Chapter 2.6: Punishment

It was an uplifting feeling knowing we had circled in who the killers were. Now the next step was thrilling, dangerous and scary: Make them pay for what they had done. It wasn’t easy figuring a fitting punishment out, mostly because they had way more power than we could ever dream of. And because they were older, bigger, stronger and more dangerous.

Screenshot-251Sweets, who had refused to work with Cinnamon earlier, changed her mind when it came to this step. I guess it was just too exciting for her to stay out of. She was also the one who came up with the most ideas. The majority of them were stupid and too dangerous but eventually we decided on starting out by letting them know that we knew what they had done. It was a good thing they were members of the Sourz family, because all the cousins stayed under the same roof and we could easily just put a letter in their mailbox, stating we knew.

Now, we must remember Sweet Corn was with us, and therefore a simple letter wasn’t enough. She somehow convinced us that we also needed to make them suffer, so she brought eggs which we would toss at their house and then run away. So, the plan was: A letter on the porch and eggs thrown at the facade.

Screenshot-248Once we had planted the letter on the porch, Sweet Corn threw the first few eggs while I kept guard. I didn’t exactly like this part of the idea, but the two girls had convinced me it would be fun and that the Sourz deserved it. And what could I do then, other than tag along? After all, I had promised Quince we would make them pay for what they had done. And I wasn’t going to break that promise.

For every egg that splashed against the house I jumped a little out of fear for getting caught. My head was going from right to left in a rapid speed and my heart was beating so loud in my chest that I was sure both Sweets, Cinnamon and the Sourz family could hear it. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum.

Screenshot-249“This is fun!” Sweet Corn exclaimed delighted and was supported by Cinnamon, who clapped her hands in pure joy. The sight of the two girls enjoying themselves and looking so carefree made me relax a bit. After all, several eggs had been thrown already and none had come to interrupt us.

“Sunny, try it! It’s fun” Sweets cried and tossed an egg to me. I caught it and turned it in my hands, examining it. ‘One egg won’t hurt’ I thought to myself and raised my arm to throw it away. Sweet Corn turned around and smiled widely at me and Cinnamon paused her own egging and looked at me. I felt empowered by their attention and my arm moved by itself, followed by my fingers letting go of the egg in my hand. SPLASH!

Screenshot-250There was a strange rush in my body by the sight of the mess the egg made and a wide smile broke loose in my face. I bent down to pick another egg up and got ready to throw it too when I was interrupted by Sweet Corn, who dropped an egg by her feet and cursed, “Oh fudge.”

Both her and Cinnamon turned on their heels and started running away and as Sweets passed me she tugged at my arm and hissed, “Run!”

Screenshot-252Before I knew it, the front door was slammed open and a teal berry with fire in his eyes stared at me. I recognized him immediately, it was Tiber. I found myself frozen at the spot and Tiber moved closer and closer. It can’t have been more than a few seconds that passed, but it felt like an eternity before he was standing right before me.

Screenshot-253With a rough push I fell backwards and in to the shrubs behind me. The branches scratched my arms and legs but I couldn’t feel any pain through all of the fear rushing through my body. I swear I saw my life pass before my eyes as I laid there in the shrubs with scratches bleeding on my arms. A long string of expletives came out of Tiber’s mouth and he walked towards me again and pulled me up by the collar of my shirt. I think I cried while he locked his eyes to me and threatened me, “If I ever see you again I swear I won’t go easy on you. Now scram, you little piece of colorless dirt.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice and as soon as he let me go I ran.

I ran until Cinnamon stopped me, she told me to come with her while she gave him what he deserved. My whole body complained over having to go back from what I was running from, but Cinnamon had a firm grip around my arm and practically dragged me along.

Screenshot-257She placed me on a safe distance from the house and then went up and pushed the door bell. Tiber opened and his eyes were still burning with fury.

Screenshot-254“Here’s for being such a berryhole!” Cinnamon yelled and hit him straight in the face. He must have been so surprised that the little girl in front of him could manage such strength because he didn’t do anything to her. He just moved his hand up the cheek where Cinnamon’s fist had landed and rubbed it gently. Cinnamon finished it off by spitting on his porch and then walked off with her head held high. I could barely believe what had just happened, but I was glad that I had believed in the good of her. Where the cocky Sweet Corn was, I had no idea.

Screenshot-232We all agreed on being more careful after that, so instead of trying to physically hurt them, we published the article about their past in a blog Cinnamon started up. She also wrote an entry about the murder of Affair, where she interviewed Quince. The names of the Sourz twins, Tiber and Heliotrope, were published in that article. We never thought it would actually be read by very many, since historically there had been little interest in anything produced by colorless supporters.

It was a big surprise when Sugar Valley Times contacted Cinnamon, saying they wanted to write about the story she had published. To say the least, we were shocked, but thrilled. Cinnamon was interviewed and she told the reporter everything she knew for sure, as well as things she suspected or things that had been hidden from the public for many, many years. She talked about District 0 and how Fondant Fields segregated colorless berries from colorful and how mistreatment had escalated throughout the years. Her conclusion that the mistreatment had lead to the unsolved murder of Affair was what the reporter in the end pushed for. It lead to an article pointing out Tiber and Helirtrope as murderers, and it questioned the endless racism plaguing Fondant Fields (and many other berry towns). In the end, Sugar Valley Times demanded a change, they demanded a stop to the racism and they begged for better living conditions for colorless.

It stirred up a new uprising and for days after the television news reported of new protests in towns we never even heard of. Colorful berries gathered outside their respective Town Halls and demanded change, and an arrest in the murder of Affair. Even in Fondant Fields the amount of supporters shot high and we noticed it both because of protests outside the Town Hall, and because The Blank Slate got busier and busier. Unfortunately, it never resulted in an arrest, because the police lacked real evidence. Apparently, Quince’s identification wasn’t enough.

No matter, it was a joy to see. One day the protests outside our own Town Hall were broadcasted on national TV and we all laughed when we saw Mayor Bloom hurry out with guards around him through the crowds. It seemed like murder was actually too much for the general berry to accept and that us finding the killers heated up a discussion that had been boiling under the surface for decades. Maybe this would be the turning point?

Screenshot-261 Screenshot-262The Blank Slate was busier than ever and even I, who preferred the loneliness and quiet times couldn’t reject the happy feelings it brought. On the night of our birthday and it was one of the busiest nights at the pub since our last birthday. It was a long time since we felt so happy and positive about the future. Even Flax came to celebrate with us, he had been quite invisible since the last few election losses. I think these new events might be just what was needed for him to actually win.

Screenshot-260My entrance into young adulthood was filled by a sense of hope, joy and optimism.

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  1. Nice chapter. The little stunt with the eggs was not a good idea and I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt them.

  2. annasommer

     /  December 16, 2012

    I sure hope this will not backfire….

  3. Enjoyed the chapter, Fru and I’m sure that this issue is far from over but nice to see them crack the case. I like Cinnamon, she’s fiery just like her namesake candy.

  4. Great chapter! Shame he didn’t get arrested. I was verry worried with the egg throwing in case they got caught and the Sourz family knew they sent the note and tried to shut them up… Well, I guess everybody knows now! Yay! I don’t think they’ve heard the end of this though!

  5. Wow… egging a possible murderer’s house. Risky!! I had forgotten he was still a teen and was thinking ‘They’re adults already?’ But, oh. 🙂 He looks good!

  6. Sunny is quite the handsome sim!

    I’m kinda pissed at Sweets and even Cinnamon a little for that whole egg stunt. I somehow doubt the most powerful family in town is going to sit back and let this all blow over without some form of retribution.

  7. Oh geez, such a happy chapter. I’m sure distress is lurking around the corner!


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