Chapter 1.9: Maybe he’s born with it?

As a matter of fact, it turned out that all my worries had been for nothing. Quince Twist was born with a lovely yellow skin tone. Every time I laid my eyes on him, I was filled with a feeling so warm and so soft that it should have been illegal to even feel that way. And the sounds he could make, you should have heard them! He was a truly amazing and perfect little berry.

If I had thought little Bluebell smelled good, it was nothing compared to what I felt when I sniffed my own baby boy. I got some time off work for maternity leave and I could spend every hour of the first days in his room, just watching him sleep. The soft rising of his chest as he breathed made me calm and relaxed. His yellow skin added to the feeling.

“Maybe they were right all this time” I said to him and he gurgled as though he had understood. “Maybe white can’t transfer, after all.”

I can’t describe how grateful I was that he didn’t have a single little trace of white genes. It meant I didn’t have to worry about him being bullied or secluded from society. It meant that our loss in the election didn’t strike as hard as it could have. At least my baby, my son, wouldn’t have to endour the humiliating aspects of being born the wrong color.

Me and Quince spent a lot of time together with Pixie and Bluebell. We had celebrated Bluebell’s first birthday just some months before Quince was born and she was an adorable little toddler. I still loved her to bits.

“Bluebell, this is Quince” I said and stood in front of the portable crib we had left at Pixie’s place. “He’ll be like a brother to you. And you’re gonna be the best friends ever.”

“Daa, yaaa” she answered in her baby talk. I understood that it meant Yes, that she wanted to be friends with Quince.

“Friends?” Pixie laughed. “They’re gonna be lovers!”

We exploded in laughter because the pure thought of our babies falling in love was so heart warming and desired that we didn’t even dare to wish for it. As long as they were friends, it would be more than enough. Not that we thought they would be able to avoid it, since we were pretty much constantly hanging out.

When we were getting close to celebrate Quince’s first birthday I had been starting to throw up again. Whoever said that white berries wasn’t able to even get pregnant clearly talked wihout any knowledge whatsoever. Drover barely even had to look at me without knocking me up, it seemed.

“Honey, are you alright?” Drover stood outside the door, which I had slammed shut when I felt the contents of my gut were on their way up. There was just some things he didn’t need to see. He sounded worried, even though I guessed he must have realized what it was all about.

“This is the last time I’ll let you make me go through this!” I called out between the vomiting. This time around, I wasn’t worried. Not that it helped me get through, it only made the vomiting part so much worse because there wasn’t any cloud of worry to cover the feeling of stomach acid stinging in my throat.

I didn’t shine in my pregnancy. I was a living wreck. Constantly throwing up and not getting enough sleep because Quince always decided he was hungry just as I had fallen asleep, meaning I had to get back up to feed him. It was a fair deal since Drover was working, but some days I had trouble seeing the fair part.

“We’re going to need to build another room” Drover said the day before Quince’s birthday and nodded towards my growing belly. He was right, we didn’t have enough room as it was, unless I gave up my home gym — which I refused to do. The problem was that we couldn’t afford it. I hadn’t been working at all for the last year because of Quince and Drover wasn’t exactly well payed as a nurse.

“It’s impossible” I stated and Drover nodded in agreement. It would most definately be tough but I just knew that somehow we would make it work.

When Quince aged up we both nearly died of surprise. The little guy in front of us was looking happily at us with blue eyes and his hair was shining in a bright red color. There was no trace of white in him, but it seemed as my dad’s genes had been passed on to him. My hormones made me cry. My beloved father was living on in the shape of a perfect, healthy little boy. I was so happy!

I brought Quince with me to visit my father the very next day. “Look dad” I said happy. “He looks so much like you. I’m sorry I haven’t visited you in a while, but I’ve been so busy, you know? First with Whites and everything and then this little fella came in to my life. And we’re expecting again.”

I smiled and I felt happy. I had nearly forgotten how much I enjoyed coming here to talk to my dad. I promised myself I would visit more often from now. Quince began to gurgle, as if he was also trying to talk to daddy. I waited until he was silent again until I myself continued. “His name is Quince. I promise to tell him everything about you.”

Drover was, no surprise, the perfect father. He would hurry home from work and spend as much time as he possibly could with Quince before we had to put him to bed. Their favourite activity was reading. It even seemed as though Quince picked up a bit of talking that way. Sometimes he would point at one of the pictures in the book and look up at Drover just to try and say the right word.

“Eeeep?” he said and looked at Drover, who nodded encouraging. “That’s right, it’s a mouse!” Don’t ask me how he could understand the fairly weak tries of speach, but he did. Everytime Quince heard the word Yes after trying something he lit up in a happy face and started clapping his hands. I just loved watching them.

What surprised me the most about Quince, was that he seemed to take on the standing norms and values of our berry world all natural. He would dive in to his toy box, rummage around for a while and then happily come toddling to me with a yellow and red toy in his hand. Never any other color. I wondered what caused it, why my son just wanted to play with toys in his own color. Maybe we were born with it?

I took it up with Pixie one day and she just laughed at me. “Nah, it’s just a coincidence that he likes that truck” she insured. “Bluebell plays with toys of all color!”

“Then, what if my son grows up to be like them? What if he will also reject colorless sims?”

“You’re crazy. He won’t, he as the most perfect mother he could ever dream of. And she happens to be colorless. He just likes that toy, it has nothing to with its color” she promised and I did feel a bit less worried afterwards.

Pixie worked as my personal midwife, since I wasn’t allowed at the public hospitals since I was white (We weren’t supposed to breed!) and she did checkups on me regularly. I don’t know exactly how it worked, but she placed her hands on my belly and pushed and felt. She listened in a stetoscope for heartbeats to make sure they were regular. “Here’s a foot” she said and I nodded, “Ye, I felt that kick. It kicks a lot, this one!” I stated.

“Uhm Mallow…” Pixie started and by the sound of her voice I could tell she didn’t have good news. I looked at her with worry. “Either this baby has four feet, or you’re having twins…”

“Twins?!” Just great! We could barely afford raising two kids and now we were having three. Just great…

AN: I just want to add that I did not change any of Quince’s genetics. He aged up as a bald toddler and when I went in to CAS to give him some hair I was mighty surprised to see it red. It comes from Mallow’s father, Apple. It was a really pleasant surprise. 😀

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  1. Awwwwwww!! Quince is so cute! I just love his red hair ❤
    Twins? Ohmygosh!
    *secretly hopes at least one of them gets white genes*

  2. Quince turned out adorable. I can’t wait to see what the twins look like.

  3. Yay, babies ❤ And twins on the way! Can't wait to meet them!

  4. Just caught up.
    They are all so adorbs ❤

  5. Hi Fru, Loved the last two chapters and congrats on Mallow’s little ones. I love the color of Quince’s hair, the red with the yellow just goes together. Will read more when I get a chance.


  6. Eee!! Quince is so cute with that yellow skin and fiery red hair. 🙂

  7. Wow I hope one of the babies turns out like her, she is so pretty.
    Loving the developments of her life so far.

  8. Quince is adorable! I can’t wait to se the twins. =D

  9. Quince is so cute. Poor Mallow…expecting twins now! How are they going to pay for them all!


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