Heir Vote!

It’s time to choose the third generation heir and the color of their spouse. As for heir, you (obviously) have three choices: BlizzardLoquat or Soda Pop. Once you’ve voted the results are open for you to watch. 

When it comes to the color of the spouse, there are eight choices. I want you to choose two or three. To make the story more interesting I won’t reveal the scores to that poll.

Please take a look at the Generational Rolls for the third generation and keep them in mind when placing your vote. Note that only the winner’s plot is sure to stay true to the bios.

Without further ado, I present the possible heirs: *Note that hairs and cloths may be subject to change.*

Screenshot-1005Blizzard Twist

Current Age: Teenager
Traits: Athletic, Excitable, Lucky, Ambitious
Lifetime Wish: Firefighter Super Hero

Blizzard thinks the firefighter gene runs in the family and he has chosen the grandmother (Marshmallow Puff) he never met as his main role-model. If she could be a hero and her father could be a hero, what will stop Blizzard from accomplish the same thing? To die as a hero, it’s the only goal Blizzard really has. If you’re good at something you can make money of it and Blizzard is determined to succeed. He will follow the true Twist Family call.

Screenshot-1004Loquat Twist

Current Age: Teenager
Traits: Neurotic, Clumsy, Coward, Proper
Lifetime Wish: Chess Legend

Loquat is scared for pretty much everything and rarely ever leaves the safety of his room. He is obsessed with mastering both Domino and Chess and whenever there’s a moment to spare, he is seated by one of the two games. Unfortunately, domino and chess doesn’t give you any money and even a neurotic coward has to make a living somehow. Not having a single clue of what to do with his life, Loquat decides to follow his brother’s word and try his luck as a firefighter. It runs in the family after all.

Screenshot-1003Soda Pop Twist

Current Age: Teenager
Traits: Neurotic, Commitment Issues, Snob, Flirty
Lifetime Wish: Master Romancer

Soda Pop agrees that the firefighter career is an obvious choice of career. Not only is it an exciting path, but also a great way to find love for the night. “Hey, I’m a firefighter” works every time and Soda Pop finds joy in replacing one partner after the other. While she is certain true love is nothing but a myth, Soda Pop knows from experience that One Night Love exists, and is enough to keep you happy and satisfied. Another good thing about the firefighter career is that it pays good, giving you a chance to swim in luxury. Boys, money and pretty things – what more can a girl want?

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  1. Loving this 🙂 Can’t wait to see who the heir is!

  2. I really want Blizzard but I voted for Soda Pop because I think that is who you want to win and she fits the roles perfectly.

  3. Voted! ::Hugs:: I hope all is going well for you in r/l.

    • Thank you! I’m quite alright, just a bit busy. 🙂 Got a new job for a few more weeks and I’m taking double classes at Uni so I have lots of reading to do. Hope you’re fine too!

  4. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next generation

  5. Hard choice between Loquat and Soda, but I went with Soda!

    • Although Blizzard maybe has the better traits, now that I look again. But nah, Soda’s prettier 😀

      • Thanks for the vote. Soda will age up really, really beautiful but so does the boys. 🙂 Soda has Drover’s mouth though and that made me happy to see.

  6. Soda will be really fun to play and looking at the votes it seems to be landslide so far. Can’t wait to see what life has in store for Gen three.

  7. I see a lot of Drover in Loquat. As much as I like Blizzard — he just looks and seems really cool 🙂 — I am going for Soda because she has an interesting story.


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