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magic345w on the official Sims 3 forums got this brilliant idea about a thread dedicated to rate and review rainbowcies, legacies and challenges. Here’s the original thread. I offered to help her by creating polls for the hosted stories so that it’s also possible to rate them anonymously. And that’s where this blog post comes handy. Below is one poll per rainbowcy currently hosted in the original forum. Give them your rating, between 1 to 5.


Chapter 2.3: An important fight

Sweet Corn had been going over her encounter with Cinnamon several times during the last few days. It did nothing to ease her mind, though. She wasn’t used to being shot down or ignored within our circuit and it had really been hard on her confidence. And there was I, always by her side because we shared a room and went to school together. So I was the one who had to listen to her complains and try to come up with some kind of supportive words. Berry shall know I did my best, even though I never asked to be a part of any of it.

“Why does she even go there if she doesn’t want to speak to anyone?”

It was about the hundred time I heard that question and I sighed, “I don’t know. Maybe she can’t work on it at home, maybe her parents are with the antagonists. Or something?”

“It still doesn’t make any sense! What if I knew something?!”

“But you don’t, you were passed out many hours before the shooting. I think most of us know that already.”

“But still! I want to help!”

“And if she wanted help, you could have helped her. But she doesn’t. Sweets, we have to accept that. She’ll do her best, I promise.”

“And how can you be so sure?” Sweet Corn pouted and crossed her arms. It didn’t matter that I tried, she just wouldn’t listen. Not as long as my opinion differed from hers.

Whenever we saw Cinnamon at The Blank Slate, Sweets would shoot angry glances at her. That poor orange girl had gotten herself a nemesis by hushing my sister to be silent. I didn’t know which side to choose, should I ever need to.

“You go over to her” Sweet Corn said and turned to me. “You try!”

I didn’t like the idea, I thought that Cinnamon had already made clear that she didn’t want our interference. “Nah, she was quite clear with wanting to do this on her own” I replied. I had no trouble saying no to my sister, I had learnt that I needed to or she would just push me around.

“Actually, it’s not a bad idea” Mithos added and walked over to me to put a hand on my shoulder. “You’re not the type to be in the centre like Sweet Corn, it might work better because you are staying out of the spotlight.”

While I had no trouble saying no to my sister, there was no way I could say no to Mithos. After all, he was my hero and most inspirational person in the world. And after everything he had done for us, I owed him my life. So, I went up to Cinnamon, hoping for the best.

“Hi” I said nervously and glanced over my shoulder to where my friends were sitting. Mithos did a thumps up and Sweet Corn watched me with excitement.

Cinnamon looked at me and in an instant there was a fire lit in her eyes. “What are you doing here? I thought I made it clear to your sister that I don’t want your help.”

“Mm, I guess” I mumbled and looked down. “Just thought I’d say hi, you know?”

“And you did, now tag along. I have work to do.”

“Are you getting anywhere?” I wondered, curiosity catching me.

She sighed and gave me a deadly stare, “Just. Leave.” I needed no more convincing and turned on my heel and stumbled off. That girl looked menacing and maybe Sweet Corn had been right the entire time. Maybe she was strange and evil and stupid. And why did she come here if she wanted to be on her own. It made no sense.

“Woow, that didn’t go very well” Mithos whispered and gave me a comforting look. “Sorry, thought she would warm up to you…”

“That’s fine” I muttered and sat down. From that moment, I swore to never be involved in any of the uprisings again. Sure, I didn’t like the way we were treated, but if we just stayed out of trouble it wasn’t too bad. There was enough of us to make our own sub-society and if troubles like these was what was coming for us if we did anything to stop it, I was happy to just let it be.

The only problem was that none of my friends agreed with me and they all did everything in their power to get equality for colorless. I had never had anything against being on my own, but they seemed to mind. So, they dragged me along on every little mission they went for.

They meant well, I know they did. They didn’t want me to feel left our or lonely and they probably thought I considered myself as nothing more than an adjunct, which they were determined to convince me I was not. In their eyes, it was important that I was also being a part of their plans. It never occurred to me that I could complain, instead I just tagged along and tried to stay in the back of everything we (they) did. It worked out okay.

There were rare times when I managed to stay invicible until they had all left District 0, which meant I could spend the time at home, with my parents instead. It had come clear to me that normal teenagers weren’t supposed to enjoy hanging out with their parents but I guess I wasn’t a normal teenager then. My family was my everything.

It came clear to me that even my own mother thought it was weird that I preferred staying at home with them. “Why didn’t you tag along to The Blank Slate tonight Sunny?”

“Nah, I’d rather be at home. All they ever do is plot uprisings and drink juice and dance. I like being at home, too.”

“But you are a part of the uprisings, aren’t you?”

“I guess… I mean, I’m with them most of the times. But I’m quite happy here too…”

Mom stared at me with her eyes filled with strength and when she spoke, she did it with a slow, powerful and serious voice. “Sundance Twist, don’t you ever think you are happy with this” she waved in front of her with her arms and looked around. “Just because we are white, it doesn’t mean we shall be satisfied with the district. We deserve a lot more. And if you don’t think that’s worth fighting for, then I don’t know what I did wrong in raising you. These uprisings are the most important task we have in life.”

“But what can I do?”

“You could help that girl find Affair’s killers. They should get their rightful punishment for what they did!”

“But she doesn’t want our help. We tried!”

“Then start your own research. You’ll cross paths eventually and then she will realize that it’s better for you to work together. But don’t just sit here and think that this is a decent life because that would make me very disappointed.”

She was right. Of course she was. After everything she and dad had been through, and I still thought this was enough. And the district existed because of me, after all. And Affair died because of me. Therefor, it was my responsibility to find solutions.

Chapter 2.2: Secret investigations

The other day I happened to walk in to our shared bedroom just as Bluebell and Quince shared a kiss. It made me confused because Bluebell is in an official relationship with some Tyrian guy. Maybe she had forgotten? Or maybe it didn’t matter at the moment? Both my elder brother and Bluebell surely didn’t seem to be thinking of him right now.

I cleared my throat loudly because it felt as though I was spying at them or something. They both they glanced at me and smiled mysteriously, as if we shared a secret. I felt a bit uncomfortable and blushed.

Quince and Bluebell giggled and then they wrapped themselves together and shared a much more passionate kiss. It was gross and I left the room. I just couldn’t stand looking at them like that, it was gross and a bit unfair. It made me feel quite lonely.

Sweet Corn was always hanging out with someone, even though that someone changed quite often. All that mattered to her, was that they had the same political views. And at The Blank Slate pretty much everyone did, alas, everyone was her friend.

I usually didn’t mind being lonely or on my own, in fact I often enjoyed that more. But there was something about Bluebell and Quince hooking up that made me feel at unease. I think it was the fact that it was her. She was supposed to be our friend. Not his girlfriend.

The next thing I heard was my brother is yelling his lungs off and Bluebell trying to calm him down. From what I could hear through the walls she tried to explain that even though she loved him deeply she couldn’t have a relationship with him at this point, because she also loved Tyrian. It seemed like Quince had trouble accepting that…

A couple of weeks later Sweet Corn rushed in to our room and slammed the door shut. After looking around to make sure no one but me was in the room, she leaned in to whisper in my ear, “I heard that there’s a girl of our age who is looking in to Affair’s death all by herself.”


“She’s going to solve it. Catch the killers and make them pay!”

I scratched my head confused. A girl of our age was going to avenge Affair? It sounded ridiculous, why would anyone bother? Although, it also sounded amazing and thrilling. To be fair, it was probably the only chance there was.

We told Quince about the rumours as well . If anyone could figure out who the girl was, or if it was even true, it was him. Working at the supporters pub meant he knew pretty much everything about the uprisings and the rumours. He also had a way of finding out which rumours were just rumours and which were actually true. He had of course already heard that there was such a rumour and we made him promise to find out whether it was true, and if so, who she was.

It took him three days.

“You two better get your white butts over here” he said excitedly. “It’s true and I know who she is.”

When I clicked the red button to end the phone call, Sweets was already on her way out. She had already figured exactly what the phone call said. “Hurry then, Sunny!”

I hated when she or anyone else called me Sunny, but they kept doing it. Sometimes it was as though my opinions didn’t really matter. Pretty much all of our friends called me Sunny. I was actually starting to get used to it. “Come on then!” Sweets yelled again and I hurried after her.

It was a quiet night at the pub and we sat down by the bar where Quince and Mithos was joking around with each other. It was nice to see that they could still enjoy their pub and feel relaxed and at ease behind the bar. Of course, security was higher and they had both got themselves bullet proof vests. “So, who is it?” Sweets wanted to know and looked around. There were a few people dancing but overall it seemed extremely silent this evening.

Quince leaned over the bar and whispered in to Sweet’s ear. Her eyes widened and she turned around, I followed her eyes to find out who the girl was.  “No way?” Sweet Corn said and raised her eyebrows. “She looks way too wimpy!”

“It’s true” Quince smiled triumphantly.

They were looking at an orange girl of our age. She looked kind and lonely and was currently busy scribbling some things down on a paper. When she looked up again she noticed us all staring at her, which made her blush and she look back down in to her papers. “You’ve got to be kidding me?” Sweet Corn said again and punched Quince jokingly.

“Thunder!” Quince cried and our friend soon came stumbling down the stairs and joined us at the bar. “Isn’t that the girl investigating Affair’s death?” Quince continued and pointed at the orange berry.

“Aye, it very much is. Her name’s Cinnamon.”

Sweet Corn needed no more convincing and jumped down from her bar stool and strode up to Cinnamon. “Hey, I’m Sweet Corn.”

“I know” Cinnamon sighed and scraped her papers together, hiding its contents from Sweet Corn’s curious eyes. “I’m a bit busy here.”

“You’re trying to find Affair’s killers?” Sweets demanded to know. Cinnamon instantly put her hand in front of Sweet’s mouth, hushing her to be silent.

“Are you out of your mind!? Do you have any idea what would happen if the wrong ‘bows found out what I’m doing?”

“Relax, cake. Those people wouldn’t dream of spending time here.”

“Don’t you cake me! And you can never be sure enough” Cinnamon ended the conversation right there and put all of her papers down her backpack. She gave my sister another deadly stare before she turned on her heel and left The Blank Slate.

Quince and Mithos couldn’t help themselves and started laughing out loud. Sweets was known to usually get want she wanted in our circuits and apparantly they found it hilarious that someone had eventually brought her back to earth. Sweet Corn herself did not find the event amusing at all and she slammed her fist in the bar when she got back. “Get me a drink!” she demanded and Quince pulled himself together and did as he was ordered.

“What was her problem anyway?” Sweets dwelled even hours later and Quince and Mithos had a hard time keeping themself from laughing. I just shook my head and remained silent. In fact, I didn’t dare to say anything because I was leaning towards agreeing more with Cinnamon. She was on a very dangerous task and if the wrong persons found out, she would be in so much trouble. If Sweets, Quince and Mithos found that amusing, so be it, but I found it rather scary.

I still hadn’t managed to shake the feeling of guilt over Affair’s death, and since Cinnamon was trying to solve that very crime, she also fell in my conscience. If something happened to her because of her investigations, it would also be my fault. The realization made me sigh loud.

“What’s up, champ?” Mithos wondered. He had called me ‘champ’ since forever and even though I had kind of grown out of that nickname, he kept true to it.

“Just thinking” I muttered.

“Wow, that must be a first” Sweet Corn said ironically and smiled. I knew they all thought I spent too much time thinking but I guess that was what made me different from them.

The evening went on and I just couldn’t shake the worry I felt for Cinnamon. Even though I didn’t know her, I surely didn’t want her to encounter any problems because of her investigations. I couldn’t carry the guilt from that too.

Chapter 2.1: Where it all began

You should never start a story with the words ‘It all began when…’. It may be a common way to start a story but it’s never true. Nothing ever starts somewhere. Every event always evolves from previous events and therefore it’s impossible to say that all started anywhere. Yet, every story has to start somewhere so you have to make that choice anyway. Mine starts when Affair dies:

It was one of the normal saturday evenings. I was at The Blank Slate along with Sweet Corn, Mithos and their friends. Quince and Affair were the ones manning the bar that night. As usual, it was a nice atmosphere. People were happy at The Blank Slate and ever since the grand opening on my birthday it had been the perfect place for us colorless and our supporters. It had always worked just as it was intended.

We had a great time until Sweets had one too many juices (Quince thought it was hilarious to serve her drinks despite her young age) and I had to take my responsibility as a brother to get her back home safe. I didn’t mind that much to be honest, she was quite fun to watch and I thought a night at home could be just as entertaining as a night at the pub. So, I didn’t complain, I just brought her home. Without telling mom and dad anything about her state, might I add.

After putting her to sleep, I enjoyed myself with some reading. It was calm and relaxing laying in my bed just getting lost in the book’s world. Sweets snoring functioned as a quite nice sound effect.

I fell asleep before Quince came home so I could never see him (nor hear him) as he sat on the edge of the bed crying.

In fact, I didn’t notice his crying until I woke up the next day by him spinning back and forth in bed, whimpering. It took me a moment to realize the whimpering was in fact crying. When I did realize, I went to wake him up, thinking he must have had a nightmare.

The look in his eyes as he opened them is something I will never forget. They say the eyes are a reflection to a berry’s soul and if that’s so, I’m really worried about my elder brother. “What is it, Quincie?” I wondered, already knowing that something was terribly wrong.

“He’s dead” Quince sobbed and started crying hysterically.

I didn’t even ask who it was or what it was, instead I ran in to my parents bedroom to wake them up. “Quince needs you. NOW!” I yelled and they both jumped out of bed, realizing I would never wake them in such a manner unless it was an emergency. I followed them as they hurried in to our bedroom.

“What’s the matter Quince?” mom asked, fear and worry filling her voice.

“He’s dead” Quince sobbed. “Thee-eey ki-ii-ii-lled hi-iim.”

“Who’s dead and who killed him?” Dad asked, managing to stay calm.

Quince kept sobbing but managed to get out that it was Affair who had been killed. That two antagonists had managed to get to The Blank Slate just an hour before closing time the previous night and that they had shot Affair in the back, with the words, “This is how much colorless are worth!” It obviously triggered panic among all the guests at the pub and Quince himself had just managed to duck behind the bar when the second bullet pierced one of the bottles behind him. The two antagonists then disappeared from the scene.

I never had a personal relation to Affair but my family was hurting after his death. Especially Quince, who had been the one to watch Affair take his final breath and the one to hear his final words. I knew them all too well because Quince kept whispering them uneasy as he spun back and forth in nightmares. “Never give up, Quincie. Keep fighting.”

I didn’t hurt that much. But I did feel something else. A feeling that was well-known to me, it was probably the feeling I knew best. Guilt. District 0 was my fault and District 0 fueled the grudge against colorless and their supporters and that was what killed Affair. Alas, Affair died because of me.

I had learned to live with the guilt from District 0 on my shoulders, but it would be impossible to also carry the guilt of a young man’s death. Yet, that was what expected from me.

Some say that a ‘bow will never have to go through more than he or she actually can and that the stronger ‘bows will have more to carry. I don’t know who or what force does the calculations for that, but I knew there had been a miscalculation when it came to me. I wasn’t strong. I couldn’t carry all of this.

Affair’s death became big news and the fact that it was a political murder raised a question Fondant Fields had been struggling with for decades. Was it really that bad wanting rights for colorless? 

Despite that, the killers were never found. In fact, no one officially seemed to look for them. At least, neither me or my siblings were ever questioned by the police. And out of our friends and supporters, no one else had been either.

The fact was that even when Quince called the police and gave a signalment, nothing happened. It should have been easy to catch them since the murder happened in front of many witnesses. But, since it was a supporter of colorless who died, no one cared enough. Or rather, no one was allowed to care enough.

The Blank Slate was never shut down even though it had been revealed. I guess it was because if they would have decided to shut it down, they would also have admitted that something happened there, and since there seemed to be no plans of solving the crime, they couldn’t close the pub either.

So, things kept going on as they had been, only that the difference was that Affair had been killed because of his political opinions. And even though Mayor Bloom tried to keep the whole event a secret, words started to spread.

The number of new members to Flax’s party shot through the roof as a consequence and the general public started to question Mayor Bloom and his restrictions against colorless. Despite the sad event it was, it became a much-needed fuel in the fight.

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