Chapter 3.8: Briocheport

Screenshot-132Once we were settled in the apartment we had rented for the weekend we changed in to our party outfits and decided to check out the club scenes. I had read about this one fancy club that I was just dying to see.

It was located in one of the fancier districts of Briocheport and outside the place the ground was clean and potted plants followed the big alley that led us there. It was a place for celebrities and rich berries and it was therefore a place where we would most likely enjoy ourselves. It was a place where the true me belonged, the one who didn’t have a kid at home to care for. It also sounded as a place where Precious was likely to hang out. He was rich and powerful and probably quite known in this town.

Screenshot-133A big muscular black ‘bow was guarding the doorway and as we came up he took a step to the side to cover my way pass him. “I don’t know you” he snarled and I realized they wouldn’t let just anyone in.

“I’m from Fondant Fields” I said and waved my lashes while smiling towards him. Surely, he would soon see how beautiful and rich I looked and let us both in. Plum just stood silent beside me and tried to look cute.

“So?” The man tilted his head and locked his eyes with mine. “You expect to just waltz in on the celebrity scene the first thing you do in the big city? Ha, think again!”

Screenshot-134Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I hauled up a bunch of money and handed him hundred simeoloans in discretion. “Maybe I can get you to change your mind” I purred. He smiled at me and accepted the money by folding them in half and putting them in his pocket.

“I wouldn’t think so” he then said. “Now you better run off to a place where you’d fit in better.”

Screenshot-135I snapped.

I screamed and cried and begged to get in because this was a place where I actually did fit in, where I needed to fit in. It didn’t help, though, and after a while Plum pulled me out of there. We left the fancy districts and headed to a more shabby bar where we had no trouble of getting in. It was actually a bar where no-one would have trouble getting in. And therefore, a bar Precious never would bother going to.

Screenshot-159Screenshot-158Plum didn’t seem to mind too much and enjoyed herself with dancing on top of the bar counter, which made the bartender look at her with desire in his eyes.

‘If he only knew that she played for the other team’, I chuckled to myself before remembering that this was not a fun night. It had not exactly gone according to plan and I was no closer to seeing Precious again, or even finding out where I could see him again. In fact, I didn’t even know if he was in town or not.

“Come, dance with me Soda” Plum called from the top of the counter and I just shook my head. I wasn’t really in the mood.

Screenshot-160“You look like you need some of these” the bartender suddenly smiled at me and placed a plate of fried onion rings in front of me. “There’s nothing those rings can’t cure” he continued and I smiled back.

He was cute, and it was a very nice gesture. In the middle of my blues it felt nice to be seen like that.

I chatted to him while eating my onion rings and while Plum danced herself sweaty on the bar. He told me about the fancy bars and how only the snobby idiots actually went there and that the most interesting people actually went to the shabbier clubs where the music was actually danceable rather than that classic music they played at the snobby places. “There’s more in life than money” he said and with that I was only more firm to believe that I did in fact belong in those fancy place rather than here. Money was the most important thing after all. It just made things so much easier.

Screenshot-161The next day we tried the fancy bar again and once again the muscular black ‘bow in the door stopped us from entering. While I was trying to persuade him, Plum suddenly whispered in my ear, “Is that Lychee?”

I peeked over the shoulder of the bouncer and was very surprised with what I saw. It certainly did look like Lychee. I hadn’t seen him since high school and I didn’t know what had become of him, but judging by what I saw it was something.

Screenshot-162He was standing in the middle of the dance floor with girls dancing close to him, twisting like snakes who wished nothing but getting under those clothes of his.

I stopped the persuasions and instead decided to see if the bouncer was up to some gossiping. I didn’t think it would work, though. “Is that Lychee Button” I asked and nodded towards the dance floor.

The bouncer rolled his eyes, “Why do you ask?”

“We went to school with him. I dated him for a while.”

“You dated Mr. Button? But why didn’t you say so?!” He suddenly stepped aside and pulled the strings of the fence, letting us enter. I thought it looked like he was blushing, but that could have been my imagination.

Screenshot-163“Lychee?” I asked and stepped up close to the guy who had been madly in love with me throughout my entire school years. The snakes by his sides vanished when he stopped dancing and looked at me.

“Soda Pop?”

Screenshot-165“Wow, what are you doing here?” he asked and smiled. It was one of those smiles that come to you when you remember something joyful.

“Vacation with Plum” I replied and pointed at Plum who had gone straight for the bar. “And you?”

“I live here.”

He continued to tell me how he had moved from Fondant Fields after graduation and how he had climbed the career ladder here in the big city. He started out as a roadie and now he was owning his own record company and held the power to decide which artists to turn in to stars and which would be left to fade. That explained the snakes, I thought.

Screenshot-166“You’ve done good” I winked and took a seductive step closer to him. It was hard to understand. Lychee Button?! The school’s nerd and the pathetic puppy who had followed my every wink as a teenager. He was powerful and rich and… famous. That made him quite sexy.

Screenshot-167He suddenly started laughing and it took me by surprise. “I’m not him anymore” he said once he had gathered himself.

“I can see that” I winked again.

Screenshot-169In the corner of my eye I could see that Plum had jumped on top of the bar again. In a way it made me ashamed because this was clearly not a place where you were supposed to dance on the bar. However, no one seemed to really notice her and with that I turned my full attention back to Lychee. “I wondered where you took off after graduation” I lied.

He sighed. “Don’t give me that Soda Pop Twist. I know your type. You taught me after all. And you haven’t changed a bit I see. And no, you don’t get to come here and think I’m still in love with you after all these years. It doesn’t work that way. I’m sorry.”

Screenshot-168“I don’t think that” I said. “I realize that you got over me many years ago. But that doesn’t mean it’s fun to see each other again. Right?” I couldn’t believe it myself. Had I come all the way to Briocheport just to try to score Lychee Button?

Although, from what I had seen and heard this night, it was worth it. He was famous and rich and powerful and sought-after and scoring him would give me some status as well. My hunt for Precious suddenly felt really distant. I had a new quest now.

Screenshot-172“You still look good” Lychee admitted after another hour of sweet-talk and I stepped in to his arms and let myself be embraced. He was warm and soft and I remembered that I had always thought he had the cutest nose. It was the way it was bent like a hill. I softly pulled my finger along it.

“You’ve always had such a cute nose” I whispered.

Screenshot-171And then he kissed me. It was our third kiss ever and I could tell he had been practicing quite a lot since our last one. His tongue played with mine in a perfect speed, causing my body to feel as if it was lit on fire. I wanted him.

“You are still gorgeous” he whispered and interlaced his fingers with mine, pulling me off the dance floor. We didn’t make it further than to the elevator before my dress was unzipped and his hands started playing with my breasts. I would never have guessed I would come to Briocheport to sleep with Lychee, but so it happened and I had to admit it was nice and thrilling and steaming hot.

Screenshot-173Plum wouldn’t stop laughing about the whole thing afterwards. Lychee Button? It was ironic, I had to give her that. But he had really changed, he wasn’t pathetic any more, he was rich and famous. I felt rather satisfied with myself and the fact that I had learned nothing nw of Precious’ whereabouts didn’t matter as much. We did go to Sweet Pastry one day, but I wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t there.

We didn’t look for him more after that, instead we spent our last day by going through toy store after toy store. I wanted to bring something home for Taxus. Something nice. Plum tagged along and bought one dress after the other and more toys than her bag would be able to handle for little Hyacinth. I just wanted that one special and perfect thing for my son and so far I hadn’t found it. It was probably lucky for Plum since that meant she could fit some of Hyacinth’s dresses in my bag.

It didn’t matter to me that I didn’t know what kind of toys Taxus preferred as I was simply determined to give him something nice. Something of good quality.

Screenshot-174I didn’t find it until we were starting to run out of time before our flight would leave. On the bottom shelf in a corner of a small toy shop we had passed several times during the weekend. It was a shining red fire truck and it was perfect. A kid with a firefighter mother just couldn’t get away with not having a toy fire truck.

I felt pleased with the trip when I packed my bags. The fire truck laid at the top, its rear lights sticking up from the bag, showing that  I was a good mother who cared for my kid. It had been an expensive toy and that was just what Taxus deserved – the best toys there was.

Besides, it was a fire truck.

Screenshot-190I was feeling really proud when I walked i to Taxus room with the fire truck in my hands. I felt a smile forming on my lips, which really was rare when it came to being close to Taxus. I still hadn’t forgiven him for storming in to my life and putting it on its edge, even if he wasn’t really the one to blame. At least it felt a bit better now after the trip to Briocheport because I had realized my popularity wasn’t fading just because of him. I was still attractive.

Taxus didn’t even look at me, or the truck, as I put it down on the floor next to him. He just kept sucking on the bottle Canary gave him before catching up with Plum again. I stood and watched him for a couple of minutes, waiting eagerly for when he would notice the truck and start to play with it.

Nothing happened and once he had finished eating he simply crawled towards his toy box and brought a small green stuffed toy dragon out to play with. So much for that perfect fire truck toy, huh?

AN: The Briocheport trip happened in an alternate save where I moved Plum in with Soda Pop. In the main challenge save Plum has not been a part of the household as that would have been against the rules for the single parent roll.

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  1. Oh gosh. Is Lynchee going to be the father of the next baby? I wonder.

    Soda is one of those parents that thinks you can replace quality time with your children with toys and objects. That’s sad and I have a feeling that whoever becomes heir is not going to be a big fan of Soda. :l

    • Yup, she definitely thinks that! And no, Soda Pop’s children probably won’t give her any “Best Mommy” awards.

  2. Soda Pop wins the shallowest Berry ever award! Woo!
    She’s a fun read, though. I feel bad for Taxus.
    I loved Plum dancing on the counters.

  3. Great chapter. Soda really doesn’t get how to bond with kids does she? A fretruck won’t make up for not being around.

  4. Well, at least she gave Taxus a gesture, though I’ll be surprised if he (and some of her other children) don’t end up feeling angry at her when they’re older. It will be a bit of a reprise of how she felt toward her own mother, no? Maybe someday she will realize that.

    It was nice to see Lychee again, I’d forgotten all about him 😀

    • Well, the next generation are Deadbeat Parents too, lol. But I plan on doing that in a completely different way. But no, they probably won’t have too much love to spare for poor Soda Pop unless she starts changing.

  5. Goddamn, I love Soda Pop! It’s so cool reading a legacy where a promiscuous Sim isn’t shown in a very negative light-she has her strengths and flaws, just like everybody else. Her and Lychee’s kid will be so cute, but I wonder how Taxus will adjust to a new baby… if there is one, I’m totally assuming here.

    • Wow, thank you so much! That is exactly how I want Soda Pop to be seen. I don’t think anyone is completely a good or bad person and since she is the main character it’s easier to show that she has both positive and negative sides. 🙂

      There will be a baby, of course.

  6. Poor Taxus. He’s got one sucky mother. Even if she is fun to read about! And poor Lychee…getting sucked right back in to Soda’s plans.

  7. Ooh wow, Lychee impressed me he really made some progress since high school! I too agree with your comment about how no one is perfect, we all have our flaws. Perhaps that is why I love playing Sims with so called ‘bad’ traits because in the end, nothing is black and white.

    • Lychee has always been slick and in a way it’s good to not have anything to hold you back. 😉 He could just dive head first in to it.

      I also love the “bad” traits, they make for much more fun game-play and more realistic characters I think.

  8. Ugh, Soda. It’s good that you’re finally thinking of your son, but come on. Are you really giving him toys to make up for the time you’ve spent away from him? That’s bad mothership right there.
    I really loved your pictures of them being inside the clubs! ^^

  9. This was a fun chapter. Yay for dropping names to get into the club!


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