Chapter 4.3: A man of nature

Screenshot-835With the tender care of my own fingers, my plants grew even if they couldn’t get direct sunlight. It was a joy to see the small green tips of something living look up from the soil and every morning I cleaned the planters from weeds or brown leafs before giving the growing plants some water. Atlantic laughed at me but tried to hide it. She was the type of berry who would simply grab the fastest bite she could find as long as it kept her from being hungry. Little did she know that those additives affected her and that her humble care of her own body would shorten her life with at least a few years.

Along with my precious plants, the friendship with Romeo grew and as often as we could we would hang out together and just talk or walk. Our shared interest in the nature was what fed our friendship and he taught me about as much as I taught him about plants and air and pollution and other environmental things.

Screenshot-841So far, I hadn’t met his friends though, even if he kept ptomising he would introduce me to them. I didn’t stress it for it was bound to happen when it did. And until it did, I was fine with just the one friend.

Even if I had always enjoyed cooking there was something different about it when I was living on my own – without a whole family to feed. It took me quite some time to figure the amount of vegetables needed for a single serving and during the first week I ate leftover salad every day. I did see some of the other students in the dorm eat of it too, but it didn’t bother me one bit. It was a lot better that someone ate it than it was to having to throw perfectly fine food away because it went bad in the fridge.

Screenshot-842 Screenshot-843During the first week I also learned that the studies themself was far from the most exciting thing about actually being at Uni. Our head teacher was a beige man who was about as dull as he looked. He spoke about science as if it was something invented by berries, and not simply nature doing wonders if you learned how to deal with it. And his voice was monotone in a way that made most of the classmates fall asleep in their chairs and despite the occassional snores Mr Sandman just went on and on as if his life depended on it.

It annoyed me that he didn’t give nature itself more props for the scientific discoveries that had been made or was to be made in the future. It annoyed me that anyone could think that we tiny berries had anything to say about the world’s changing when all we were really here for was to care for the nature and let it have its way. The less we interfered, the better it would be. Perhaps I was not bound to work with science, after all. Perhaps I was simply bound to my garden and my plants and to the things I could make for myself. Perhaps I did not need a job at all, for the task I had given myself was far greater than any career I could think of.

Screenshot-846I was invited to Romeo’s home a few days later. Which wasn’t really his home at all since he shared it with a girl a few years older than us named Clementine. Apparently, Clementine’s mother was a wealthy woman who could simply buy her daughter a house on campus for the three terms she would be staying there. For it was “simply not possible for her little princess to live in a filthy dorm”. In a way, it sounded like something my own mother could have said and for the first time since she left I was happy about it.

Snobby mother or not, Clementine was a nice girl. She played the guitar as if she had been born with it in her hands and her singing voice was soft and raspy and made you dream of far-away places. I liked her instantly.

Screenshot-845Romeo obviously liked her too for he would never have stayed with her otherwise. And Clementine naturally shared that feeling. Although, who wouldn’t like Romeo?

I was slowly realizing that if it hadn’t been for all the mistakes I had seen mother make when it came to men, I could have fallen for Romeo. He was perfect in every way, but I had seen what it could do to you when you threw yourself in to a relationship as soon as it seemed it was right and so I held on to myself. Besides, no matter how perfect Romeo seemed, I only considered him my friend. My first friend outside of family – and I wouldn’t risk that for anything.

Screenshot-848I spent more and more with Romeo and Clementine and for every day that passed by, my mind drifted further away from my family back home and for each day I managed to better convince myself that they were doing fine. After all, I had left them with the best possible sister to care for them. Bittersweet would do wonders to them.

And the more I let them go and the more I focused on myself and the days I was living right here, the happier I felt. Romeo and Clementine were both so sorrow-free and it was truly a pleasure to spend time with them. Like me, they loved the nature for exactly what it was and that strengthened our friendship even more. When most of my roommates hid indoors in front of the fireplace on the first floor, sharing stories and drinking tea because the rain poured down on the outside, me, Romeo and Clementine would meet up at the lake on campus.

Any sunny day the place would be bustling with life and energy because people wanted to cool them off with a swim or work on their tan in the grass. But on the rainy nights, it was pretty much deserted and nothing could fit us better. The sound of rain hitting the grass, chirping grasshoppers and the wind playing with the trees was soothing and perfect in every way. I pretty much skipped on my way there – my bare feet making splashing sounds as they hit the wet grass rhythmically.

Screenshot-850When I arrived to the lake neither Romeo or Clementine was there yet so I bent down to start a fire which could keep us warm and which would let the mosquitos swarm above our heads as Clementine played a tune and sung a soft song by the fire. It was the perfect way to spend an evening, really.

I had just got the fire going when Romeo shouted a ‘Hello’ from behind and I smiled before I had even turned around and seen him for I liked him enough to smile at his mere presence.

Screenshot-849“Great evening” he snickered. “I really like the weather. The rain feels so warm against your skin, don’t you think?”

I blew softly at the fire and sent small embers flying in the air. The flames grew hungrier and they ate more of the wood, growing bigger in the process. “I love the rain” I thereafter replied and finally turned around to see him standing naked with a smile on his face as if it was perfectly normal.

“You’re naked” I observed.

Screenshot-852He shove his hands in the air as in a pose of victory and screamed as loud as he could, “Naked and free!”

He started running around the fire in a circle, his buttocks bouncing slightly at every step. I didn’t dare to think how his front looked, but it must have bounced quite well too.

“I’m free! A man of nature!” He screamed again and in his voice was the core of happiness. I smiled when I realized he was right. There was no need for clothes if you were living in symbiosis with nature. No animals wore clothes and it was really a stupid social convention that we for some reason needed to hide the bodies we were born with.

Screenshot-853Before I knew it, I too had torn my clothes off and when I felt the cool summer night air against my skin I felt more at peace than I had ever done before. Not the slightest part of me felt embarrassed of letting Romeo and Clementine see my bare skin. It simply felt, right.

That night, we all sat naked around the fire and Clementine played her guitar and sung her soft songs and the entire time it only felt right. I felt at home, like I belonged.

Screenshot-847After that night, something had changed. I had learnt that the most important things I would learn at Uni would not come from books or lectures but rather from the people I met. Experiences and friendship were far more valuable than any career or money in the world. It wasn’t completely new to me, but having it so clear right before my eyes still made me feel happier. Like this was perhaps a world that hadn’t gone completely mad yet. That perhaps it could be mended and that perhaps all it took was friendship and experiences. We could spread our words and our philosophy.

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  1. :O Coral is so cute. Streaking like that, so funny. I really like her character – she’s such a hippy. I can’t wait to see how she ends up letting herself finally fall in love. I know you said the romance wasn’t the main point but still. It should be interesting since she seems reserved about the whole thing.

  2. Love this! I was wondering how you’d work a science degree into the rolls, but this works perfectly! I never went to uni, but I understand it’s about the experiance as much as anything, and I’m glad she’s made friends and learnt some life lessons 🙂

  3. afkthenad

     /  April 26, 2013

    Love Hippie Coral, she’s really fun to read and not in a fun but frustrating way as it was with Soda.

  4. Aw, it’s nice seeing Coral so light and carefree. What a cute little hippie she is! She’s certainly growing up a lot at University.

  5. I just love Coral and her freethinking ways! The streaking bit was awesome.
    I can see where the ‘deadbeat parents’ will come in with her, not so much deadbeat as a kind of Rousseau like idea of a natural education. I love it.

  6. It’s great that she has found friends so akin to her values, and her streaking was funny. She’s never really been able to let herself free like that before. Very wise, too, to not immediately jump into something romantic and potentially destructive to her friendship with Romeo.

  7. Coral and her friendships are so adorable. I love her freeness, and how she so far lives such a dramafree life. 🙂

  8. This chapter is adorable. I loved the streaking bit and the “front must have bounced quite well” definitely but a funny visual image in my head! I agree about the deadbeat parents aspect. It’ll be really interesting watching that evolve.

    • It’s my hope that unless you all knew about the roll it wouldn’t shine through too much in Coral’s parenting. 🙂

  9. Man I adore Romeo and Coral’s relationship! I think she’s right not to jump into something romantic with Romeo.
    This chapter was uber adorable, many, many funny bits!
    Can’t wait for more!

    • Thanks for letting me use him! He will definitely be around a lot during the course of this generation. 🙂

  10. What a great chapter! It’s neat that Coral was able to relax and be carefree, she definitely hasn’t had enough of those moments in her life. She makes a cute hippie, and Romeo—Romeo was too funny, all that bouncing, lol 😛

    • I’m glad you liked it. It was basically only a “fluff” chapter and the things that happened won’t really make a big difference in the plot. I’m not even sure Coral’s generation can be said to have a plot. Lol.

  11. LOL, Romeo. Hehe bouncy parts. 🙂

  12. Lol naked and free!! 😆


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