Chapter 1.6: Take a chance

We spent nearly every waken moment working on Flax’s campaign. We knew just how important the election was, and just how much he could get done if he was elected. Not to mention, it was one of his biggest goals in life. We made sure everyone was constantly doing what they did best, whether that be sketching on our posters, talking to other berries or following the other parties campaigns. We had high hopes on the upcoming campaign and there was this feeling surrounding us: We might actually have a chance.

To top it all off, Pixie was expecting a little addition. I was so happy for her and Laser Lemon and I knew they would be the most amazing parents ever.

“It’s a girl, I just know it” I said after having one of my frequent conversations with the embryo. Pixie just laughed and pointed out that it was impossible for me to know since they didn’t even know themselves. But oh well, I just had a feeling that she would give birth to a beautiful blueskinned girl.

Drover was just as excited as I was about Pixie’s upcoming addition and was pretty much always around. He was like one of those girlfriends you have that always have good advices on how to handle the downsides of pregnancy and he always brought her ice-cream when one of her cravings hit. He was like a mix between best friend and boyfriend, I suppose.

If I wasn’t putting fires out, working with the campaign or spending time with Pixie and her soon to be baby, I was on the phone. Even though I wished to stay in the back of the whole political thing everybody kept pushing me forward and upwards. They needed me to be in the front line because Fondant Fields knew me. Both because of who my father was, but also because I had quickly proved myself as a brave and skilled firefighter. I was someone, even though my lack of color somehow blurred that image.

“So what do you say?” Flax asked me. To him, my opinions weighed heavy and he always wanted my support in the desicions needed to be done.

“I don’t know Flax… I think it’s better if our actions try to not upset the town. We have to prove our statement without stepping on their toes, you know?”

“I guess you’re right” he sighed. “But what should we do then?”

“Do we really need to do much more? We’ve done protests, TV-interviews and we have those lovely posters all over town” I answered, feeling less and less energetic for the whole campaign the more they kept dragging me to the front. I just wanted to tag along, you know?

“Way to be positive Marsh. No one agrees with us yet. I don’t exactly feel like getting zero votes!?”

“Calm down Flax. You won’t be getting zero votes. You know that. Many people agree with us and you know that too. I have to go now, okay? See you tomorrow, though.”

“Bye then.”

He hung up on me before I had even got the phone off my ear. Poor Flax, he was so stressed out about this all that he was starting to look less and less like himself. It was just that it was so important to him and I think his self-esteem was at stake. My doorbell rang just shortly after we finished our phone call and Drover smiled widely as he walked in:

“I’ve missed you” he said and I agreed, I had missed him too, even though it had only been a couple of hours since we last saw each other. Each time I looked at Drover I felt pride but I also felt insecure. I knew he was alive because of me, and that obviously made me proud of my actions, but insecure because I didn’t know if his feelings for me were true or just gratitude.

“Mallow” he started and took my hands in his. Tingles of joy shot through my body. It felt good, but in the same time I felt extremely defenseless and weak. How did I end up feeling like this with Drover? How did he manage to get me to expose myself in this way? “I was thinking… I might be rushing this now but. You know, I live with my brother. Brother! I’m 25 years old and I live with my brother!”

“Mhm” I said and swung our hands from left to right.

“So, since I spend most of my time here anyway, would you mind if I moved in?”

“You know Drover?” I asked, blushing because feelings I tried to suppress managed to break through. “There’s something I want to try.”

“And what’s that?” he wondered.

I took a chance, right there and then. Let it make or break, I thought. I leaned in and placed my white lips right on his warm, yellow, inviting ones. And boy it felt good.

“Uh, was that alright with you?” I mumbled afterwards, almost ashamed of myself for throwing myself over him like that.

“You can do that again, if you want to” he smiled.

And we did. Only that this time we hungered for more. All the insecurity that had been blurring that first kiss was as blown away now that we both knew that this was something that was okay (and sought after!) from both sides. My lips greedily explored his while my hands rubbed his back, exploring every inch of it. There was a passion and a curiosity to our every moves and I never wanted to let go.

Eventually, I did, obviously. It’s literally impossible to kiss forever, even though you know you want to.

“Was that a yes?” Drover winked and I suddenly remembered his initial question. “I think so” I said and that was that. Drover was officially movin in with me.

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  1. I’m glad they realized their feelings for each other. Mallow/Drover ftw.

  2. asdfghjkl;!

    Too cute, I love them!

  3. Aww. That was so sweet. Drover and Mallow seem perfect for each other. ^^
    She never did return to the fire station, did she?

  4. Yes I had been waiting for them to get together hahaha. Cute couple.

  5. Oh they’re so cute together.

  6. Wee! Yay! Romance!
    They are a cute couple.

  7. Yay! So cute!!


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