Chapter 4.3: A man of nature

Screenshot-835With the tender care of my own fingers, my plants grew even if they couldn’t get direct sunlight. It was a joy to see the small green tips of something living look up from the soil and every morning I cleaned the planters from weeds or brown leafs before giving the growing plants some water. Atlantic laughed at me but tried to hide it. She was the type of berry who would simply grab the fastest bite she could find as long as it kept her from being hungry. Little did she know that those additives affected her and that her humble care of her own body would shorten her life with at least a few years.

Along with my precious plants, the friendship with Romeo grew and as often as we could we would hang out together and just talk or walk. Our shared interest in the nature was what fed our friendship and he taught me about as much as I taught him about plants and air and pollution and other environmental things.

Screenshot-841So far, I hadn’t met his friends though, even if he kept ptomising he would introduce me to them. I didn’t stress it for it was bound to happen when it did. And until it did, I was fine with just the one friend.

Even if I had always enjoyed cooking there was something different about it when I was living on my own – without a whole family to feed. It took me quite some time to figure the amount of vegetables needed for a single serving and during the first week I ate leftover salad every day. I did see some of the other students in the dorm eat of it too, but it didn’t bother me one bit. It was a lot better that someone ate it than it was to having to throw perfectly fine food away because it went bad in the fridge.

Screenshot-842 Screenshot-843During the first week I also learned that the studies themself was far from the most exciting thing about actually being at Uni. Our head teacher was a beige man who was about as dull as he looked. He spoke about science as if it was something invented by berries, and not simply nature doing wonders if you learned how to deal with it. And his voice was monotone in a way that made most of the classmates fall asleep in their chairs and despite the occassional snores Mr Sandman just went on and on as if his life depended on it.

It annoyed me that he didn’t give nature itself more props for the scientific discoveries that had been made or was to be made in the future. It annoyed me that anyone could think that we tiny berries had anything to say about the world’s changing when all we were really here for was to care for the nature and let it have its way. The less we interfered, the better it would be. Perhaps I was not bound to work with science, after all. Perhaps I was simply bound to my garden and my plants and to the things I could make for myself. Perhaps I did not need a job at all, for the task I had given myself was far greater than any career I could think of.

Screenshot-846I was invited to Romeo’s home a few days later. Which wasn’t really his home at all since he shared it with a girl a few years older than us named Clementine. Apparently, Clementine’s mother was a wealthy woman who could simply buy her daughter a house on campus for the three terms she would be staying there. For it was “simply not possible for her little princess to live in a filthy dorm”. In a way, it sounded like something my own mother could have said and for the first time since she left I was happy about it.

Snobby mother or not, Clementine was a nice girl. She played the guitar as if she had been born with it in her hands and her singing voice was soft and raspy and made you dream of far-away places. I liked her instantly.

Screenshot-845Romeo obviously liked her too for he would never have stayed with her otherwise. And Clementine naturally shared that feeling. Although, who wouldn’t like Romeo?

I was slowly realizing that if it hadn’t been for all the mistakes I had seen mother make when it came to men, I could have fallen for Romeo. He was perfect in every way, but I had seen what it could do to you when you threw yourself in to a relationship as soon as it seemed it was right and so I held on to myself. Besides, no matter how perfect Romeo seemed, I only considered him my friend. My first friend outside of family – and I wouldn’t risk that for anything.

Screenshot-848I spent more and more with Romeo and Clementine and for every day that passed by, my mind drifted further away from my family back home and for each day I managed to better convince myself that they were doing fine. After all, I had left them with the best possible sister to care for them. Bittersweet would do wonders to them.

And the more I let them go and the more I focused on myself and the days I was living right here, the happier I felt. Romeo and Clementine were both so sorrow-free and it was truly a pleasure to spend time with them. Like me, they loved the nature for exactly what it was and that strengthened our friendship even more. When most of my roommates hid indoors in front of the fireplace on the first floor, sharing stories and drinking tea because the rain poured down on the outside, me, Romeo and Clementine would meet up at the lake on campus.

Any sunny day the place would be bustling with life and energy because people wanted to cool them off with a swim or work on their tan in the grass. But on the rainy nights, it was pretty much deserted and nothing could fit us better. The sound of rain hitting the grass, chirping grasshoppers and the wind playing with the trees was soothing and perfect in every way. I pretty much skipped on my way there – my bare feet making splashing sounds as they hit the wet grass rhythmically.

Screenshot-850When I arrived to the lake neither Romeo or Clementine was there yet so I bent down to start a fire which could keep us warm and which would let the mosquitos swarm above our heads as Clementine played a tune and sung a soft song by the fire. It was the perfect way to spend an evening, really.

I had just got the fire going when Romeo shouted a ‘Hello’ from behind and I smiled before I had even turned around and seen him for I liked him enough to smile at his mere presence.

Screenshot-849“Great evening” he snickered. “I really like the weather. The rain feels so warm against your skin, don’t you think?”

I blew softly at the fire and sent small embers flying in the air. The flames grew hungrier and they ate more of the wood, growing bigger in the process. “I love the rain” I thereafter replied and finally turned around to see him standing naked with a smile on his face as if it was perfectly normal.

“You’re naked” I observed.

Screenshot-852He shove his hands in the air as in a pose of victory and screamed as loud as he could, “Naked and free!”

He started running around the fire in a circle, his buttocks bouncing slightly at every step. I didn’t dare to think how his front looked, but it must have bounced quite well too.

“I’m free! A man of nature!” He screamed again and in his voice was the core of happiness. I smiled when I realized he was right. There was no need for clothes if you were living in symbiosis with nature. No animals wore clothes and it was really a stupid social convention that we for some reason needed to hide the bodies we were born with.

Screenshot-853Before I knew it, I too had torn my clothes off and when I felt the cool summer night air against my skin I felt more at peace than I had ever done before. Not the slightest part of me felt embarrassed of letting Romeo and Clementine see my bare skin. It simply felt, right.

That night, we all sat naked around the fire and Clementine played her guitar and sung her soft songs and the entire time it only felt right. I felt at home, like I belonged.

Screenshot-847After that night, something had changed. I had learnt that the most important things I would learn at Uni would not come from books or lectures but rather from the people I met. Experiences and friendship were far more valuable than any career or money in the world. It wasn’t completely new to me, but having it so clear right before my eyes still made me feel happier. Like this was perhaps a world that hadn’t gone completely mad yet. That perhaps it could be mended and that perhaps all it took was friendship and experiences. We could spread our words and our philosophy.


Generation 2 Summary

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Chapter 4.2: Just for me

Screenshot-799I did my best to postpone leaving for Berryniversity. Not because I did not want to go, but because it felt like I was abandoning my siblings and I did not want that. They were my family after all. And I loved them. And with mother gone, someone had to care for them and cook for them and make sure things worked around here.

“Are you sure you will be okay?” I asked Bittersweet for the millionth time.

Screenshot-800“Yes, yes, yes, we will be okay. I know how to treat your garden too once winter is over. And besides, Taxus and Hyacinth promised to come over every now and then and check on us. We will be fine. You need to have a life, too, sister.”

“But you’re so young” I complained even though I knew she had been by my side the entire time and that she was perfectly capable of caring for the family on her own. Watermelon and Salmon were older now and didn’t need as much supervision as they used to. But it still felt wrong to leave them.

“And you are not as young and neither have you ever got to be young and you need to do something just for you. For once.”

Screenshot-798She hit my weak spot there. For as long as I could remember I had been doing things simply because they fell in my lap, and not because I desperately wanted to do them. And that is how life is, in a way. But now that my dear sister had applied for University for me and the admission note had fallen in my lap, I hesitated.

“Okay okay. But if you ever need me for anything, call and I’ll be right back home. Okay? And please do care for the garden, I know you love it just like I do.”

“It’ll be blooming like never before once you get back home” Bittersweet grinned and I hugged her. Oh how I loved her.

Screenshot-793Salmon had always preferred Bittersweet reading to him rather than myself. It was soothing now that I would soon be leaving them. It was bittersweet to watch them (no pun intended) for Bittersweet was pushing her own needs to the side just as I had always been doing too. She stepped in like the head of the family like she was destinied to do just that and when I thought about how I had always been doing the same thing I felt disappointed in mother. She had never been there for us. Definitely not emotionally and now, not even physically.

Screenshot-788On the day I was supposed to leave, Hyacinth came over to let us meet their son, Mystery. He had the same yellow skin as his grandmother Canary, which was quite fascinating. Seeing his tiny figure made it even harder to leave. I would miss his firsts of everything and when I got back he wouldn’t have a clue who I was.

“You know” Hyacinth said as she rocked back and forth in the chair in my room. “We’ll come here and look after them. Everything will be fine. It’s your turn to have some fun now. Relax, do things just for you. Okay?”

Screenshot-802Later that day uncle Blizzard came over to bid me farewell together with his youngest son, Calypso. All these goodbyes made it even tougher but when I saw how happy Salmon was when he saw his cousin, and alike best friend, I smiled. Salmon was the baby’s family and seeing him play and laugh with Calypso without any worries calmed me down. He was growing up and he would be just fine.

Screenshot-804Once everyone had left again. I sat down to enjoy a last salad of my own vegetables at the dinner table. There was nothing that made up for the taste of your self-grown vegetables. It wasn’t just the feeling of going out in your garden to pick them fresh for the cooking, but also the fact that you knew that there was nothing added. Not while growing and not after. That was a thing that was very rare these days.

Screenshot-803“I’ll miss this” I said out loud. Bittersweet nodded for she already knew I would.

“Sis, why don’t you bring some of that fruit with you. And some seeds? You can always plant them in your room.”

“Planting indoors? It’s not the same, is it?”

“I bet it’s still better than the sprayed vegetables you could buy at the store.”

My sister was right and once I had decided to bring both vegetables and seeds with me it suddenly felt a lot easier to leave. I had been dreading sprayed vegetables without even realizing so myself. But of course, I felt that nature itself was enough to keep any plant living green and producing ripes and the simple thought of polluting anything that lived with spray just so it would grow bigger or more colorful disgusted me. Nature was fine as it was, we were the real problem.

Screenshot-808 The things I brought with me could easily fit in a single suitcase. I had never understtod why people insisted of having so much stuff. I wouldn’t miss anything even if I left most of my home at home. I had some extra clothes, some books and my vegetables along with a few seeds. It was everything I needed, and should I ever figure that something was missing it would be possible to find it.

Screenshot-809 “Bye sis! Have fun, we’ll miss you!” Bittersweet waved behind me and I felt my eyes tear up. Not because it was sad to leave, but because I would miss them too. I loved my family.

Screenshot-810I heard her shouting her goodbyes all the way towards the car but I couldn’t force myself to look back. I had to leave, she wanted me to leave and I would do the best of it. For her and our younger siblings. And for myself. Mostly for myself.

Screenshot-816It was a long drive to Berryniversity and as we passed snowy bushes and white houses I decided to close my eyes and get some rest. It would be several hours and daytime until we arrived at the destination.

When I opened my eyes again the sun was rising over the horizon and we had left winter behind and driven right in to the warm summer. The realization made me smile for I much preferred the warm spring and summer when nature rose and lived for its fullest.

Another hour later we stopped outside a pink and green dormitory. A few students stood outside chatting with each other but overall it seemed quiet and peaceful. I felt excited when I walked towards the entrance and my new experience.

Screenshot-836My roommate was a strictly looking blue woman named Atlantic. She was a few years older than me but she seemed nice. We didn’t have much time for introducing ourselves to each other, though, for as soon as she had shaken my hand she excused herself and rushed off.

I didn’t mind being left on my own even if that too was a new experience for me. Not that I was all by myself for outside the door to our shared little room other student’s huffed and puffed in the stairs as they moved in to their respective rooms.

Screenshot-817My own bag had been easy to carry upstairs and I unpacked it fast. The most precious things I had brought were the planters and the seeds and when I placed them on the floor next to my bed the room suddenly felt a lot more homely.

I planted tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms before I took off for the Meet and Greet.

Screenshot-822Everything in the University area was colored in bright and happy colors and when I pedaled towards the grey main buildings I smiled. Birds sang in the treetops and overall this seemed like the best place in the world. All the worries of my family back home disappeared to some box in the back parts of my brain. I wouldn’t need to worry while I was here for Bittersweet would care for them all and I would do just like she had told me to and enjoy myself.

Screenshot-825The main hall was really big and as I stepped inside I felt quite overwhelmed right away. Students talked with each other in the corners of the room and most of them seemed to already have their friends here. I felt quite lonely but tried to suppress it for I wanted this experience to be happy and it would simply not do anything good to start worry. I would get friends too, eventually.

Screenshot-823I walked up to one of the welcome tables to grab my schedule and the information I needed when a green llama suddenly appeared behind my back. He walked past me with confident steps as if the giant silly llama costume was the most common thing in the world to wear. When he was right next to me he turned to look at me and shot off a bright smile but didn’t say anything. I looked confused after him and then looked around but none of the other students seemed to have noticed him. Perhaps it was a common thing around here to walk around in giant green llama costumes. Who was I to judge?

Screenshot-827“You’re new?” a man’s voice asked and tapped my shoulder lightly. I turned around and saw a man about my own age with the friendliest smile one could ever have.

“How could you tell?” I smiled back.

“It’s your eyes” he replied. “Every new student looks at the things here in a curious way that no old students do. Being here for a term or more does that to you, you start taking the things for granted. Shame, because there is sure a lot to look at. I’m Romeo, by the way.” He offered me his hand and I took it.

“I’m Coral.”

Screenshot-828Romeo smiled again and I wondered if he was always that happy. He seemed like such a person, the kind who tried to be happy about everything and who tried to make the best of everything. A bit like me, perhaps. At least I liked to see myself like that, like I tried to do the best of everything without worrying too much.

“Nice to meet you Coral” Romeo said and I nodded in agreement. “Come, I’ll show you around a bit.”

Screenshot-831Romeo guided me upstairs where a few students were playing games together or just stood talking to each other. “Once the studies start, this place will be filled with studying students. These pool tables and the pong tables are rarely used other than during these first days actually. I’d say if you’re of the kind that wants to study in group this is the place to go. You’re not required to be as quiet as on the library and here is usually a few teachers running about who you can grab if you need to ask anything. It’s a rather nice place for studying, actually.”

“What do you study?” I asked, hoping he would be in the same class as me. It would be nice to know someone when the classes started the next day.

“Art” he replied and smiled even wider. “I did science last term but I was shit at it. I’m much better at arts. Honestly, I don’t know why I even chose Science in the first place.”

“I’m in science” I said and looked down.

“Oh, I was so sure you’d be an art student” Romeo smiled again and also looked down.

Screenshot-833“I mean, a girl with no shoes? Bound to be an artist” he continued and laughed a little.

“Oh. I just don’t like shoes” I said and wiggled my toes a little. “I like having the contact with the ground I walk. It makes me feel a lot more free and in touch with nature.”

Romeo narrowed his brows and I realized I must have sounded like a complete idiot. In touch with nature? But Romeo didn’t laugh at me, neither did he seem to think I was an idiot for he simply replied: “I think I’ll have to introduce you to my friends, Coral.”


Romeo nodded and explained how they all had about the same views of nature and human impact as I did. His explanation gave me a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach and I found myself wishing I could let Bittersweet meet him too. If Romeo and his friends were like me, they would also be like Bittersweet and she would like them. At least I found that I much liked Romeo.

When we finally said our goodbyes I was rather certain that I had just made my first friend except for Bittersweet and when I got to bed that night I fell asleep swiftly.

A big thanks to Minty for letting me use the absolutely adorable Romeo Parfait. He is a spare from the Alfalfa legacy

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Screenshot-819Berrian Citrus by simswhen.

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Chapter 4.1: A broken family

Screenshot-750I woke up one day and mother was nowhere to be found in the house. I didn’t think much about it because there had been times when she spent the night at some other place or mornings when she had to rush out for an emergency. It wasn’t weird that her bed was neatly made and no breakfast was prepared for any of us children.

No, I was used to making breakfast both for me and my younger siblings. And I rather enjoyed it, cooking with my own fruits and vegetables.

I didn’t think much about it the second day either. Or the third. On the fourth I started wondering, although not worrying. At least not until uncle Blizzard called and wondered why mother hadn’t showed up for work. I told him truthfully that I didn’t know. It probably worried him more than it worried me.

I tried calling her but her phone sprung to life in her bedroom. If it hadn’t been weird enough that she skipped work, it was certainly weird that she had left home without her phone. She had always had this constant need to be contactable. Leaving her phone was not like her at all. So I wondered, but I still didn’t worry. Nor did I miss her. She had never really been around in our childhood even when she was physically present. Not having her here was no real difference, really. Bittersweet felt the same way, and Watermelon never mentioned any of it. She, too, was used to being without mother and simply having me or Bittersweet taking care of her. Salmon was still too young to understand any of it.

Screenshot-782Several days later Thunderbird showed up at our house just to tell us that mother was with him and that she wouldn’t return home for a long time. I tried to ask for an explanation but he dodged every question as well as he could, only letting me know that we would be better off without her. That was probably true, no matter what the reason behind it was.

Screenshot-754We kept dealing with everyday chores the same way as we used to. It didn’t matter too much to me that mother was gone, for in reality she had always been absent. If it weren’t for her empty bed and the spring gnomes appearing everywhere in the house there was no proof she had ever been here. Except for us children, of course.

I did my best taking care of us all. Being the oldest meant I felt responsible. I worried nothing about myself or Bittersweet since we were both old enough to care for ourselves. But what would happen to Watermelon, who had just started school? Or Salmon, who was still only a toddler? I never asked to be their guardian, yet I never complained about it either. Now that this had fallen in my lap and I simply decided to deal with it as best as I could.

Screenshot-757Watermelon asked about mother at one point and even though it didn’t matter too much to me where she was or why she wasn’t here, it hurt to think that little Watermelon would have to keep wondering because I didn’t know the answer.

“Didn’t she love us?” she asked and tears welled up in her eyes. It hurt to tell her the truth, she was still so young, but she deserved to know.

“No, sweetie. Not enough. She only loved herself. We’ll be fine, I promise. You know we’ll take care of you.”

A single tear ran down my younger sister’s cheek and she wiped it off with the back of her hand before stomping hard with her little foot in the ground. “I hate her. She’s stupid!”

Screenshot-756“And she’s gone. Don’t worry honey. We will be fine, I promise.”

“I don’t have any parents anymore. That feels stupid. No mom and no dad.”

“You do have a father, Melon. He’s just not here very often… And you have a mother too, I suppose. And you have us, me and Bittersweet. We’re still a family.”

She shook her head again, which made her braid wobble from right to left causing a puff of wind to my face. “A broken family. I hate broken things.”

Screenshot-759 Screenshot-758That night Watermelon made herself comfortable in mother’s bed. She crawled under the sheets and inhaled deeply, taking in the remaining scent of mother’s perfume that had nestled itself in to the pillow. It made me feel uncomfortable being in that room for I was old enough to know that the bed was certainly well-used. But since it seemed to calm Watermelon down a bit, I didn’t complain and simply sat down on the edge of the bed and started reading her a goodnight story. I was determined to give her a childhood as normal as I could for I was scared that she would end up as broken as mother had always been if I didn’t.

I knew that this family had some seriously fudged up history and as it seemed, it wasn’t about to change yet.

Screenshot-755Bittersweet took a big responsibility too and we both cared for the younger kids as best as we could. We were definitely too young for this kind of responsibility but then again, it wasn’t like it was new to us just because mother wasn’t physically present anymore. We had been doing this for years already.

In contrast to Watermelon, Salmon didn’t seem to notice that something was even different. Perhaps he was too young to understand or perhaps he simply didn’t have many memories concerning mother yet. At least he was too young to understand that our family was different.

Screenshot-783A few days before my own and Salmon’s birthday Thunderbird came over again and said we needed to talk. He looked tired, which was strange for I had never seen him look tired before, and for what I knew vampires didn’t sleep and therefore shouldn’t be tired. He asked me to sit, but I preferred standing. I had just put the young ones to sleep and was about to finish the dishes and I just didn’t have time for any long conversation.

“I turned her” he blurted out when I refused to sit and I felt my whole face twist. What he had just said couldn’t be true, could it?

Screenshot-765“You did what?!”

He sighed and for a brief moment he looked even more tired than before. I tried reading his face but failed. “She tricked me in to it. Oh maker you should know I never wanted this Coral. Fudge, I know you deserve to have your mother around and everything and I should have learned to control myself but she smelled so good and the simple thought of having someone around who were like me. I couldn’t resist. But I regret it, I really do.”

I scratched my head for a moment and tried to wrap my mind around the facts that had just come to me. My mother was a vampire? If I thought this family was creepy and weird before, this took it to a whole new level. “So she won’t be coming back?”

Screenshot-784He shook his head again. “She’s so fudging impulsive. She’d bite anything that moves, I’ve kept her locked in until now but eventually she will need to get out and I’m not ready to release her here. I have to bring her out of town. Until she can control herself better. It’s not safe for anyone here with her trying to learn how to control her hunger. I’m so, so sorry I did this to you.”

Screenshot-764“Wow. This is… A lot to take in” I said because I did not know what else to say. It wasn’t so weird imagining a town without my mother (except for the fact that she had actually been a fine firefighter and it would be a loss to the department) but it was no doubt weird thinking that she was a vampire. I was just lucky I had known that Thunderbird was one in the first place for taking in the fact of supernatural life forms along with the news of your newly turned mother would most likely have been too much. I felt my face twist in to a displeased grimace, not because I would miss my mother very much but because I realized my own life would now evolve around cleaning up after mother’s mistakes. Before my own life had even started, I had two kids to care for.

I mean, I wanted kids one day. But not like this. Definitely not like this. I quickly released that thought, though, for it would do me no good spending my days thinking too much about it. I had always thought that things happen for a reason and that there is no real use to think of what could have been. I was good at adapting and making the best of what I had before me. This would be no different, I would manage just fine.

Screenshot-769Uncle Blizzard surprised us with coming over with the rest of the family for Salmon’s birthday. Even father came over for Salmon’s birthday and I couldn’t help but find it ironic that he cared so much more about us than mother had ever done, even if he was usually physically absent. He had probably been more present than mother anyhow.

We hadn’t initially planned for a party for it was tough enough to keep the house in shape while we were all in school and Salmon had a sitter. Mother’s savings were shrinking rapidly and I was very grateful for the garden I had laid out earlier for it provided us with enough ripes to keep us from going hungry. I don’t know what we would have done without it and I seriously feared the upcoming winter.

Screenshot-768Salmon seemed to always be happy and when Blizzard helped him to blow the candles of the cake they had brought a smile formed on his little face. I didn’t dare to tell my uncle that I didn’t like the cake and that it was filled with millions and billions of unhealthy additives. It was a nice gesture and for that I simply thanked them. I didn’t eat any of it, though.

It was probably weird for all of us to gather like this and not having mother around. When it came to hosting parties, she had been great. Not everything she had done had been stupid, even though most of it had been selfish. We celebrated like nothing was missing this day though and no one even spoke about her absence.

Hyacinth and Taxus were awaiting an addition to their family already, which really didn’t come as a surprise. They had been so eager to get married that I had been anticipating that pregnancy ever since the wedding. I was happy for them but also a bit jealous because they got to live their life as they wanted – without having to take care of mother’s leftovers. Not that I saw my younger siblings as leftovers for I really loved them. It was just the raising bit that annoyed me – I didn’t want to be their mother, I wanted to be their sister. Not that anything had really changed with mother’s disappearance when you really thought of it.

Screenshot-772When everyone had left I myself aged up with Bittersweet as my only witness. Watermelon and Salmon were both asleep and me and my sister had cleaned the place so it looked decent again. No sign of a party. The leftovers from the birthday cake went straight to the bin for I did not want to feed this family with additives. I wanted to know exactly what we ate and my own little garden along was more than enough to feed us all.

It felt weird having a grown-up body for I had been living as an adult for many years already. It was as if my physical body finally caught up with the circumstances I lived by.

Screenshot-762Bittersweet cried when she saw me and when I asked her why, she told me she wasn’t ready to see me leave but that she knew it was inevitable.

“I’m not leaving” I said. “How could I?”

She handed me a letter she had been hiding in her back pocket. It was crumbled but once I had straightened it out it was perfectly readable. ‘ADMISSION NOTE’ I read on the top and when I continued further I felt confused. Berryniversity had approved my application to their Science class – but I had never sent in an application. And I couldn’t go now – I had a family to care for.

“I applied for you” my sister said. “Suits you perfectly. You’ll get a chance to be young, meet some friends and get a degree and hopefully some job offers. When you get back home you can provide for this family. You have to go. You deserve it, sister.”

Screenshot-785 Screenshot-786I tried to make her change her mind but she was set on me leaving even though it made her worried and sad. In a way I think I was glad that she kind of pushed me out, for I would never have left her otherwise. I explained to Watermelon that it was only for a short time and that I would be back home before she was a teenager and then we would be together for as long as she wanted. And Bittersweet promised to be there for her until I came home. I would miss my siblings for sure, but once I started getting set for leaving I also started to look forward to it. This was what fate had in store for me – and I would simply embrace it, like always.


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So, I know I said I’ll keep the winning color a secret but since this generation’s story won’t be so much about finding the right one – but rather the couple’s life after they’ve found each other – I thought I could just as well reveal it.

I would also like to give all of my readers a chance to affect the Twist bloodline. This is it: I am looking for a spouse for Coral.

This is how it will work:
You create a purple YA male. He can look however you want and have whatever traits you wish. You post a link to him either here, in the forum thread, or as a message to my tumblr. I will create one myself, too. I will then throw them all in to my game and take pictures of them and in the end I will let my fiance decide which purple male is the lucky one. Turn them in within a week, at latest on the 18th of April.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your creations.

(The non-winning creations will get to live in the legacy town and affect the genetics in my game that way.)

Generation Finale: Transformation

Screenshot-691Taxus got married. Watermelon aged up. Dad died.

Time passed and made sure to let me know. I had been living in a bubble where routines had cornered my days. Routine was safe and something you could expect. But I realized now, time was passing – even for me.

I stood and watched myself in the mirror. I had always loved my reflection. It had always been perfect.

Screenshot-689But now? There were wrinkles around my eyes and my forehead was far from as smooth as it used to be. My cheeks were getting sloppy and wrinkly too. A few strands of grey hair hid among my usually colorful mane.

I was starting to look old. And I did not like it. Not one bit.

Screenshot-690I clenched the fists in front of me, pushing my nails in to my palms until it hurt. I did not want to become old and wrinkly. It was simply not for me.

As I stood there looking at my own aging reflection an idea formed in my head. I decided to work towards execution as soon as I could since I knew each day that passed brought me closer to a completely wrinkly face and completely faded grey hair.

Screenshot-692Thunderbird sounded surprisingly happy when I called him. Perhaps he needed my company as much as I now needed him. Since dad passed away I suspected Thunderbird was feeling quite lonely. From what little I knew, he didn’t exactly have a huge arsenal of friends. Perhaps only Mithos left alive, and he was very busy with his own family and running the town in the right direction. It would soon be time for him to resign from the post as Mayor, but he had a few years still and Canary had let me know that her father did everything he could to make sure the town remained safe for berries no matter of their color.

Thunderbird never went to check on the younger kids who were playing upstairs and he didn’t even ask one single question concerning them. It probably still hurt him to think about the hope he had built up and how it had been all shattered when Lychee turned out to be the father. Instead, he sat down next to me in the sofa and smiled at me.

Screenshot-693“You needed to talk with me?” His eyes seemed to burn right through me. He was gorgeous. The high cheek bones, the rarely exposed fangs and the fiery eyes. I felt a familiar feeling of lust grow inside me but did my best to shake it off. I had not invited him for the simple pleasure. We had business to discuss.

“What’s it like? Being a vampire?”

“What?” He seemed surprised.

“What’s it like? You never said anything about it. Except the fact that you can grow old without aging.”

Screenshot-694“It’s a curse” he said and stared at me. For a moment I thought he would mind control me somehow, making me forget my plan of perhaps becoming a vampire myself but I didn’t feel any different when he finally turned his eyes away.

“We’re predators and we’re constantly hungry. And most of us can’t stand the sunlight and on the rare occasion we actually befriend humans we see them die before we even get to know them. I know what you’re thinking Soda, and I won’t do it. You deserve better.”

“I don’t want to grow old” I said and probably sounded like a child who didn’t get the lollipop she wanted.

“You don’t know what you’re asking” Thunderbird protested and stood up. But I knew exactly what I asked for, I wanted him to turn me. I wanted to leave the human life behind and die or whatever it meant to become a vampire. I wanted the everlasting youth and the sexy fangs and the whole package, even if I didn’t know exactly what it consisted of.

He started to walk away, which must have been his way of saying no, but I followed him and stood between him and the front door, preventing him from walking out unless he physically pushed me aside. I didn’t think he would do that.

Screenshot-695“Please Thunderbird. At least consider it. I have nothing to bind me to this life. I want to become one of you. A vampire.”

He shook his head, “No Soda. You don’t. You just think you will get a never aging pretty face. But that’s not all. It really is a curse, you know. The urges are overwhelming sometimes. And you’re a social being and being a vampire is a lonely life. You reside on your own, you are on your own. It’s the only way of survival. You get to watch the friends and family you care die, several times. You go through your days wishing you would age just another year. What’s a lifetime for you now, is nothing for me. You do not want that. You don’t want to go through the effort of learning how to control the urge to kill the first living being you see. You do not want to learn how the smell of blood twists your throat begging you to rip the berry in front of you to pieces. You do not want to experience the longing for knowing what your best friend tastes like. And you, Soda Pop Twist, could never stand the eternal loneliness. I’m not doing it.”

Screenshot-688He walked away and again I found myself in front of the mirror. It seemed like the wrinkles had doubled since yesterday and I saw several more grey hairs. I needed to make him turn me, it was the only way I could stop the transformation that had begun.

Each day afterwards I called him. And each day he shot me down, saying I could never handle the life as a vampire. But with each no, I grew more determined. And with each no and each new reason he gave me, I learned more of what it meant to be a vampire.

It seemed like the tales of vampires we all knew weren’t so far from the actual truth, even though Thunderbird promised me that it was a lot harder to actually be one and that it had taken him several lifetimes to manage to control himself enough to be out among berries. And even so, the urges sometimes got to him and he had to vanish from the scene to not do something he would forever regret. Nothing he told me made me change my mind though. I wanted to become a vampire and I was ready to fight for it.

Screenshot-696“Pretty please with sugar on top Thunder” I said the next time I managed to convince him to come around and I stretched my arm out in front of his nose. I could see how his nostrils fluttered when the scent of my blood came close. His eyes lit up, even if it was barely noticeable.

“Soda, no. I can’t make you go through it. Do you even know how many times I wished I was different, more normal? Do you know how many times I’ve wished that I would age along with my friends? Do you even realize how much you would have to leave behind?”

I kept my arm below his nose as I answered his question, “I would leave my house, my kids, my brothers, Plum and Canary. I would leave my job and my entire life. I know. It’s the only thing I want. I want to be a vampire Thunderbird. I really do.”

Screenshot-697“Then you are the stupidest berry I have ever met” he said and shook his head.

“Please do it. Turn me. You won’t have to be alone. We can live together, you can teach me everything I need to know. I’m ready to leave it all. Please?” I almost whispered. I needed him to turn me and that within the next few days unless I wanted to age in to an old lady. And I couldn’t do that, it would be impossible.

“No. It’s final. I can’t do it to you or your kids or your friends. It’s not fair.” He turned his back against me and clenched his fists along the sides of his body. I had never seen him so focused before and I hoped that perhaps it was because it was hard for him to say no. Perhaps he was actually that lonely that he did consider turning me.

I took a pin from my hair and used it to tear a hole in my wrist and when the blood started to pour out from the tiny wound I noticed how Thunderbird’s body stiffened and his fists clenched harder by his side, turning the knuckles white as my own skin.

“I’m bleeding” I whispered and pressed out a few more drips of blood.

Screenshot-698Before I knew it, Thunderbird had turned around and taken my arm in a steady grip. He growled from the bottom of his throat in a way I had never heard him do before and at that moment I was glad that my children were all in school. He held my arm with such strength that for a moment I was afraid he would break it. Just shortly afterwards his fangs sunk down in my flesh and I felt how the blood pumped in my veins as he fed on me.

Screenshot-701The pain that came with his feeding was overwhelming. It felt like my arm was on fire and the more he ate off me, the more it hurt. My knees wobbled and I was probably being held up only by the force of Thunderbird’s grip. But even through the pain, I felt myself smile. My plan had worked. This was what I wanted all along.

Soon enough the venom from Thunderbird’s fangs would spread in my body and my berry blood would be transformed in to vampire blood which could flow through my veins even though my heart would stop beating.

Screenshot-702Thunderbird groaned slightly as the blood travelled through my veins and in to his mouth. My vision turned red and before I lost my conscience I found myself wondering if he enjoyed the taste of my blood.

I woke up when his fangs left my flesh and when his grip of my arm loosened and I started falling to the floor. He caught me easily with one hand and when I opened my eyes and saw the blood dripping down from his mouth I smiled.

Screenshot-703With a smacking sound Thunderbird licked his mouth and removed any sign of the blood that had covered the lower part of his face just a moment ago. I was still weak but I managed to stand on my own. “Was it good?” I wondered, my voice barely managing to speak.

“I haven’t fed on fresh blood in two lifetimes” Thunderbird admitted.

Screenshot-707Just a moment later he walked away to the other end of the room and I heard him gasping for air as the realization of what we had just done hit him. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t dare to.

“Fudge” he cursed with his back still turned to me.

Screenshot-705I walked up to the biggest window of the livingroom and looked out at the sun. I would need to buy blinds for all these windows. Perhaps I would miss the sun once the transformation was complete. But it was a small price to pay for eternal youth.

“What now?” I asked. I did not know what to expect of the actual transformation, except that it would be ‘the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through’.

“You’re the biggest idiot I know Soda. Fudge. Fudge.” Thunderbird looked like he wanted to break down and cry, but as far as I knew vampires couldn’t cry.

“This was what I wanted” I said blankly. “Thanks. But what now? I need to buy blinds, don’t I?”

Screenshot-704“No. You won’t need any blinds. You can’t live here. Fudge!” He talked like that now, spreading curses among his normal speech. It wasn’t like him but I suppose his life was about to change along with mine. “You’re going to wish I killed you. And fudge, I should have!”

“For how long? When will it be complete?”

“How should I know? I never turned anyone.”

“But you turned once. How long did it take?”

“I was passed out the entire time. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. Fudge, I didn’t sign up to be your mentor Soda.” The entire time he spoke he didn’t turn to look at me a single time. His voice revealed that he was very angry and disappointed. Probably as much with himself for doing it as with me for tricking him in to something he didn’t really want to do.

I walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Thunderbird, thank you. And I’m sorry.”

After a little while Thunderbird let out a heavy sigh and told me to pack my things. It wasn’t until then I realized that I was really going to leave my life behind and run off in the sunset with Thunderbird. I was going to become a vampire and when I did, I couldn’t be near any of my old friends or my kids. It wasn’t until then that I realized that I had no idea of what I had signed up for. But I wasn’t scared – it was simply exciting. It was a new adventure and while I packed my belongings I smiled.

Screenshot-734Three small suitcases for a new life.

It wasn’t easy to decide what things I should bring with me, but in the end I just packed whatever clothes I first laid my hands on. I considered packing my trophies and my prom picture and the crown and all the awards my career had brought me, but in the end I decided against it. They were all parts of the life I was leaving behind and not the life I was heading towards. And in a way, they belonged to this house.

Screenshot-736Thunderbird brought me to a huge house in the outskirts of the town. I had never seen the house before but it looked really old so it must have been there for quite some time. I suspected that it was where Thunderbird lived.

He didn’t speak to me on the entire way to the house and when we got to the doors he simply opened them and pushed me inside, still without speaking. I stumbled a little as I was pushed over the doorstep and when I regained my balance I looked around. The room was big with stone walls and all the windows were covered with heavy curtains. It was very dark, the only light source a few flickering candles hanging on the walls.

Thunderbird walked past me and sat down in a big leather chair further down the room. He covered his face with his hands and his body started shaking. I did not know if it was some sort of crying or something vampires did. I knew nothing about being a vampire and that was just as exciting as it was frightening.

Screenshot-738A while later Thunderbird showed me to a room on the upper floor. Judging by the cob webs covering the furniture it hadn’t been used for quite some time. “Get yourself comfortable, I’ll be back later” Thunderbird said, still angry with me for tricking him. I sat down on the bed and the springs squeaked under my weight. So this was my new home?

Screenshot-740I didn’t see Thunderbird for the rest of the day, even though I did go look for him. I didn’t make it very far though, as my body still felt as if it was on fire and I felt very weak. It didn’t take long until I gave up and just laid down on the bed and fell in to an uneasy slumber. I had weird and bad dreams that night and when I woke up the next morning my body hurt even more.

There was a fire within my body and it travelled through my veins with such aggression that the only thing I managed to do was to cry. I was used to fires, but this one was something I never could have imagined. I twisted and turned around in the bed, my fists clenched and my throat pursed together. It felt as I was being smothered and I gasped for air. The more I breathed in, the more it hurt and in the end I just pressed my lips shut and screamed without a sound.

Screenshot-741Thunderbird came in to my room at one point, but I don’t know how long he stayed there or what time it was when he did come. “You’re turning” he said blankly and his eyes were without emotions what-so-ever.

“It hurts” I groaned and the fires in my body licked my insides. It felt as if I was dying, which I probably was – in a way.

“I told you so” Thunderbird said and left me on my own, which made me furious. He couldn’t just leave me like this, could he? I needed him now, more than I had ever needed anybody before.

Screenshot-742Because it was dark in my room I did not know how much time had passed and while I laid in the bed the pain just kept growing and growing. At one point I called out for Thunderbird and when he appeared in my room I begged him to kill me. He did come up to me then, with a wooden stake in his hand. “I’ll pierce your heart with this and it will all go away. Is that what you want?” he wondered and caressed the stake in his hands. I nodded and begged for him to do it. He raised it over my chest and I closed my eyes, thinking it couldn’t be worse than the pains I already had. But he never pierced my heart with the stake, instead he leaned over my face as if he was going to kiss me. “It should be over soon” he whispered and stroked my forehead.

Screenshot-744And so one day I woke up and the pain was all gone except for a burning throat. I went downstairs and found Thunderbird sitting in a sofa. He didn’t look at me when I entered the room but he nodded towards a glass that was filled with a thick red fluid. “You need to drink” he said and I took the glass, knowing exactly what it contained but even so it didn’t make me feel disgusted. I drank the blood without any hesitation and to no surprise it tasted like heaven. No doubt it was the best thing I had ever tasted and when the glass was empty I instantly wanted another.

“Is there more?” I asked and smacked my lips.

Screenshot-745Thunderbird shook his head no and told me I had to be careful with how much I drank, especially now in the beginning. I needed to learn how to control myself. It was a short lesson, but it gave me the basics. He ended it with saying that I was to find my own place as soon as I could control myself and as soon as he could be safe knowing I wouldn’t go on a killing spree in town. “And fudge Soda, I seriously hate you for this. You are the most impulsive ‘bow I’ve ever met, you’ll be the worst vampire ever.”

Screenshot-747“You’re not sorry” I said, feeling strong and invisible after my drink. “You’re actually happy that you’re not alone anymore. I’m not leaving you and you don’t want me to.” I don’t know how I could be so sure, but somehow I knew that was what he was thinking.

“You’re right” he muttered came closer to me. “But you’re also wrong because I am sorry. Do you know how much it hurts for your loved ones to lose you? It may take an eternity until you can control yourself and they won’t ever know what happened to you.”

“They will know for you will tell them. You will leave them a letter. This was what I wanted. This is the right thing.”

Screenshot-748He shook his head again, clearly not agreeing with me, even though he was happy to get some company. “You really are going to be the worst vampire ever. Fudge, you’re going to be dangerous for real!”

Despite his worries about my capability as a vampire, he did take me under his wing and he did teach me how to control my hunger – even though I was a slow learner. It wasn’t easy, always longing for blood. The pure smell of it made my throat twist and my fangs sharpen. I knew he was right, I would most likely never see my kids or friends again for I would simply want to kill them.

Screenshot-749Still this was what I had wanted and when I looked myself in the mirror I felt content. I made a really stunning vampire. I would always be beautiful. Always.

This marks the end of Soda Pop’s generation. I’ve enjoyed playing her very much and now I look forward to playing Coral instead. Soda’s rolls are not quite fulfilled yet (and in game she still lives in the legacy home – but in the story she doesn’t) and I will make sure to fulfill them as soon as possible. Since Salmon is just a toddler yet, it will take some time. With all the renovations to the legacy home, including the spa in the garden (I’ll show you in the next update) I count the Luxury roll as completed. Deadbeat Parents are still left, though.

Thanks for reading and much love!

Heir Vote!

It’s time to choose the fourth generation heir and the color of their spouse. Because Taxus is already moved out and lives a happy life with his dear Hyacinth – he is not eligible to be the next heir. Any of the remaining four kids are left for you to vote for. That means you can choose between Coral, Bittersweet, Watermelon and Salmon. Once you’ve voted the results are open for you to watch. 

When it comes to the color of the spouse, there are eight choices. To make the story more interesting I won’t reveal the scores to that poll.

If you want to, you can take a look at the Generational Rolls before placing your vote. This time all the candidates have a similar plots ahead of them if they win the vote, though. It was the only one I could come up with that made sense.

Here are the possible heirs: *Note that hairs and clothes may be subject to change.*

coralCoral Twist

Current age: Teenager
Absent Minded, Adventurous, Vegetarian, Eccentric
Lifetime Wish: Seasoned Traveler

Coral has always looked down on her mother’s lifestyle. Consumption, consumption, consumption  It annoys her that berries don’t take more responsibility of the planet they live on. Coral prefers to make use of the resources rather than exchange them for something better. She grows her own food, but not more than what she and her family can eat. She rarely throws stuff away and occasionally searches the dumpsters for perfectly usable stuff. During her time at University she meets a boy with about the same priorities as her and that is the start of a life-long relationship – far from the normal family life.

bittersweetBittersweet Twist

Current age: Teenager
Clumsy, Excitable, Over-Emotional, Childish
Lifetime Wish: The Zoologist

Bittersweet’s biggest role-model is her older sister. For as long as she can remember her sister has been the one to care for her and occasionally spend time with her. She developed a strong fascination for nature and its offerings in her early childhood and ever since it has kept growing. She’s especially fascinated in all the different life-forms that are sharing the world. She has a big collection of animals – everything from butterflies and bugs to cats – and she loves them with all her heart. She never hesitates to bring in another being in her life to care for.

watermelonWatermelon Twist

Current age: Child
Loves the cold, Artistic, Fire Immunity
Lifetime Wish: World Class Gallery

Watermelon wants to be just like her sisters when she grows up. She follows the path prepared for her by her older sisters and care for the garden they started as if it had been her very own baby. Her true heart does not lie within the gardening or the nature, though, even is she would never admit that fact to her sisters. No, Watermelon’s true passion is arts. She has a great eye for seeing the small details of any art work and eventually that lands her a job as an art appraiser. After that she tours the world along with her big love and together they explore both modern and ancient art and culture. It’s a relaxed way of living and Watermelon finds that she truly enjoys that.

salmonSalmon Twist

Current age: Toddler
Friendly, Genius, Fire Immunity
Lifetime Wish: Perfect Student

Being the youngest of five siblings, and the only male in a family of five, Salmon is used to being pushed around. He rarely ever complains and simply does as told. He is the kindest, most warm-hearted boy one can imagine. All he’s ever wished for is a normal life, with a normal family. That all gets turned upside-down when he runs in to the love of his life during University. She is nothing like him but together they explore a life far from the normal life Salmon always dreamed of. And he treasures every minute of it.

Chapter 3.16: Tying the knot

Screenshot-650One day when I got home from a call-out I found Lychee in Salmon’s nursery. “What are you doing here?” I asked and felt both angry and sad at the same time. It was adorable watching him snuggle with Salmon but it made me sad to think he had chosen to be involved with another family. I wanted that help I saw in front of me and my kids would do good with a man in the house.

Screenshot-651“I didn’t know we had a son” Lychee replied after a while and kissed Salmon on his tiny little mouth. My heart almost stopped from the cuteness.

“I have a son” I corrected him. “You’ve chosen another family so Salmon is my son.”

Lychee slowly turned to look at me. “Soda, I still love these kids and I won’t stop coming to see them. Don’t you understand that?”

“You will once you have your other child. The love child” I pouted. Lychee promised me he wouldn’t but I knew he was lying. Why would he go through the effort of coming back to Fondant Fields when he had everything he needed in Briocheport?

Screenshot-652You never really stop working when you’re the Fire Chief and when I did such a simple thing as eat a dinner with my oldest nephew at the diner a fire broke loose at the table next to us. It was Jewel’s best friend, Deluge, who was playing with his napkin when it suddenly caught fire and when he raised the napkin in panic over his head his hair also caught fire.

Screenshot-653Everyone at the diner jumped up from their seats and started crying in panic. I felt the usual adrenaline kick that always came with a fire but I remained calm. I knew how to deal with fires by now. I took out my extinguisher and started putting the fire out. The small portable extinguisher I always brought with me was far from as effective as the ones I was used to and it seemed like the flames got higher instead of dying out even though I pushed the extinguisher to its full effect.

Someone called my co-workers and it felt like it took forever for them to get here. Drops of sweat ran down my forehead and the only two sounds I could hear was the hungry flames spreading across the young boy’s body and Jewel’s desperate cries, begging me to save his friend.

Screenshot-656I did everything I could, but the fire was too strong and soon the little boy collapsed on the ground. It wasn’t until the fire was completely put out that I realized he was already gone. It was my first, and biggest, failure as a firefighter.

Screenshot-655I had never been very affected by other bow’s misery or destinies but seeing the young boy die before me broke my heart. I was a good firefighter and the fact that a young boy with his whole life ahead of him could die at my watch was unbelievable. Jewel cried and cried and cried behind me and the sound of that just added to the feeling of failure that I felt.

What kind of woman was I? I couldn’t even take my nephew out for dinner without getting him scarred for life.

Screenshot-657I could do nothing to comfort him. I knew nothing of the pain he was going through even though my life had been so much longer and even though I had been through a few losses of my own. “He was my best friend” Jewel sniffed and buried his face in his hands. The thought of losing Plum or Canary pierced my heart like a knife. How could I put him in this situation. It was my fault. I should have done better. I should have saved his friend.

When I brought him back home, in a crying and broken mess, Blizzard promised me it wasn’t my fault. He said that I had done everything I could – but I knew he couldn’t know because he hadn’t been there. Maybe there was something I could have done?

Screenshot-658A few days later Bittersweet celebrated her birthday. I couldn’t celebrate and only cheered half-heartedly as she blew the candles of her cake. I hadn’t been able to forgive myself for letting the young boy die.

Screenshot-659Bittersweet looked a lot like Precious now that her pudgy child cheeks disappeared and her more grownup facial structure took its place. It was my coloring, but she was sure her father’s daughter. I smiled faintly. It still hurt to think I had lost him and that I had to raise our child by myself, but I realized that he was still around – in our daughter. A part of her was him and even if I never wanted a family or dreamed of children, it was rather amazing to see how genetics were passed down. She was sure a mix of the both of us, just like Coral was a true mix of myself and Lychee.

I felt a little bit of curiosity towards seeing the other two kids grow up too.

Screenshot-660And speaking of grown-up kids… It wasn’t rare that Taxus brought Hyacinth with him home from school. In fact, it was more rare that she didn’t come with him. Their eyes sparkled when they looked at each other in a way I had never felt my own eyes sparkle. They were young, but they loved each other.

“We’re getting married” Taxus announced one day and I just nodded. I wasn’t surprised.

Screenshot-661“I know we’re young” he continued and Hyacinth rolled her thumbs nervously next to him. “But we want to do it. We’re meant to be together.”

“I know” I said. It made perfect sense and was no doubt the truth.

Screenshot-664“But they’re too young” Plum said a couple of days later when we discussed the matter.

I agreed, even though I also thought it made sense to let them get married. I mean, only the two of them could know if it was really true love, right?

“Hyacinth is only fifteen! It’s too early.” Plum started walking back and forth in the room and I could tell it was upsetting her to realize that her little girl was growing up. She had no other, she couldn’t hold on to the childhood like I could because of my other kids. With Hyacinth aging, it became so clear that we were aging too. And Plum wasn’t ready.

Screenshot-665“I can’t believe she’s grown so much” Plum said and looked sad. “Felt like yesterday she came in to my life.”

“You can be glad she’s older and can take care of herself” I said just as Watermelon started crying hysterically for what seemed like no reason at all.

Screenshot-666Plum went to pick her up and played air-plane with her. She still enjoyed my kids’ young age. She still adored them. It struck me that she had become such a good mother over the years. She was like a second mother to all of my kids, and soon Taxus would technically be her son-in-law. Our families would officially be tied together. It was a pleasant thought.

Screenshot-667We agreed to help them with the marriage under the condition that they waited until they had both finished high school. Knowing how funny time was, that would pretty much be tomorrow.

Screenshot-668And once both Taxus and Hyacinth had graduated they started preparing themselves for the upcoming wedding. I was pretty much as excited as them about the whole deal and spent a lot of time helping them pick out the right cake and setup a reception area in our garden. And the time before the wedding passed very fast and when my son and his fiance took a picture the last day before becoming a true family I actually shed a tear.

It was just so sweet to see.

Screenshot-672On the day of Taxus’ wedding our closest family and friends gathered in the garden. Since it was really a bond between two families of friends, no guests had to really pick a side or anything. It was just a logical bond declared official. I was happy to see my son marry a Spring. From what I understood, our two families had always been close and a marriage was a fine next step.

Although, it did pain me to realize I had a son old enough to get married. How old did that make me?

Screenshot-671Not a single eye was dry that day. It was touching to see Taxus and Hyacinth declare their love for each other.

Screenshot-678 Screenshot-676The whole gathering swooned as the two lovebirds shared their vows and for the first time in my life, I realized that perhaps there was such a thing as love. It certainly seemed true to the two under the wedding arch. It was the only possible explanation to why their eyes sparkled like they did when they looked at each other.

Screenshot-675Taxus looked as if he couldn’t believe that it was actually happening when he slid the ring on Hyacinth’s finger. And in all honesty, I could barely believe it myself. Hyacinth was stunning, while Taxus was modest – at the best.

Screenshot-673Screenshot-674Still, Hyacinth smiled when she slid the ring on Taxus finger without even the slightest of hesitation. She was sure that he was the one.

Screenshot-677It made me happy. All my life, I had just wished for my kids to be happy. I clearly saw that Taxus was just that in Hyacinth’s arms. It made proud of myself when I understood that all those years I had done everything I needed to push Taxus towards the future where he belonged – to the girl he was meant to be with. I had been a good enough mother – even though I never knew how to.

Screenshot-679After the ceremony the two of them just stood looking lovingly in to each others’ eyes. It was as if they were trying to understand that this was the beginning, that they would always get to be together. I couldn’t believe it myself.

Screenshot-680Screenshot-681Once the sun set we moved the party inside where we could all cheer on Taxus while he cut the cake. Bittersweet seemed incredibly happy for her big brother’s sake. But then again, Bittersweet was pretty much always happy about something.

In the end of the day, Hyacinth was named Twist and Taxus had married his princess and the guests all had a good time. It had been a good day.

Okay, the writing for the wedding is kind of meh, but I just couldn’t get it right. Since it’s not really that important for the rest of the story I let it be. Taxus is now moved out of the household along with his Hyacinth. They actually moved in with uncle Loquat – which I assume has to do with StoryProgression trying to keep the Founder house in the family. In a way it makes sense because Taxus isn’t that much different from Loquat in the sense that they are both quiet but incredibly friendly men.

There will be an Heir Vote up before too long now since Coral is also getting close to become a YA. Keep your eyes open!

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