Chapter 2.5: Sourz

Screenshot-211“No way I’m coming with you to hang out with that berryhole!” Sweet Corn yelled at me. She was clearly not happy with the cooperation I had started with Cinnamon. She even called me a traitor when I told her about it. In my head, that accusation didn’t make any sense. How could one be a traitor if they worked for the same goal?

“Fine, I’ll go on my own then” I ended the conversation by walking out of the room and towards the library where I would meet up with Cinnamon. Sometimes I didn’t get my sister, and the fact that we were twins was unbelievable sometimes.

Screenshot-228“You’re late” Cinnamon stated and looked at her watch when I approached the stairs up to the library where she was waiting for me. I looked at my own watch, it was 10.02 which meant I was two minutes late. I shrugged and walked past her in to the library. It seemed like the little healing our relation had got the other day wasn’t enough for her to trust me completely. We would have to work on that.

Screenshot-233Cinnamon took place in front of one of the computers and looked around before hastily typing something in to the browser. She ended up on a plain blue page with a search box in the middle. In the search box she typed Sourz and hit enter. After a moment of loading time, a list of articles appeared on the screen. “This is all the articles published about that family during the last two years” Cinnamon explained and scrolled through the links without clicking on a single one.

Screenshot-232“Hm, doesn’t seem to contain anything out of the ordinary” she mumbled and kept scrolling. “Sourz open a new gallery. Sourz new hospital for children.” She kept reading some of what I suspected were headlines while scrolling. Within no time she had come to the bottom of the page.

“Nothing?” I wondered, still not quite understanding what she was doing, or what she was looking for.

Screenshot-231“I’ll have to go further back” she replied and went back to the first page where she clicked a few boxes, that I hadn’t noticed earlier, and hit Enter once again.

A new list of articles appeared and I stepped closer to the screen to help her read them as she scrolled. Most of them were about donations made by the family, or companies started by them. It was clear that they had a good reputation in town and that they had a lot of power. I was starting to think this wouldn’t lead anywhere when another headline caught my eye. “Wait, stop there!” I shouted and pointed at the screen. Cinnamon looked around worried, but it seemed like no one cared about my little outburst.

“Sourz cousins in trouble” I read out loud and Cinnamon’s eyes grew wide in shock as she clicked on the link. It took us to a newspaper based in Briocheport and the article reported how the Sourz cousins Tiber and Heliotrope had been in a brawl at one of the more fancy clubs in Briocheport. The brawl escalated and in the end Tiber had pulled a gun to threaten the guy who they had fought with. The whole story ended with a fired gun and a ‘bow with a shot damaged leg.

Screenshot-234This. Is. Unbelievable” Cinnamon gasped and looked at me. “Do you realize what this means?”

“That they’re capable of such heavy crimes?” I guessed and Cinnamon nodded eagerly.

“I’ll print this and we’ll show your brother those pictures used in the article” she continued and almost jumped out of the chair out of excitement.

Screenshot-237After that breakthrough, we parted ways. There is only so much time you can spend with someone you don’t actually trust before you need to be on your own. I think Cinnamon still found it hard to accept that me and Sweets had been the ones to suspect the Sourz at first. And by now, it certainly seemed possible that they could be guilty. With the newly acquired pictures with me, I decided to head straight to The Blank Slate and talk to Quince. That was the natural next step and depending on what he said, we could either have reached the turning point, or we could be back at square one. It made me feel quite nervous.

“Sup bro?” Quince smiled and waved across the room as I entered the pub. “Where’s Sweets? It’s not common to see you here without her.”

“Uhm, we had a little fight this morning. Nothing major. Look, I need to talk to you…” He moved over to the side of the bar where I lowered my voice to talk to him, “I think we found something.”

Screenshot-238“Really?” His face lit up in a smile, but there was a sadness behind it. The sadness that had plagued him ever since he lost his best friend, if we had made progress in the case it would possibly make him feel a bit better.

“Look” I handed him the article and the printed pictures and watched him examine it.Once he was done he looked up with tearful eyes:

Screenshot-235“This is them. Sunny, these are the guys who killed Affair. I can’t believe you did it Sunny! Oh how they are gonna pay!” He wiped tears out of his eyes with the back of his hand, excused himself to Mithos and pulled me outside.

Screenshot-240The september air was cool and the skin on my arms grumbled. I shivered and was surprised to see that Quince seemed indifferent to the cold. “How did you find them?” he wondered and looked at me with the same sad eyes as before.

“We just thought it would make sense if it were them. With their history and all… And Cinnamon found the article. I think she’s a hacker or something…”

“I’ll take it from here. I need to avenge Affair on my own” Quince’s voice was firm and hard and it almost looked like he was boiling on the inside. I had never seen my brother look so angry and hurt. I was suddenly struck by fear that he would do something very, very stupid.

Screenshot-244“No” I said calm. “You’re not going to let them hurt you that easy Quincie. I started this, and I’ll finish it. Along with Cinnamon and Sweets. You should focus on the pub. I promise, we’ll take care of this.”

He seemed surprised by the strength in my tone, and to be fair I was surprised myself. I don’t know where I found the courage, but I just knew I wouldn’t let my brother get hurt. After all, I was the one who got us all in to this mess, it was only fair that I was also the one to get us out of it.

“But… What makes you think I would put you in such danger?” Quince was grasping for a straw, something to hold on to. Something to make me change my mind, but I was determined enough to not cave for his tries. Besides…

Screenshot-245“You’re going to be a father, Quince! And I’m not letting that little kiddo grow up without a father. And you’re not going to risk that either. It wouldn’t be fair against Bluebell or that little one.”

Quince lowered his head, I had most definitely hit his weak point. “At least promise to be careful, okay?”

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  1. Bluebell is pregnant?
    I totally didn’t know that.

    Way crime solving!

    • Yup, Bluebell and Quince’s relation has progressed quite a bit in game while I haven’t controlled him. I try to stick to the rules of the Random Legacy Challenge so I moved him out right after his YA birthday and StoryProgression paired him up with Bluebell and now she’s pregnant. I think it’ll be an amazingly cute kid.

      And yes, they’re on to them now! Dadumdudm!

  2. annasommer

     /  December 9, 2012

    Wow.That´s an interesting twist in his personality, didn´t expect that he would stand up against Quince in that…
    very interesting times ahead, I think ^^ Great read Fru!

    • I don’t think he expected it himself. Although, he does still want the blame and every possible consequense to land on himself rather than anyone he cares about because he still blames himself for everything that happeded. 😦

  3. Bluebell is pregnant?
    And is he sure it’s his and not that other guys?!

    Glad they are on the right track now!

    • Quince is sure. 🙂 I moved him out as YA because the rules tells me to and he is now engaged to Bluebell and she is pregnant. I didn’t tell their whole story but it’s pretty much happy times there!

  4. Great chapter Fru. Sun is getting bolder and more independent but confronting the Sourz on his own is a bad idea. Quince is going to be a Dad? I hope we get to see the baby.

    • You wíll definately get to see the baby! I can’t wait for it to be born, Bluebell is huge so it’s bound to happen soon! 🙂

      He won’t confront them on his own, Cin and Sweets will be by his side. He just didn’t want to get Quince involved because he’s going to be a father.

  5. Interesting ending! Quince, a father–with Bluebell? Go Sunny!

  6. Quince is going to be a dad? awesome.
    I love where this story is going with Sunny and Cinnamon’s investigations. I hope thay are able to take those Sourz down.

  7. What? Whaaat? WHAT?! Bluebell is pregnant?! OH CRAP!

  8. Woah, Bluebell is having a baby! I wasn’t expecting that to come up, but it’s a good thing in multiple ways since it ensured that Quince wasn’t going to do anything rash.

    Also, I love seeing Sundance coming into his own now! Woot woot! Go Sundance!! ^_^


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