Chapter 1.4: Six weeks

“Is she awake yet?” The voice was nothing but a blur. It somehow seemed familiar but I couldn’t place it. Not in the condition I was, barely even aware of my surroundings. It was all mostly a blur.

“Nope, still unconscious” another voice, this one completely unknown to me, replied.

“Promise to call if she wakes up, okay? I have to go” The first voice said and then I heard the faint sound of footsteps and a door closing.

“How is she?” It was a third voice. Worried.

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up. I felt a bit dizzy, quite a lot disoriented and stiff. I carefully stretched my arms out and noticed that my body felt sore, hurt and weak. The walls around me were colorful so I knew I could not possibly be at my own place, so then, where was I?

“She’s awake!” The third voice belonged to a man and he seemed incredibly happy to see me awake. He was familiar, but I still didn’t manage to place him.

“Shh. Take it easy, let her wake up before you attack her” the woman to whom the second voice belonged said. Her voice was serious but still with a jokeful tone.

“Sorry” the yellow man mumbled and sat down at the couch next to me again. By now I had almost my full vision back, even though I still felt confused and dizzy. The walls were all painted in a warm orange tone and the floor in a complementing blue. Judging by the colors, I would say the place belonged to the woman who had just spoken. She had a cold blue skintone and yellow hair with orange tops. Her ears pointed backwards. She looked just like any normal ‘bow, except for her shining white dress.

“Who are you?” I wondered. My voice was weak which I guessed depended on it not being used in a while. I cleared my throat while listening to their answers.

“I’m Drover” the yellow guy stated. “And the blue bossy girl over there is Pixie” he continued with a joking, mocking tone in his voice. Not that it was a big surprise, but I could tell that the two of them were friends.

“You’re dressed in white” I pointed out, even though I was already fairly certain that they were aware of this.

“So are you” Drover replied and smiled.

“You’ll have to excuse him” Pixie said and moved closer. “He’s just been so eager to meet you. We’re Flax’s friends. We took care of you after the fire. Or, I mean, I did. Drover just came over to see that you were okay. You had him worried.”

“What happened?” I asked, having no memory of what actually had happened, except that Drover was the guy who my co-workers wanted us to leave in the house, burning to death. Apparantly, since he was all alive before me, I had managed to get him out of the house before I passed out.

“You saved my life, that’s what happened!” Drover was happy. He seemed to be a man of energy, from the little I had seen of him. Pixie, on the other hand, seemed more calm and relaxed. I noticed that she giggled everytime Drover’s energy shined through while he spoke. I stood up to look at her, motioning for her to explain to me.

“You went in after him when everyone thought it was already too late” Pixie explained. “You shouldn’t have gone in again. Not after getting Hybrid out, but you did. Drover lives because of you. I thought you wouldn’t make it… We couldn’t keep you at the hospital, we needed you to get better so I signed you out. I’ll probably lose my job if they find out, but you deserved the best of treatment after what you did. But since you’re colorless they wouldn’t have bothered too much. You were there for weeks without getting better and in the end me and Blueberry, I mean your mom, decided it was better to check you out and bring you here.”

“My mother was here?” I asked, even though I had already figured she had been the first voice.

“Aye, you just missed her” Drover said and confirmed what I already knew.

“We’ve been going shifts taking care of you” Pixie continued. “And we noticed you got better almost right after you got here. Drover has been here pretty much all the time, guarding by your side. And me, Blueberry and Flax has taken turns to come in and look after you. It’s good to have you back.”

“How long have I been gone?” I asked and realized I didn’t know what day or date it was.

“About six weeks. Long time…” Drover answered. Pixie nodded next to him, as if she was confirming what he said. Six weeks… That was indeed a long time.

It was enough time for a lot of things to happen, I found out later. Such as myself earning another promotion at work and a special thanks from the government for saving the lives of two berries. Enough time for Flax’s little rebellion group to grow a lot bigger (which they apparantly had me to thank for, for being a colorless hero) and enough time for my own bills being piled up and the repo-man coming to my house, stealing two kitchen chairs. Okay, the last part wasn’t exactly a good thing, but all in all most of the changes seemed to be good.

I learned that both Drover and Pixie was my friends, even though I didn’t exactly know them. It took only a few hours for me to learn to trust them. Except for my parents, they were my first friends. I had to remember to call Flax and thank him some day.

Pixie, I soon learned was one of my mother’s co-workers and also one of her best friends. She had been one of the first to join Flax’s group of colorless colored ‘bows. She knew pretty much everything about me and held me as one of her biggest inspirational sources. It was weird meeting berries who looked at you that way. But I couldn’t not like Pixie. She was easy to talk to, relaxing to be around and kind beyond worlds.

Drover was, just as I had first thought, an energetic man with a heart of gold. His brother Hybrid had told him several times about how I fought my co-workers to get back in to save him and he, in his turn, had passed the story on to me. He had shamefully admitted that he had been one of the many berries who hated us colorless but that he had changed his mind right after hearing about me. He explained that it was a big lie he had been raised upon and that he didn’t actually think much about it. But apparantly, I was the living proof of colorless good berries. Since they brought me to Pixie’s house he hadn’t left my side once because he wanted to be there when I woke up, to be able to thank me personally. He had joined the rebellions as soon as he was signed out of the hospital himself.

My mother had in fact been a member of Flax’s rebellious group the entire time without telling me. She wanted me to make my own decision even though she had known right away that it was the right thing to do. She told me she would always fight for mine, and others of my kinds’, rights.

Flax was the proudest and youngest rebellion leader one could ever imagine and his help in making sure I got better was something I would never be able to return. Despite his young age, I had to admit that he was now one of my best friends.

I myself decided to join their group just shortly after, only to discover that I had a lot of friends in town that I didn’t know about. This was just the beginning.

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  1. Yay, she’s okay! And Ii already love Drover, he’s so energetic, he reminds me of a puppy ❤

  2. Just read chapters 3 and 4 and am happy that everything seems to be turning out for her and finding new friends in the process.

  3. I think this is where I was with catching up on your story.. not sure.. but whatever! I’ll just start over right here! =D
    It’s outrageous that they had to check her out of the hospital in order for her to get better. Seriously, that is just messed up.
    Also, I really like how you made Pixie! She’s so pretty ^^ Especially her eyes!

  4. I’m glad Marshmallow came out alive, and saved Drover. And now she’s a hero, like her dad.
    And even better, she has friends.

  5. Three cheers for Mallow and her new friends! Huzzah!


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