Chapter 3.5: Starburst Shores

Screenshot-24The fact that Precious had bailed on me hurt, but I didn’t dwell it too much. I was used to people bailing on me. It was how my life had been from the very start, after all. Besides, I had a trip to plan and that was way more important than the fact a guy had left me with no sign of goodbye.

Canary celebrated her birthday just shortly after and we took off for Starburst Shores. It was sunny and warm when we arrived. The cold winter home in Fondant Fields seemed distant. It had been a good choice coming here. The sun was a welcome change from the cloudy winter sky at home. The ocean laid blue by our feet and the sun caressed our bleak winter bodies. It was almost completely windless, only a soft breeze chilled our faces now and then. It was great.

Screenshot-25We spent our days at the beach, working on acquiring a good-looking tan before it was time to go back home to the winter. The three sun lounges had been ours ever since we first got here. I suppose that was one advantage in coming here during the middle of the week, the townsfolk were busy working, leaving the beach in our hands.

It was also a disadvantage since it meant there were no sexy men to look at.

Screenshot-27“Wanna go swim?” Canary asked and smiled. She was a bit restless and didn’t exactly lay still for very long. I didn’t mind as the sun was quite warm and I got sweaty quite fast if I just laid there. Besides, I had heard that you get a tan faster if you have a layer of salt water on your body.

“Right” I said and stood up.

Screenshot-26“Naha, I’ll stay here.” Plum had only been swimming very little during our stay so it didn’t surprise me that she passed. She was certainly not getting restless in her sun lounge. Or perhaps her hangover was just worse than ours and she preferred to not move too much.

Screenshot-28“Last one in is a jelly rat!” I cried and started running towards the water. I loved the feeling of sand between my toes when my feet dug themselves down in to the ground as I ran.

Canary followed me, laughing loud. She wouldn’t manage to pass me, though.

Screenshot-30“Wah, it’s cold!” she exclaimed once her feet got to the water. It was. Not because it was particularly cold in the water itself, but because the difference from the warm and sunny air was huge.

“Just get in” I said and slowly walked further out. I wanted the surface to be above my belly button before I laid down to swim.

Screenshot-32It was cool, almost cold, to lay down to swim. Still nice, of course. I liked summer, much better than winter. Warmth, no need for big chunky clothes and the general happiness that sun seemed to bring.

Screenshot-36Suddenly the back of my head was splashed and it made me furious. I turned around and saw Canary right behind me. She knew I didn’t want to wet my hair!

“What the fudge, my hair!” I yelled.

“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

Screenshot-33I splashed her back using the back of my hand. It was satisfying to see a big wave of water splashing against her face. It made her mascara smudge.

“For berry’s sake Soda! I said I didn’t mean to” she turned around and swum towards land again, clearly upset.

Screenshot-34“Oh right… Sorry” I mumbled, realizing I had overreacted. “Sorry Canary!” I yelled after her, making sure she heard my apology. There was no reaction.

Just a little while later we decided to head back to our rented vacation home. Canary was still upset that I had splashed her and smudged her mascara out. Plum was upset that we had to leave the beach so early, losing precious sun hours. I wasn’t upset. I just felt bad about it all. She probably hadn’t meant to splash me. And my hair wasn’t even very wet anymore, it still looked good.

Screenshot-38Later that day we decided to hit one of the clubs, although it seemed depressingly empty when we arrived. There wasn’t even a line to get in, which we had kind of hoped for. But then again, this wasn’t Briocheport. After paying a small entrance fee we stepped through the doors and in to a huge room. There was a big bar which a few berries were seated at and then there was a huge dance floor, a small scene and a couple of tables and chairs. And this was just the first floor!

Screenshot-39“It’s so big!” Plum was pretty much mesmerized and just stood still looking around her with huge eyes. She was right, the place was huge compared to what we were used to in Fondant Fields. The only downside was that it was pretty dead. Maybe the townsfolk of Starburst Shores didn’t go out to party in the middle of the week?

“Wanna go upstairs” I asked. Canary nodded but Plum didn’t snap out of the trance she was in. I had to snap my fingers in front of her to make her follow us.

Screenshot-41The upstairs were big too and Plum was frozen at the spot and looked around impressed. Canary ran straight to the Electro DanceSphere and started spinning around. I got dizzy simply by watching her and went to get a drink instead. Plum soon followed me.

Screenshot-45In the end, we decided to go to another club. One of the guests told us there was usually more action at that other place because of the karaoke machine and the regulars that came there to sing. And they were right, there was even a line to get to sing. When we arrived to guys were singing some cheesy love song while goofing around with each other. We decided to watch them. They were probably the cutest guys we had seen during our trip so far.

Screenshot-46Since the rest of the guests at the place seemed to cheer loudly and sing along to the catchy tunes, I did the same. I have a decent singing voice, I have to admit and when I started singing one of the guys turned to look at me. He was, wasn’t he? Looking straight at me while singing?

Screenshot-47After the song I went to introduce myself. “Quite nice singing. I’m Soda Pop.”

“I have to say the same” he said smiling and shook my hand. It was a nice smile and his handshake was warm and firm. “I’m Flamenco.”

“Nice to meet you.” I smiled one of my seductive smiles. I was going to score this guy tonight. I was.

“You’re not from here, are you?”

Screenshot-51“Nah, from Fondant Fields. Me and my friends are here on vacation for a few days. Sunbathing and partying” I replied and pointed towards Plum and Canary who were busy playing pool.

“Should have chosen Briocheport for the partying” he smiled. “Places close quite early here.”

“Well, maybe you could take me some place nice afterwards?” I suggested and winked.

“Let’s do the best of this first” Flamenco answered and took my hand and swirled me around in a pirouette.

Screenshot-50He was a good dancer and to me it was a lot more fun dancing than playing pool. Plum and Canary must have thought the same thing because they left the place just shortly afterwards, leaving me alone with Flamenco.

We danced the entire evening, just taking small breaks to fill up with some drinks. He was quite the gentleman and introduced me to everyone he knew at the club.

Screenshot-49When the bartender called “Last round” Flamenco leaned in to whisper something in my ear. I just knew he would suggest going someplace else to continue our party.

“So, I was thinking I could take you out tomorrow. There’s a nice place down the road but they’re only open during daytime.”

That was it. My disappointment was huge, but I agreed thinking I would at least get another chance. I still hadn’t played the firefighter card either.

I was sneaking when I got back to our rented house because I was sure Plum and Canary would be well asleep by now. It had been hours since they left. As I passed through the window to their shared bedroom I glanced in. I don’t know why I did it, I always had a difficult time keeping my eyes off a window while passing.

Screenshot-72I did not expect to see what I did. My two best friends were practically on second base. I was lucky that their clothes were still on or I’d be scarred for life.

I never said anything about it. What difference would it make? Except making both them and I feel uncomfortable with the whole situation and since they didn’t mention anything of it either, it was better to just let it be. Although I have to admit it did hurt me a bit to realize they were actually keeping such a secret from me.

Screenshot-60Any hurt I was feeling washed off until it was time to meet Flamenco again, though. He took me to some kind of cowboy themed place. There were even hay bales outside. Not really my kind of place, but if it got the job done I wouldn’t be the one to complain.

“Howdy Soda” Flamenco said and smiled before offering me his arm, escorting me through the doors.

Screenshot-55At first he lured me up on a mechanical bull. I suspect he wanted to see me tip over but with the physical shape I was in (yet another thing to thank the firefighter career for) I managed just fine. I even rode without holding my hands for some time, just clutching to the bull with the muscles of my thighs.

I think he was a bit disappointed when the bull stopped and I was still on it.

Screenshot-62Next we went upstairs to a foosball table. Unfortunately for Flamenco, my cousins had a table just like this at home, so I was quite skilled at that too. I pretended to play bad though, as I suspected it would better my chances at scoring what I really wanted to score. I just wouldn’t walk away from this date without it.

Screenshot-63“Hey, look at this! Want to take some pictures? It’ll be a nice memory to bring home” I said and tried to sound innocent. Truth was that I knew how narrow those photo booths were and being more than one in there could easily get quite intimate.

Flamenco bought it straight off.

I “accidentally” put my hand on his thigh once we were in there and then I “accidentally” bumped my breasts against his arms. And then my skirt “accidentally” lifted while his hands were close. And well, one thing led to the other. Just as according to plan.

Screenshot-64Screenshot-65Screenshot-66“Oops, I think we need to take another one” I said and tore the evidence of what had just happened in tiny pieces.

“Again?” Flamenco grinned.

Screenshot-67And yes, we went in again. But this time we behaved. Well, kind of because when the pictures came out not a single one was looking normal. We were both making silly faces on each and every one of them. That’s a side-effect of being satisfied, I suppose.

After that date, I didn’t see more of Flamenco. And I didn’t want to.

Screenshot-74We had only one day left on our vacation, and that would be spent in the best possible way – with my friends at the beach. We stood by the shoreline watching the sun set and the only thing I could think of was that this had been an amazing trip. None of us said anything, but I doubt I was the only one to hope there would be several more trips like this one. Perhaps Briocheport next.

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  1. Say whhaaa. I was not expecting Plum and Canary to get together. Did they chose each other on their own?

    • I did not expect it either. 😦 They chose each other as teenagers already but for story purposes I couldn’t go with it until now…

  2. The Plum and Canary thing kinda made me laugh… I don’t know why…
    Anyways lovely chapter 🙂

  3. Wowza, Plum and Canary, that’s hot!! o.o

    Good for Soda, getting a score. I can’t help but thinking Flamenco’s hair color would look nice on her skin 😛

    On to Briocheport!

  4. Yay for Plum and Canary! But I wonder why they’ve been keeping it a secret from Soda.

  5. Plum and Canary are cute together, but it must have upset Soda to be kept out of the loop!

    Flamenco is certainly pretty. Soda is quite the player. But she doesn’t seem very carefully. I’m sensing oopsie babies in her future!

  6. Flamenco was a cutie pie, and I love the beach. 🙂

  7. I so did not expect Plum and Canary to end up together. 0.o Soda is being careful with all her, well, having fun, right? I don’t think I’ve seen a single sim story where events like that have not led up to a baby.. 0.o

  8. Fun chapter. 🙂


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