he replied and kissed me softly. Even after the amount of kisses we had already shared his kiss still managed to set my body on fire and we soon took it to the tent:

Screenshot-951Screenshot-952Sex wasn’t a big thing for us. It had never been, it was simply a natural way of going with your feelings. Still, it was of course a big thing because it was good. Magical, almost.

Screenshot-954The next morning we grilled some of the vegetables I had brought from home for breakfast and Berrian told me he wanted to visit another tomb today.

“I loved going with you yesterday” I said and took a bite from my potato, which didn’t really taste like a potato since it wasn’t completely cooked and tasted mealy and hard. “But I think I want to see some things above ground today.”

“Oh… I forget that you haven’t been here before. It feels like you’ve always been with me. There’s a great garden just up the hill here, I think you’ll like it. I kind of know the guy who runs it and I’m sure he’ll let you pick some of the fruits and bring home if you’ll like?” And like that it was decided: I went to visit the garden while Berrian would go explore another tomb.

Screenshot-960When we had said goodbye and Berrian promised to be careful I started walking up the hill after Berrian’s directions and after a while a neatly planned garden came in to view. The simple sight of it made me feel so at home that I started running towards it.

Screenshot-963It felt just like being home, in my own garden, when I gently picked some of the fruits down. There were some plants I had never seen before, growing fruits you could only buy at the stores at home and I treated the rare fruits just like Berrian had treated his treasures the other day.

Several hours passed while I was in that garden but to me it felt like only a few short minutes. I simply loved gardening and I couldn’t wait to get back home and plant some of my new fruits and vegetables.

Screenshot-964Screenshot-961Screenshot-962While Coral was busy picking fruits and vegetables from the Egyptian garden Berrian went for another treasure hunt. His searches led him down through a maze of hidden doors and fire traps. Without Coral by his side, Berrian was able to move much faster through the tomb. Unlike Coral, he had seen a lot of awful things down tombs like this before and when he stumbled upon the remains of a human skeleton he was happy that Coral was not with him. He knew that Coral had in fact enjoyed exploring the Sphinx with him, but he also knew that she was a lot more scared of the dangers in the tombs than he was, and he didn’t want her to worry about him. For all he knew, worry only led to dangers. It was better to just push on and focus on what laid ahead.

After having emptied several rooms on their treasures Berrian finally came to a room where a big stone chest stood in the middle. The lid of the chest was heavy and laid sturdy in place but with enough will he managed to get it to open. A sparkling beam came to his view and he carefully leaned down and laid his hands on an old relic in the shape of an eagle. 

Screenshot-956It was still light outside when both me and Berrian were back at our camp. Even though I hadn’t been by his side the entire day I still felt like I had. Unless he were here, I wouldn’t be either, which meant that we were here together even if we were separated for a few hours.

Screenshot-957“How has your day been?” Berrian asked and his eyes were still the kindest and most amazing ones I had ever seen.

“It was lovely!” I exclaimed and went on to tell him everything about the garden and the smell of the fresh fruits. He listened closely while I talked without interrupting and yet again I realized how lucky I was to have reeled this guy in. He was perfect, just perfect. “I could totally live like this. Just you and me, perhaps a bunch of kids, and the nature.”

“Uhm, you might want to take your food out of the fire now” he said once I was quiet long enough to let him speak.

Screenshot-959I looked at my stick on which three black, burnt potatoes announced that I had been focusing too much on the past and too little on the future during the last few minutes.

“But we have to get ourself a decent stove if it should work” I joked and swallowed the potatoes which tasted anything but good. Berrian just laughed and nodded:

“Sure, if you let me live like this I can live with having a real stove.”

Chapter 4.5: Soulmates

Screenshot-879As summer turned in to fall the leaves on the trees went from green to orange, yellow and red. I had always adored how the change of seasons came clear to the eye, even though it was easy to tell far earlier that it was about to happen. Some say that fall and winter are a time for loss and sadness while spring and summer marks the beginning of something new and life. They obviously don’t know what they are talking about. Even though the leaves change color and fall to the ground, fall is a time for new beginnings, too. Other beginnings, per se, but still beginnings.

It’s the beginning of warm knitted sweaters and scarfs. The beginning of flickering candles and the smell of cinnamon and oranges. The beginning of cozy socks and meals cooked on root crops. The beginning of a new semester at University.

Screenshot-882And the beginning of endless evenings roasting apples over open fire with the one you love the most.

I loved it. The warm crackling fire in the middle of the Beehive’s little garden and Berrian’s sparkling eyes and warm smile. I loved how we could talk about anything and everything. I loved how we sometimes agreed with each other and other times didn’t. And I loved how our disagreements lead to interesting discussions where it was safe to say whatever you wanted to without any fear of being laughed upon or rejected.

Screenshot-881Screenshot-883Berrian was my soulmate and without any fear or doubt I threw myself in to a relationship with him, allowing myself to love and be loved. In a way, it was everything I believed in. I refused to interfere with nature telling me what was right. I fell for Berrian because it was meant to be, not because I had something to say in the matter.

And the most perfect thing of it all was knowing that he felt the same way. Not only could I feel it, I could see it too. In his eyes and in his hands and in the way his body moved. He loved me. He really did.

Screenshot-884“Will you really take me to those far away places some day?” I wondered and as usual when I was with him, my heart beat extra fast and my smile never faded.

“I wouldn’t dream of going without you now that I met you” he replied. It was a cheesy line but since I knew he was just stating the truth and nothing else, it was incredibly heart-warming to hear.

He talked about places I had never even dreamed about visiting and his words planted wishes inside of me. I tried to vision the places he talked about but nothing came clear to me. I tried to see myself exploring dungeons and temples with Berrian by my side but no matter how detailed his stories were, I failed to see it before me. I needed to experience it for myself, for real, to understand the ultimate thrill about it.

Screenshot-887When I was in his arms the world stopped spinning and the only thing I could see was his lovely purple eyes and the way they always smiled.

I hated saying goodbye to him for the night for every second without him was close to impossible to get through. Yet, even the seconds without him was far nicer now that I had met him for I knew that in the end of the day I would be back in his arms. In fact, everything I did felt better when I knew Berrian was waiting for me.

Screenshot-891I even managed to stay awake during Sandman’s lessons, which says a lot. And not only did I manage to stay awake, I also participated in a way I suspect Mr. Sandman had rarely encountered before at all. Every question he asked my arm shot to the air and I was eager to answer. Not that I always gave the answers he was looking for, since I had a way of connecting everything to nature and the natural evolution – whereas Sandman still thought that berries had any say in the process.

I learned though, that participating could lead to interesting discussions even if you didn’t believe in the same things. And I learned a lot from it.

Screenshot-892And Sandman, well… He looked surprised every time I contradicted him and sometimes he even had trouble giving proof that I was wrong. Which, of course was natural, since I was right. Nature would keep evolving with or without our interference and that was a fact no-one could disagree with.

Every time I told Berrian (or Romeo for that matter) about a discussion with Mr. Sandman they said they were proud of me. They thought it was amazing that I stood up for myself and my beliefs and they had my back in every matter. It strengthened me. I felt invincible with them by my side. I would fight whatever battle, and most likely win, if they were with me. It was an amazing feeling.

Screenshot-893And truth be told, we did fight battles. With the support of Berrian, Romeo, Clementine and everyone else who went the green way like me we held protests around campus. With passionate words we did what we could to convince more people to care for what they bought and what they threw away. We tried to teach our co-students that wasteful living belonged in the past and that eco-friendly and second-hand was the future.

We pushed for ecologically produced vegetables and livestock. We pushed for vegetarian days. We pushed for less car usage. All in all, we tried to get more people to change their way of living for it was really the only way to stop our world from dying. For it was dying. Slowly now, but it wasn’t hard to tell that it was starting to speed up. The more our technologies evolved, the more damage it did to our world and in my opinion there was no way to justify such a thing.

We do not own this planet, we are not the prime inhabitants. We share it, with everything else that lives – be that plants or animals or supernatural beings like my own mother. This planet was not ours to destroy and it was horrible to watch it happen.

Screenshot-894Perhaps we did not convince many berries to go down our road, but at least we tried. And no matter the level of success to our protests we could always lean back on each other – knowing perfectly well that we had already won the biggest prize.

And even if the berry world wasn’t ready to renounce their privileges we all knew that just the few of us doing our best helped. It wouldn’t save the planet but it would help to slow the destruction down. Even if it was just a tiny bit, it was worth celebrating. My way of celebrating more often than not consisted of hugs and kisses with the most amazing man I had ever met.

Screenshot-896Screenshot-898And honestly, how could I ever be able to resist those eyes? I would do anything for him, and we both knew it.

Screenshot-899The closer the semester came to its end, the more restless Berrian grew. He wasn’t used to staying put at one place for very long and by now he was staying simply because of me.

I tried to keep him occupied. We went fo long walks. We swam in the lake. We listened to Clementine sing by an open fire. We drank herbal tea. We played pool. We kissed. We studied. We talked. We hung out with Romeo and the rest of his friends. But nothing helped to ease his inquietude.

“It’s only a week left now” I said to calm him down and he kept pacing back and forth as if he was panicking over the need to stay at campus any longer. Actually, he did kind of panick about it but yet he stayed with me for I wanted to earn my exam before we did anything else. Even if the studies had only been secondary, I needed the exam for Bittersweet’s sake. I couldn’t get back home without it – not after everything she had done for me.

Screenshot-900It was a relief when my graduation letter finally came and I saw that I had passed. Just barely, but I had passed. I had my earned my degree and the only thing left for me to do was to bid farewell to the friends I had made and which I wouldn’t see again. I suspected that Clementine would be one of them while neither Berrian or Romeo would.

Screenshot-902We all gathered around one of the campus lakes on the night before most of us would departure and head home. Some had already left because they had friends and families back home waiting for them. I had that too, obviously. But I also had a family right here, on campus, which I didn’t want to leave without a proper goodbye gathering first.

I can’t remember where I first got the megaphone from, but it had been with me pretty much my entire time at University and I had come to love it like a pet. It was incredibly easy to speak your mind when you were sure that everyone heard what you were saying. And I had learned to speak my mind quite frequently and this particular night I had something extra important to say. And it had never been more important to make sure that everyone heard me alright.

Screenshot-903I stepped up on a little podium and cleared my throat. Berrian and Licorice (a girl who came with us now and then but who wasn’t really a regular) stood in front of me with their full attention on me. The rest of the gathering kept the party going by the lake. It didn’t matter, they would hear me anyway.

“Today I have something really important to say” I begun and around me my friends hushed each other to silence. “When I left for University I did it with doubt. I did not think that this would be anything for me. Boy, was I wrong? Hadn’t I gone I would never have met Romeo, who besides my baby sister has become my closest and dearest friend. And all the rest of you? I am so grateful for getting to know you all. To feel like I belong and like I fit in. Like I’m no freak for thinking we ought to take better care of what we have. But most important of it all: Hadn’t I gone I wouldn’t have met Berrian. That would have been a tragedy. For sure. He is my soulmate and I have never felt more at home than I do in his arms. Berrian, I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anything before and I am so grateful for the future I am to spend with you. You are truly the best.”

Screenshot-904When I went silent I was met with a round of applauds. Someone whistled and when I looked at Berrian he smiled his perfect smile and had tears in his eyes. With the rest of our friends still clapping their hands I stepped off the podium and walked up to Berrian who pulled me in to a hug and kissed me on the forehead. “I love you so much Coral” he whispered and I let my own lips meet his and as we kissed the applauds grew in sound and soon our friends were all cheering on us and celebrating our love.

And trust me, it was worth celebrating.

Screenshot-905It was quick and easy to pack my belongings to bring home as I decided to leave the planters and their plants in my room. Perhaps Atlantic would care for them, perhaps someone else would. Or perhaps they would wither and die, which would mark the end of my time at Berryniversity. It didn’t matter anymore. The only thing that mattered now was the future. To go home and be with my siblings again, to get to know my nephew and to spend more days with Berrian.

I had a good feeling about the future and despite the small little lump in my throat I was mostly happy when I got in to the car which would take me home.

Screenshot-906Hours later I stepped out of the car and dug my bare feet down to the snow of Fondant Fields. My home.

Only that it didn’t feel like home. My home was with Berrian and he was not here, yet. He would come, but we had agreed that I needed some time with my siblings first. I kind of regretted that decision now for I already missed him.

Screenshot-907It was a short walk to the house. Fondant Fields was a small town, smaller than I remembered it. And it was silent, too. It was a kind of silence that I hadn’t experienced during my time at University. I had become used to the constant ongoing parties, the laughter floating through the air. I realized that I liked the silence of Fondant Fields.

When I got to the house it was dark and everyone was asleep. I unpacked my bag and crawled under the sheets of my old bed. It felt weird. It was my home, and yet I felt like a visitor.

Screenshot-920The next day I got up early and prepared a breakfast for my siblings. True to her word, Bittersweet had cared for my little garden and the single tomato plant in my room was ready to be harvested and I used its fruit in the breakfast pancakes. It was strange to be back here, preparing breakfast and caring for my siblings. I had done it so many times before, and yet it felt like a new experience.

Watermelon was the first to come down the stairs and I thought my eyes would fall out of their holes when I saw her. The little girl I had left behind when I headed to University was gone and in her place stood a tall and slim young lady. She was beautiful and I smiled when I saw her. “You’ve grown” I said and she nodded as she took a plate and sat down at the table.

“You’re back” she replied and dug in to her breakfast.

“I am…” It was awkward. I did not know my youngest sister at all. I had no idea what her favorite food was, what her favorite color was or what her best friend was named. I knew nothing about her.

“Cool, I guess we missed you” she said and finished her pancakes. I watched her leave the room and wondered again who she was and what she liked. Was she anything like me and Bittersweet? What did she dream of?

Screenshot-908The whole morning it felt like I was just waiting for Bittersweet to wake up and come downstairs for I had really missed her. When she did come down, a smile grew on my face because of all the thankfulness I felt towards her. It was really her involvement that had led me to Berrian’s arms and I was extremely grateful for it. I threw myself around her neck in a tight hug which she half-heartedly returned.

“I missed you so much” I said once I had let go and a distant smile played on Bittersweet’s lips while she avoided eye contact with me.

“You never called” she said and pouted. “Not once. Not a single phone call.”

“I did call” I started before I realized she was right. I had sent her texts and pictures and e-mail but I had never called and now I couldn’t understand why. My shoulders slouched as I handed her a neatly wrapped present that I had brought with me. The box was covered with air holes because it contained a colorful bird that I had found in the wild and I instantly thought of my sister when I did.

Screenshot-910“Do you know how tough it’s been?” Bittersweet  complained when she took the box in her hand. I could tell that she didn’t want it. A single gift couldn’t make up for months of lost phone calls. “You’re the only one I’ve got” she continued and her voice was filled with hurt.

“I’m sorry” I whispered. “I don’t know why I never called. I thought about you every day, but there was so much to do. I was constantly busy. Not that it should excuse me not calling, but I must have forgotten between everything. You are still my best friend, sister.”

Screenshot-912“You should have called. We are your family, after all. And we missed you and we were worried. And I needed your support. I’m not fit for taking care of children like you are. I mean, we managed but it was so hard. I needed you and I regret letting you go.”

A few moments passed in which I let Bittersweet express her disappointment. I had been selfish not to call or check in more often than I did, but I had also done exactly what she asked of me and lived for myself. It had been the best part of my life so far and I couldn’t wait to tell her everything about it.

Screenshot-911And once she was done complaining she sighed and asked me how it had been and what people I had met and if it had been a good time. Thinking about it all made me smile wide, which made Bittersweet smile too for she loved me like I loved her and she wanted me to be happy. So I told her everything. Of how I met Romeo and how he was so full of energy and taste of life and how he introduced me to all his friends who became my friends. And I told her about Berrian, how his eyes sparkled with happiness all the time and how he grew restless when he needed to stay at one place for very long and how much I loved him and how I pictured my future with him.

She smiled and nodded and her disappointment was vanishing as I told my story. Last of all, I told her I couldn’t wait until she could meet Berrian herself, for she was bound to like him too.

Generation 3 Summary

Here’s the slideshow summarizing Soda Pop’s generation. This was by far the hardest one to make because her story wasn’t exactly plot driven and she kept jumping from one guy to the other. There was just so much going on in her story all the time!

Chapter 4.4: The one

Screenshot-856The Beehive was a great place in which we spent far too little time. Or perhaps we spent enough time there, seeing as it was indoors and that we spent the rest of our time outdoors or in class. But I liked the Beehive however. They had their own little garden in the back where they grew all the ingredients used in their drinks, cakes and sandwiches and that was a huge turn-on for me and my friends. The owner was an old green man who sometimes would let us go out and pick our vegetables ourselves just because he loved ‘bows who went down the vegetarian lane.

This particular day I really felt a big need of some herbal tea for relaxing, since I had finished my first exam and due to lack of studies it hadn’t gone very well. Even if I had realized that the studies weren’t the most important part of my time at University, it stung a little to know I had failed the exams.

Screenshot-857That all disappeared as soon as Romeo came in to my view. He was smiling his big characteristic smile and his eyes sparkled with happiness. I wondered for a moment if I would ever see him sad or depressed or just even slightly down. I doubted it.

And his happiness rubbed off, like usual, and as soon as he had hugged me all the worries about the failed exam was gone with the wind.

Screenshot-858And gone was also my need for herbal tea and instead we went straight for the pool table. We played pool quite frequently on our visits here but it didn’t mean that I was any good at it. It was simply a way to spend time together, I suppose.

Screenshot-859And Romeo sure had his ways. I was constantly happy in his company, my lips always reaching for my ears as I smiled either because of something he said or simply because I felt happy.

Screenshot-861“So, I invited another friend for today” Romeo said as he aimed for another shot and I just hummed in response. So far, every single one of Romeo’s friend which had been introduced to me had become one of my best friends. I couldn’t say I was always massively excited to meet someone new, but I still knew I would like them. It was simply not a big deal.

Screenshot-862“I think you’ll like him” he continued and smashed the white ball, sending it crushing in to the yellow one, lowering it to the pocket as if he had never done anything but play pool in his life.

“Lucky shot” he grinned.

“I know I’ll like him” I said, ignoring the game which I was bound to lose anyway. “I always like your friends.”

Screenshot-863“But I mean more. I think you will really like him” he said and took another shot.

I didn’t quite understand what he meant, or perhaps I didn’t want to understand. I simply wanted friendships because anything else would just bring drama and unhappiness. I knew that.

Screenshot-864We finished the game before Romeo turned around at the sound of a rather light man’s voice. It was a simple greeting being uttered but just that one single word was enough to make me realize that this man was genuinely happy. Like the rest of Romeo’s friends.

“Ah, there he is!” Romeo said and nodded towards a short purple man who was approaching us. When I looked at him there was a faint flutter in the pit of my stomach. It was a feeling I had never felt before and it scared me, not because I thought it was any dangerous but because I was afraid it meant I considered the man to be good-looking. I had never cared much for looks before, and I wasn’t ready to let that change so I swallowed whatever feeling it was that was trying to get to me.

Screenshot-865“Hey Romeo” the man said and his lips formed a smile that made his eyes sparkle.

“Berrian my man” Romeo cried and threw his arms around the purple man’s neck in a tight hug. It seemed like the two hadn’t seen each other in ages, which presumably they hadn’t since I had been spending pretty much all my time the past few months with Romeo and so far hadn’t met Berrian until now.

Screenshot-866“Ah, it’s been such a long time” Berrian said once Romeo let go of him and by that confirmed my suspicion that they hadn’t met in a long time.

“Yeah, you have to tell me everything!” Romeo said excited and flung his arm around Berrians shoulders. It was crystal clear that the two of them were close friends, which made me wonder why I hadn’t met him until now.

“Ah man, Egypt was seriously the best. You have to go there sometime!” Berrian’s light voice sounded so happy and excited every time he spoke and I found myself just staring at him, drowning in the words which were not meant for me. Every now and then he glanced over at me, catching me looking at him which strangely did not make me feel embarrassed. Perhaps it was because he smiled every time our eyes met.

Screenshot-867“Oh, you haven’t met Coral yet” Romeo suddenly remembered and flung his other arm around my shoulder for a brief moment before he let go again to let us shake hands like one should when meeting for the first time. Berrian’s handshake was firm and light at the same time and his hand was warm in a way that I had never felt before. I felt strangely lost for words at his touch and just barely managed to stutter my name.

“Nice to meet you Coral. I’ve heard quite a bit about you and I must say I look forward to getting to know you myself.” Berrian smiled again and I smiled back while trying to regain my ability to speak. I did not know what caused it, but Berrian was nothing like anyone I had ever met before. Luckily for me, he was quite the talker and after shaking my hand he went back to tell Romeo (and me) about his trip to Egypt. It didn’t require much thinking to realize that he was a traveler by heart.

Screenshot-868A short while later Romeo excused himself and left the two of us alone at the pool table. I twisted my body a bit, and at the same time I hated myself for acting like a little school girl. It was certainly not like me to be this way.

But then again, there was something about Berrian which made me feel both safe and nervous at the same time, and I hadn’t experienced that before.

Screenshot-869“I heard you’re a girl of nature?” Berrian asked and smiled. I couldn’t help but blush at the fact that Romeo had told him how we every now and then ripped our clothes off just to feel less restricted and closer to nature. I wasn’t ashamed of it, and not of my body either, but it still felt weird that someone I had never met before knew about it.

“Well… I guess you could say that” I admitted.

“That’s awesome. Way too few berries realize just what it means to have a bond with the nature. I can tell we’re going to be great friends, Coral.”

Screenshot-870“Are you a man of nature too?” I asked and felt how my normal self came back to me at the mention of nature and bonds.

“I don’t necessarily rip my clothes off and run around bonfires” Berrian teased. “But I do think people need to start taking more notice of what they do to the world. It’s not like it’ll last forever otherwise. Sometimes I think we try to interfere too much. Let nature have its way. I mean, before we started interfering things were going fine and then we just had to step in and start to ruin everything. It’s silly, really.”

“I know, right! I can’t understand how anyone can think it’s right to pollute the air or ground like we do and use the world’s resources without thinking about how it’ll affect the nature and the wild plants and animals or anything. It’s quite selfish, actually.”

Suddenly all the shyness was as blown away. I could talk about nature and eco-living to anyone willing to listen and I would do it with strength and passion, no matter who I talked to.

Screenshot-871We kind of lost ourself in conversation and I actually forgot about Romeo. I didn’t even see him walk right past us with a big grin on his face – giving Berrian a thumbs up and leaving the Beehive. I was far too focused on Berrian’s sparkling eyes and interesting ideas.

“I suppose I don’t always live as I talk, though” Berrian admitted. “I mean, all that flying around. I wish there were better ways to travel. Planes suck.”

“So why do you fly so much?” I wondered.

Screenshot-874“Far too many great places worth visiting to stay put at one place” Berrian replied and his eyes sparkled a little extra. It was easy to tell he was indeed a traveler and that he would feel trapped if he was to settle somewhere.

“You could always go with train” I suggested, knowing that it wasn’t perfect but at least a lot better than flying. I had never really thought about leaving Fondant Fields myself, at least not before Bittersweet kicked me out for University. But thinking about the places Berrian talked about lit something inside me and I realized just how little I had lived until now.

“I’ve never been anywhere” I admitted when the realization hit me.

“Nowhere? No vacation, ever?”


“You have to go sometime. I’ll take you with me if I have to. There’s so much to see. So much to eat and so much to do!”

Screenshot-872 Screenshot-873I rarely let myself daydream, but when I looked in to Berrian’s eyes as he spoke about taking me to faraway places I couldn’t help it.

I saw us sitting at a sandy beach watching the sun set over the ocean. I saw us climbing mountains together. I saw us riding on elephants. I saw him feeding me with exotic fruits. And last I saw us kissing under a palm tree. And then I knew that the feeling that tried to creep upon me was love. The way my heart seemed to skip beats and my stomach flutter? I was falling in love with a man I had only just met.

It made me terrified and excited at the same time.

Screenshot-855When I got home later that day I laid down on the bed with a content, happy grin on my face. I was happy. Happier than I had ever been before and there was something about Berrian that made me want to throw myself in his arms. I felt lost in a world far from my mother and the worries back home and I knew that I wanted no more than to stay just where I was, right now. I laid in my bed, pretty much unaware of anything going on around me because I was thriving in my own joy. It was most likely impossible to be any happier than I was just now.

I do not know how long I laid in my bed just smiling but once I snapped out of it, I realized that my plants were carrying fruits. And then I realized that University, Romeo and Berrian were the best things that could have ever happened to me. And my plants growing fruits on the day I meet a guy who makes my heart flutter and my cheeks flush? It had to be a sign. He was the one.

Berrian Citrus was the one who won the Casting Call and is made by simswhen.

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