Heir Vote!

It’s time to choose the fourth generation heir and the color of their spouse. Because Taxus is already moved out and lives a happy life with his dear Hyacinth – he is not eligible to be the next heir. Any of the remaining four kids are left for you to vote for. That means you can choose between Coral, Bittersweet, Watermelon and Salmon. Once you’ve voted the results are open for you to watch. 

When it comes to the color of the spouse, there are eight choices. To make the story more interesting I won’t reveal the scores to that poll.

If you want to, you can take a look at the Generational Rolls before placing your vote. This time all the candidates have a similar plots ahead of them if they win the vote, though. It was the only one I could come up with that made sense.

Here are the possible heirs: *Note that hairs and clothes may be subject to change.*

coralCoral Twist

Current age: Teenager
Absent Minded, Adventurous, Vegetarian, Eccentric
Lifetime Wish: Seasoned Traveler

Coral has always looked down on her mother’s lifestyle. Consumption, consumption, consumption  It annoys her that berries don’t take more responsibility of the planet they live on. Coral prefers to make use of the resources rather than exchange them for something better. She grows her own food, but not more than what she and her family can eat. She rarely throws stuff away and occasionally searches the dumpsters for perfectly usable stuff. During her time at University she meets a boy with about the same priorities as her and that is the start of a life-long relationship – far from the normal family life.

bittersweetBittersweet Twist

Current age: Teenager
Clumsy, Excitable, Over-Emotional, Childish
Lifetime Wish: The Zoologist

Bittersweet’s biggest role-model is her older sister. For as long as she can remember her sister has been the one to care for her and occasionally spend time with her. She developed a strong fascination for nature and its offerings in her early childhood and ever since it has kept growing. She’s especially fascinated in all the different life-forms that are sharing the world. She has a big collection of animals – everything from butterflies and bugs to cats – and she loves them with all her heart. She never hesitates to bring in another being in her life to care for.

watermelonWatermelon Twist

Current age: Child
Loves the cold, Artistic, Fire Immunity
Lifetime Wish: World Class Gallery

Watermelon wants to be just like her sisters when she grows up. She follows the path prepared for her by her older sisters and care for the garden they started as if it had been her very own baby. Her true heart does not lie within the gardening or the nature, though, even is she would never admit that fact to her sisters. No, Watermelon’s true passion is arts. She has a great eye for seeing the small details of any art work and eventually that lands her a job as an art appraiser. After that she tours the world along with her big love and together they explore both modern and ancient art and culture. It’s a relaxed way of living and Watermelon finds that she truly enjoys that.

salmonSalmon Twist

Current age: Toddler
Friendly, Genius, Fire Immunity
Lifetime Wish: Perfect Student

Being the youngest of five siblings, and the only male in a family of five, Salmon is used to being pushed around. He rarely ever complains and simply does as told. He is the kindest, most warm-hearted boy one can imagine. All he’s ever wished for is a normal life, with a normal family. That all gets turned upside-down when he runs in to the love of his life during University. She is nothing like him but together they explore a life far from the normal life Salmon always dreamed of. And he treasures every minute of it.

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  1. *drools* Salmon is so hot…

  2. I preferred Coral’s bio to Salmon’s, but it was a difficult choice because HE IS SMOKIN’!

    • Ye, the Twist face works well on him. If you look at the previous boys born you’ll see that they look pretty much the same. 😀

  3. This was so hard to choose! 😦 All of them seem so good for the next generation! But then again, if everyone is good for the next generation, I won’t be bothered by who it becomes ^^ All of them are so freaking beautiful :O

    • They really are quite beautiful and their looks are so different from each other. 🙂 Will be fun no matter who wins!

  4. Coral or Salmon the other two look too much like their mother for a rainbowcy…..

  5. Salmon Twist!

  6. All the kids are so gorgeous this generation. I’m in love with Bittersweet’s face, though. I think it’s the lips that does it! C:

    I voted for Coral because her face is so different compared to the previous heirs. Still, I’m sure whoever wins the story will come out great!

    • Thanks for voting! Coral does have a different look than the rest of the family. Salmon is pretty much a copy of Sundance but with a new hair color. But I agree, they all look good. 🙂

  7. Wow they are all so unique and awesome-looking. Smokin’ Salmon! LOL. I know Coral is the heir but I think I like Watermelon’s looks the best – an interesting face shape, nose, lips and eyes!


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