Chapter 3.6: My own responsibility

This was not how it was supposed to go. I was sitting on the cold bathroom floor, dressed in nothing but my underwear. I wasn’t crying, even though I certainly felt like it, only because I was scared Plum would hear me through the door. Not that I thought she would leave until she knew but I wouldn’t cry. I was stronger than that.

The pregnancy test laid on the floor next to me. It practically begged to be seen but I couldn’t get myself to look that way. Unless I had actually seen the blue plus I could still be free. But if I actually saw it… I couldn’t handle that.

Plum had brought the test here. I had been feeling sick and weird for more than a month and by now she was getting tired of my complaints.

Screenshot-80“So, what does it say?” Plum asked from outside the door. She was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall in a relaxed position. It was impossible to tell that her best friend’s life was about to be turned upside down.

“I haven’t looked.”

Plum sighed. It had been approximately eight minutes since I peed on the stick and she had asked me several times during the last five minutes. “Oh Plumbbob, Soda! Just look already! No matter what it shows there’s nothing you can do about it now. It won’t help not looking!”

Screenshot-78I simply peaked at it, but there was no denying what was there. It was a blue plus alright. The simple sight of it made me puke, again.

“So it’s positive?” Plum asked once I was done throwing up.

“Fudge no. This is very negative!”

Screenshot-79“The test?”

I puked again. Couldn’t she just stop reminding me?! Afterwards I picked the test up and threw it in the garbage can before washing my face off and going out to Plum. I felt as exposed as I looked in my underwear. Was this how it felt to feel weak?

“Might want to put some clothes on…” Plum suggested and I did as I was told before sitting down with Plum in my livingroom.

Screenshot-82The first thing that came out of my mind was the only thing I could think about: “I don’t want a baby!”

“I know” Plum nodded. I knew that she understood and I thought I could sense a small scent of relief in her eyes. She was just lucky it wasn’t her. Figures.

“So what do I do?”

“You could always, you know… Get rid of it. Unless you actually do want it?”

Get rid of it. It sounded so easy when she said it. Get rid of it. I didn’t want a child. I couldn’t be a mother. But despite that, there was something that made the idea of getting rid of it disgusting. I said nothing.

Screenshot-83I don’t know if Plum understood the ambivalent thoughts I was now having but the next thing that came out of her mouth took another turn. “Who’s the father?”

“How could I know?! Could be anyones. Precious, Flamenco? Fudge, could even be Fandango’s.”

“Fandango? That baby would have been born years ago had it been Fandango. It only takes nine months, you know.”

I buried my face in my hands. Plum wasn’t the only one keeping secrets about her love life. Fandango had been my to-go-to-guy for years. Actually, it would make sense if it was his, the odds said so.

Screenshot-81I stood up and started walking from one side of the room to the other. Thinking. “You’re not the only one keeping secrets” I finally said and regretted it instantly.

“What?” Plum looked scared, and surprised.

“I saw you and Canary in Starburst. What, are you guys a couple?! Are you gay and haven’t told me?! I’m your best friend Plum. Best friends doesn’t keep secrets!” I don’t know why I said it. I can only blame the fudging blue plus for keeping me from thinking straight.

Screenshot-85Plum never had the chance to reply because my doorbell interrupted us, creating an awkward silence between us. I was surprised to see my father by the door but welcomed him in.

How long had it been since I last saw him? Surely his hair hadn’t faded then, and surely that cane was new. Was he really that old?

“I’ve missed you” he said, his voice crackling just like old people’s voices always do. He was getting weak. It didn’t affect me as much as it ought to have. I suppose I had enough surprises for a day already.

Screenshot-86“You look old” I said. Blunt and straight-forward but true.

Dad swung his cane around in his hand and smiled, “This old stick?! Nah, I just think it’s cool to play with.”

I couldn’t laugh. It wasn’t fun. Not today.

“But well, the hair. I suppose I’m not that young anymore. Anyway, how are you? And hey Plum, long time no see!” Dad waved towards my friend who was now standing up. She raised her hand to a greeting but said nothing.

Screenshot-87I looked back and forth between Plum and my father before realizing I had to explain what was going on. This certainly turned in to a weird day.

I didn’t know how strong my father was, or his heart, but I kept the blunt and straight-forward way of talking and just announced that I was pregnant. He looked surprised at first but it soon settled and his eyes glanced down at my stomach which was already feeling huge and disgusting.

Screenshot-88“That’s great” he said and gave me a thumbs up. “I didn’t think you were the type to settle down. Who is he?”

I scratched my head. Telling your father you don’t know who the father of your own unborn child is, that’s weird. It didn’t exactly make him think more of me, or make him proud of me. He just looked confused to be fair. And I knew that he, at that moment, was glad I was no longer living at home. I was my own responsibility.

Screenshot-92I told them all I didn’t care who the father was. That it wouldn’t change a thing. But I knew deep down inside that it wasn’t true. I think it was the reason to why I kept the baby too: I wanted it to be Precious’.

I hadn’t thought much about him leaving me after he had gotten what he came for, but in a way it hurt. If this was his baby, I would get some revenge. I could hunt him and make him pay for just leaving me. He would have to take care of his baby, right? He would come back and I would get the chance to hurt him, to be the one in charge. As it should be.

Screenshot-91I was by no means a rich woman. In fact, after spending all my money on the kitchen in the first place and then the trip to Starburst Shores, my funds were starting to peter out. Before the pregnancy, I hadn’t thought much about it because I got a steady salary from the fire department, but when they found out I was pregnant I was no longer allowed to come in to work. It was ridiculous, I could still do a decent job just keeping the trucks and alarms in shape but still they forbid me.

I refused to let my career stagnate because of a silly baby so I kept working at home to improve the skills I knew I needed in my career. I upgraded all of my appliances to be self-cleaning, which wouldn’t just let me improve at work but also give me more time to do other things than cleaning. I couldn’t exactly have a filthy home if I expected to score men here. And I was determined to not leave that part behind even if I did have a kid.

Screenshot-84“How about Briocheport?” Plum asked one day. We had been planning a trip there ever since we got home from Starburst Shores.

“It’s still on” I promised, which made Plum look down at my swollen stomach and crinkle her eyebrows. “It is!” I said again.

“You can’t go party with a baby.”

“Good thing there are babysitters then” I said, determined to not let an unwanted child change my way of living. Besides, Briocheport was where Precious was from and if I wanted to meet him again, that would be my best bet. A chance I couldn’t just let slip.

Screenshot-93I was not prepared to the pains that came with having a kid. It was inberry. How were we even supposed to pull through such a thing?

I had neglected parental courses and tips as best as I could because I hadn’t accepted myself as a mother yet. And therefore I didn’t know how to handle the pain and I had trouble breathing. It was as if all my efforts were put in to dealing with the mere pain, so there wasn’t even enough left for breathing. I huffed and puffed and it flimmered before my eyes because my body experienced a lack of oxygen. I knew anoxia well from my job which also meant I knew I would pass out unless I managed to pull through. I suspected that wouldn’t be good for me while in labour.

I don’t know what I did or how I did it but somehow I managed to stay awake. I even managed to lie down on the cold bathroom floor and have the baby on my own. As I saw it, this was how it had been done in ancient times and therefore I would be able to make it too. I was much stronger than women had been in ancient times with my physical shape and my regular healthy meals.

It was a boy.

Screenshot-94I never felt the initial happiness my friends had promised would be there when I first laid my eyes on him. All I could feel was reality smashing me in the face. I was a mother now. A mother. The one thing I had learnt to hate. I didn’t want to be a mother. I wanted to be free.

Besides, looking at the boy in my arms I realized it wasn’t Precious’. The skin of my son was far more pale than the lovely red shade Precious’ skin was. It was lightly red, but that only meant it was either Fandango’s or Flamenco’s. Not Precious’.

The small flicker of hope I had felt towards feeling anything happy about this baby faded with that realization. He became what he had really been the entire time, an obstacle for my own life and happiness.

Screenshot-115“What are you going to name him?” Canary wondered and tickled the baby in the cradle of the room I had prepared. It was as far from my own bedroom as possible because after just a few days I realized that thing had a nasty habit of waking up screaming like crazy in the middle of the nights. I couldn’t stand being woken up like that. It was better now.

“The baby” I said. I didn’t care if it had a name. It was nothing but an obstacle, an obstacle that I knew I needed to care for. And I did. He had the best nursery I could afford (it looked a lot better than my own bedroom!) and as many toys as he could possibly want.

“You have to give him a name!” Canary turned to me and looked furious. She had been upset with me ever since that baby was born. Accused me for being a selfish brainless bimbo and stuff. I don’t know. Maybe I was selfish. But I wasn’t brainless and I was no bimbo. I knew very well that this baby meant trouble. That it meant I would have to change my lifestyle. And that was exactly what I wasn’t ready to do.

“You name it then. I don’t know.”

Screenshot-116She picked the boy up and held him close. It struck me that she would probably do a much better job at me being its mother. “I’ve always thought you look like a Taxus” she said in a soft, loving voice and put her index finger lightly on his nose which made him giggle.

And that was that. My son was named Taxus.

AN: Soda Pop rolled Luxury as he Misc. Fun and I plan to accomplish that goal by building very nice rooms for all of her children as well as (of course) furnish the rest of her rooms. I also hope to expand the exterior of the house to a luxury retreat but for now money really are tight and she can barely afford to pay her own bills. It’ll be hard as a single mother of five, but hopefully it’ll be doable. 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh! :X Soda is so mean. lol It fits her character though and I still like her despite her being selfish.

    Texus looks like he’ll be a cutie. ^_^

  2. Teal_Moon

     /  March 2, 2013

    What a berryhole (that’s right, right?)

    It does fit her for sure though, hopefully some nice feelings will build, slowly, at some point…

    My bet is it’s Fandango’s

    • Hehe, that’s a correct description of her as a mother, yup. ^^ She will grow in to it eventually, in her own way…

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. As much as I am hating Soda right now it just seems right for what shes doing becasue of her personality, Texus is cute! Who is the father? It looks like Canary would be a great mother. Great chapter once again.

    • Canary is pretty much made to be a mother! She’s incredibly sweet with babies overall. The father will be revealed once Taxus ages up. 🙂

  4. Great update. This is how I see her as a mother. I hope she can connect to her kids for just a little bit.

  5. Hmm, hard to say whose he is. I want to say his skin is colored more like Flamenco’s, but maybe that’s just because I thought Flamenco looks better than Fandango so I want him to be the father 😀

    Yes, she is mean…but given her personality and experience with her own mother, it’s rather fitting. I can’t wait to see how she feels after having four more!

  6. Soda is handling being a mother pretty much how you’d expect it.

  7. boccadirosa

     /  March 5, 2013

    wow, I’ve only recently discovered your blog and I’ve read all of the chapters over a couple of days or so! how exciting! I loved it. I really love how you portray and give voice to the different characters, they’re all so different from each other. Expect to see a bit more of me around here. You’ve actually inspired me to start posting my very first Sim legacy as story-teller, too. x

    • Let me hug you?

      Thank you so much for those overly kind and supportive words. They seriously made my day! I look forward to seeing you around and when/if you do start posting your own story, please drop a link. I would love to see what you come up with!

  8. I’m certainly not surprised at her reaction to her baby. I continue to have a love/hate relationship with her! The baby is cute, though.

  9. Hey Fru! 😀 I love this chapter. I can relate to Soda Pop. I pretty much dislike children (but the difference is I’m choosing not to have any), BUT, if I had Soda Pop’s problem, I’d probably react quite similarly, especially to her putting the baby in a room way far away from hers. Crying babies give me a headache. She’s definitely my favorite heir right now. And oh Sundance is old now! Aww!

  10. I knew there was going to be a baby. I knew it. X.x and from the looks of it, little Taxus is going to have an unhappy childhood if Soda doesn’t discover her motherly side soon… I hope she does.
    I really liked the third-last picture. It portrayed Soda’s feelings for her son so well, even if it’s a negative thing. xD


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