Chapter 1.5: White ‘bows are also ‘bows

At first, it blew my mind when I realized just how big Flax’s “group of friends” was. It wasn’t exactly a group of friends anymore, it was more like a real political organization. The members came from many different corners of the society, even though the teenagers were still a majority. They all wanted me to be the person in charge, but I was much more confident to stay a bit in the background. I thought it would have more power if it was colorful ‘bows who lead us.

Flax, who was the brain behind it all, kept on leading the group. Our meetings (which seemed more like family gatherings) took place in our homes and the amount of members showing up varied. The important part was that we were growing and that we had a clear manifest: Colorless deserves the same rights as colorful!

Flax was, despite his young age, a terrific leader. He had all the qualities needed and his big dream of becoming a known political one day was probably not that far away. I sometimes envied him because he had all that time ahead of him. The time to chase his goal. Maybe I had been to ambitious while I was young, because it felt like I had reached everything I had ever dreamed of already. I needed something new to work for, ’cause that’s how I work. I need something to keep myself pushing forward.

At first I didn’t realize I already had something that I was pushing for, but the insight slowly crept upon me. Drover.

Saving him from that fire had just been the first step. Now I needed him around me constantly. Partly because he kept telling me how awesome I was and how thankful he was for everything I had done. And partly because I was thankful for meeting him and because he was quite awesome too.

We were like missing pieces of a puzzle, instantly fitting together. He was the best friend one could imagine. And friendship was something I hadn’t explored so far in my life. It would be an interesting journey.

And of course, we had our little group with our little mission. After all these years trying to prove the value of colorless berries it was strange having a whole group of them by my side, trying to do the same thing. I must say, it made it less important for me. See, I felt like I had already succeeded – there existed berries who accepted me as a real berry, even though I was white. I could settle with that, even though there was still lots to be done.

But I wasn’t lonely anymore, and that’s what really mattered.

“We’ll go to the city hall today” Flax said eagerly and waved a big sign above his head, excitement accessorizing every word he said. Some people clapped their hands by the idea and some just stood quiet and still. Flax lowered his voice in to a dark whisper and continued, “It’s time that we show them. It’s time to out our existence.”

We walked as a group towards the city hall. Our white clothes shined bright in contrast to the colorful surroundings and berries passing by couldn’t help but to stare at us. There was a tense, exciting atmosphere surrounding us. We walked in silence, only the occasional whispers between some of our comrades to break the complete silence.

Once we arrived we raised our signs and waited for Flax to go first. At the sound of his voice we all started chanting: “Colorless is beautiful!” “Rights for white!” “White is a color!”

It was a truly uplifting feeling being apart of this happening. I spent a short moment thinking about my father and I realized that he would be proud of me. That there was lots he would be proud of. I smiled and yelled higher than anyone else: “WHITE ‘BOWS ARE ALSO ‘BOWS!”

Later that night we held a little party at my place (which, by the way was starting to look more and more like a home for each day). It was a cheerful evening with many laughs and as I looked around and realized that these were all my friends I felt a warm feeling rush through my body, which left me with a goofy grin on my face.

“We did it!” Drover threw himself around my neck, lifted me up and span around in a hug. I’m not sure if we really accomplished anything of value with our protest but we did get a few encouraging words from other ‘bows passing by. The hug from Drover felt good non-the-less.

When he put me back down he kept his hands on my shoulders and looked straight at me, “You’re an amazing friend, Mallow. And the bravest berry I’ve ever met. I hope you know that you mean the world to me.” We hugged each other again, a long warming hug that sent tingles through my body. He was surely something special, this Drover guy.

And so the party continued.

“Could you all listen for a moment” Flax had jumped on to my kitchen table to speak. “In two months I’ll be celebrating my 18th birthday and take the step in to adulthood. I want to thank you all for joining me in this group. It’s an honor seeing so many of you fight for the rights of colorless.” He was met with applauds and whistles.

“I’ve decided to turn this in to a real political party” he continued once everyone was listening again. “The next election is in eight months and by that time I’ll be old enough to have a ruling spot in the government. So, what I’m saying is: Will you all have my back as I hunt down all those oldfashioned opinions and create a new, better place for ALL BERRIES?!

I thought my house would collapse by the hubbub. Everyone went absolutely nuts of excitement and the YEEEEEES! that followed Flax’s speech was probably heard all over Fondant Fields.

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  1. Mallow has a great group of friends. I see Mallow/Drover in the near future. I love Flax. He’s such a cutie.

  2. Oh my Gosh. I just had shivers through the whole chapter, it was such a feel good read!

  3. Hi Fru,

    Great chapter. I couldn’t help thinking of the song ‘Vote for Women’ in Mary Poppins except here it would go something like this ‘Votes or Rights for Colorless Berries!!!’

    All the best in the group’s endeavors. Will read more later.


  4. Yay for political activism! Flax is awesome.
    Also, yay for maybe a budding romance with Drover?

  5. I love the smell of rebellion in the morning…
    Down with the status quo! 😀


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